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OSRS: The Best Woodcutting Locations (Ranked)

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The Best Woodcutting Locations in OSRS

What are the best woodcutting locations in OSRS?

Woodcutting is a beneficial skill in Old School Runescape that can have a lot of helpful applications.

While it can be profitable on its own, it can also help when leveling other skills such as firemaking, fletching, and construction.

However, in order to get the most out of this skill, you need to know where the best woodcutting locations are, which is where we come in!


The 10 Best Woodcutting Locations in OSRS

Each of these woodcutting locations has been chosen due to a number of factors.

These include their abundance of resources, proximity to banks, and rate of XP gain.

Get your favorite axe ready because here’s our list of the 10 best woodcutting locations in OSRS:


10. Draynor Village

Best OSRS Woodcutting Locations Draynor Village

Up first, we have Draynor Village, where a good number of trees can be found, making it a solid location for woodcutting.

Just east of the Draynor Village bank, you can find a couple of oak trees that can be cut with a woodcutting level of 15.

However, there are aggressive jail guards in this area, so low-level players should be careful if they head here.

That said, because it is relatively close to the bank, this is a good place to go if you want to store the logs you chop.

Additionally, south of the bank, you can find a good number of willow trees that can provide 67 XP per log.

However, these willow trees are often very crowded with players during the day because of how popular they are.

Furthermore, aggressive level 7 wizards sometimes roam this area, making it a bit hazardous for low-level players.

If you do head here at a low level, make sure to bring some of the best foods for healing in OSRS, just to be safe! 


9. Castle Wars

Best OSRS Woodcutting Locations Castle Wars

The area around Castle Wars also contains a good number of trees that can be worth checking out.

Right outside of the lobby, you can find a large number of oak trees that are close to the bank, so you can easily store your resources.

There is also a single teak tree just southwest of Castle Wars, which can be worth going to if you need that wood.

This is by far the most unrestricted and convenient location to find teak, and it can be easily accessed if you have a ring of dueling.

One of the best rings in OSRS, the ring of dueling can teleport you quickly to Castle Wars, and many players use it for quick banking.

Nearby you can also find Achey trees, which are needed for the quest Big Chompy Bird Hunting.

Although this location isn’t the largest, it does have some significant resources that make it popular with many players.


8. Kourend

Best OSRS Woodcutting Locations Kourend

The kingdom of Kourend in Zeah also boasts a couple of significant woodcutting locations that are worth keeping in mind.

Kourend can be accessed by speaking with Veos in Port Sarim on the north dock, after which they can travel to the island.

However, there is also a teleport system to make getting there easier, though you need to travel there with Veos at least once.

Once inside Kourend, you can find 12 willow trees just northeast of the Xeric’s Glade teleport location.

This woodcutting location isn’t often crowded, and a bank can be found to the north inside the Vinery.

Because of this, chopping willow trees here can be a good idea since banking is easy and it remains relatively quiet.

Moreover, you can also find two magic trees north of Xeric’s Glade teleport in a location that is also fairly deserted.

Chopping magic trees can be one of the most profitable methods of woodcutting, so you don’t want to overlook this area.

Magic logs also offer 250 woodcutting experience each, making them one of the best to use when leveling up past level 75.

These logs are always in high demand, and on the Grand Exchange, they can fetch almost 1k each.


7. Barbarian Outpost

Best OSRS Woodcutting Locations Barbarian Outpost

The Barbarian Outpost requires players to complete Alfred Grimhand’s Barcrawl miniquest to gain access.

However, it is also the location of the Barbarian Assault minigame, which lies just outside of the outpost’s walls.

Just outside of Barbarian Assault, there are a number of willow trees that tend not to be as crowded as the ones in Draynor Village.

These willows are also very close to a bank chest, allowing you to store any logs you cut in that location easily.

We would recommend using the willow trees here to increase your firemaking experience, as they provide 90 XP per log.

While our OSRS firemaking guide goes into greater detail, because this location isn’t often crowded, it is easy to quickly burn the logs you chop.

Additionally, willow logs offer some of the best woodcutting experience rates in the game, so knowing where to find them can be invaluable.


6. Tree Gnome Stronghold

Best OSRS Woodcutting Locations Gnome Stronghold

The Tree Gnome Stronghold is the capital city of the gnomes, and it is one of the largest cities in Old School Runescape.

There are no requirements to enter this city, which makes it a good spot to quickly find trees to chop down.

Inside, close to the bank, you will find a handful of oak trees that are perfect for increasing your woodcutting level.

The oak logs found here can also be beneficial if you are planning on stocking up to increase your construction skill.

Even better, west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold bank, three magic trees can close together.

These can be chopped for profit, or used for unlocking the Gnome Stronghold balloon route, a requirement for Monkey Madness II.

However, using these magic trees to first unlock the balloon transport system can be beneficial.

This is because you can easily use it to get back to the city, making tree runs a lot more efficient and quick.

Once the balloon route is set up, you can then start using these magic trees to create some of the best ranged weapons in OSRS or sell them for profit.

Undoubtedly, the Tree Gnome Stronghold is one of the best woodcutting locations in OSRS, and you shouldn’t pass it up!


5. Seers’ Village

Best OSRS Woodcutting Locations Seers Village

 Next, we have the Seers’ Village, a small settlement that is west of Camelot and north of Ardougne.

Seers’ Village has a good number of trees for almost every level of woodcutting, making it a good location to start with.

Just south of the Seers’ Village bank, you will find a handful of oak trees, which can be cut down and then deposited for later use.

Northwest of the bank deposit box, willow trees can be found, though you will need a level 30 in woodcutting to chop them.

Heading directly north of Seers’ Village, you will run into a collection of maple trees that are very popular with players.

If you have completed the medium Kandarian Diary achievements, you will receive 10% extra woodcutting experience at this location.

Additionally, a handful of yew trees can be found south of the Seers’ Village flax field. These logs are always in high demand.

Lastly, four magic trees can be found south of the yew trees, near the Sorcerer’s Tower, which can provide a good amount of profit.


4. Edgeville

Best OSRS Woodcutting Locations Edgeville

Edgeville is a small border town that sits just on the edge of the Wilderness, and it is very popular with player-killers.

However, it is also one of the best locations to find yew trees, which offer some of the best woodcutting experience in OSRS.

Yew trees are also very useful in fletching, firemaking, and even farming, meaning they are almost always in high demand.

They are even commonly used with the high alchemy spell, making them popular with players leveling their magic.

Two yew trees can be found in Edgeville, located to the south of the Edgeville bank, near the entrance to the Edgeville Dungeon.

While you will need a woodcutting skill of 60 to chop them, each log offers 175 woodcutting experience.

Many players use these trees once they hit level 60 to advance their skill further as they regrow quickly.

After being felled, a yew tree will regrow within one to two minutes, making them relatively fast to harvest.

You can also speed up the chopping process by using one of the best woodcutting axes in OSRS, such as the dragon axe!


3. Tai Bwo Wannai

Best OSRS Woodcutting Locations Two Tai Wannabai

Tai Bwo Wannai is located south of Brimhaven in the jungle of Karamja, and it is one location that is great for woodcutting.

Northeast of the village is Hardwood Grove, which can be entered after completing the Jungle Potion quest.

This is a very short quest that only involves gathering a small number of herbs, and you will only need a herblore level of 3 for this.

However, you will also need to pay Murcaily 100 trading sticks for entry, which can be gained through the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame.

Alternatively, you can purchase the trading sticks on the Grand Exchange for about 6 coins each.

Once inside, you will find the most concentrated collection of hardwood trees in the entirety of OSRS.

There are both teak trees and mahogany trees here, for which you will need a woodcutting level of 35 and 50, respectively.

In total, there are nine teak trees and four mahogany trees, and because there is no time limit here, you can cut and burn logs without leaving.

To store logs, you can use the Tai Bwo Wannai Parcel Service, which will bank logs for you in exchange for 10 trading sticks per log.


2. Woodcutting Guild

Best OSRS Woodcutting Locations Woodcutting Guild

This members-only guild is located in Kourend in the southwest corner of the Hosidius House.

To gain entry here, you need to have a woodcutting level of 60, which can be boosted, and at least 75% Hosidius favor.

While inside the Woodcutting Guild, players gain a temporary +7 to their skill, which will stack with existing boosts.

What makes this guild one of the best woodcutting locations in OSRS is the incredible number of trees found here.

In total, there are 11 trees, including 4 oak trees, 7 willow trees, 13 maple trees, 17 yew trees, 8 magic trees, and 2 redwood trees.

This guild also hosts Perry’s Chop-Chop Shop, which sells some of the best woodcutting axes, including the rune axe, one of the best in the game.

Furthermore, 22 ents can be found below the Woodcutting Guild in the dungeon, which leave behind ent trunks when defeated.

Players can then chop these for logs that are appropriate for their current woodcutting level.

To make processing logs easier, there is even a sawmill located here, which allows players to turn logs into planks easily.

By using this guild, you can quickly advance toward one of the best skillcapes in OSRS, which makes it wholly worthwhile.


1. Fossil Island

Best OSRS Woodcutting Locations Fossil Island

Taking our number one spot is Fossil Island, a members-only location northeast of Morytania where numerous skills can be trained.

On Fossil Island, you can find sulliusceps, a type of large mushroom located in the Tar Swamp.

Chopping sulliusceps requires a woodcutting skill of 65, but each piece grants 127 XP, making them a great source of experience.

There are a total of 6 sulliusceps in the Tar Swamp, but only one of them can be chopped at any time.

Once one is chopped down, the next one will spawn, which players will have to find in order to chop it.

These mushrooms offer the fastest woodcutting experience in OSRS without using any kind of tick manipulation.

However, you will need to have completed the Bone Voyage quest in order to be able to access them.

Additionally, in the Mushroom Forest, there are three tree patches in the southeast corner where players can plant mahogany and teak trees.

There are also squirrels in this location which can look after the trees while they are growing.

Because of the presence of Suliusceps and the hardwood tree patches, Fossil Island is by far the best woodcutting location in OSRS!



We hope you have enjoyed our list of the best woodcutting locations in OSRS and learned where you should head next!

While each of these areas can be beneficial to advancing your skill, the ones you use will depend on your level of woodcutting.

That said, once you’ve reached woodcutting level 65, you definitely don’t want to pass up Fossil Island!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best woodcutting locations in OSRS:

  1. Fossil Island
  2. Woodcutting Guild
  3. Tai Bwo Wannai
  4. Edgeville
  5. Seers’ Village
  6. Tree Gnome Stronghold
  7. Barbarian Outpost
  8. Kourend
  9. Castle Wars
  10. Draynor Village

Which woodcutting location are you going to travel to first? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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