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OSRS: The 10 Best Diary Rewards (Ranked)

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The Best OSRS Diary Rewards

What are the best diary rewards in OSRS?

Achievement diaries in Old School Runescape are sets of tasks members can do to earn unique rewards and benefits.

Each diary is typically tied to a specific area and created to test specific skills and knowledge.

However, some diaries come with particularly desirable rewards, which is what we will be covering today!


The 10 Best Diary Rewards In OSRS

Each of the diary rewards on this list has been chosen based on their overall usefulness.

These rewards are definitely not ones you will want to pass up, and we’re going to tell you how to get them.

So, let’s get right into our list of the 10 best diary rewards in OSRS:


10. Karamja Gloves 4

OSRS Best Diary Rewards Karamja Gloves 4

Up first, we have the Karamja gloves 4, one of the best glove sets in OSRS, that offers unlimited teleports to Duradel.

Duradel is the highest-level slayer master, and he can be found in Shilo Village after completing the town’s quest.

In order to receive slayer tasks from him, you will need either a combat level of 100 or a slayer level of 50.

Typically, you would have to climb down the ladder in the fishing shop to reach him, which can make turning in tasks tedious.

However, with these gloves, you can easily teleport to him any time that you need to, without cost!

Additionally, these gloves also provide free access to Hardwood Grove and the Shilo Village furnace.

To get these gloves for yourself, you will need to complete all of the easy, medium, hard, and elite tasks in the Karamja Diary.

All of the tasks in this diary revolve around the Karamja location, including Mor Ul Rek and the Kharazi Jungle.

Rewards can be claimed from Pirate Jackie the Fruit, located in the Brimhaven Agility Arena.


9. Fremennik Sea Boots 4

OSRS Best Diary Rewards Fremennik Sea Boots 4

Noted bones are always great to find, but noted dagannoth bones, in particular, are valuable and offer a ton of prayer XP!

Fortunately, the Fremennik sea boots 4 make every dagannoth bone that is dropped noted.

Along with that, they also provide unlimited teleports to Rellekka and faster approval gain in Miscellania.

However, in order to get this reward, you will need to complete the elite diary for the Fremennik Providence.

The elite Fremennik Diary can be quite difficult, as it requires you to kill every general in the God Wars Dungeon, and they are tough.

It is recommended that you have at least 80 agility, 83 slayer, 70 strength, and 70 ranged before attempting this.

That said, having noted bones drop every time from a slain dagannoth is definitely worth the effort!


8. Falador Shield 3

OSRS Best Diary Rewards Falador Shield 3

These diary rewards come from completing the Falador hard diary tasks, which are given by Sir Rebral in the White Knights’ Castle.

Upon completion, this diary awards players with the Falador shield 3, which has defensive bonuses equal to the Mithril kiteshield.

Not only is this one of the best shields in OSRS, but it provides many benefits that other shields can’t.

This shield automatically locates the Giant Mole once players enter its lair, so long as it is in their inventory.

It also ensures that the giant mole will drop noted mole skins and claws, which can be extremely valuable.

Moreover, it will allow players to access the bank chest inside the Crafting Guild and provide a shortcut to the Fountain of Heroes.

To get this reward, you will need to do a number of tasks, such as entering the Mining Guild in full prospector gear.

You will also need to enter the Warriors’ Guild and craft 140 mind runes simultaneously, requiring a runecraft skill of 56.

It definitely won’t be easy, but it is worth it to be able to farm the giant mole for valuable resources!


7. Falador Shield 4

OSRS Best Diary Rewards Falador Shield 4

Next, we have the Falador shield 4, which can be gained by completing the Falador elite diary given by Sir Rebral.

Similar to the Falador 3 shield, this shield comes with additional benefits that make it worth upgrading to when you can.

Most notably, with this shield, you have an increased chance to receive high-level ores when cleaning pay-dirt at the Motherlode Mine.

This can make you a serious amount of money very quickly, especially if you are leveling your mining skill this way.

However, this shield also ensures that the trees you plant at the Falador patch will never become diseased.

Additionally, it provides 100% prayer recharge twice per day and an additional amethyst mining area in the mining guild.

To get this upgraded shield, you will need to complete the six elite diary tasks in Falador, which can be pretty tricky.

Some of the hardest tasks include crafting 252 air runes simultaneously and finding three magic roots at once.

Fortunately, higher-level players are unlikely to have too much trouble with these tasks, allowing them to get this reward easily!


6. Ardougne Cloak 4

OSRS Best Diary Rewards Ardougne Cloak 4

This reward comes from completing the elite Ardougne Diary, which is given to players by Two-Pints at the Flying Horse Inn.

What makes this cape stand out is that it offers the highest stab bonus in the cape slot currently in OSRS.

This makes it popular with players fighting Wilderness bosses and the extremely difficult Corporeal Beast.

The Ardougne Cloak 4 also has a high prayer bonus of +6 and comes with unlimited teleports to the Ardougne farming patch.

However, if you want to get this diary reward for yourself, you’ll need to complete eight elite tasks.

These include things like pickpocketing a hero, catching a manta ray in the fishing trawler, and completing the rooftop agility course.

To complete everything, you will need some pretty high skills, such as a 91 in cooking, 91 in smithing, and 94 in magic.

Fortunately, these tasks can be completed in any order, so you can do them gradually as you advance your skills!


5. Kandarian Headgear 4

OSRS Best Diary Rewards Kandarin Headgear 4

The Kandarian headgear 4 is one of the best melee helms in OSRS, and it is rewarded after completing the elite Kandarian Diary.

Tasks for this diary can be turned into The Wedge, who is located just outside the gates of Camelot.

This reward is a helm that has stats equal to that of a mithril helmet, though it weighs significantly less.

However, what makes it worth grabbing is that it boasts unlimited teleports to Sherlock, the Treasure Trails Master.

Additionally, it also comes with a 15% higher yield from the Catherby herb patch and a 10k reduction in the cost of enchanting battlestaves.

The elite diary in Kandarian comes with seven different tasks, though none are very difficult for high-level players.

Some of the hardest tasks in this diary include constructing a pyre ship from magic logs and smithing a rune hasta at Otto’s Grotto.

Aside from that, most players will be able to soldier through the others without too much of a hang-up.


4. Rada’s Blessing 4

OSRS Best Diary Rewards Radas Blessing 4

This achievement diary reward comes from completing all of the elite Kourend & Kebos diary tasks.

Rada’s Blessing 4 is a fantastic reward because it serves as the best-in-slot prayer bonus for the ammunition slot.

It provides a +2 prayer bonus that even surpasses the god blessings earned by completing all levels of Treasure Trails.

Along with that, it also provides protection from the burn effect in the Karuulum Slayer Dungeon.

Players can also gain 80 free dynamite per day from Thirus and a 10% reduced burn chance at the Hosidius Kitchen with Rada’s Blessing 4.

When used, it will also grant unlimited teleports to Mount Karuulum, where the Karuulum Slayer Dungeon is located.

In order to get Rada’s Blessing 4 for yourself, you will have to complete the eight tasks in the Kourend & Kebos elite diary.

These tasks will require you to have a 95 slayer, 90 woodcutting, 90 magic, and at least an 84 cooking level.

You will also need a very high combat level, as you will have to defeat Skotizo and complete a Chambers of Xeric raid.

However, if you have the ability, you definitely shouldn’t put off grabbing this amazing diary reward!


3. Wilderness Sword 4

OSRS Best Diary Rewards Wilderness Sword 4

Gained by completing the elite Wilderness diary tasks, the Wilderness sword 4 is given to players by the Lesser Fanatic in Edgeville.

With stats identical to the adamant sword, this reward isn’t necessarily the best in terms of combat, but it does have considerable benefits.

While you won’t want to use it day-to-day, you will want to use it while fishing for dark crabs in the Resource Area.

This is because having this sword in your inventory while fishing will increase your dark crab catch rate.

It will also allow you free access to the Resource Area, which otherwise would cost you 7,500 coins.

Additionally, all dragon bones dropped in the Wilderness will be noted, and you’ll have unlimited teleports to the Fountain of Rune.

If you’re planning on spending a lot of time in the Wilderness Resource Area, you won’t want to pass up this reward!

There are seven elite tasks to complete in the Wilderness Diary, but they will take considerable skill.

You should have at least 96 magic, 90 cooking, 90 smithing, and 85 fishing and mining before getting started.

Furthermore, you will want to be very careful while completing these tasks since the Wilderness is filled with player killers!


2. Explorer’s Ring 4

OSRS Best Diary Rewards Explorers Ring 4

One of the best rings in OSRS, the Explore’s Ring 4 is a reward for completing the Lumbridge & Draynor elite diary.

The Explorer’s Ring 4 offers many different benefits, including 100% run energy restoration three times per day.

It will also allow 30 free casts of high alchemy every day and a 20% discount on items from the Culinaromancer’s Chest.

However, what makes this ring exceptional is that it allows players to use fairy rings without needing the Dramen or Lunar staff.

Fairy rings make traveling around the world of Old School Runescape much faster and easier, which is why you won’t want to ignore this reward!

There are only six tasks to complete in the Lumbridge & Draynor elite diary, making this fairly quick to complete.

These tasks also don’t require very high skills, with the highest needed being an 88 in smithing, which is needed to create an adamant platebody.

Overall, this diary is arguably one of the easiest to complete, having one of the best diary rewards in OSRS.


1. Elite Void Knight Gear

OSRS Best Diary Rewards Elite Void Knight Gear

Taking our number one spot is the elite upgrade to the void knight gear, a reward that is simply amazing.

This upgrade serves as the reward for completing the hard Western Provinces Diary along with the Western Banner 3.

Once the hard Western Provinces Diary is complete, players will have the option to upgrade the top and bottom of their Void Knight armor.

Upgrading these pieces will cost 200 Void Knight commendation points each, which are awarded from the Pest Control activity.

As with the standard gear, the upgraded version will require 42 attack, strength, defense, magic, hitpoints, and ranged to wear.

However, the hard Western Provinces Diary has 13 tasks, though none of them are extremely difficult to complete.

The highest skill level you will need is 100 in combat, because you’ll need to complete a veteran game of Pest Control.

Other skills you will need include 75 thieving and 70 ranged, mining, and cooking, along with 65 construction and 64 magic.

Although it will take a bit of time, it is well worth it for this incredibly awesome set of armor upgrades!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best diary rewards in OSRS and learned which ones you should go after first.

Each of these rewards brings something unique to the game, and they can certainly make playing the game even more interesting.

If you haven’t already unlocked any of these rewards for yourself, we strongly recommend not passing them up!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best diary rewards in OSRS:

  1. Elite Void Knight Gear
  2. Explorer’s Ring 4
  3. Wilderness Sword 4
  4. Kandarian Headgear 4
  5. Falador Shield 4
  6. Ardougne Cloak 4
  7. Falador Shield 4
  8. Falador Shield 3
  9. Fremennik Sea Boots 4
  10. Karamja Gloves 4

Which diary reward are you going to go after first? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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