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The 25 Best One Punch Man Characters

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The Best One Punch Man Characters

What are the best One Punch Man characters?

One Punch Man is one of the most hilarious and well-written anime series to date, and it is chock-full of amazing characters.

However, while some characters fade into the background after a while, others are much more memorable and stand out as fan favorites throughout the series.


The Best One Punch Man Characters

Our ranked lists are created by researching and rounding up information from the most reputable web sources.

Here’s our list of the 25 best One Punch Man characters:


25. Monster King Orochi

Best One Punch Man Characters - Monster King Orochi

The King of the Monsters, Orochi, is a Dragon-level being and the Leader of the Monsters Association.

This towering Mysterious being produces monster cells within his body that, when consumed, allow anyone to transform into a monster.

However, if the new monsters fail to carry out their leader’s bidding, they’ll soon find themselves being the ones consumed instead.

As one of the main antagonists of the Human Monster Saga in the anime, the Monster King doesn’t mess around and his terrifying array of powers makes him an unforgettable villain.


24. King

Best One Punch Man Characters - King

King is an S-Class hero, known to the public as “The Strongest Man on Earth”. He is one of the highest-ranked members of the Hero Association, and his name alone strikes fear into all of his foes.

Unfortunately, despite his intimidating appearance and reputation with monsters, villains, and the public, King is really just a huge otaku who was unintentionally given credit for the work done by Saitama.

Despite his only real superpowers being extreme luck and master gaming skills, King is extremely memorable and it’s always hilarious to watch him try to maneuver out of situations to hide the fact that he’s not the strongest man alive.


23. Bomb

Best One Punch Man Characters - Bomb

If Bomb were a video game character, he’d be right at home in some of the best fighting games, and he even has the classic martial arts master look to match. 

The older brother of Silver Fang, he is known by his alias Wind of Death.

Along with his brother, he is one of the two best martial arts masters in the world and, despite his age, he can more than hold his own. 

However, unlike Silver Fang, he doesn’t want the life of a hero and wishes his brother would leave it behind.

Despite not being a member of the Hero Association, Bomb will come to help his brother when the need arises by saving downed heroes or keeping Dragon-level threats out of the cities.


22. Gyoro Gyoro

Best One Punch Man Characters - Gyoro Gyoro

The Monster King’s right-hand man, Gyoro Gyoro is one creepy-looking monster, and possibly even creepier in the One Punch Man Manga.

His face is taken up by a single large eye and eight small arms protrude from his head, giving him a very unsettling appearance.

Making this character even more memorable is the fact that he’s incredibly intelligent and his words carry almost as much weight as his master.


21. Armoured Gorilla

Best One Punch Man Characters - Armoured Gorilla

The third-strongest member of the House of Evolution and the only battle cyborg, Armoured Gorilla, was originally tasked by Dr. Genus with abducting Saitama for study.

However, after he and the whole House of Evolution were brought down by Genos and Saitama, Armoured Gorilla reformed his ways and now lives a peaceful life working with Dr. Genus at their newly opened takoyaki shop.

Although Marshall Gorilla thinks he’s lost his way and betrayed his species, this super-smart primate isn’t phased and instead just wants to blend in with society.


20. Vaccine Man

Best One Punch Man Characters - Vaccine Man

When it comes to Mysterious beings, Vaccine Man is one that kind of had a good point.

Supposedly born from human pollution, this purple humanoid — who looks suspiciously like Piccolo — sought to wipe out humanity and “vaccinate” the earth from the infection of the human race.

While obviously the whole “wiping out humans” bit is bad, fans can’t help but think that he definitely had a point about pollution.

If only he’d gone about it a different way, maybe this villain could have done some real good.


19. Metal Knight

Best One Punch Man Characters - Metal Knight

Dr. Bofoi, more commonly known as the Metal Knight, always seems to have his army of mechs show up whenever a disaster strikes.

However, despite his impressive arsenal and the help he has provided the Hero Association, such as building their HQ, many other S-Class heroes regard him with suspicion and believe that he’s not really the ally that he pretends to be.

While his full motives have yet to be explored in the anime, this is one character that fans are definitely keeping a close eye on.


18. Deep Sea King

Best One Punch Man Characters - Deep Sea King

The King of the Seafolk, this towering aquatic humanoid gave a lot of heroes a run for their money when he showed up on the surface.

He is unapologetically sadistic and his strength is almost unparalleled, save for Saitama.

Though Mumen Rider did valiantly stand up to him, the Sea King’s extreme power was too much for the Rider to match.

While he only appeared in one episode in the first season of the anime, this villain is absolutely unforgettable, and we kind of wish he’d gotten more screen time.

Fortunately, he is a playable character in One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, so fans of this underwater behemoth can still get their fix.


17. Melzargard

Best One Punch Man Characters - Melzargard

The general of the Dark Matter Thieves, this alien looked like something out of a horror story.

With multiple heads, each able to separate and create a new body, this villain gave the S-Class heroes a lot of trouble with his regenerative abilities before they learned the secret to being able to kill him once and for all.

Despite being really creepy, this alien was definitely memorable and has become one of the most iconic villains in the series.


16. Geryuganshoop

Best One Punch Man Characters - Geryuganshoop

Speaking of aliens, Geryuganshoop was another general of the Dark Matter Thieves and he serves as the right hand of Boros.

This ghastly-looking octopus-like alien had incredibly powerful telekinesis and his Telekinetic Gravitational-Wave would have felled almost anyone.

Unfortunately, Saitama proved stronger still and put an end to this alien for good.


15. Puri Puri Prisoner 

Best One Punch Man Characters - Puri Puri Prisoner 

Puri Puri Prisoner is absolutely hilarious in this anime.

Between his penchant for fighting naked and his over-the-top perverted nature, it’s hard not to laugh at this hero’s antics.

He is also incredibly strong and can take on many Dragon-level monsters, though he does have trouble with Demon-level beings.

While Puri Puri Prisoner is very flamboyant and extravagant, he does still manage to be more down-to-earth than some other high-ranking heroes and seems to genuinely want to help people, especially if he finds them attractive.

Plus, his Angel Style attack is just iconic.


14. Mosquito Girl

Best One Punch Man Characters - Mosquito Girl

A mutant created by Dr. Genus, Mosquito Girl was the villain that brought Genos and One Punch Man together.

Despite her human face, this girl was anything but, and the majority of her body was made up of an insect-like exoskeleton.

While she, without a doubt, put up a good fight against Genos, she was simply no match for a simple slap doled out by a naked Saitama.


13. Sweet Mask

Best One Punch Man Characters - Sweet Mask

Sweet Mask is another hero that is wholly ambiguous and he’s pretty enough that, were he a girl, he’d be a strong contender to be one of the best blue-haired anime girls

An A-Class hero ranked number 1 and a member of the Hero Association hero rank evaluation staff, he states that he chooses not to advance to S-Class in order to prevent those he feels aren’t worthy from joining the elites.

Although he seemingly spends more of his time acting, singing, and modeling than fighting crime, Sweet Mask has a strong sense of justice and believes that heroes who can’t adequately protect civilians aren’t strong enough and are lacking.

He also has a few secrets that only readers of the One Punch Man Webcomic would be aware of.

He is also rather merciless, even killing captured aliens of the Dark Matter Thieves after they had surrendered.

To him, anyone involved in activities he sees as evil needs to be dispatched swiftly, regardless of their level of involvement.

This no-tolerance stance coupled with his vague abilities and motives makes him a fascinating character who is definitely more than meets the eye.


12. Dr. Genus

Best One Punch Man Characters - Dr- Genus

The now-former head of the House of Evolution, Dr. Genus is a highly intelligent scientist who used experimentation to give himself renewed youth.

After having become disillusioned by society, deeming it primitive, he decided that the best course of action was for humanity to evolve and that he would be the one to make it.

However, after seeing One Punch Man in action, he began to think that he was the one who needed to change instead.

With the House of Evolution all but destroyed, he moved on with Armoured Gorilla to open his own takoyaki shop, having figured out how to grow octopus tentacles indefinitely through his research into physical regeneration.


11. Atomic Samurai

Best One Punch Man Characters - Atomic Samurai

Atomic Samurai, also known as Kamikaze, is one of the more honorable heroes, though he is still very proud.

The swordmaster of the Council of Swordmasters, he is the S-Class Rank 4 hero, and he isn’t lacking when it comes to skills.

With his katana, which he wields with incredible speed, he can easily take out almost any enemy that comes his way.

He was even able to stand up against Melzardgard relatively easily until the heroes discovered how to stop him.

While his pride may be seen as a downside in some cases, it may have been what saved him when he discovered that the other members of the Council of Swordmaster were consuming Monster Cells.

Disgusted by their dishonor, he slaughtered all of them himself.


10. Fubuki

Best One Punch Man Characters - Fubuki

The younger sister of Tatsumaki, Fabuki, is a powerful esper, although she does lack some of the skills that her sister has.

Going by the alias, Blizzard of Hell, she is the B-class rank 1 hero and sometimes comes across as being extremely cold and ambitious.

However, underneath this, she harbors a deep inferiority complex, feeling that she lives in the shadow of her powerful sister.

While she is more than able to advance into S-Class, because of Sweet Mask’s gatekeeping, she has yet to be able to.


9. Tatsumaki

Best One Punch Man Characters - Tatsumaki

Also known as the Tornado of Terror, she is one of the best green-haired anime girls and one of the most powerful heroes in the anime. Together, she and Fubuki are often called the Psychic Sisters because of their powers.

As a small, petite woman, she is often mistaken for being much younger than she is, something that never fails to anger her.

She hates being compared to a child and she hates being ignored almost as much.

She is definitely not someone you want to piss off, especially after seeing her turn the bombardment from Boros’ spaceship back on itself without even breaking a sweat.


8. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic

Best One Punch Man Characters - Speed-o'-Sound Sonic

The self-proclaimed rival of Saitama, this ninja is incredibly fast and his skills usually make it easy for him to win fights.

He also has a very feminine appearance, making him easy to mistake as one of the best black-haired anime girls.

However, after being easily bested by One Punch Man in the first season, Speed-o’Sound Sonic made it his mission to beat the hero.

He even went so far as to ingest monster cells, but only after sauteeing them first, which unfortunately rendered them useless.

While he’s yet to be able to one-up One Punch Man, that isn’t stopping this persistent ninja from trying.


7. Lord Boros

Best One Punch Man Characters - Lord Boros

 The leader of the Dark Matter Thieves, Boros saw himself as the Dominator of the Universe after having bested everyone he’d ever fought against before.

Wielding incredible power, so much so that he was the first person to ever withstand a punch from One Punch Man, Boros was incredibly proud and arrogant.

However, this would inevitably lead to his downfall as, despite his serious approach to battle, he never truly expected anyone to be able to beat him.

In the end, both he and Saitama both got the challenge they wanted by finding an opponent who could challenge them on equal footing.


6. Mumen Rider

Best One Punch Man Characters - Mumen Rider

Mumen Rider is a true hero in every sense of the word and, despite only being a C-Class hero, he is by far the most humble, hard-working, and honorable in the whole association.

While he may not be able to take out enemies with a single punch or stand up to the most dangerous threats, that doesn’t stop him from trying.

His heroics were put in the spotlight when he stood up against the Deep Sea King, despite knowing that the monster had bested some of his best fellow heroes.

Mumen Rider has cemented his place as a fan favorite and it’s hard not to have a soft spot for this truly selfless hero.


5. Metal Bat

Best One Punch Man Characters - Metal Bat

The Rank 15 S-Class hero known as Metal Bat is one of the most reckless and confident heroes in the association.

He’s never willing to back down from a fight, and will even challenge Sweet Mask without hesitation.

However, he is shown to have a soft side when it comes to his little sister, even refusing to beat Garou in her presence before he promised to never show her violence.

Similar to One Punch Man, Metal Bat doesn’t care much for ranks, and he isn’t afraid to kill villains before getting answers about their motives, as is shown when he takes out Senior Centipede and Rafflesidon.

While he can be cocky, he’s not afraid to stand up for himself, which is something all fans can appreciate.


4. Garou

Best One Punch Man Characters - Garou

A self-proclaimed Hero Hunter, Garou is a prodigy in martial arts and he was formerly the one student who Bang felt had real potential.

However, after going on a rampage, he was expelled from the dojo.

While he doesn’t have any superpowers, he is incredibly skilled, and his soft spot for monsters led to him being known as the Human Monster.

In a way, Garou is sort of the opposite of Saitama, whereas Saitama wanted to be a hero who fought villains, Garou wanted to be a monster who defeated the heroes.

Despite having less than pure intentions, he is definitely one of the most interesting characters in the anime and a memorable character in his own right and his epic white hair can rival even the best white-haired anime girls.


3. Bang

Best One Punch Man Characters - Bang

Bang, going by the alias Silver Fang, is one of the best heroes in the entire show.

A martial arts master and investor of the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist, he is one of the first honorable heroes we meet in the anime and it was hard not to like him immediately.

While Bang may not be as powerful as he used to be, this old man can still crush a meteor with only his hands, though his strength doesn’t go to his head.

Disgusted by the unhealthy culture that surrounds many of the other heroes, he believes they have lost sight of what heroes are supposed to stand for.

Bang is by far one of the best characters in the anime and we hope to see much more of him whenever season 3 releases.


2. Genos

Best One Punch Man Characters - Genos

It should come as no surprise that Genos takes the number 2 spot on our list as he has been one of the most prolific heroes in the entire show.

A main focus of many episodes, this self-proclaimed disciple of One Punch Man is a powerful hero who instantly entered S-Class after applying for the Heroes Association.

Given the name Demon Cyborg, Genos is extremely serious, and his main drive is to become stronger so that he can get revenge on the cyborg that killed his parents.

Armed with an array of powerful sci-fi weaponry, Genos may not be as powerful as One Punch Man, but he is definitely one of the most powerful heroes in the anime.


1. Saitama

Best One Punch Man Characters - Saitama

Of course, the One Punch Man himself takes the Number 1 spot. How could he not?!

While he might not have long luscious locks to rival the best long-haired anime girls, he doesn’t need hair to be the strongest man alive. (Just don’t talk about his baldness to his face.)

Saitama is an enigma of a hero and while an anime about a guy who can best almost anything with a single punch may not sound interesting, watching Saitama’s frustration and growing boredom really pokes fun at the super powerful hero trope.

Throughout the anime, it’s hard not to be entertained by Saitama’s personality.

He’s hilariously indifferent to most fights and, because nothing really poses a threat to him, he is able to exert minimal effort to get the job done.

However, despite being so powerful, he is exceptionally humble, even going so far as to turn people against him to make his fellow heroes look good.

After taking out the Deep Sea King, he claimed others had weakened it for him, downplaying his strength and one punch ability.

While he may just be a hero for fun, throughout the whole show, Saitama proves that there’s a lot more to being a hero than winning a fight or having immense power.



There you have it! Our list of the best One Punch Man Characters ranked from 1 to 25.

While there are a lot of great and powerful heroes and villains in this anime, these 25 are by far the strongest and most memorable.

We can only hope that a good majority of characters on this list come back in the next season because we definitely cannot get enough of them.

Here’s a quick recap of the 25 best One Punch Man characters:

  1. Saitama
  2. Genos
  3. Bang
  4. Garou
  5. Metal Bat
  6. Mumen Rider
  7. Lord Boros
  8. Speed-o’-Sound Sonic
  9. Tatsumaki
  10. Fubuki
  11. Atomic Samurai
  12. Dr. Genus
  13. Sweet Mask
  14. Mosquito Girl
  15. Puri Puri Prisoner
  16. Geryuganshoop
  17. Melzargard
  18. Deep Sea King
  19. Metal Knight
  20. Vaccine Man
  21. Armoured Gorilla
  22. Gyoro Gyoro
  23. Bomb
  24. King
  25. Monster King Orochi

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What’s the best One Punch Man character, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

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