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The 10 Best Games Like Wordle

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The Best Games Like Wordle

What are the best games like Wordle?

Wordle has quickly become one of the most popular mobile games in the world, and it’s incredibly addictive.

There’s nothing quite like showing off to your friends that you were able to solve the daily puzzle faster than them!

However, once you’ve solved the puzzle, the fun doesn’t have to end, so keep reading to find your next favorite game!


The 10 Best Games Like Wordle

There are a lot of mobile games similar to Wordle, but not all of them are worth rushing to the app store to download.

So, to make this list, we rounded up the best Wordle-like games based on their popularity, number of downloads, and gameplay!

It’s time to sharpen up your puzzle-solving skills with our list of the 10 best games like Wordle:


10. Wheeldle

Games Like Wordle Wheeldle

Kicking off our list, we have Wheeldle, a simple yet fun copycat version of Wordle that you can play anytime.

Like Wordle, this five-letter word guessing game is free to play on, and you can play it on either your phone or your computer.

Similar to the best games like Super Mario, Wheeldle has a very retro aesthetic which we absolutely love.

While its dictionary isn’t as robust as the original game, it is still incredibly fun to play, and it isn’t limited to one puzzle per day!

This means you can play as many puzzles as you want without worrying about having to wait until the next day to try again.

Not only does this make Wheeldle fun, but it can even help you improve your Wordle skills so you can impress your friends!

That said, the green and yellow color scheme can make playing difficult for colorblind folks, so keep that in mind.

Otherwise, Wheeldle is a solid alternative to Wordle, and we definitely recommend checking it out since it’s completely free to play!


9. Nerdle

Games Like Wordle Nerdle

Nerdle is a Wordle-inspired game, but it isn’t an exact copy as it uses numbers instead of letters.

This game definitely isn’t for people who hate math, but it can be the perfect alternative if numbers are your thing!

The mechanics are essentially the same as Wordle, but instead of guessing letters, each guess is a calculation.

Now if you’re like us and feel that math is the bane of all existence, this game is going to be super challenging but surprisingly engaging.

There’s something really masochistically addictive about trying to summon your inner mathematician to solve these puzzles.

Nerdle can be played either online or on your phone if you download the app, which over 100k people have already done.

This game is definitely much more than a Wordle clone, and it will challenge you to remember everything you forgot from school.

Speaking of school, similar to the best games like Kahoot, Nerdle is even being used in classrooms as a way to make math more engaging!


8. Waffle

Games Like Wordle Waffle

Up next, we have Waffle, a game based on Wordle but with a twist that makes it a bit different.

Instead of guessing five-letter words in six changes, you have 15 moves that you can use to rearrange preselected letters to form words.

The goal is to un-jumble the waffle full of words as the tiles change color to let you know when a letter is in the right spot.

While it sounds easy when compared to Wordle, even the most accomplished Scrabble masters can get stumped by this game!

It’s a little bit like a crossword puzzle, and it really takes some thinking to be able to solve the board before running out of tries.

More often than not, you’ll run across new vocabulary words that you’ve either never heard of or would never have thought of. 

That’s part of the appeal, though, and we definitely recommend giving this game a try if you want a Wordle alternative that is truly unique!


7. Crosswordle

Games Like Wordle Crosswordle

If you love crossword puzzles and Wordle, then Crosswordle is the game for you as it combines them both together!  

In this game, green letters mean the placement is correct, while a yellow letter means it is in the correct word but not the right place.

Meanwhile, grey letters are completely out of wacky and will need to be moved around to find out where they belong.

You only get 17 swaps, though, so you will have to use them wisely and really think about where letters should move.

Like Wordle, this game has only one puzzle daily, but there are practice puzzles you can play to help you perfect your skills.

Crosswordle is both addictive and infuriating, especially when you’re so close and end up running out of moves.

However, just like the best games like Skyrim keep us coming back for more, it quickly becomes a habit to do this daily puzzle right after Wordle.

This really is one of the best Wordle-inspired games available right now, and we highly recommend checking it out!


6. Worldle

Games Like Wordle Worldle

Worldle is a Wordle-inspired guessing game that challenges your knowledge of geography instead of vocabulary.

In this game, you will be given the outline of a country and have to guess what it is by entering your guess in the text box.

Once you have guessed the correct country, there are a series of bonus rounds that get progressively harder.

These will ask you to identify neighboring countries based on their shape, the country’s flag, its currency, and how many people live there.

You only get six guesses to select the right country, but if you guess wrong, the game will tell you how far off you are to narrow things down.

Like Wordle, a new country is available every day, and, of course, you can share your victory with your friends to gloat about how smart you are!

Along with Worldle, there is also Statele, where you guess American states and similar facts about them, as well as Wheretaken.

Wheretaken is a photo guessing game with similar bonus rounds where you have six chances to guess where a picture was taken.

All of these are available on Worldle’s website, and they’re all worth checking out once you’ve guessed the correct country!


5. Squabble

Games Like Wordle Squabble

Squabble takes Wordle and turns it into one of the best multiplayer games of all time, allowing you to go head-to-head against friends.

A bit like Words With Friends, Squabble is the battle royale of word games and during matches, players take turns trying to guess words.

Every wrong guess adds up until players are gradually eliminated, leading to only one becoming the champion.

All players will also take 1 damage every second, only healing when they enter the right answer, giving you a lot of incentive to think fast.

There are two main game modes in Squabble; Blitz and Royale. In Blitz, 2 to 5 players can face off in a small-scale match.

Royale, on the other hand, can be played anywhere between 6 to 99 players, which definitely makes things very interesting!

Do you have what it takes to be the last man standing? Then feel free to jump into a match because Squabble is 100% free!


4. Heardle

Games Like Wordle Heardle

Heardle was released in 2022 and quickly snatched up by Spotify, which has since decided to kill it. Fortunately, a clone with the same name exists!

This game is like Wordle but for music fans, and it plays small sections of a song’s intro that you’ll have to use to guess its name.

If you can’t get it right off the bat, you can skip to unlock a few more seconds, but you only get 5 skips and six guesses in total.

Along with the daily Heardle, there are also Heardles for many different artists, genres, and decades if you really want to test your musical knowledge.

Even if you are a music aficionado, some songs can be really tough to guess when you only have a few seconds of their intro to go off of.

The challenge is what makes it truly addictive, though, and with so many different Heardle categories to choose from, you’ll never run out!

While it’s a shame this game is no longer available on Spotify, we’re fortunate that it can still be played online!


3. Word Hurdle

Games Like Wordle Word Hurdle

Previously known as Wordle 2, this game is extremely similar to Wordle, but instead of guessing a five-letter word, players have to guess a six-letter word!

You’ll still have six chances to get the right answer, but unlike Wordle, a new Word Hurdle is released every 12 hours, as opposed to 24.

Now, you may not think that adding an extra letter would make things much more challenging, but honestly, it’s deceptively difficult.

That one extra letter is such an extra challenge, and you’ll more often than not keep spelling a five-letter word because it’s just easier.

We’ve found that spelling out the letters on a piece of paper really helps you keep track of everything and gives you some room to play around.

It may not be one of the best games like Elden Ring, but Word Hurdle makes some of those boss fights look easy compared to some of its puzzles!


2. Hello Wordl

Games Like Wordle Hello Wordl

Hello Wordl is a unique take on Wordle and you can choose to make the word puzzles different lengths.

The smallest puzzles are only 4 letters, but you can also choose 11-letter words, which is a huge challenge no matter how good you are at Wordle.

With so many different word lengths, you can easily play Hello Wordl for literal hours without running out of puzzles.

It is incredibly fun, and, like Wordle, it is completely free to play, only you’re not limited to just one puzzle per day!

What’s more, is that there are three difficulty modes in this game that you can choose from to make things even tougher.

While you’ll start off on normal difficulty, there’s also hard and ultra hard if you want to really test your word game skills.

In hard mode, the green blocks have to stay in a fixed position, while the yellow blocks must be reused in subsequent guesses.

Ultra-hard takes things further by mandating that yellow blocks have to move away from where you first guessed them, while grey clues can’t be reused again.

Let us tell you, this mode is insane, and it will really force you to try and recall every single word in your vocabulary to solve the puzzle.

After a round of this, you may want to play one of the best games like Empires and Puzzles, so you can chill out for a while!


1. Absurdle

Games Like Wordle Absurdle

Taking our number one spot is Absurdle, a game like Wordle that comes with a unique twist that will keep you playing for hours.

Unlike Wordle, Absurdle allows players to make as many guesses as they want, and with unlimited guesses, you’d think it would be easy! [SPOILER] It’s not.

Absurdle is, quite frankly, absurd, but in the best ways possible. You see, in this game, you’re not trying to guess a predetermined word.

Instead, you’ll be trying to guess a word that the game picks depending on the suggestions you make.

Basically, every time you input a guess word, the system will use the word you’ve suggested to refine its pool of solutions.

This means that the word you’re looking for is constantly shifting, so you’ll have to use your wits to basically beat a computer at its own game.

If this sounds hard, that’s because it is. Fortunately, the developers have added a random guess button that will populate a word for you.

So, if you get too frustrated, you can just hammer that button and hope for the best, which we’ve had to do many times!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best games like Wordle while waiting for the next daily puzzle to drop!

Wordle has taken the world by storm and quickly become part of many people’s routines as a simple game to play every day.

However, if you’re after more than a once-per-day puzzle, you can’t go wrong with any of these Wordle-inspired games!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best games like Wordle:

  1. Absurdle
  2. Hello Wordl
  3. Word Hurdle
  4. Heardle
  5. Squabble
  6. Worldle
  7. Crosswordle
  8. Waffle
  9. Nerdle
  10. Wheeldle

Have you tried any of these games before? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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