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How to get Upgrade Modules in Destiny 2




In this article, we are going to explain to you the best ways to get Upgrade Modules in Destiny 2.

Last Update: February 2022


As you are aware, the most important thing in Destiny 2 is the gear. Actually, this is what the whole game is based around, and what attracts most of its players. Once you get the sweet Legendary or Exotic Items, there is a way to make them even stronger than they already are. This way is by infusing them and the best way to do it is by acquiring Upgrade Modules through the various ways available.

The upgrade modules will significantly increase the power of a specific item.  This is the reason they are so important and hard to come by. There are a few ways to get a hold of them.

Way 1: Claiming them from the Season Pass

The easiest way is through the free Tiers of the Season Pass. If you are at a high enough level in the Season Pass, you will have various Upgrade Modules as your rewards. Take into account that you need to claim them manually, so if you haven’t done so, this is by far the easiest way to get some. Be careful about what you spend them on since you won’t be able to get Upgrade Modules the same way for this season.

Way 2: Doing the Weekly Bounties

Thankfully there are two consistent ways that you can get Upgrade Modules thought out the whole season. Both of those ways are thanks to our old-pal the Gunsmith. He has 2 weekly bounties, that each gives 1 upgrade module as a reward together with some planetary materials and naturally some XP.

Way 3: Buying Upgrade Modules

The most straightforward way is by buying them. The Gunsmith offers Upgrade Modules for sale, in exchange for 1 Encashment Core, 10 Legendary Shards 5.000 Glimmer, and 25 of a random Planetary material that is decided through a rotation. Of course, it is not the easiest thing to get these Planetary Materials, but it’s better than nothing.

Way 4: Using a Concentrated Mattergem

The last and most finicky way to acquire Upgrade Modules is by using a Concentrated Mattergem that you buy from Eververse for 200 Bright Dust. This will give you a buff which gives you a chance to get an Upgrade Module every time you kill a boss. Keep in mind that it is a percentage and you will need to kill a few bosses until you get one.  After you get the Upgrade Module, the buff will go away.


Everybody knows that Upgrade Modules are necessary if you want to advance into the game and you have to use them wisely to get the best results. After reading this article, you should have all the tools you need to farm the upgrade modules in any way possible. We suggest you give this a try and you will see that in a bit you will be stacked with Upgrade Modules that you can use for a long time.

We hope this article answered your question!


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