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The 25 Best Anime Doctors, Ranked

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The Best Anime Doctors

Who are the best anime doctors?

Anime has many different types of medical professionals, from actual doctors to magical healers and sometimes insane surgeons.

For this list, we’ve decided to include any character that fits within the broad definition of a doctor, even if they don’t necessarily heal people.

You’ll understand when we dive in, so just keep an open mind as we delve into the realm of anime medicine.


The 25 Best Anime Doctors

While there are many characters who could be considered doctors, we’ve selected only the ones who are the most memorable.

They might not always be the good guys in their respective series, but they’ve certainly left a lasting impact on fans!

So, kick back, grab an apple, and enjoy our list of the 25 best anime doctors:


25. Emilia Kishitani

Best Anime Doctors Emilia Kishitani

The first doc on our list is Emilia from Durarara, AKA one of the best blonde-haired anime girls who’s also a really weird doctor.

While her son usually gets all the attention for his doctor skills, it’s important to give her some credit as well.

Although she’s technically a researcher and not a medical doctor, she knows enough about human anatomy to perform autopsies.

In fact, she even paid to perform an autopsy on Celty, forking over a million yen for the privilege, which is definitely dedication!

Yeah, she’s weird, but she’s also incredibly entertaining to watch, and she never fails to make us laugh!


24. Akiko

Best Anime Doctors Akiko

Coming at us from Bungo Stray Dogs is Akiko Yosano, a woman with incredible healing abilities.

She may not be a trained doctor like Mori, who actually abused her, but she can heal otherwise unfixable injuries.

While she’s had a tough life, we’re glad to see she’s moved on to bigger and brighter things in the anime.

Plus, she’s an adorable shopaholic and loves buying insane amounts of clothes, which we totally relate to.


23. Danny

Best Anime Doctors Danny

Danny is a psychiatrist from Angel of Death, but he’s also arguably the worst one in existence, and we question how he passed school.

While he’s Rachel’s official therapist, he is also completely obsessed with her eyes, particularly how lifeless they are.

In fact, he’s just creepily obsessed with her in general, to the point where he wants to keep her all to himself.

Basically, instead of providing therapy, this doc does things that will make you need a therapist, just not one as insane as him!


22. Hatori

Best Anime Doctors Hatori

Hatori of Fruits Basket is a breath of fresh air as a relatively normal doctor who isn’t crazy, obsessive, or bloodthirsty.

This doctor always puts others first, but he hides a majority of his kindness behind a cold facade because he doesn’t want to hurt people.

Honestly, we wish Hatori would open up more because it’s a good look for him, but nonetheless, he is a good doctor.


21. Suikotsu

Best Anime Doctors Suikotsu

Hailing from one of the best isekai anime series, InuYasha, we have Suikotsu, a man with split personas that are polar opposites.

Of his two personalities, one is a kind and caring doctor for his village, while the other is a bloodthirsty mercenary.

One moment, he will be trying to save your life, and the other, he will be the reason why you need your life saved in the first place!

Suikotsu is a complicated man, to say the least, but that’s what makes him such a good character, and he’s definitely entertaining!


20. Nurse Joy

Best Anime Doctors Nurse Joy

Everyone who grew up watching the Pokémon anime series on the weekends knows and loves Nurse Joy.

While she’s technically more of a vet we suppose, we’re still including her on this list because she’s just awesome.

Seriously, she’s responsible for keeping everyone’s Pokémon happy and healthy, which is a very important job!

We stan Nurse Joy and all of the Nurse Joys who have appeared throughout the TV series, movies, and games!


19. Masahito Date

Best Anime Doctors Masahito Date

From joy to absolute jerk, we have Masahito Date from Btooom, who is honestly one of the main reasons to watch the series.

This guy uses a friendly persona to get people to follow him, but he’s really a manipulative womanizing asshole.

All he does is use people for his own benefit and then throw them away, sometimes literally into the trash.

He’s definitely fun to watch on screen, but not someone you would ever want to encounter during a check-up.


18. Angelina Dalles

Best Anime Doctors Angelina Dalles

Known rather unsettling as Madame Red, Angelina of Black Butler is a doctor who moonlights as a serial killer.

A fairly psychotic woman, she and Grelle would remove the organs from their victims, earning them the name Jack the Ripper.

However, when she was a doctor, she didn’t get into the career to inflict pain on people but because she actually wanted to help.

She thought that by being a doctor, she could one day find a cure for her condition, which just so happens to be asthma.

We’re hoping she pops up in the new adaptation of Black Bulter because she definitely is a fun character!


17. Ōgai Mori

Best Anime Doctors Ōgai Mori

Like many characters in Bungo Stray Dogs, Ogai Mori is named after a historical figure, in his case, a Japanese Surgeon.

More like a machine than a man, everything Mori does is based on calculations of optimal choices, not what’s best for everyone overall.

He is more than willing to abuse his subordinates if it helps him further his goals, which is what happened to Akiko.

Mori is certainly a brilliant doctor, but his methods have a little bit too much madness to make him a good man.


16. Megumi

Best Anime Doctors Megumi

Following the death of her father and the subsequent disappearance of her mother and brothers, Megumi had to do what she could to survive.

Despite coming from a long line of doctors, to become one herself, she had to work hard with no support from her family.

She even got into a side job of making drugs to support herself, which was easier to get into than to leave.

Easily one of the best black-haired anime girls, Megumi is one tough girl, and she’s one of the biggest reasons to watch Rurouni Kenshin.


15. Toshio

Best Anime Doctors Toshio

Toshio from the series Shiki is almost an entirely normal doctor, but of course, he lives in an anime, so normal is hard to come by!

After leaving his village to become a doctor, he ends up returning home to take over his family’s clinic after the death of his father.

However, as soon as he gets back, a lot of strange things and mysterious deaths start occurring that turn his world upside down.

Eradicating Shiki definitely isn’t what he got his doctorate in, but he seems to be able to do the job well enough, anyway!


14. Shinra

Best Anime Doctors Shinra

Shinra is Emilia’s son from Durarara, and like his mother, he is fascinated by everything supernatural and extraordinary.

A scientist and underground doctor, Shinra has been helping his dad with surgeries since he was just a child.

He was also on hand to help his mother with Celty’s dissection, which he did so gladly as he’s just as interested in Dullahan as she is!

Sure, he’s eccentric, but unlike a lot of other docs on this list, he’s not bloodthirsty and murderous, so that’s a plus!


13. Rei Takashima

Best Anime Doctors Rei Takashima

Rei is a prison doctor from Deadman Wonderland, and she really, really loves her job, maybe a bit too much.

Some of her favorite things include torturing deadmen, dismembering deadmen, experimenting on deadmen, and removing eyes.

When you first meet her, she seems like a genuinely nice person who wants to help people, but that facade ends in her operating room.

She is definitely not one for a caring bedside manner unless you’re into having your limbs removed while she gleefully looks on.

That said, we’d consider her one of the best short-haired anime girls, if only because she’s damn near unforgettable!


12. Daedalus Yumeno

Best Anime Doctors Daedalus Yumeno

Daedalus is the chief physician of his team and the Director of the Division of Health and Welfare in Ergo Proxy.

While initially he is a happy and cheerful chap, the stress of his job takes a heavy toll on his mental health over time.

Once he abandons all hope for the world, things get dark for him fast, and his story is definitely a sad one.

We won’t spoil what happens if you haven’t seen the series, but just prepare yourself before watching this doctor in action.


11. Recovery Girl

Best Anime Doctors Recovery Girl

Along with being one of the best action anime series, My Hero Academia also gave fans the ever-adorable Recovery Girl.

This doctor isn’t like any physician you would find in the real world, as she heals injuries with kisses.

You know, like how your mom would kiss your boo-boos when you were a kid? Yeah, that’s basically her quirk.

However, doing this drains a lot of stamina, so she adjusts the healing speed depending on the extent of the injury.

For injuries too severe for her kisses alone, she can perform additional surgeries, so we know she actually knows her stuff!


10. Sally

Best Anime Doctors Sally

So, Sally isn’t technically a doctor, but that doesn’t stop her from wanting to dissect people without anesthesia for her research.

Hailing from Black Clover, this psycho is a magic tool researcher but started out as a member of the Eye of the Midnight Sun.

She is absolutely obsessed with her research, and while she doesn’t do anything evil after her resurrection, she is still 100% crazy.

That said, there must be a method to her madness because she’s actually produced some pretty cool items thanks to her scientific knowledge of magic!


9. Johann Faust VIII

Best Anime Doctors Johann Faust VIII

Johann of Shaman King is a man who wanted immortality, and while he failed the first time, he ended up getting a second chance.

As a shaman, he’s a bit like a necromancer, which we guess is like a doctor who shows up a bit late to the party.

Still, he is actually a good doctor as well, and he can perform operations that would usually take days in only an hour.

He’s definitely one of our favorite anime characters, and when he gets into a shaman fight, it’s pretty badass.  


8. Tony Tony Chopper

Best Anime Doctors Tony Tony Chopper

He might not be one of the strongest One Piece characters, but he is the purest and sweetest member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

This cute little reindeer is a medic who received his training on Drum Island after eating a Devil Fruit that allowed him to speak.

While he also has the ability to transform into a human, his tiny reindeer form is by far the cutest.

Plus, he’s said to be super soft by the numerous female characters who’ve petted him, which is just precious.

That may not impact his medical skills at all, but we think having a tiny, soft, and adorable doctor would definitely make us dread check-ups a little less!


7. Isshin Kurosaki

Best Anime Doctors Isshin Kurosaki

Isshin is the loveable goof of a doctor from Bleach, and he’s totally not crazy, homicidal, or bloodthirsty!

A doctor and the previous captain of the 10th Division, he is skilled in his work and a very loving father to the main protag, Ichigo.

While he’s always been slightly aloof, he’s honestly very intelligent and capable, not to mention powerful.

His doctor skills might not be shown off that often, but he had to include him on this list since he’s just a fantastic character.


6. Franken Stein

Best Anime Doctors Franken Stein

Despite having a suspicious name and hailing from Soul Eater, Franken is honestly an all-around good guy.

Sure, he’s a little bit crazy, but in a good way, so you won’t find him chopping up patients and cackling maniacally.  

While he has some intense methods, he has a compassionate personality and stands out as a pretty solid doctor.

We might not be lining up to see him for any of our medical needs, but we certainly enjoy watching him in the series!


5. Grisha

Best Anime Doctors Grisha

He may not be one of the best Attack on Titan characters, but he is one of the best anime doctors, so it balances out.

A doctor in the Shiganshina District, he proved to be a capable doctor and was often asked by his neighbors to help them.

Of course, he would often leave to make house calls, which is why he wasn’t around when the Titans killed his wife and traumatized his child.

Alas, he also had a ton of ulterior motives and a lot of secrets as well, which are pretty shocking once they’re exposed!  


4. Shou Tucker

Best Anime Doctors Shou Tucker

Everyone hates Shou Tucker, and if you don’t, then you probably haven’t watched Fullmetal Alchemist.

Not only did this doctor kill his wife, but he also mutated his own daughter, transmuting her into a chimera.

He literally tore apart his own family and created one of the most messed up moments in anime history.

So, you may be wondering why the hell we gave him our number one spot if he’s so terrible, and there’s a good reason.

This scum bag is easily one of the best anime villains of all time, and the fact he’s universally hated is a testament to how well he’s written.


3. Tsunade

Best Anime Doctors Tsunade

Now, onto a character who everyone loves: Tsunade, who is one of the strongest Naruto characters and an iconic healer.

Possibly one of the most recognizable female characters, Tsunade, is the 5th Hokage, and she is incredibly powerful.

However, what really makes her stand out is her unparalleled healing abilities, thanks to her incredible chakra.

Tsunade can heal any wound almost instantly, making her invaluable in any battle, and she has definitely saved a lot of lives!


2. Kenzo Tenma

Best Anime Doctors Kenzo Tenma

Kenzo was a rising star in the medical world, and his success was all but guaranteed at the start of things.

However, due to some patient mismanagement, one day, he was unable to operate on some, and a man ended up dying.

After this, he ends up… well, that might give away a bit too much about Monster, and we don’t want to ruin it for you.

Let’s just say Monster is a very heavy series, and you really have to watch it for yourself to get the full effect.


1. Kuroo Hazama

Best Anime Doctors Kuroo Hazama

Taking our number one spot is Dr. Black Jack himself, who is possibly the most well-known doctor to ever appear in anime.

Following an accident in his childhood that injured him and killed his mother, he was saved by a surgeon and inspired to become one himself.

While he’s considered the best doctor in the world, he operates with his own rules underground and is completely unlicensed.

Of course, he charges prices that would make even American healthcare costs look reasonable, but you get what you pay for!

That said, if a patient has a story that moves him, he is willing to perform surgery for free, which shows he’s a sweetie.



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 25 best anime doctors and found some new series to check out!

Doctors in anime are a mixed bag; some are genuinely helpful, and others are completely psychopathic and terrifying.

It’ll take a lot more than an apple a day to keep some of the worst doctors on our list away, but fortunately, they’re entertaining!

Here’s a quick recap of the 25 best anime doctors:

  1. Kuroo Hazama
  2. Kenzo Tenma
  3. Tsunade
  4. Shou Tucker
  5. Grisha
  6. Franken Stein
  7. Isshin Kurosaki
  8. Tony Tony Chopper
  9. Johann Faust VIII
  10. Sally
  11. Recovery Girl
  12. Daedalus Yumeno
  13. Rei Takashima
  14. Shinra
  15. Toshio
  16. Megumi
  17. Ōgai Mori
  18. Angelina Dalles
  19. Masahito Date
  20. Nurse Joy
  21. Suikotsu
  22. Hatori
  23. Danny
  24. Akiko
  25. Emilia Kishitani

Who’s your favorite anime doctor? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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