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The Best Pokémon White 2 Cheats

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The Best Pokemon White 2 Cheats

This is the complete collection of Action Replay codes for Pokémon White 2 Cheats that you can use during your next playthrough!


The Best Pokémon White 2 Cheats (Action Replay Codes)

Pokémon White 2 is a sequel to one of the best Nintendo DS games of all time, and it was initially released in 2012, selling over 7.8 million copies by 2013.

However, while the game on its own is incredibly fun, there are also many cheats you can use to make replaying it even more enjoyable!

Although there are many helpful cheats for Pokémon White 2, these are by far the most fun and the most useful!

Here are the best Pokémon White 2 cheats:


Walk Through Walls

All of the games on the complete Pokémon games list have areas that are inaccessible to players normally.

Fortunately, with this cheat code, you can walk through walls, rocks, and any unsurpassable terrain that gets in your way.

That said, you should always save before using this cheat, as it is possible to get stuck in some areas, which can totally mess up your game if you don’t have a backup.

How to use: Once you input the code, press and hold L as you are walking in order to walk wherever you want.

Cheat Code:

5219C910 FDD8F7C1
1219C914 00001C04
94000130 FDFF0000
1219C914 00002400
D2000000 00000000


Encounter Wild Shiny Pokémon

In Pokémon White 2, you can spend hours searching for a shiny Pokémon, only to end up empty-handed. Some people even spend days playing without finding one!

Thankfully, with these cheat codes, you no longer have to worry about grinding random encounters to find a shiny!

How to use: Just activate the code, and all of your next random encounters will be with shiny Pokémon until you deactivate the cheat.

Cheat Code:

5201C560 43084050
0201C564 2000D108
E201C56C 00000010
2000900A F027900B
E00AF8EE 980B2100
94000130 FFFD0000
1201C564 000046C0
E201C56C 00000010
1C281C01 F000910A
2801FC47 E008D1F5
D2000000 00000000


Unlock All TM/HMs

If you want to teach the best dog Pokémon of all time new moves, you’re going to need to find TMs and HMs.

However, tracking them down in the game can take a lot of time, especially if you’re after specific high-level moves.

This code allows you to instantly gain all TMs and HMs in the game

How to use: Enter the code, and press L or R on the item menu until all the TMs/HMs appear.

TM Codes:

94000130 FCFF0000
0221E1B8 0001026A
0221E1BC 0001026B
0221E1C0 0001026C
D5000000 00010148
C0000000 0000005B
D6000000 0221E048
D4000000 00000001
D2000000 00000000

HM Codes:

94000130 FCFF0000
D5000000 000101A4
C0000000 00000005
D6000000 0221E1C4
D4000000 00000001
D2000000 00000000


No Random Encounters

If you’re trying to hunt down the best bird Pokémon of all time, random encounters are one of the best ways to do it.

However, sometimes you just want to get to where you’re going without worrying about running into wild Pokémon that want to fight.

This cheat allows you to turn off random encounters so you can easily explore the Unova region without getting slowed down.

How to use: Enter the code and press select.

Cheat Code:

94000130 FFFB0000
B2000024 00000000
2002224D 000000FF
D2000000 00000000


Max Money

Money can be used to buy a lot of valuable items from the Poke-Mart that can help you progress through the game.

That said, if you don’t want to grind through quests, it can be difficult to earn a lot of money in Pokémon White 2.

Fortunately, with this cheat, you can quickly become the richest trainer in the world, maxing out your earnings just by inputting the code and pressing select.

How to use: Enter the code and press select. Then check your status.

Cheat Code:

94000130 FFFB0000
02226724 0098967F
D2000000 00000000


Unlimited PP

Power points are essential in Pokémon battles, but it can be really easy to run out of them, especially during tough fights.

This cheat makes it so that your power points won’t decrease during battle, allowing you to essentially use as many moves as you want.

While it may not be necessary for the early game, it can be incredibly helpful once you start facing off against higher-level opponents.

Cheat Code:

921BAE58 0000D301
121BAE58 0000E003
D2000000 00000000


Unlimited Master Balls

Master balls are one of the most sought-after items in any Pokémon game, and they make it so that you don’t have to weaken a Pokémon before catching it.

With this cheat, you can gain 900 master balls instantly, which can help you catch powerful Pokémon without the risk of failure.

How to use: Enter the code and press L and R simultaneously. You should see 900 master balls appear in Slot 1.

Cheat Code:

94000130 FCFF0000
B2000024 00000000
00018D20 03840001
D2000000 00000000


Unlimited Rare Candies

As the name suggests, rare candies can be hard to come by, but they are extremely helpful, allowing you to raise the level of any Pokémon by one when used.

If you have one of the best dragon Pokémon of all time that you want to level up in a pinch, using this cheat will allow you to gain an unlimited amount of rare candy instantly.

How to use: Enter the code and press select, and you should see the candies appear in the healing items section in your bag!

Cheat Code:

94000130 FFFB0000
B2000024 00000000
000194F8 FFFF0032
D2000000 00000000


Catch Rival Trainer’s Pokémon

Also one of the best Pokémon White cheats, this code is extremely useful for when you really want to snag a Pokémon that a rival trainer has.

When you input this cheat code, you will be able to capture any enemy trainer’s Pokémon that you want.

However, if you do, the battle will immediately end, even if the trainer has remaining Pokémon to use.

How to use: Enter the code to be able to catch any enemy trainer’s Pokemon. If you catch one of their Pokemon, the battle will end right away.

Cheat Code:

02002300 68006868
02002304 60012100
02002308 00004770
521AF660 F7EC6868
121AF666 0000F652
121AF668 0000FE4B
D2000000 00000000



This cheat definitely isn’t one you’ll want to use if you like a challenge, but it can be incredibly fun if you just want to try out new Pokémon and their moves.

With invulnerability turned on, your Pokémon won’t take any damage during battles, making them effectively immortal.

This can be extremely useful if you’re interested in learning more about what certain moves do without risking your Pokémon’s life.

It can also be great if you just want to play around and feel like an untouchable beast taking out a fully leveled Reshiram with a Mareep.

Cheat Code:

E2003000 00000018
D0002800 4903BD70
428E6809 2400D200
00004770 02257544
521A9BB0 FF42F7F2



Pokémon White 2 builds upon everything that made its predecessor great, and it stands out as one of the best Pokémon games of all time.

However, while it is incredibly fun on its own, these cheats can help mix things up and make replaying the game even more enjoyable.

While there are many cheats for Pokémon White 2, these are by far the most fun, and we definitely recommend giving them a try the next time you’re playing!

What do you think of the best Pokémon White 2 cheats? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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