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OSRS: The Best Guilds to Unlock First

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The Best Guilds in OSRS

What are the best guilds to unlock first in OSRS?

In Old School Runescape, guilds are special institutions containing important skill resources.

If you’re trying to advance a particular skill, joining the Guild aligned with it should be a priority.

However, some guilds are worth unlocking sooner than others because of the important benefits they provide.


The 10 Best Guilds To Unlock First In OSRS

The guilds on this list have all been chosen due to their overall importance and rewards.

Each of them stands out as the most beneficial to join in Old School Runescape as soon as possible.

So, let’s not waste any time; here’s our list of the 10 best guilds to unlock first in OSRS:


10. The Champions’ Guild

Best OSRS Guilds The Champions Guild

Located south of Varrock, the Champions’ Guild can be accessed by anyone with 32 quest points.

On the ground floor of this guild, you can find chickens and a range that are useful for advancing your cooking skill.

The bones of the chickens here can also be used for prayer XP, while their feathers are useful for fletching.

Players can find two stores on the second level, Scavvo’s Rune Store and Valaine’s Shop of Champions.

Scavvo sells rune armor and weapons, along with green d’hide chaps, coifs, and vambs.

Additionally, the adamant platebody, part of one of the best melee armor sets in OSRS, can be bought from Valaine’s.

Meanwhile, the basement here is available to members only for the Champion’s Challenge minigame.

This guild is also where free players can start the hardest free-to-play quest, Dragon Slayer.


9. The Edgeville Monastery

Best OSRS Guilds The Prayer Guild

Often called the Prayer Guild, this two-story building can be found west of Edgeville.

This location is great for players who are leveling their prayer skill and rely on it in combat.

The courtyard here is also popular for defense pures because of the four monks that spawn there.

With their high health and low defense, it is possible to train indefinitely without using the best OSRS healing foods or potions.

However, in order to access the first floor of the monastery, you will need a level 31 prayer skill.

Once inside, Brother Jered can turn unblessed symbols into holy symbols.

There is also an altar here that fully restores Prayer and gives a +2 temporary bonus to the skill.

This bonus alone makes this the best altar available to free players in all of Old School Runescape!


8. The Farming Guild

Best OSRS Guilds The Farming Guild

The Farming Guild is up next, and it can be found in the Kebos Lowlands if you are a member.

This guild looks like a massive greenhouse separated into three different sections, each requiring a specific farming level to enter.

A level 45 in farming is required to enter the main area and east wing, where the guild’s bank can be found.

The central area also boasts the seed vault, where players can store their seeds for farming later.

There are also three shops here; Allanna’s Farming Shop, Amelia’s Seed Shop, and the Garden Center shop.

Meanwhile, the East wing boasts a cactus patch, two allotment patches, a flower patch, and a bush patch.

At level 65, you can access the west wing, which holds a herb patch, a tree patch, an anima patch, and a hespori patch.

Once you hit level 85, you’ll be able to enter the north wing, which hosts a second bank, a fruit tree patch, a Celastrus patch, and a redwood patch.

Each of these areas can be invaluable while working on advancing your farming skill!


7. The Crafting Guild

Best OSRS Guilds The Crafting Guild

This guild is located north of Rimmington, and it can be accessed once you reach crafting level 40.

You will also need to wear either a brown or golden cape to enter, though this can be removed once inside.

While this guild was originally for members only, it has since been made available to everyone, though the bank remains closed to free players.

Outside of the Crafting Guild, you will find a cow pen, useful for gathering leather for crafting armor.

On the first floor, there are four potter’s wheels, a pottery oven, respawning chisels, hammers, jugs, and jewelry molds.

There is also a bank chest and deposit box, as well as an entry to the Guild’s mine where silver, gold, and clay can be mined.

The upper floor is where you can find the tanner, alongside two spinning wheels used to spin wool.

This floor also has several respawning items, including molds for tiaras, necklaces, and rings.

Since crafting can be a very useful and profitable skill on the Grand Exchange, this is one guild you will want to rush to as quickly as possible.


6. The Heroes’ Guild

Best OSRS Guilds The Heroes Guild

The Heroes’ Guild can be found south of Burthorpe, though only members who have completed the Heroes’ Quest can enter it.

At this guild, you can find a prayer altar dedicated to Saradomin, as well as the Happy Heroes H’emporium.

This shop, run by Helemos, is where you can buy one of the best melee weapons in OSRS, the dragon mace!

On the lowest level, in the basement, there is a mini-dungeon that is perfect for training magic, ranged, and melee skills.

Here you can find five giant bats, along with a caged blue dragon, the third strongest in the game.

There is also the entrance to the Heroes’ Guild Mine in the basement, where you can start mining coal, mithril, adamantite, and runite.

What’s more, is that this guild has the Fountain of Heroes, which will recharge an amulet of glory.

This guild is good to unlock as soon as possible, as it can be a good stepping stone toward advancing many skills.


5. The Ranging Guild

Best OSRS Guilds The Ranging Guild

This guild, situated between the Seers’ Village and East Ardougne, is invaluable for ranged characters.

The Ranging Guild has everything you need to advance your skill, including four shops that sell a variety of ranging equipment.

While there is also a shield master and leatherworker here, the real star of this location is the shooting range.

By participating in the shooting range minigame, players can earn archery tickets that can enable them to buy items like rune arrows and green d’hide bodies.

There are also tower archers on the top floor of the guild, which can be fought for ranged or magic XP.

These archers also fire adamant arrows you can pick up and use later without needing to buy or fletch them.

While this guild does require a level 40 ranged skill to enter, it is well worth unlocking as soon as possible.


4. The Wizards’ Guild

Best OSRS Guilds The Wizards Guild

If you’re a magic user, the Wizards’ Guild is a place you won’t want to pass up.

While it does require a level 66 magic to enter, it is well worth the grind to get there.

This guild is located in Yanille, and in it, you can find two shops, the Magic Robe Store and the Magic Guild Store.

At the robe store, you can buy a set of mystic robes, along with one of the best skillcapes in OSRS, the Magic Cape, once you hit level 99.

Meanwhile, the Guild Store sells a variety of powerful runes and staffs that can be incredibly useful.

The third floor also hosts three magic portals which can be used to teleport to the Wizards’ Tower, the Dark Wizards’ Tower, and the Sorcerer’s Tower.

Players can also find level 24 zombies in a cage in the guild’s basement, which can be useful for training your magic skill.

This guild is an important one to unlock as quickly as possible, especially if you are trying to max out your magical abilities.


3. The Warriors’ Guild

Best OSRS Guilds The Warriors Guild

Located just west of Burthorpe, the Warriors’ Guild is for those who have invested in their melee abilities.

In order to enter this guild, your strength and attack skill levels combined must total at least 130.

However, if you have already maxed out one of those skills at level 99, you will be able to enter regardless.

Inside the Warriors’ Guild, there are a number of melee minigames you can take part in.

These include the Animation Room, the Dummy Room, the Catapult Room, and the Shot Put Room.

Each minigame will provide Warrior Guild tokens which can be used to enter the top floor or the basement.

On the top floor, you will find a large number of cyclopes that you can fight to earn defenders.

Likewise, the basement contains higher-level cyclopes, which you can fight for melee experience.

There are also three shops that sell various equipment, food, and potions, as well as a bank on the first floor.

Essentially, everything a warrior could ever need is located right here in this guild!


2. The Cooks’ Guild

Best OSRS Guilds Cooks Guild

The Cooks’ Guild is located west of Varrock in a large, three-story windmill.

In order to gain entry, you must have a level 32 cooking skill and be wearing a chef’s hat, the max cape, the cooking cape, or the Varrock Armor 3.

Outside of this guild is a wheat field which can be used to create flour for cooking.

On the first floor, there is a sink, a flour bin, a bank, and a range that can be used to cook food.

However, this range is only useable by players who have a level 99 cooking skill or have completed the hard Varrock Diary.

Meanwhile, the second floor contains two open ranges, a churn, a pie dish, a cake tin, a bowl, and cooking apples.

These items have made this location very popular for players making apple pies, since all the ingredients are available in the guild.

The third floor contains a hopper that players can use to make flour, though it also has grapes, jugs, and respawning pots.

As soon as you hit level 32 in cooking, you’ll want to head over to the Cooks’ Guild ASAP because it is definitely worth it!


1. The Mining Guild

Best OSRS Guilds The Mining Guild

Taking our number one spot is the Mining Guild, which is located beneath the city of Falador.

While you do need a level 60 in mining to enter here, this is a guild you will want to rush to get into.

This is because mining has the potential to be very profitable, and it can be used alongside many other skills, including crafting and smithing.

The free-to-play area of this mine contains iron, coal, mithril, and adamantite. It is also an area where you can mine three iron rocks without moving.

However, in the member’s only area, you can find these rocks along with rarer ones such as amethyst and runite.

There is also a bank chest here, and the area itself also provides a +7 mining boost while inside.

Mining here will also come with a chance to receive unidentified minerals, which can be traded for mining gloves or superior mining gloves.

Although it does have a high entry requirement, once you’re inside, you can start making some serious money and XP.



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best guilds to unlock in OSRS!

Each of these guilds comes with unique benefits, but all of them are invaluable when it comes to making progress in Runescape.

Although the one you unlock first will depend on your character’s strengths, make sure you don’t overlook any of the ones listed here!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best guilds to unlock first in OSRS:

  1. The Mining Guild
  2. The Cooks’ Guild
  3. The Warriors’ Guild
  4. The Wizards’ Guild
  5. The Ranging Guild
  6. The Heroes’ Guild
  7. The Crafting Guild
  8. The Farming Guild
  9. The Edgeville Monastery
  10. The Champions’ Guild

Which guild do you plan to unlock first? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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