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7 Must-Have Tech Gadgets for Teachers in the Classroom




Teachers are the backbone of any economy. They educate children who will be the future business people, leaders, farmers and more. Technology is one of the tools used to drive the modern-day economy, so it makes sense that teachers and students are familiar with available technology to augment the education process.

Luckily, there are many gadgets on the market, to accomplish these tasks. Here is a selection of the top 7 must-have tech items to improve the teacher/student experience in the contemporary classroom.

Portable projector

Portable projectors are easily transported between the classroom and home. Portable projects are also good-looking small tech equipment that is lightweight to carry with you. High-definition and LCD display make this tech gadget a must-have for displaying educational slides to the entire classroom for easy viewing.

These gadgets are available with different port sizes that can connect to any device, just make sure the one you choose is compatible or purchase a separate connection for quick operation on the go.

USB mic recorder

When you don’t feel up to making notes at a meeting, a mini mic recorder in the shape of a real microphone is ideal. Teachers will be able to store approximately 240 minutes of recorded audio on one of these gadgets.

They’re well suited for conferences, testing language fluency, to record podcasts, and are useful in many other ways in the classroom. Another useful academic service that students and even teachers sometimes need is the help of professional writers at Writix. They can write a good assignment in quick time and at very affordable writers.

Solar battery charger

Busy students frequently run out of battery power for their smartphones and other electronic devices. This is where handy gadgets for college students in the form of a solar battery charger can be helpful.

Simply let your charger get enough exposure to sunlight during the day for a quick charge whenever needed. If you eat lunch or study outside, this is also a good time to charge your solar charger for use later in the evening if you know you may have difficulty finding an electrical plug point.

Mini scanner

You’re in a paperless society, or mostly in a paperless society. Use the mini scanner to copy and print important documents for later review with this natty tech gadget. Research to find the most practical for your purposes, as some can only handle only a small number of pages at a time.

The best mini scanner can manage up to 15 pages, double-sided in one go. Anything less than this may not do what you require. Further, get one that links with useful apps such as Dropbox for easy sharing.

Microscope camera

Science and biology teachers will love this high-tech gadget. It’s fantastic to take samples when out on a field trip and bring these back to the classroom for high-level interactive engagement.

Simply place your samples on the camera where indicated, and then connect the microscope to your notebook for easy viewing in the classroom. It’s a must-have for the outdoor teacher who likes to experiment.

3D printer or pen

A small 3D printer can be costly but is a highly educational tool to have in the classroom. Show students how to make just about any small gadget to enhance the classroom experience with this progressive technology. If the 3D printer is a bit too expensive for your budget, a 3D pen can fill the gap.

The pen may not be as impressive as the larger printer, but it is still fun, and an interesting educational tool. Students will enjoy this gadget, which will probably encourage them to pursue a career in technology.

Multiple device storage and charging

Last on the list is this multiple device holder with USB charging ports. Place and connect several tablets or smartphones simultaneously to get all of them charged at once. There won’t be any more fights to get to plug points if you have one of these useful gadgets in the classroom.


Teachers can access many other useful gadgets to improve their own experience in the classroom and that of their students. Robotic arms, microcontroller kits and interactive projectors are just some of the incredible gadgets available. Since we live in a technology-driven world, get as many of these gadgets as you can to support the teacher/student learning experience. You’ll make your life easier, and will probably end up being the most popular teacher in the school.


Author’s Bio:

Emma Rundle is an education expert working with an ed-tech company where her job is to research the best educational tools that can make the learning process easier for students. She also assists students in writing thesis and dissertations in technology subjects. In her free time, she takes yoga classes, plays tennis and writes short stories.



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