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How Much to Spend on Graphics Card?



Now, the newest game may have already come out, but your old personal computer is not helping you to enjoy your game. What it does is give you a slideshow rather than a smooth experience. The right thing to do is to do an upgrade and keep up with the latest technology trends. Check your system hardware and determine how a graphics card can help; know how much to spend on a graphics card, then; set a budget and select the graphics card needed.


Check your Hardware

It is a must to check the base hardware. Download the CPU-Z and then run it. It lets you know what CPU, system memory, motherboard, and other details are you using. For an Intel processor, go through the Intel’s ARK. You must type in the name of the processor. It will then tell you the time that the processor will come out. It might seem tricky figuring out how too old the system may be. This way, it will warrant you to upgrading the graphics card. Some of them might struggle, while some may do just fine. There’s a specific hardware database enabling you to find the results for your processor. Remember as well that PC with CPU score falling under 3000 is to be replaced. Now for 4000, it’s so far questionable. 5000 & above will also be okay.


Set a Budget

Upgrading an old PC requires determining the hardware’s worth. Look through the sold auctions for an estimate. Fuzzy math is often involved in this case. Spend more for a graphics upgrade than the rest of the PC. Obtain a high-end GPU that is worth 500 dollars. And maybe, you’ll run Core i7 processor or an overlocked Core i5. If you decide to build a new PC with all new parts, it will cost you much more. Many people don’t like using a budget on a high-end graphics card. Keep the cost of the card 1/3 of the price of the hardware of PC. This does not include the keyboard, monitor, mouse, OS, or speakers. Follow the rule of mid-range budget & high-end builds at around thirty percent of the cost of the graphics card. Also, include understanding the settings of the graphics. This will also highlight the quality and resolution. As per the resolution, it must be the native resolution of the display. If you will buy new hardware, stick with high-quality. Medium quality also looks decent. It helps cut down on costs. Buy a graphics card to handle the present games at such a medium quality. This also means to say you’re only a year or two from an upgrade. Buy a graphics card today. This way, you won’t upgrade again for the next generations. Higher resolutions also equate to more pixels for graphics settings. With more pixels, there will also be a lower performance. What is needed, in general, is thirty percent more of the graphics performance. This is to best handle the 1440p than the 1080p. And then, about seventy percent of performance will go from the 1440p to 4k. Offset it by lowering the quality settings. But, the impact will vary according to the game. Other games also do not show much difference in appearance or performance. Settling from ultra to a high quality improves the frame rates by fifty percent. Go from high to medium. This adds up another fifty percent. Combine the estimates mentioned. How much to spend on the graphics card will depend on considering it running 1080p ultra settings. It must also handle 1440p at such high quality. It also will fall at 4K low to medium quality. Three times graphics performance is also needed in running 1440p ultra.


Average Cost of Graphics Card

The video card or graphics card is among the essential gaming PC components. Find a balance in your budget and all other components like CPU, RAMM, and motherboard. Understand how much to spend on the graphics card. Know what to get from every price point. This is necessary for setting out the right budget. $220.90 or $70 It was found out that the average price of the graphics card is 220.90 dollars. This is the average number. This still falls at the biggest price range of electronic products. You may also find a decent graphics card at a cheaper price of $70, too. There’s also one kind sold at 1,000 dollars. It boils down at what is needed from the graphics card. Of course, you won’t want to cheap out on a graphics card. The same is also not to shell out 600 dollars of the graphics card. This is especially if it only satisfies ninety-nine percent of the gaming needs.


Average Cost of the Graphics Card According to Brand

The leading company that manufactures graphics card is NVIDIA. Several brands like Gigabyte, EVGA, MSI, ASUS, and XFX also create actual cards. They also are then distributed. Each of these brands provides the same graphics card model. There are slight differences in each price between brands. EVGA cards seemed costlier than any
other. They also cost around 800-dollars following the latest RTX 2080. The Gigabyte is somehow a cheaper option.

The most commonly used and most popular graphic cards can range from GTX 1080 and GTX 1050. The latest to be released is the RTX 2080. With a higher model, the more the video card is expensive.

Model Price Ranking
GTX 1050 154-dollars 1st
GTX 1060 334-dollars 2 nd
GTX 1070 413-dollars 3 rd
GTX 1080 607-dollars 4 th
RTX 2080 787-dollars 5th

For an average gamer, one should not spend 1,000 dollars on the RTX 2080. Graphics card should be purchased by those wanting many gaming hours every week. They are those who want to stream online via YouTube and Twitch. If you’re a hobbyist striving for perfection, you’ll be satisfied with something as 1070 to 1080. If you want to just
delve deeper into the world of PC gaming, you can be contented with 1050 or rather, 1060.



Look up to the most advanced and latest graphics card model. Set a budget to prepare for the cost of the graphics card. While the price tag may be high, know that there are still quality and numerous models to find. Spend only in quality but reasonably-priced graphics card! If you’re looking to upgrade your graphics card, read this article!

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