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The 25 Best Games Like Little Nightmares

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The Best Games Like Little Nightmares

What are the best games like Little Nightmares?

Little Nightmares is an incredibly haunting puzzle platform game, and it has no shortage of jaw-dropping twists and turns.

However, because of its linear story, once you play it a few times, you’ll probably want to move on to something new.

Fortunately, there are many great games that capture the same dark atmosphere as Little Nightmares, and we’ve found the best ones.


The 25 Best Games Like Little Nightmares

Now, for this list, we didn’t want to just stick with rudimentary horror games, as Little Nightmares has a distinct vibe that not all of them share.

So, we’ve created this list by selecting games that have similar mechanics and themes, though not all of them are terrifying.

If you’re ready to leave The Maw, here’s our list of the 25 best games like Little Nightmares:


25. Kukui

Best Games Like Little Nightmares Kukui

Kicking off our list, we have the psychological horror game Kukui which excels when it comes to creating intense situations.

This game gives players control of a young boy named Kyle who, after an accident, is left in a coma but able to replay what happened in his mind.

As Kyle, players will have to uncover the truth of how he was hurt while navigating three tense levels filled with clues.

However, these levels aren’t just about hunting down clues, as something else is also hunting you at the same time.

So, while trying to navigate each maze-like level, you will also have to be careful not to let what’s stalking you get too close!


24. Sally Face

Best Games Like Little Nightmares Sally Face

Sally Face is an extremely unsettling game that revolves around a boy, Sally, who wears a prosthetic face following an accident.

The game itself is episodic, with five total episodes that take players through a story filled with bizarre characters and supernatural mysteries.

As a story-adventure game, Sally Face has a ton of different layers to explore and some truly disturbing challenges to overcome.

Of course, outside the creepy aspects, this game has a surprisingly emotional side that explores themes of personal identity.

It is definitely one of those games that will stick with you long after you play it, just like Little Nightmares.


23. Resident Evil Village

Best Games Like Little Nightmares Resident Evil Village

Easily one of the best Resident Evil games, Village continues the story of Ethan Winters as he desperately tries to locate his kidnapped daughter.

This leads him to a secluded European village where the locals are anything but friendly, and supernatural threats lurk around every corner.

While this game is probably best known for Lady Dimitrescu, a vampire villain whose popularity surprised Capcom, she is only one of the threats you encounter.

Along with trying to stay alive, this game has an emphasis on exploration, which allows players to learn more about the kidnapping and the Four Lords.

The Lords are beings that rule over specific areas of the village, and they provide some truly difficult boss fights.

If you enjoyed the challenge and horror elements of Little Nightmares, you will certainly love Village, and the game is even newcomer friendly!


22. Another Sight

Best Games Like Little Nightmares Another Sight

Another Sight is remarkably similar to Little Nightmares in terms of gameplay, but it has a unique story that takes place in 1899 London.

It follows the story of a blind teenage girl named Kit and her mysterious cat that has the ability to see in the dark.

Together, the pair must navigate the surrealist world beneath London’s streets, combining their abilities to overcome puzzles and various challenges.

As players progress through the game, they will learn more about Kit and her past, as well as the secrets that connect her to the underground world.

If you enjoyed learning all the secrets of The Maw, discovering the truth behind the mysterious underworld here will keep you engaged for hours.


21. DARQ: Complete Edition

Best Games Like Little Nightmares DARQ Complete Edition

DARQ has all the creepy, nightmarish elements that fans of Little Nightmares will love, and it couples this with a fascinating story.

In this game, players take control of a young boy named Lloyd, who comes to the realization he’s dreaming and is trapped in a nightmare.

However, these nightmares are anything but little, and players will have to navigate through this twisted world to try and survive.

This game is all about psychological horror, and it builds an incredibly creepy atmosphere that perpetually keeps you on your toes.

What we really love about it, though, is its use of gravity-defying puzzles that are absolutely mind-boggling and involve walking along walls or even the ceiling.

DARQ is easily one of the best PS5 horror games, and it’s definitely one of the most inventive and unique titles like Little Nightmares.


20. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Best Games Like Little Nightmares Amnesia The Dark Descent

Amnesia is a game that most horror fans are familiar with, and Dark Descent has been one of the most influential in the genre.

Giving players control of Daniel, a young man with no memory, this game takes place within the dark halls of Brennenbug Castle in Prussia.

However, this castle holds an abundance of horrors, and players have to navigate through it while managing Daniel’s sanity.

To emphasize the feeling of vulnerability, there is also no combat mechanics in this game, so players have to rely on hiding and stealth.

This is definitely not a game to play in the dark, and even with the lights on, it is absolutely terrifying.


19. Psychonauts 2

Best Games Like Little Nightmares Psychonauts 2

If you want a break from the horror genre but still want a game similar to Little Nightmares, Psychonauts 2 is a great option.

This platforming-adventure game picks up where Psychonauts, one of the best original Xbox games, left off, and it continues Raz’s story.

As Raz, a powerful psychic, players have to venture through the minds of both friends and enemies on a quest to defeat a dangerous psychic villain.

There are a number of customizable psychic powers to play around with in this game, all geared toward helping players navigate through levels and solve puzzles.

While it is much more lighthearted than Little Nightmares, its mental landscapes are surreal and, at some points, extremely eerie.


18. The Pathless

Best Games Like Little Nightmares The Pathless

Giving players control of the Hunter, The Pathless is an action-adventure game about ridding an island of a dark curse.

Unlike Little Nightmares, this game features an open world with a number of different areas to explore to unearth secrets.

This game also features extremely smooth movement and combat controls that make using Hunter’s archery abilities feel rewarding.

These abilities are essential for overcoming the numerous boss battles that you’ll encounter along the way, some of which are extremely challenging.

Along with exploration and combat, The Pathless contains many puzzles that players must overcome in order to progress the story.

What makes this game similar to Little Nightmares is its use of atmospheric storytelling, which helps flesh out the narrative.

It definitely is an incredibly fun game, and it’s one that Little Nightmares fans are sure to enjoy playing.


17. Pathologic

Best Games Like Little Nightmares Pathologic

Heading back into the horror genre, we have Pathologic, a psychologically unsettling survival horror game that is absolutely chilling.

This game is set in a small rural town suffering from an incurable plague that the player will have to try and understand.

There are three protagonists to choose from, a healer, a doctor, and a shapeshifter, each of which has specific strengths.

While managing your character’s food, water, medicine, and sleep needs, you will have to try and unravel the mystery of what the plague is.

This is easier said than done, as every morally ambiguous choice you make can have far-reaching consequences that completely change the game.

Along with being one of the best survival games, Pathologic will challenge your sense of right and wrong as you progress.

It also stands out in that it encourages multiple playthroughs in order to unravel the secrets of the mysterious plague fully!


16. Yume Nikki

Best Games Like Little Nightmares Yume Nikki

Like DARQ, Yume Nikki takes place inside of a dream, and it’s honestly unlike any other RPG we’ve played before.

While the game has a dark and foreboding atmosphere, it also has no specific goals, action, or dialogue and instead focuses on exploration.

As you wander through various dreamscapes, you’ll encounter many bizarre and disturbing environments that will really make you wonder what’s going on.

Although you’re free to explore the dream world at your own pace, there is a secret ending you can earn that will really throw you through a loop.

Yume Nikki is one of the best indie games to come from Japan, and it is, without a doubt, extremely thought-provoking and unique.


15. We Happy Few

Best Games Like Little Nightmares We Happy Few

We Happy Few is an extremely trippy game, and it takes place in a retro-futuristic, dystopian world where everyone takes the drug, Joy.

While the drug makes everything bright and happy, the world without it is bleak, broken, and completely twisted.

Throughout the game, players have to balance using joy with being able to see the world as it truly is, which is an incredibly unique mechanic.

As players explore the stories of the game’s three protagonists, they can discover secrets behind the madness hidden throughout the procedurally generated environments.

It’s a bit like one of the best games like Bioshock mixed with the horror of Little Nightmares with a dash of dark humor for good measure.


14. Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut

Best Games Like Little Nightmares Lone Survivor Directors Cut

Lone Survivor is a psychological survival horror game that gives players control of an unnamed protagonist in a post-apocalyptic world.

The goal is for players to escape the plague-ridden city they’re in by any means necessary while also managing hunger, fatigue, and mental health.

Speaking of mental health, the mental state of your character is one of the game’s central themes, and it blurs the lines between reality and hallucinations.

What really makes this game stand out is that it has a distinctively old-school vibe coupled with survival horror mechanics that make things incredibly tense.

There are also numerous endings you can get that depend on the choices you make while playing.

While the game itself isn’t very long, all the different branching paths will make you want to replay it again and again.


13. Contrast

Best Games Like Little Nightmares Contrast

Contrast is an extremely unique puzzle platform game, and it combines 3D and 2D gameplay.

This game follows the story of Dawn, a protagonist who can traverse levels in the 3D world or the 2D world of shadows.

As Dawn, players will interact with a young girl, Didi, and have to help her piece together her family’s story by searching the city for clues and memories.

Exploration is highly encouraged in this game, as you’ll never know where secrets and collectibles could be hiding.

Like Little Nightmares, Contrast is fairly short, but its impactful story is something that will stick with you long after the game ends.


12. White Shadows

Best Games Like Little Nightmares White Shadows

This game absolutely nails the style of Little Nightmares with its distinct monochromatic aesthetic, twisted themes, and dystopian storytelling.

A cinematic puzzle platforming game, White Shadows, puts you in control of a young Ravengirl trying desperately to escape an unforgiving dystopian city.

Like Little Nightmares, this 3D platformer places a small character in a massive world filled with dangers that can easily kill them.

While it isn’t one of the most graphically demanding PC games, the visuals are stunning, and they really create an unsettling atmosphere.

If you’re after a game that’s extremely similar to Little Nightmares in terms of tone, visuals, and gameplay, look no further than White Shadows.


11. GRIS

Best Games Like Little Nightmares GRIS

GRIS is an absolutely gorgeous game, and its art style is one of the most distinctive you’ll find in a platformer.

What really makes this game stand out is that there is no danger and no death, only exploration and puzzle-solving.

The story revolves around a young girl named Gris, who becomes lost in her own world of sorrow after experiencing a painful event.

As Gris, players will have to navigate through this world while learning more about her story and helping her grow emotionally.

Instead of being creepy, GRIS is a short game that dedicates itself to exploring an array of complex emotions using nonverbal storytelling.


10. Yomawari: Night Alone

Best Games Like Little Nightmares Yomawari Night Alone

You know how even the most familiar places can be unsettling and different at night? Well, Yomawari: Night Alone revolves around that.

It tells the story of a young girl whose dog goes missing while on a walk with her sister. However, when neither returns home, it’s up to the players to find them.

Unfortunately, upon stepping out of her home, it becomes evident that everything has changed, and everyone is gone, save for ghastly spirits.

Now this small girl has to run from, hide from, or outwit these spirits while trying to locate her missing dog and sister.

Played from a top-down perspective, Yomawari is great at building tension, and it manages to be both adorable and haunting at the same time.


9. Hollow Knight

Best Games Like Little Nightmares Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight may be one of the best games like Ori and the Blind Forest, but it’s also perfect for fans of Little Nightmares.

This game has some really great world-building, and it has an emphasis on exploration with its Metroidvania-style gameplay.

In this game, players control the titular character as they explore the ruins of an underground kingdom called Hallownest.

Inhabited by a variety of insects and creatures, Hallownest is filled with ancient mysteries, numerous enemies, and 30 challenging boss fights.

There are also multiple endings to discover that depend on the paths you take in the game, as well as the decisions you make.

While this is a pretty challenging game, it has phenomenal 2D graphics and a story that will keep you coming back for more.


8. Bendy and the Ink Machine

Best Games Like Little Nightmares Bendy and the Ink Machine

At first glance, Bendy and the Ink Machine looks reminiscent of old-timey cartoons; only these cartoon characters are anything but family-friendly.

Set inside an animation studio, players control Henry Stein, a retired animator who’s returned to his old workplace.

However, as players explore the studio, it quickly becomes evident that something has gone horribly wrong, and monstrous ink creatures are now roaming the halls.

While your main goal is to stay alive, you will also have to uncover the truth behind the horror in order to put a stop to it.

Between its unique visuals and engrossing story, there is a lot for fans of Little Nightmares to love in Bendy and the Ink Machine.

And, if you like this game, you can play its indirect sequel, Bendy and the Dark Revival, which is equally terrifying and twisted!


7. Fran Bow

Best Games Like Little Nightmares Fran Bow

Fran Bow is a delightfully weird and disturbing game that revolves around a young girl named Fran whose parents were gruesomely murdered.

Now struggling with a mental disorder that allows her to see into the “terrible world”, Fran and her cat Mr. Midnight must uncover the truth of what happened.

This game has a wonderfully eerie art style, and Fran is by far the quirkiest protagonist you could ever hope for.

Just when you think things can’t get any stranger, you run into some Beetlepigs or a helpful skeleton in a suit and tophat!

Fran Bow also ties into the 2019 game Little Misfortune, which is likewise filled with dark themes and even darker humor.


6. Detention

Best Games Like Little Nightmares Detention

Detention is set in 1960s Taiwan, which is under martial law, and it incorporates elements of Taiwanese culture and mythology throughout the story.

A 2D side-scrolling horror game, players have to navigate using point-and-click controls while exploring a high school and trying to avoid evil monsters.

Unlike the best high school anime series to watch, this game places you in a cursed school where your goal is to unravel its dark mysteries.

Along with the supernatural aspects, this game also explores themes of cultural identity, guilt, morality, and fear, which makes it incredibly thought-provoking!


5. Unravel

Best Games Like Little Nightmares Unravel

Unravel is a charming game that gives players control of a creature made of yarn, appropriately named Yarny.

However, because Yarny is made from one continuous piece of yarn, as players explore, he gradually unravels, leaving a trail that always connects him to the starting point.

Meant as a literal representation of the ties that bind people and places together, we love this mechanic and how it follows through to every level.

Something else that makes this game stand out is that it manages to tell a captivating story without any words.

Coupled with fantastic graphics and engaging puzzles, this heartfelt story is definitely one of the best in gaming history.


4. Among the Sleep

Best Games Like Little Nightmares Among the Sleep

While many games like Little Nightmares task you with playing as a child, this one gives players control of a two-year-old toddler.

As this unnamed child, you are thrown into a nightmarish world in search of your mother, with your only guide being your loyal teddy bear.

What really makes this game unique is how it turns seemingly mundane everyday environments into surreal, nightmarish levels.

It really plays on the fears and perspectives of a young child lost in the dark, where everything that goes bump in the night might be a monster.

However, things aren’t always as they seem, and sometimes reality turns out to be much more sobering than any supernatural force.


3. Little Nightmares II

Best Games Like Little Nightmares Little Nightmares II

Of course, we have to mention Little Nightmares II, a prequel to the first game and an absolutely must-play for fans.

This game has very similar mechanics to the first, and it takes place in a world distorted by an evil television transmission.

Players control Mono, a young boy who wears a paper bag over his head, while Six, the young girl from the first game, serves as his companion.

Together, the pair must work together to try and stop the transmission while exploring a twisted, grotesque world that perfectly sets up the events of the first game.

Little Nightmares II is easily one of the best horror games of all time, and it gives players more insight into Six and how she came to The Maw.


2. Inside

Best Games Like Little Nightmares Inside

Up next, we have Inside, a game where players control a young boy who has to navigate through a dystopian world.

It doesn’t take long for players to find themselves in the middle of a twisted science experiment involving mind control and a monstrous amalgamation of human bodies.

Throughout the game, players will be able to uncover more information about what’s going on while also making important choices that impact the ending.

This game is remarkably similar to Little Nightmares, but it has a truly unique and disturbing story that helps it stand out.

Moreover, it contains some graphic deaths, which is why it earned a Mature rating, while Little Nightmares is rated for Teens.


1. Limbo

Best Games Like Little Nightmares Limbo

Taking our number one spot is Limbo, a 2D side-scroller and predecessor of Inside, with which it shares many of the same themes.

Set in a monochromatic world, this game follows the story of a young boy searching for his sister, a journey that is filled with traps, puzzles, and horrifying creatures.

The art style of this game kind of reminds us of the illustrations of Stephen Gammell from the book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

If you read that book as a kid, you’ll totally understand what we mean, and it really gives this game a nostalgic but completely terrifying aesthetic.

Limbo is the perfect game for fans of Little Nightmares, and it’s guaranteed to keep you unsettled until the very end!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 25 best games like Little Nightmares and found some you haven’t played yet.

While Little Nightmares II is a must-play for fans, we definitely recommend not passing up Limbo or Inside, either.

These two games, in particular, are some of the most dark and unsettling titles we’ve ever played, and we can’t get enough!

Here’s a quick recap of the 25 best games like Little Nightmares:

  1. Limbo
  2. Inside
  3. Little Nightmares II
  4. Among the Sleep
  5. Unravel
  6. Detention
  7. Fran Bow
  8. Bendy and the Ink Machine
  9. Hollow Knight
  10. Yomawari: Night Alone
  11. GRIS
  12. White Shadows
  13. Contrast
  14. Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut
  15. We Happy Few
  16. Yume Nikki
  17. Pathologic
  18. The Pathless
  19. Psychonauts 2
  20. Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  21. DARQ: Complete Edition
  22. Another Sight
  23. Resident Evil Village
  24. Sally Face
  25. Kukui

Did we miss any games? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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