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OSRS: The Best Crafting Locations (Ranked)

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The Best Crafting Locations in OSRS

What are the best crafting locations in OSRS?

Crafting in Old School Runescape is a fundamental skill that allows players to create a variety of items.

This includes things like pottery, jewelry, and even armor that can then be used or sold for gold.

While crafting can be done in many places, some locations in OSRS are better for this skill than others!


The 10 Best Crafting Locations in OSRS

These locations have been compiled based on their usefulness and proximity to resources.

While these aren’t the only locations you can use for crafting, they are the best currently available in the game.

So, get your crafting materials ready because here’s our list of the 10 best crafting locations in OSRS:


10. East Ardougne

Best OSRS Crafting Locations East Ardougne

Kicking off our list, we have a location that is perfect for making pottery.

In East Ardougne, you can find both a potter’s wheel and a pottery oven located very close together.

Both of these can be found nearby to the river and just northwest of the Ardougne bank.

The main downside is that they are fairly far away from clay rocks, though this can be easily remedied.

Once you bank your clay, all you have to do is withdraw it from the Ardougne bank and start crafting!

While not the most convenient location on our list, East Ardougne is a great place for potters.


9. Al Kharid

Best OSRS Crafting Locations Al Kharid

If you’re looking to craft glass items, you should consider heading over to Al Kharid.

This city in Old School Runescape is popular for glassblowing since it has both ranges and furnaces close to each other.

Both the range and the furnace can be found just north of the bank, making it easy to grab ore.

In fact, Al Kharid used to be the best furnace location in the entire game until the Edgeville furnace became available for free to play.

While it still falls a bit behind Entrana for being perfect for glassblowing, it is still one of the best locations you can head to.

The Al Kharid mine is also one of the best places to mine coal in OSRS, which can be great for leveling your mining skill!


8. Lumbridge

Best OSRS Crafting Locations Lumbridge

Spinning is another area of crafting that is extremely popular, and the spinning wheel in Lumbridge is one of the best.

This spinning wheel is located inside Lumbridge Castle on the second floor, right below the bank.

Because of this, players often flock to this location since it makes grabbing banked resources easy.

While it isn’t close to any flax plants, players get around this by teleporting to the Lletya flax field.

This field is the closest to the bank, which will allow you to gather what you need and store it for use in Lumbridge.

You can then use the Lumbridge Home Teleport spell to get back and start crafting quickly!

This spell has no level requirements, and it provides free transport every half-hour to Lumbridge.


7. Edgeville

Best OSRS Crafting Locations Edgeville

If you want to use your glassblowing pipe or are interested in making money by crafting jewelry, Edgeville is amazing.

The Edgeville furnace is located only 14 squares away from the bank, making it the closest in the game.

Plus, if you’re wearing one of the best melee armor sets in OSRS, the Varrock Armor, you may get a special benefit.

Wearing this armor while using the Edgeville furnace gives you a chance to smelt two bars at once.

This not only provides faster XP, but it can be very convenient while making things en masse.

Additionally, since it is so close to the bank, it is easy to store a load of resources and easily access them.

Because of this, you can easily turn out a load of rings, necklaces, amulets, and blown glass for a load of crafting experience!


6. Dorgesh-Kaan

Dorgesh-Kaan is up next, and we’ve chosen this location thanks to its useful sand pit.

Sand is needed for making glass items, and fortunately, Dorgesh-Kaan has sand right next to a furnace!

This means as long as you have a glassblowing pipe and soda ash, you can constantly top up on sand whenever needed.

Additionally, molanisks can be found south of the city, which can drop swamp weed that can be used to make soda ash.

To make soda ash in Dorgesh-Kaan, just take the swamp weed to the range east of the furnace and burn it.

You can also find copper wire here for making light orbs, which can provide 104 crafting XP each.

However, in order to enter Dorgesh-Kaan, you must first complete the Death to the Dorgeshuun quest.

This medium-length quest is fairly straightforward and worth doing to access one of the best crafting locations in OSRS.


5. Entrana

Entrana is, without a doubt, the best place in the game for glassblowing and shaping molten glass.

While Dorgesh-Kaan, Edgeville, and Al Kharid are also great, this place has absolutely everything you need.

Here you can find respawning glassblowing pipes and an abundance of seaweed to make soda ash.

It also has a convenient furnace, range, and sand pit, so all of your resources are in one place!

However, Entrana is also a location where you can’t bring any weapons or armor, so keep that in mind.

Even some of the best skillcapes in OSRS are prohibited if they have attack or defence bonuses.

If you do try and access the city with prohibited items, you will be knocked out and placed back on the Entrana ferry.


4. Shilo Village

Best OSRS Crafting Locations Shilo Village

Jewelry crafting can make you some serious money on the Grand Exchange, much more than molding molten glass.

What makes Shilo Village the perfect place for jewelry crafting is its large gem mine and furnace.

Mining gem rocks here can give you access to sapphire, emerald, ruby, and diamond.

Players can also find semi-precious gems, including opal, red topaz, and jade, in the Shilo Village deposits.

Once you have mined what you need, you can start cutting gems with a chisel to get them ready.

While you will still need to bring your own silver or gold, this is hardly a problem if you bank it.

The bank in Shilo Village is directly across from the furnace, making it super easy to grab any stored items.

However, like Entrana, you will have to complete a quest to gain access to Shilo Village.

Fortunately, the medium-length Shilo Village quest is easy to complete, allowing you to start crafting ASAP.


3. Seers’ Village

Best OSRS Crafting Locations Seers Village

Up next, we have Seers’ Village, which is one of the best places for crafting bow strings.

The spinning wheel here can be found on the second floor of a house just south of the bank.

What makes this place so great for making bow strings is the flax field located next to the beehives.

Flax can be picked up there for around 2 coins each; however, if you complete the Kandarin Diary, you get a special bonus.

Once certain difficulties of the Kandarin Diary are done, the flax keeper will gift players flax each day for free.

What’s more, the medium Kardarin Diary also allows players to spin flax 33% faster in Seers’ Village.

This bonus alone makes using the spinning wheel here much more convenient for many players!


2. Prifddinas

Best OSRS Crafting Locations Prifddinas

Prifddinas is the go-to place for making crystal equipment and items that are some of the most valuable in OSRS.

This includes some of the best ranged armor in OSRS, the crystal armor set, which can be created at the singing bowl here.

While another singing bowl can also be found at the west end of Brimstail’s Cave, Prifddinas is much more convenient.

Crystal shards are found all around Prifddinas, while the armor and weapons seeds can be earned in The Gauntlet there.

Although making these crystal items requires a high level of both crafting and smithing combined, they are very powerful.

You can also gain a lot of crafting XP by making these items, with a Crystal body awarding 7.5k XP in smithing and crafting.


1. The Crafting Guild

Best OSRS Crafting Locations Crafting Guild

Taking our number one spot is, of course, the Crafting Guild, located north of Rimmington.

This location provides all of the workshops you could ever want, though a level of 40 is required to enter.

While this location is open to free-to-play players, the bank chest can only be used by members.

That said, the outside of the guild has cows to harvest hides and a convenient tanner inside.

On the ground floor, you can find potter wheels, a pottery oven, and various respawning items, including jewelry moulds and a chisel.

This floor also has the bank chest and deposit box and the entrance to a mine with gold, silver, and clay.

The upper floor hosts the tannery and two spinning wheels, along with shears and moulds for rings, necklaces, and tiaras.

If you want a one-stop shop for all your crafting needs, look no further than the Crafting Guild!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best crafting locations in OSRS and found a place that suits your character’s needs!

While a lot of places in Old School Runescape lend themselves to crafting, these are the best and most convenient.

However, once you reach level 40, you definitely shouldn’t pass up the Crafting Guild, since its resources are invaluable.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best crafting locations in OSRS:

  1. The Crafting Guild
  2. Prifddinas
  3. Seers’ Village
  4. Shilo Village
  5. Entrana
  6. Dorgesh-Kaan
  7. Edgeville
  8. Lumbridge
  9. Al Kharid
  10. East Ardougne

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Where do you plan to head first to start crafting? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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