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The 10 Best Cat Pokémon (Ranked)

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The Best Cat Pokemon

What are the best cat Pokémon?

Cats are some of the best pets you can have in the real world, and fortunately, there are many cat Pokémon you can catch in the Pokémon series.

However, some of these feline Pokémon stand out more than the rest due to their abilities and overall cuteness.

Today, we’re looking at the best cat-like Pokémon to ever appear in the series so that you can catch them all! 


The 10 Best Cat Pokémon

It’s not easy to choose the best cat Pokémon because they are all great in their own ways.

However, we’ve managed to round up the top 10 who have stood out in our option as the best in the franchise.

Hopefully, you’re not allergic, because here’s our list of the 10 best cat Pokémon:


10. Zeraora

Best Cat Pokemon Zaraora

Kicking off our list, we have Zeraora, an electric type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation VII with Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

Aeraora was the last Pokémon in the Alola Pokédex, and as a mythical Pokémon, it is incredibly awesome.

This Pokémon is bipedal with feline characteristics and yellow and black fur that give it a fluffy appearance.

It also has black, lightning bolt-shaped markings on its arms and legs and blue bolt-shaped whiskers that give it an intimidating appearance.

Zeraora can generate powerful magnetic fields that allow it to levitate and move very quickly across the battlefield.

This Pokémon can also use its high-voltage claws to tear apart anything that tries to get in its way, making it very dangerous.

It is also the only known Pokémon that can learn and use the move Plasma Fists, its signature move.

In terms of stats, this Pokémon is very fast, with a speed stat of 143, ensuring that it will almost always get the first hit.

Zeraora also has an attack stat of 112 as well as a special attack stat of 102, meaning it can do a lot of damage.

If you have the opportunity, this is one cat Pokémon you should go out of your way to catch, because it is worth having on your team!


9. Pyroar

Best Cat Pokemon Pyroar

Pyroar comes up next, and this dual-type fire/normal-type Pokémon looks as awesome as its name suggests.

This Pokémon evolves from Litleo at level 35, and it was first introduced in Generation VI in Pokémon X and Y.

As a cat Pokémon, Pyroar is quadrupedal and greatly resembles a lion with a flowing red and yellow mane.

Like lions in the real world, these Pokémon can be found in prides, where they demonstrate many of the same big-cat behaviors.

During a battle, Pyroars will heat up their manes to over 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit, causing anything that approaches it to be burned.

They can also breathe fire at enemies and use Noble Roar as their signature move, causing a lot of normal-type damage.

When it comes to stats, this Pokémon boasts a 106 speed stat and a solid 109 special attack stat that allows it to do a lot of damage.

While their HP and general attack aren’t spectacular, Pyroar is great to use against ice types or ghost types.

If you missed Pyroar in X and Y, you can also find this Pokémon in some of the other best Pokémon games of all time, including Scarlet and Violet.


8. Purugly

Best Cat Pokemon Purugly

Despite this Pokémon’s name, it is actually kind of cute, in a fluffy ornery cat kind of way.

This normal type Pokémon debuted in Generation IV, and it is the evolved form of Glameow, which is equally adorable.

Purugly is a very pudgy-looking grey and white cat-like Pokémon that sports a large frill around its neck that makes it look very regal.

While it is very sluggish, if angered, this Pokémon can attack with a surprising amount of speed.

This feline Pokémon is also known to steal the nests of other Pokémon, claiming them for itself, making it almost as disrespectful as an actual cat!

In terms of stats, Purugly boasts a 112 speed stat along with a solid 82 attack stat that allows it to inflict a decent amount of damage.

Although it is weak against fighting types, it is immune to ghost-type Pokémon and can stand up to almost every other type.

Despite not being available in Scarlet and Violet, Purugly can be found in Legends: Arceus, where you can catch it for yourself!


7. Raikou

Best Cat Pokemon Raikou

Raikou is an electric-type Legendary Pokémon that was introduced in Generation II with Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Alongside Suicune and Entei, this is one of the Legendary Pokémon that is resurrected by Ho-Oh after the Brass Tower was burned.

While catching this Pokémon can be difficult, it could be made easier by using the best Pokémon Silver cheats in the game.

In terms of appearance, this Pokémon looks a bit like a tiger, with yellow fur and black stripes that accentuate its blue lightning bolt tail.

As a legendary Pokémon, Raikou can create storm clouds by flying, and it tends to appear when other electric types are in danger.

Raikou also boasts some impressive stats, with 115 in speed and special attack, as well as 90 HP and 100 special defense.

Most recently, this electric cat Pokémon has appeared in Pokémon Sword and Shield, as well as Brilliant Diamon and Shining Pearl.


6. Liepard

Best Cat Pokemon Liepard

This dark type of Pokémon first appeared in the franchise in Generation V, and it is an evolved form of Purrloin.

Liepard has the appearance of a sleek purple feline dotted with yellow rosettes that make it look a bit like a cheetah.

Although it is a very beautiful Pokémon, it is known to run swiftly and silently after targets, even appearing to vanish without a trace.

While it may look pettable, Liepard can be very moody and vicious, despite its fur making it highly desirable to Trainers.

Speed is where this Pokémon shines, and it boasts a 106 speed stat as well as an 88 special and general attack.

It can be used to deal quick damage and is very effective when used against ghost and psychic type Pokémon.

Despite being unobtainable in Scarlet and Violet, Liepard can be found in Sword and Shield as its most recent appearance.


5. Incineroar

Best Cat Pokemon Incineroar

Up next, we have a good counter to some of the best bird Pokémon, the dual fire/dark type Pokémon, Inceineroar.

This Pokémon evolves from Torracat at level 34, and it is the final form of Litten, though it retains its feline characteristics.

A humanoid-like cat with a muscular body, Incineroar is a grey body with red and black striped arms and legs.

Around its waist is a belt of flames, and it boasts impressive claws that can easily tear apart any enemy.

In addition to shooting fire from its belt of flames, this Pokémon can violently attack with kicks and punches.

Incineroar is known to be so violent that it often disregards the safety of those around it, sometimes even hitting opposing Trainers with attacks.

Despite that, Incineroar does enjoy being admired by young Pokémon or children and loses the desire to fight if an opponent is injured.

As a hard-hitting Pokémon, Incineroar has a 115 attack stat and an 80 in special attack, allowing it to deal a lot of damage.

It also has a solid defense and 95 HP, meaning it can stand up fairly well to even powerful attacks from other Pokémon.


4. Luxray

Best Cat Pokemon Luxray

The final evolved form of Shinx, Luxray, evolves from Luxio at level 30, and it has a very impressive appearance.

Resembling a black lion, Luxray has black fur with a blue underbelly and face, along with a thick black mane.

This Pokémon has exceptional eyesight and can even see through some objects with a form of X-ray vision.

However, this takes a lot of power, so after using this ability, it needs to sleep for a long period of time to recharge.

As an electric type Pokémon, Luxray is very powerful, with a 120 attack stat that makes it dangerous to face down.

It also has a 95 special attack stat and 79 in special and general defense, which allows it to hold up pretty well.

Luxray is resistant to steel and flying types, as well as other electric types, though it is weak to ground.

This Pokémon most recently appeared in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, where it can be found in both the north and south provinces.


3. Solgaleo

Best Cat Pokemon Solgaleo

Solgaleo is a dual psychic/steel type Pokémon with one of the coolest character designs we’ve ever seen.

A legendary Pokémon, Solgaleo evolves from Cosmoen when it is leveled up in Sun, Ultra Sun, and Sword.

This Pokémon served as the game mascot for Pokémon Sun, and if it is fused with Necrozma, it will become Dusk Mane Necrozma.

Solgaleo is another Pokémon that resembles a lion with a shining white body and a large white mane tipped with gold.

If it enters its Radiant Sun phase, its third eye opens on its forehead, and its fur will begin to glow a pale yellow.

Along with Dark Mane Necrozma, Solgaleo is the only known Pokémon capable of learning the Sunsteel Strike move.

In terms of stats, this Pokémon is seriously powerful, with 137 HP and attack, as well as 107 defense.

It also has 97 speed and 113 special attack, which make it devastating to face on the battlefield.

Since debuting in one of the best Nintendo 3DS games, Solgaleo has gone on to appear in Sword and Shield, where it can be traded.


2. Espeon

Best Cat Pokemon Espeon

Along with Jolteon, Flareon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, Glaceon, Leafeon, and Sylveon, this is one of Eevee’s final forms.

Espeon evolves when leveled up with a sun shard, a high friendship, or during the day while knowing a fairy-type move.

In Pokémon Colosseum, Espeon is one of the best Pokémon starters of all time, aside from Umbreon.

Covered in lilac-colored fur, Espeon is a slender cat-like Pokémon with large ears and large purple eyes with a red gem on its forehead.

Its forehead gem glows whenever it uses psychic abilities, and it will darken when Espeon runs out of energy.

Espeon’s power is built up by bathing in sunlight, and as such, it doesn’t do well during nighttime battles.

Having been around since Generation II, fans have become very fond of this cat Pokémon, and for good reason.

While Espeon’s HP and attack stats are fairly low, it has a huge special attack stat of 130, as well as a speed stat of 110.

This Pokémon can be perfect to use when facing off with fighting or other psychic types, though it is weak to ghost, bug, and dark-type moves.


1. Meowth

Best Cat Pokemon Meowth

Taking our number one spot is, of course, Meowth, the most iconic and popular cat Pokémon in the history of the franchise.

This normal type Pokémon has been around since Generation I, and it has become famous for its association with Team Rocket.

However, it has been stated that Team Rocket’s Meowth had to practice walking on its hind legs, implying they usually don’t.

Meowth has been found in every Pokémon game, as well as the anime, the manga, and a few Super Smash Bro. titles as a Pokéball summon.

Despite having fairly low-tier stats, aside from speed which is 90, Meowth’s popularity has only grown with each appearance.

Meowth looks extremely cat-like, with cream-colored fur, large eyes, and retractable claws that allow it to move silently and climb.

When you think of the best cat Pokémon, this is most likely the one that comes to mind, and for good reason!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best cat Pokémon and maybe learned about some that you didn’t know existed!

While it’s hard to choose between all of the great cat-like Pokémon, these are the ones that have become the most popular with fans.

If you haven’t caught any of these yet, we definitely recommend making it a priority to catch them all!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best cat Pokémon:

  1. Meowth
  2. Espeon
  3. Solgaleo
  4. Luxray
  5. Incineroar
  6. Liepard
  7. Raikou
  8. Purugly
  9. Pyroar
  10. Zeraora

What’s your favorite cat Pokémon? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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