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The 25 Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs

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The Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods

What are the best Sims 4 furniture mods & cc packs?

One of the best things about Sims 4 is the home building and interior designing, and you can easily get carried away creating the perfect homes.

However, while the vanilla game comes with a lot of furniture, sometimes it just doesn’t quite have the styles you need to fit your design scheme.

Thankfully, the other great thing about Sims 4 is that there is no shortage of mods and CC packs you can download to give you even more fun items to play around with.


The Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs

If you’re looking for new Sims 4 furniture, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up the best-designed furniture mods so that you can easily find the right pieces for your next virtual dream home.

Here’s our list of the 25 best Sims 4 furniture mods & cc packs:


25. Vivansims Studio

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - Vivansims Studio

Kicking off our list, we have a sleek, modern, and minimalistic living room set.

Vivansims Studio comes with a new round sofa with custom textures, a sheep skull wall decoration, a large floor plant, a minimalist desk chair with eight color combinations, and four packs of sofa pillows that feature bold modern designs.

It may not be a huge furniture pack, but it definitely livens up any living room.


24. Mandal Bedroom

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - Mandal Bedroom

Despite being one of the best real-life simulation games, Sims 4 is lacking when it comes to bedroom decorations. Fortunately, this mod helps fix that problem! 

The Mandal bedroom set looks like something you could find at Ikea in real life, and it is perfect for those designing a light, airy, natural-looking bedroom.

This bedroom mod adds a queen-sized bed with messy covers, a large light tan rug, two wall pictures, and a handful of other minimalistic decor items that can help make your Sims bedroom look like something out of a magazine.


23. Garden Pavilion

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - Garde Pavilion

If you want to create a picture-perfect outdoor living space, you don’t have much to work with in the base game. Fortunately, mod and CC creator Severinka is here to help you out.

The garden pavilion is the perfect garden centerpiece, and it comes in three different color variations. It’s the ideal place to hang lights, set up a table, or put down some comfy chairs to relax with a cup of tea.

It’s a simple addition to the game, but it goes a long way towards creating the perfect outdoor space.


22. Princess Nursery

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - Princess Nursery

If you’ve ever raised a daughter in Sims 4, you’ll know just how bland the decor for a little girl’s room can be. However, if you have a baby girl, this CC pack is something you don’t want to pass up.

This set comes with 11 objects, including a bed in the form of a princess’ carriage that can be combined with castle tower bookshelves and a decorative arch to form a show-stopping castle.

There is also a small sofa, rug, high chair, potty, and tree wall decoration that really helps tie everything together.

Needless to say, your little girl will feel like Princess Peach in one of the best Super Mario games with this princess bedroom set. Just, hopefully, with less kidnapping.


21. Altara Kitchen Appliances

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - Altara Kitchen Applicianes

For whatever reason, Sims 4 was really lacking modern kitchen appliances, which left most cooking spaces looking a bit disjointed.

Thankfully, this is one of the best CC packs to remedy this problem, and it adds 11 objects you can use to spruce up your kitchens.

While only the coffee pot is functional in this set, the other items such as the stockpot, rice cooker, hand blender, and casserole pan are just great for their aesthetic value, which is what most of us really strive for when playing Sims 4.


20. The Laundry

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - The Laundry

Although Sims 4 lets your Sims do their laundry with the Laundry Day Stuff DLC, it doesn’t actually give you the ability to create a space that really feels like a real-life laundry room.

This CC pack aims to change that by adding a modular shelving system that you can use to store detergents, folded clothes, irons, hangers, and more.

Now your Sims can actually have a functional laundry room that both looks and feels the part.


19. Goldis Bathroom

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - Goldis Bathroom

Have you ever wanted to build a luxurious bathroom only to find that the vanilla assets fall short of your dreams?

Well, with this mod, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is it being too luxurious!

The Goldis Bathroom mod gives users a brand new round bathtub, standing shower, two sinks, towel racks, round ceiling light, and more.

All of these items are also available in multiple color swatches, allowing you to really customize the style of your new bathroom.

If you want your Sims to bathe in the lap of luxury, this is one CC pack that you should definitely download.


18. ECO Kitchen

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - ECO Kitchen

If you’ve downloaded the Altara Kitchen Appliances, you’re going to want to ensure that the rest of your kitchen is up to snuff when you show them off.

The ECO kitchen mod provides everything you need to create a bright, earthy, modern kitchen that perfectly compliments your newly added modern appliances.

It comes with numerous counters, island pieces, cabinets, and barstools, as well as a fridge and a ceiling lamp.

This really is one of the best CC packs to download if you want a cohesive kitchen set that is both functional and stylish.


17. Lina Livingroom

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - Lina Livingroom

If you’re someone who scours the Nexus for the best Fallout 4 mods to download that add clutter items to your settlement, this mod is for you.

This living room pack is perfect for players who want to give their living areas a little extra oomph.

This CC pack comes with 15 unique objects, including throw pillows, decorative bins, books, and tabletop photo frames.

It’s the perfect pack for those who want to create a cozy, lived-in space that isn’t lacking any tiny but essential details.


16. Coffee Table

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - Coffee Table

As the name suggests, this Sims 4 furniture CC pack is all about coffee tables, one particular coffee table, to be specific.

This table was created by Severinka as a rustic, dark wood option for home designers who want something a little more rugged in their homes.

It’s simple, straightforward, but beautifully designed, and it’s definitely something you’ll want to add to your next Sims 4 home.


15. ECO Livingroom

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods and CC Packs - Eco Livingroom

If you love the ECO Kitchen mod, you’ll definitely want to download its living room counterpart.

This ECO living room pack adds 17 new objects to Sims 4, including a fireplace, TV shelf, wood table, sofas, tables, and more.

It has a very modern design, and none of the pieces look or feel clunky and out of place.

The ECO living room is perfect if you’re designing an open concept living room and kitchen, as it meshes perfectly with the ECO kitchen pack.


14. Young Way Kitchen

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - Young Way Kitchen

You may not think that putting together the perfect kitchen would give you the same amount of satisfaction as taking down some of the toughest video game bosses, but here we are.

This CC pack is simply gorgeous, and details were spared in creating it. Adding brand new counters, cabinets, islands, chairs, rolling trays, wall decor, and more, there is a lot to love in this modern kitchen mod.

Created by the prolific Simcredible Designs, this is a great alternative to the ECO kitchen, and it definitely gives Sims 4 a lot more variety.


13. Come Cozy

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - Come Cozy

If you love the Young Way kitchen mod, you’ll love this pack, which was also created by Simcredible Designs.

Come Cozy is a fantastic mod that works perfectly alongside the Sims 4 Tiny Living Pack as they both emphasize creating small, cozy spaces.

This pack provides great items, such as a beanbag chair, a comfy sofa, sofa pillows, loads of plants, a stylish rug, and plenty of wall decor.

It perfectly compliments the official Tiny Living Pack but also works great in the base game for creating homey, modern spaces.


12. Chalet Living

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - Chalet Living

Another gorgeous mod from Severinka, this Sims 4 furniture CC pack, is perfect for players who want to create a cozy, rustic home.

This pack comes with 21 unique objects including a rough stone fireplace, ceiling beams and columns, fur blankets, a carved wall clock, a fur rug, and various rustic wall hangings.

If you want to transform your Sims living space into something reminiscent of a cozy cottage or rural cabin, this is one pack you can’t go without.


11. iPhone X

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - iPhone X

While not necessarily a piece of furniture, it is a must-have item for Apple fans.

This Sims 4 furniture CC pack gives your Sims the ability to trade in their old cell phones for a brand new iPhone X, complete with a light-up screen and high-quality textures.

Now you can pretend your Sims are playing the best PSP emulators of all time on their phones in style!

Available in silver and black, this phone is something that all Apple fans need to download before jumping back into the game.


10. The Terra Sofa Furniture

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - The Terra Sofa Furniture

Another great sofa mod with really nice textures, the Terra Sofa Furniture mod, adds three new outdoor sofas in three different color schemes.

This outdoor sofa is leagues better than the stiff benches that the base game provides, and it actually makes your sims want to spend time outside!

Even if they’re sitting on their phones playing a Simlish version of one of the best Pokémon games of all time, they’re still outside, and we call that a win.

While it may not be a huge overhaul, Sims 4 definitely needs more outdoor furniture options, and this mod is definitely a welcome addition.


9. Christmas Bedroom

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - Christmas Bedroom

Despite being called a Christmas bedroom, we think that this mod looks great all year round.

The Sims 4 furniture CC pack aims to create a cozy bedroom with a distinctly Scandinavian style, complete with string light wall lights, fur rugs, a warm double bed, candles, fireplace, and more.

Many of these items can even be used in other rooms throughout your home, making it an extremely versatile mod and one of the best for making everything feel a bit more like real life.


8. Pacific Heights Bathroom

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - Pacific Heights Bathroom

Pacific Heights bathroom brings a more modern design to the bathroom options in Sims 4, and it is a good middle ground between the high luxury of the Goldis Bathroom mod and the base game objects.

This set includes a sleek oval bathtub, large glass shower, a new toilet, sink, mirror cabinet, reflective vanity, and more.

If you want to create a gorgeous bathroom that is luxurious but modest, you’ll definitely want to download this CC pack.


7. Jules

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - Jules

Jules is a bedroom mod for modern women, and it doesn’t sacrifice style for functionality.

This mod comes with brand new chairs, lamps, decorative items, dressers, tables, a bed, and more.

There is even a new desk and desk chair so your Sim can kick back and spend one too many hours playing the Sims version of Minecraft.

If there is a young woman or teen girl in your Sims 4 home, this is one furniture set that you’re not going to want to play without.


6. Thorne Bedroom

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - Thorne Bedroom

The Thorne Bedroom mod is the ultimate bedroom set with a modern twist.

Each new item looks like it could have come straight out of a real-life magazine, and it is perfect for those using the Sims 4 City Living expansion.

This mod comes with a new bed, side tables, a desk, rug, and numerous minimalist wall decorations and posters.

It is sleek, well put together, and definitely makes you feel like you have just walked into a New York City high-end apartment.


5. Cleo Living Room Furniture

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - Cleo Living Room

Severinka has really outdone it with this living room CC pack that serves as a perfect fusion between modern and rustic.

Featuring 12 unique objects that include a sofa, chair, coffee table, ceiling lamp, throw pillows, and more, there are a lot of decorating ideas that you can come up with using the items in this mod.

Created in the same style as the Christmas bedroom set, this living room is perfect for modern Sims who want to bring a bit of Scandinavian style into their homes.


4. Melina

est Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - Melina

While the Princess Nursery may have been geared towards your Sims baby girl, this bedroom set is perfect for toddlers of all genders.

Available in numerous different color swatches, this mod adds a new toddler bed, a tent, decorative floor pillows, star wall lights, and adorable deer plushies.

With this mod, you can revel in your child’s innocent years before they inevitably discover the Simlish equivalent of the best GTA games of all time and start responding to every question with “whatever, mom.”


3. Calligraphik Bedroom

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - Calligraphik Bedroom

Yet another beautiful, modern bedroom set, the Calligraphik Bedroom mod is reminiscent of the Thorne Bedroom mod but features a slightly different style with darker tones.

This bedroom set is all about graphics; from the dresser to the wall art and even the bed pillows, you can find sleek modern slogans and sayings plastered about.

Although it ultimately comes down to personal preference, this mod’s desk, bed, tables, dresser, and wall art are definitely some of the best you can add to a Sims game.


2. Era Living Room Furniture

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - Era Living Room

Proving that Severinka is truly one of the most accomplished CC creators for Sims 4, we have our number two pick, which is by far one of the most modern living room sets you can find for Sims 4.

This mod comes with 12 custom content items, including two sofas, an egg desk chair, several tables, throw pillows, and a desk.

Just looking at these items all put together, you could easily mistake them for something out of an interior design magazine.

Between the minimalistic style choices and bold pops of color, there is just so much to love in this Sims 4 furniture CC pack that you’ll have a hard time going back to the vanilla options.


1. Juice Blender

Best Sims 4 Furniture Mods & CC Packs - Juice Blender

Now, this might seem to be an odd pick for our number one spot but hear us out.

This mod adds a fully functioning juice blender to the game, which is something that seriously should have been included in the vanilla version.

Not only is this blender perfectly designed to fit alongside your Altera Kitchen Appliances, but it enables you to make six different types of juices which your health buff Sims will definitely appreciate.

Sure, it’s not going to turn Sims 4 into the equivalent of one of the best PS4 games right now, but it adds a brand new function to the game, which is pretty awesome.



Designing homes is one of the most fun things you can do in Sims 4, and we’ve all undoubtedly spent way too long pretending to be an expert from HGTV. 

These 25 mods and CC packs are the best you can find for the Sims 4, and if you’re in desperate need of some variety, we couldn’t recommend these more highly.

Here’s a quick recap of the 25 best Sims 4 furniture mods & CC packs:

  1. Juice Blender
  2. Era Living Room Furniture
  3. Calligraphik Bedroom
  4. Melina
  5. Cleo Living Room Furniture
  6. Thorne Bedroom
  7. Jules
  8. Pacific Heights Bathroom
  9. Christmas Bedroom
  10. The Terra Sofa Furniture
  11. iPhone X
  12. Chalet Living
  13. Come Cozy
  14. Young Way Kitchen
  15. ECO Livingroom
  16. Coffee Table
  17. Lina Livingroom
  18. ECO Kitchen
  19. Goldis Bathroom
  20. The Laundry
  21. Altara Kitchen Appliances
  22. Princess Nursery
  23. Garden Pavilion
  24. Mandal Bedroom
  25. Vivansims Studio

What’s the best Sims 4 furniture mod, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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