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The 25 Best Bird Pokémon

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The Best Bird Pokemon of All Time

What are the best bird Pokémon of all time?

Birds are amazing, and watching them fly around with ease is enough to make anyone jealous. In the Pokémon world, there is no shortage of Bird Pokémon that are both awesome and powerful.

However, some are better than others, and if you want to catch the best Bird Pokémon, you’re going to want to know which ones to prioritize.


The Best Bird Pokémon of All Time

Our ranked lists are created by researching and rounding up information from the most reputable web sources.

Here’s our list of the 25 best bird Pokémon of all time:


25. Hawlucha

Best Bird Pokemon - Hawlucha

Hawlucha is a dual Fighting/Flying-type Pokémon.

It was introduced in Generation VI, which began with X and Y, when looking at the Pokémon games list in order, and concluded with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

Despite not being known to evolve into any other Pokémon, Hawlucha is capable of holding its own and makes up for its small size by being a capable fighter.


Hawlucha is weak to Electric, Flying, Psychic, Ice, and Fairy-type Pokémon but has a great speed stat of 118 and an attack stat of 92 that makes it capable of holding its own.

This Pokémon also has access to a variety of good moves, including Wing Attack, High Jump Kick, and Sky Attack.


24. Sirfetch’d

Best Bird Pokemon - Sirfetch'd

Introduced in Generation VIII, this Fighting-type Pokémon evolves from Galarian Farfetch’d if it lands three critical hits in one battle.

Resembling a white duck, its wings act like humanoid hands, and it uses them to carry a large leek which it uses in battle.


Sirfetch’d has a very high attack stat of 135, making it a Pokémon that can hit hard in battle.

Although it is weak to Fairy, Psychic, and Flying-types, its moves, Rock Smash, Brick Break, and Meteor Assault make it a strong combatant.


23. Toucannon

Best Bird Pokemon - Toucannon

Toucannon is a Normal/Flying-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation VII.

The final form of Pikipek, this Bird Pokémon, looks very similar to a Toucan, and it uses its large beak to launch seeds with enough force to shatter boulders.

Additionally, this bird’s beak can reach temperatures over 212 degrees, and it can cause severe burns to anything it touches.


Toucannon is another Bird Pokémon with a high attack stat at 120. It can definitely pack a punch, even against Rock, Electric, and Ice-types that it is vulnerable against.


22. Fletchling

Best Bird Pokemon - Fletchling

Another Normal/Flying-type Pokémon, this birdy, was introduced in Generation VI, and it evolves from Flechinder.

This tiny bird Pokémon is incredibly small, and it looks a bit like a robin.

It is also a very friendly Pokémon, but it can be relentless in battle, doubling its body temperature when excited or startled.


This small bird doesn’t have the greatest stats, it does evolve further into Talonflame, which makes it one of the best flying type Pokémon to invest in.

However, it does have access to moves like Gale Wings, and Swords Dance, along with its special attack Ember, which can be quite good if used against the right foes.


21. Swellow

Best Bird Pokemon - Swellow

Introduced in Generation III with the games Pokémon Ruby, Pokémon Sapphire, and Pokémon Emerald, Swellow evolves from Talillow, and it is another Normal/Flying-type Pokémon.

Swellow is a large dark blue bird with impressive dive-bombing skills. It never misses a target and is quite tenacious in battle.


Starting in Generation VII onwards, Swellow’s stats got a bit of an upgrade, taking its special attack from 50 to 75.

It also has access to a fantastic list of moves, including Brave Bird, Air Slash, and Wing Attack.


20. Fletchinder

Best Bird Pokemon - Fletchinder

Fletchinder was introduced in Generation VI, and it is a dual Fire/Flying-Type Pokémon.

Evolving from Fletchling and later into Talonflame, is Bird Pokémon has beautiful orange and black plumage and a tail that resembles the fletching on the end of an arrow.

It has a sac in its stomach that produces flames, and it hunts bugs by igniting grass and preying on the fleeing insects.


Fletchinder’s best stats are speed (84) and attack (73). While not necessarily spectacular, many trainers like having this bird so that they can evolve it.

Despite not having phenomenal stats and being vulnerable to Water, Electric, and Rock-types, it does have some good moves, including Flame Charge, Gale Wings, and Swords Dance.


19. Pidgeotto

Best Bird Pokemon - Pidgeotto

Evolving from Pidgey and eventually into Pidgeot, this Normal/Flying-type Pokémon has been around since Generation One, and it is probably one of the most recognizable, especially for those who have watched the anime.

Pidgeotto is a very powerful flyer, and it has extremely good vision, which helps it hunt other Pokémon like Magikarp and Exeggcute.


This Bird Pokémon excels at extreme speed, and it is very effective against Grass and Bug-types. It also can use moves like Gust and Wing Attack, as well as special attack moves Air Slash and Hurricane.


18. Yveltal

Best Bird Pokemon - Yveltal

This Flying/Dark-type Pokémon has a very cool and unique design, and it was introduced to players in Generation VI.

This large Pokémon has both draconic and avian traits, and it has black and red plumage along with a grey feathery ruffle around its neck.

Yveltal has the ability to absorb life energy using its wings, and when its own life is ending it will steal the life force of everything around it and then create a cocoon to sleep in and regenerate.


Yveltal has impressive stats. With 126 full HP, 131 attack, and 131 special attack, this Pokémon can definitely more than hold its own in almost any battle.

While it is weak to Ice, Electric, Rock, and Fairy-type Pokémon, its moves Dark Pulse, Oblivian Wing, Foul Play, and Sky Attack ensure that it can take out many Pokémon with ease.


17. Empoleon

Best Bird Pokemon - Empoleon

Introduced in Generation IV, which includes remakes of two of the best Pokémon games, Gold and Silver, Empoleon is a Water/Steel-type Pokémon and the final form of Piplup.

This large blue, black, and white bird, looks a bit like a penguin, and its flipper-like wings are tipped with golden claws that can rip through ice floes and damage anything that attacks it.


Empoleon has a high special attack stat of 111 and a special defense stat of 101.

Although weak to Fighting-type, Electric-type, and Ground-type Pokémon, this bird has some significant moves, like Metal Claw, Aqua Jet, Water Gun, and Whirlpool, which can be very effective against a good many Pokémon.


16. Blaziken

Best Bird Pokemon - Blaziken

Blaziken is a Fire/Fighting-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation III. As the evolved form of Combusken, it is the final form of Torchic.

This Pokémon can also undergo a Mega Evolution using the Blazikenite to become Mega Blaziken.

This chicken-like Pokémon has very muscular legs which allow it to jump and kick with surprising strength.


The un-evolved Blaziken has a great attack stat of 120, which gets boosted to 160 as Mega Blaziken. Its special attack of 110 also jumps to 130 and its speed increases from 80 to 100.

Along with having powerful stats, this Pokémon also has some great moves, like Close Combat, Fire Punch, Flame Charge, and Flare Blitz.


15. Altaria

Best Bird Pokemon - Altaria

Altaria is an adorable Flying/Dragon-type Pokémon and it evolves from Swablu and can Mega Evolve into Mega Altaria.

Introduced in Generation III, Swablu has a fluffy cloud-like body and wings which becomes even fluffier and more extensive in its Mega form.

This Pokémon can also be extremely affectionate, often enveloping people it is close to in its soft fluffy wings.


This beautiful bird Pokémon doesn’t have the most impressive stats, but it does have a fairly good special defense stat of 105.

After Mega Evolution, Altaria’s attack, defense, and special attack all get raised to 110. Combined with the moves Dragon Pulse, Dragon Dance, and Sky Attack, this Pokémon can be a great fighter to invest in.


14. Torchic

Best Bird Pokemon - Torchic

This Fire-type Pokémon, introduced in Generation III, evolves from Combusken and eventually into Blaziken.

This small chick-like Pokémon is covered in soft orange feathers and looks completely unassuming.

However, if attacked, it can shoot fireballs as hot as 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit, scorching anything it comes in contact with.


Torchic has fairly low stats, with a 70 special attack being its highest.

However, it does have access to the moves Ember, Flame Charge, and Flare Blitz, which can be very useful against Grass, Ice, and Bug-types.


13. Pidgeot

Best Bird Pokemon - Pidgeot

This Flying/Normal-type Pokémon is the final evolution of Pidgey and it can Mega Evolve into Mega Pidgeot.

This large bird has powerful wings that it can use to stir up windstorms and intimidate enemies.

It can also fly fast enough to break the sound barrier, and in the Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue Pokedex, Pidgeot is described as being able to skim over water so fast that it can pick off Magikarp with ease.


Seeing that this Pokémon is so fast, it makes sense that its strongest stat is speed at 91, which is boosted to 121 in its Mega form, along with its special attack which jumps from 70 to 135.


12. Piplup

Best Bird Pokemon - Piplup

Piplup is a small, cute Water-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation IV.

It evolves from Prinplup and eventually Empoleon. Like Empoleon, Piplup is a very penguin-like Pokémon, and it typically lives along the coast of cold areas.


This small bird’s stats remain average at best, with its strongest being special attack at 56.

That said, it does have access to Water Gun, Bubble Beam, and Whirlpool, which can be situationally useful.


11. Rowlet

Best Bird Pokemon -  Rowlet

Rowlet is another adorable Pokémon, and it is a dual Grass/Flying-type. It was introduced in Generation VII, and it evolves into Dartrix and eventually Decidueye.

This small owl-like Pokémon is largely nocturnal, and it stores energy throughout the day via photosynthesis.

When in battle, it silently swoops down on enemies and kicks them relentlessly with its small, but powerful legs.


Rowlet’s strongest stat is HP at 68 and it has an average 55 in attack and defense.

While it is weak to Fire, Ice, Rock, Poison, and Flying-types, this Pokémon isn’t without some decent moves, like Brave Bird, Leafage, and Leaf Blade.


10. Lugia

Best Bird Pokemon - Lugia

Lugia is a dual Psychic/Flying-type Legendary bird that was introduced in Generation II, which included the games Pokémon Gold and Silver, and Pokémon Crystal.

Not known to evolve into anything else, this Pokémon is the trio master of the Legendary Birds and the mascot of Pokémon Silver and SoulSilver.

Resembling a mix between a dragon and a bird, Lugia can control the weather and create or disperse storms.


This Psychic/Flying-type Pokémon has a very high special defense stat of 154 and a good speed stat of 110.

With moves like Aeroblast, Rain Dance, and Air Slash, this Pokémon can be a good addition to any team.


9. Zapdos

Best Bird Pokemon - Zapdos

This Electric/Flying-type Legendary bird may not evolve into anything else, but given how good it is, it really doesn’t need to.

Introduced in the First Generation, with the games Pokémon Red, Pokémon Blue, and Pokémon Yellow, this Pokémon looks like a bright yellow, lighting-struck bird.

It can generate enough electricity to cause thunderstorms, and it makes a crackling sound when it flies.


This Pokémon has a high special attack of 125 and a high-speed stat of 100. This comes in handy considering its special moves, which include Thunder, Thunder Shock, and Drill Peck, which can do some significant damage.


8. Braviary

Best Bird Pokemon - Braviary

This normal/flying-type Pokémon evolves from Rufflet and in Hisui, it has an alternative dual Psychic/Flying-type form.

This large Pokémon looks a bit like an eagle and it can be extremely aggressive, fighting fiercely to protect those it considers allies.


Braviary has a very good attack of 123, which allows it to pack quite the punch against Ground-type and Ghost-type Pokémon.

When it comes to moves, this Pokémon has some good ones, like Brave Bird, Air Slash, and Thrash.


7. Staraptor

Best Bird Pokemon - Staraptor

Staraptor was introduced in Pokémon Generation IV and it is the final evolution of Starly. It is a Normal/Flying-type Pokémon and it looks a bit like a hawk.

Its powerful legs and wings allow it to carry small Pokémon while flying, and it can be aggressive enough to attack even much larger foes.


In Generations VI and onwards, this Pokémon got a special defense boost from 50 to 60, but its main stats remained attack at 120 and speed at 100.

Staraptor also has some impressive moves, like Wing Attack, Brave Bird, and Take Down, which can make it a powerful Pokémon to have on your side.


6. Ho-Oh

Best Bird Pokemon - Ho-Oh

Ho-Oh is a dual Fire/Flying-type Legendary Bird that debuted in Generation II.

While it doesn’t evolve into anything else, it is powerful on its own and worth investing in.

A very colorful bird-like Pokémon that resembles something between a peacock and a phoenix, its wings are very prismatic and it causes rainbows while flying.


Ho-Oh has incredible stats, including a 130 attack, 154 special defense, and 110 special attack. Its Flying-type moves are also considered good and include Gust, Sky Attack, Thunder Wave, and Brave Bird.


5. Corviknight

Best Bird Pokemon - Corviknight

Corviknight is a Generation VIII Flying/Steel-type that evolves from Corvisquire as the final evolution of Rookidee.

This Pokémon also has a Gigantamax form which transforms this bird’s appearance and makes it look even more badass.

Corviknight’s wings are strong enough to generate hurricane-force winds, and it can even pick up and transport people to other locations, which has made it useful for the Galar Taxi service in the Galar region.


This Pokémon has a decent attack of 87 but an even better defense of 105. It can be quite devastating when using moves like Steel Wing, Drill Peck, or Iron Head.

When placed against Poison or Ground-types, this Pokémon can do a lot of damage really quickly.


4. Moltres

Best Bird Pokemon - Moltres

Introduced in Generation I, this Fire/Flying-type Legendary Pokémon is impressive and even comes with a dual Dark/Flying regional form in the Crown Tundra.

This Pokémon’s flame body gives it a unique appearance and billows flames as it flies.

It can heal itself by diving into magma and, in the past, its signature move was Sky Attack.


Moltres has a high special attack of 125 and a high general attack of 100.

When coupled with moves like Wing Attack, Air Slash, and Heat Wave, it can do some serious damage to opponents.


3. Decidueye

Best Bird Pokemon - Decidueye

Decidueye is a dual Grass/Ghost Pokémon that was introduced in Generation VII, which contained the games Let’s Go, Pikachu, and Let’s Go, Eevee, which take place in the same universe as Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.

The final form of Rowlet, this Pokémon looks like an owl wearing a green hood, and it has the ability to mask its presence, allowing it to attack unaware foes.


Decidueye has a high special and general attack at 107 and 100 respectively, and it has a 100 special defense to help it hold out in battle.

This Pokémon also can use moves like Shadow Sneak, Spirit Shackle, and Phantom Force, which can pack a significant punch against the right enemies.


2. Articuno

Best Bird Pokemon - Articuno

Articuno is a Pokémon fan favorite Ice/Flying Legendary Pokémon that has been around since Generation I.

This large blue bird doesn’t evolve into anything else, but it does have an alternate Psychic/Flying regional form.

It has the ability to freeze the moisture in the air to make it snow, and it is the only Pokémon that can learn Freezing Glare.


Articuno has a strong special and general defense stat of 125 and 100.

The moves it can learn also give this Pokémon an advantage over others that use Grass or Fighting-type moves, like Sheer Cold, Blizzard, and Freeze-Dry.


1. Talonflame

Best Bird Pokemon - Talonflame

Talonflame is the final evolution of Fletchling and it looks a lot like a falcon.

This Pokémon preys on other birds and hunts by diving and kicking at its prey before digging in its talons.

It can also fly over 310 miles per hour, making it difficult to escape once it starts a pursuit.


This angry-looking bird is by far the best flying type Pokémon, and its speed stat of 126 makes it a force to be reckoned with.

It can also use a lot of great moves, like Brave Bird, Fly, and Steel Wing.



We hope you enjoyed our list of the 25 best bird Pokémon.

There are a lot of great bird-like creatures in the Pokémon franchise, but not all of them are created equal.

These 25 are some of the most powerful avian Pokémon in the series, and they are ones that you should always keep an eye open for when venturing around the Pokémon world.

Here’s a quick recap of the 25 best bird Pokémon of all time:

  1. Talonflame
  2. Articuno
  3. Decidueye
  4. Moltres
  5. Corviknight
  6. Ho-Oh
  7. Staraptor
  8. Braviary
  9. Zapdos
  10. Lugia
  11. Rowlet
  12. Piplup
  13. Pidgeot
  14. Torchic
  15. Altaria
  16. Blaziken
  17. Empoleon
  18. Yveltal
  19. Pidgeotto
  20. Fletchinder
  21. Swellow
  22. Fletchling
  23. Toucannon
  24. Sirfetch’d
  25. Hawlucha

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What’s the best bird Pokémon, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

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