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The 10 Best Games Like Cookie Clicker

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The Best Games Like Cookie Clicker

What are the best games like Cookie Clicker?

Incremental clicking games like Cookie Clicker are great time killers that work well when you’re bored hanging with friends or while waiting for an appointment.

Thankfully, there are many idle games similar to Cookie Clicker that use a similar clicker game format but focus on unique and engaging concepts.

If you’re looking for the best clicker games that will keep you entertained with good, mindless fun, there are many options available to you!


The 10 Best Games Like Cookie Clicker

When researching the best games like Cookie Clicker, we tried the best games on the market that felt like Cookie Clicker.

We tried to find idle games that had the same incremental game feel, including a similar structure of upgrades that felt right for this title. 

Then, we rated the best Cookie Clicker alternatives based on how fun they were and how excited we were to keep clicking.

So, if you’re pumped about trying some exciting incremental games, check out our list of the 10 best games like Cookie Clicker:


10. Virtual Beggar

Best Games Like Cookie Clicker Virtual Beggar

Virtual Beggar is a fun game in which players help a virtual beggar make more money by tapping the screen to earn coins. 

This simple game expands as your Beggar earns more gold and starts investing in various business ventures to improve his life and make big bucks.

In this way, Virtual Beggar is not only a fun patience game like Cookie Clicker but an interesting commentary on the nature of capitalism itself.

That’s a refreshing change of pace from other idle games because most clicker game titles simply focus on entertainment and not teaching important life lessons.

Other unique features of Virtual Beggar includes the ability to train workers, participate in random events, customize the Beggar, and chat with other players. 

This idle clicker game has a simple social element that lets you recruit allies, hire managers, and help your simple Beggar become a zillionaire!

We think that this game will remind you of weird titles, such as the best games like Farming Simulator, because it’s an odd scenario that’s unusually fun!


9. AdVenture Capitalist!

Best Games Like Cookie Clicker AdVenture Capitalist!

While the best games like Fall Guys might seem passive to many people, true idle games will be working even when you’re not actively playing.

For example, AdVenture Capitalist is a great clicker game that lets you progress from a meager beginning to amass a fortune in various business propositions. 

This engaging game forces you to think carefully as you collect resources and will expect you to create important gameplay decisions on the fly. 

While the AdVenture Capitalist world doesn’t feature a battle system, it does let you unlock new businesses that may appeal to you as you play. 

So even if this title lacks the satirical edge of Virtual Beggar, it’s the world’s greatest capitalism simulator and a great advertisement for hard work. 

After all: you’ll start each session with a simple lemonade stand that lets you make money by just clicking the screen and investing in businesses.

While this title got somewhat mixed reviews from Metacritic and other sites, we think it’s still worth a play if you love Cookie Clicker.


8. The Monolith

Best Games Like Cookie Clicker The Monolith

The Monolith is a 2014 idle game with cavemen attacking a monolith that differs from other games like Cookie Clicker in a few ways. 

First, unlike other idle games, you’re focused more on attacking and damaging an enemy and not simply earning more gold or extra cash.

As you dig deep into this stone age game, you’ll be “clicking bad” as you upgrade your area raiders with better weapons to beat bosses. 

When you buy each upgrade, you’ll unlock better upgrades like fire, enhanced weapons, and other improvements that make fighting monsters in this world easier. 

This game’s satisfying gameplay loop, features, and upgrade options make it easy to sit and play for hours until you finally beat it for good.

In a way, The Monolith reminds us of some of the best Nintendo 3DS games because of its Nintendo-like premise and cartoonish graphics.

It also feels much different than Cookie Clicker, which makes it a great alternative if you’re interested in a more original and interesting gameplay approach.


7. Clicker Wars

Best Games Like Cookie Clicker Clicker Wars

While Cookie Clicker is great, if you want a title more like the best mobile RPG games ever released, try Clicker Wars.

Clicker Wars is unique among idle games because it lets you play as various fantasy characters as you lead your adventure team to defeat enemies. 

As you play, you won’t be simply clicking a button to earn gold but fighting a wave of tough monsters and trying to defeat bosses.

While you might earn gold as you play and unlock other features and even cheats, your adventure will progress in many unique ways.

As a result, Clicker Wars simply feels different from other idle titles and has fun gameplay that feels a bit more like a “real” game.

Clicker Wars is a widely popular game on various platforms, with over one million downloads on Google Play and a user score of 4.6 stars.


6. Bitcoin Billionaire

Best Games Like Cookie Clicker Bitcoin Billionaire

In a world where Bitcoins have plummeted (and again risen) in value, idle games like Bitcoin Billionaire are a fun and satirical gameplay option. 

Bitcoin Billionaire sees you playing a young investor looking to create a fortune earning money in cryptocurrency: not quite as stable as gold, it seems. 

As you work to create your empire, you’ll earn money through fun and engaging gameplay and collect upgrades that help upgrade your trading ability. 

While you’ll also collect other resources during game progress, you’ll mostly manage your fortune as you trade currency and fight to stay financially solvent. 

In fact, the topical nature of Bitcoin Billionaire makes it one of the most fun games here, even though its money-based gameplay isn’t innovative.

Instead, it’s engaging to roleplay as cryptocurrency heroes fighting to unlock the next big investment opportunity, all while you sit at home and type.

We think that games like these will only become more popular as developers try to poke fun at current events without being too aggressive.


5. Tap Tap Trillionaire

Best Games Like Cookie Clicker Tap Tap Trillionaire

Ever since the hilarious Wall Street Kid on the Nintendo Entertainment System, economic simulators have been the dark sheep of the gaming world.

However, the idle game environment works well for these types of games, as Tap Tap Trillionaire shows. 

In economic simulators like these, the hook is getting the chance to make the kind of money that only the most insanely rich earn. 

You’ll tap the screen to make cash and invest it in various businesses, while upgrading your operation with new managers and employees. 

As you make more money, you’ll invest in more stock, build your economic empire, customize your office, and compete with people around the world.

It’s a surprisingly in-depth game that sees you taking on the role of a captain of industry to become one of the world finance leaders.

While you won’t be taking over countries and leading the world like you do in the best games like Civilization, Tap Tap Trillionaire is a great economic sim.


4. Kitty Cat Clicker

Best Games Like Cookie Clicker Kitty Cat Clicker

In Kitty Cat Clicker, you feed the Queen Cat, a glorious feline leader who doesn’t want gold but complete global domination: a typical cat, then.

This game diverges from Cookie Clicker a bit and has an adventure-game feel, as the Queen Cat builds an army to defeat her many enemies. 

Hilariously, each soldier looks a little different in this game, giving it the colorful look that fans of Cookie Clicker want in their idle game. 

For example, there’s a Pink Cat, Blue Cat, Eskimo Cat, Sushi Cat (!), Pizza Cat, Catzilla, Bee Cat, and much more for a hilariously diverse experience.

Note that this free game does have some additional content that you can’t get for free: so in other words, it’s a typical free-to-play experience.

However, like the best free-ish games, Kitty Cat Clicker doesn’t force you to pay money to succeed but only to upgrade your appearance. 

So while that’s definitely an annoying thing about this game, we think it’s a great idle game and might appease our cat overloads for awhile.


3. Bee Factory

Best Games Like Cookie Clicker Bee Factory

When seeking out idle games like Cookie Clicker, you may be interested in titles that feel a bit closer to Cookie Cutter in tone. 

After all, many of the titles like Cookie Clicker we’ve discussed feature fantasy realms and other surprising changes far different than Cookie Clicker.

Of all the games like this on our list, we think that Bee Factory feels the closest to Cookie Clicker in tone and style. 

In Bee Factory, you control a beehive looking to collect money by producing honey, buying new upgrades, and increasing production efficiency in various ways. 

Frankly, it’s a little surreal to play because you’ll watch bees fly across the screen, collect honey, and work to make money to buy upgrades. 

As you play, you’ll earn new bees and purchase enough upgrades to make your bee factory even more successful and interesting.

Though controlling bees might not seem like Cookie Clicker, we think it’s still the closest to the original that games like Cookie Clicker get.


2. War Clicks

Best Games Like Cookie Clicker War Clicks

 While capitalist- and adventure-style games are fun to many people, others may want an idle title that feels a bit more dangerous and exciting. 

Thankfully, War Clicks is here to take your idle gaming experience to the next level with a battle-based system that makes it more exciting. 

As you play, you’ll start in boot camp and work your way up to becoming a skilled warrior, leading your heroic soldiers into endless battles. 

You’ll not only fight tough enemies but defeat bosses and even fight in a PvP setting against other Warclicks players to show off your skills.

Before each battle, you can upgrade your warriors for free using gold and money you collect and create all-new lineups that help you succeed. 

With unique upgrades, an engaging battle system, a simple free-to-play structure, and new buildings you can unlock, Warclicks goes above and beyond most idle titles.

Make sure that you play long enough to reach the government outpost and use your golds properly to move beyond your free upgrades. 

Warclicks won’t compete with the best Call of Duty games of all time but we think it’s a lot of excitement for a free title.


1. Clicker Heroes

Best Games Like Cookie Clicker Clicker Heroes

In recent years, clicker games have avoided forcing you to collect cash with your mouse and instead feature heroes in an adventure against monsters. 

Clicker Heroes fits into this idle trend by letting you recruit players to attack area raiders while using new upgrades to enhance gameplay.

As you play, you’ll click on monsters, upgrade your warriors, find free ways to defeat monsters, and even find gold to improve your skills. 

While Clicker Heroes is available to play for free, note that it does have microtransactions with rubies that can improve the game for you.

Thankfully, Clicker Heroes doesn’t ruin the experience by forcing you to buy rubies but, instead, gives players a chance to pay to upgrade their skills. 

While Clicker Heroes isn’t exactly going to take the place of the best JRPG games any time soon, it’s certainly an engaging game you may enjoy.



Hopefully, you find a few games like Cookie Clicker that appeal to your taste and which have mechanics and graphics that you highly enjoy.

Whether you’re looking to find the most gold or build a large cookie, Steam, and other game platforms should have idle games for you. 

So get out there and download some titles like Cookie Clicker that sound fun and start tapping your screen as quickly as possible!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best games like Cookie Clicker:

  1. Clicker Heroes
  2. War Clicks
  3. Bee Factory
  4. Kitty Cat Clicker
  5. Tap Tap Trillionaire
  6. Bitcoin Billionaire
  7. Clicker Wars
  8. The Monolith
  9. AdVenture Capitalist!
  10. Virtual Beggar

Did we miss idle games like Cookie Clicker? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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