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Woodskip Stardew Valley: Ultimate Fishing Guide




Our Woodskip Stardew Valley Fishing Guide will tell you everything you need to know about one of the rarest fish in the game!

Last Updated: February 2022

Stardew Valley is an adorable little farm simulator that places you in Pelican Town. It’s a lovely place, with charming residents and an entire farm where you can plant crops and raise barn animals. But outside of the usual farming, you can also explore, mine, and fish. In short, there’s a whole lot of things to do!

I’ve played Stardew Valley for much longer than I care to admit. But even now, there’s still so much in the game to discover. Plus, with ConcernedApe adding more content to the game, long-time fans are positively spoiled. Still, it’s important to go back and appreciate the basics. So, for this Woodskip Stardew Valley Guide, we’re taking a deep dive (pun intended) into one of the oldest rare fish in the game.


Spoiler warning for this section! You’ve been warned.

The Woodskip can be found only in the Secret Woods. It’s a closed-off area, which can be accessed by moving to the northeast corner of Cindersap Forest. Although when you visit for the first time, the path will be blocked by a large log. So, make sure to bring your Steel Axe with you.

If you haven’t upgraded your Axe yet, there’s still a chance of you getting the Woodskip early! Check-in with the Traveling Cart as it has a chance of offering the fish, priced between 225g and 1,000g.

However, if you manage to enter the Secret Woods, you’ll find Large Stumps, an old statue in the middle of ruined structures, and a pond. This is where you can catch the Woodskip.

Fortunately, the Woodskip is available all year-round, so once you unlock the Secret Woods, you can go there to catch them whenever you want. Take note that they’re more likely to bite on non-rainy days. Plus, the higher your fishing skill, the more likely you’ll catch them.


So, you’ve caught a Woodskip. Now what? Well, keep reading our Woodskip Stardew Valley Guide to see what you can do with this river fish.


If you’re planning to give it as a gift, take note of how each character will react to it:

Love it

Like it

Neutral about it

  • Demetrius
  • Elliot
  • Leo
  • Linus
  • Pam
  • Sebastian
  • Willy

Dislike it

  • Abigail
  • Alex
  • Caroline
  • Clint
  • Dwarf
  • Emily
  • George
  • Gus
  • Harvey
  • Jas
  • Jodi
  • Kent
  • Krobus
  • Leah
  • Lewis
  • Marnie
  • Maru
  • Penny
  • Robin
  • Sam
  • Sandy
  • Shane
  • Vincent
  • Wizard

Hate it

  • Evelyn
  • Haley
  • Pierre
Community Center Bundles

Specialty Fish Bundle
If you’re aiming to complete the Stardew Valley Community Center, you’re going to need one Woodskip for the Specialty Fish Bundle. Offering a Woodskip to the Fish Tank collection will cross out one of the four rare fish you’ll need. And if you complete the Specialty Fish Bundle, you’ll be rewarded with five Dish O’ The Seafood items.


Woodskip fishes can also be used to create the following:

  • Sashimi (Any Fish; restores 75 Stamina and 33 HP)
  • Maki Roll (Any Fish, Seaweed, Rice; restores 100 Stamina and 45 HP)
  • Quality Fertilizer (Sap x2, Any Fish; used on tilled soil to make quality crops)

Additionally, the Woodskip can be requested in the following quests:

  • Fish Pond quests for two Woodskips fishes can be offered by any of the following fish currently in your pond: Dorado, Lingcod, Pike. By granting their request, the maximum capacity of your Fish Pond will grow from seven to ten fish.
Other Uses

Finally, here are some other things you can do with a Woodskip that aren’t covered in the last few sections:

  • Using the Woodskip with the Sewing Machine produces the Fishing Vest.
  • You can also place Woodskip fishes in Fish Ponds. They reproduce every two days and can grant you Woodskip Roe or Wood. And by the time they reach six in population, you might also gain Hardwood or tree seeds (Acorns, Maple Seeds, or Pine Cones) from them.


During my first-ever playthrough, it took me too long to find out that there was a whole other area to the east of Cindersap Forest. Luckily, I ended up stumbling upon it and getting the Woodskip for the Community Center. Hopefully, you don’t make the same mistake. And if you’re reading this Woodskip Stardew Valley Fishing Guide, then you’re set. Get that Axe upgraded and that large hunk of wood out of the way! Plus, no spoilers, but the Secret Woods are an important part of Emily’s romance route. Wink, wink.

Anyway, if you want to try Stardew Valley for yourself, head over to their website to see its platforms and download requirements. Or, you could stick around here and check out our other guide. We made another fishing guide on the Tiger Trout, so why don’t you read up on that too?


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