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How to get Bright Dust in Destiny 2



In this article, we will tell you how to get Bright Dust in Destiny 2.

The point of Destiny 2 is not only to get the best gear possible while destroying various kinds of enemies, but there is also an aesthetic part in the game. The developers have added a lot of cosmetics that are oh so tempting to get. Of course, they don’t offer these cosmetics for free. You have to pay with a specific currency called Bright Dust. For the people that are looking to acquire these cosmetics, Bright Dust is the most desired resource.  So if you are one of those people, keep reading.


How to get Bright Dust

There are thankfully various ways to get Bright Dust in the game so you don’t have to look everywhere for it.

The first and most simple way is by the Free version of the Season Pass. There are various levels of the Season Pass that reward you with some Bright Dust. Of course, you can get Bright Dust from the Paid Version, but if you are looking for how to get it for free, then the Free Version offers a significant amount of it. Just by playing the game, you will be getting some free rewards, simple as that.

The next simplest way is by doing the weekly bounties of the Vanguard, the Crucible, and the Gambit vendors. That means that every week, you will be able to get some Bright Dust if you complete the objectives that these vendors give to you. You need some planning to get Bright Dust this way, but nothing too serious.

The last way that you can get this precious resource in the game is by dismantling cosmetic gear that you are not planning on using. By dismantling the gear, you will get some Bright Dust as a reward. Of course, this requires that you already have some cosmetic gear for dismantling, making it a situational way.



If you are new to Destiny 2 and you were wondering what is the way to get Bright Dust congratulations, now you should know exactly what you have to do to get it. Keep in mind that it might take some time until you have collected all the Bright Dust required for the cosmetic you want. There is a value for money evaluation that should happen before going for the grind. It is based on personal preference so you can evaluate if the time you will spend will be worth it or not.

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