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Corsair RM Series (2019) 80+ Gold Fully-Modular Power Supplies Review



Corsair RM Series (2019) 80+ Gold Fully-Modular Power Supplies Review



Corsair has been known for their power supplies for quite some time now, but the original RM series released in 2013 proved to be a popular choice for its 80+ Gold efficiency, Modular cables, and zero-RPM fan modes coming in at an affordable price. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it right? Well, quite a bit can change in the PC world in six years and that gives Corsair the opportunity to polish what was already a popular product. The 2019 update to the RM series starts with three models, the RM650, RM750, and RM850. Most of the features you’ve come to love to remain like the fully-modular low-profile cables, but the warranty doubles to 10 years, and the price drops. Corsair also has some new tricks up its sleeve like support for Windows 10’s upcoming Modern Standby feature. Is there anything not to love? Let’s find out!

ProClockers would like to thank Corsair for sending the RM650 and RM750 over to check out!

Corsair’s take on the 2019 RM series power supplies:
CORSAIR RM Series power supplies are built with the highest quality components to deliver 80 PLUS Gold efficient power to your PC. RM PSUs utilize industrial-grade, 105°C-rated capacitors for superb performance and reliability, backed by a ten-year warranty. Wake your computer faster and consume less power with support for the new Modern Standby sleep mode. Zero RPM mode ensures virtually silent operation at low and medium loads. Fully modular cables make PC builds and upgrades easy, as you need only connect the cables your system requires. SLI Ready for multiple GPUs, an RM PSU is quiet, efficient and dependable enough to power your

High-performance PC for years to come.

80 PLUS® GOLD: High Efficiency – Low heat

Efficiency is the measurement of how effectively a power supply converts the AC power from your wall outlet to the DC power used by your PC’s components. If your power supply isn’t efficient, it will generate more heat, which requires more cooling and more fan noise. And, it might even affect your power bill. At low loads (<10%) typical power supplies can be as low as 30% efficient but RM Series PSUs are rated to have a minimum low load efficiency of 70% meaning your PC will be efficient no matter what you’re doing.RM Series PSUs’ solid efficiency, 80 PLUS Gold certified, ensures up to 92% and higher energy-efficiency. This helps to keep your PC cool and quiet and may even save you money too.

Zero RPM Mode Keeps Noise to a Minimum
Thanks to efficient design, RM Series power supplies generate minimal heat and can operate in a silent, Zero RPM fan mode for up to 40% of the PSU’s maximum load (at 25°C room temperature). This means that RM Series PSUs can be completely silent while the PC is performing less intensive tasks, such as web browsing, social media, instant messaging, and even light gaming. As temperatures rise within the PSU and, often, within the PC chassis, the MCU-controlled DC fan gradually spins up so that it still operates quietly during more demanding computing, such as gaming. Traditional PC power supplies have fans that spin all the time your PC is on – whether you’re pushing your graphics card to the limit or just surfing the web – making them noisier and more intrusive.

Built for the Future: Modern Standby Compatible
RM Series power supplies are among the first desktop PSUs to support Windows 10’s new Modern Standby mode that enhances boot speed and connectivity for your PC. The S3 sleep state usually takes anywhere from 7-15 seconds to turn on depending on your PC. Modern Standby is working to bring that to reliably under 5 seconds. While in Modern Standby, your PC uses much less power to maintain a sleep state but will continue to download emails, updates, and other notifications to be provided to you as soon as you wiggle your mouse. Modern Standby is currently enabled in Mobile applications (laptops and Ultrabooks) and is slated to be introduced soon on Intel’s future desktop hardware.

Modular Cables Help Make Builds Easier
The RM Series power supplies have a comprehensive modular cable set that allows you to use only the cables you need for your set of components. The benefits of this include a cleaner, neater installation, and that ‘professionally-built’ look, plus increased airflow through the chassis due to reduced cable clutter. The cables are also long enough to support full-tower cases.

Reliable and Dependable
The RM Series PSUs half-bridge LLC platform is built with durable components such as industrial-grade capacitors rated for 105°C and a 135mm rifle bearing fan optimized for long life usage. All RM power supplies are capable of continuous, maximum power delivery even at ambient temperatures of 50°C, ensuring maximum performance and reliability even in the most demanding and hot-running performance PCs. RM is designed to support higher dynamic loads meaning your RM PSU can transition from low load applications to high load applications easier than ever before.

The CORSAIR Advantage
 RM Series PSUs are backed by a reassuring 10-year warranty and comprehensive customer support via telephone, email, forum, and the Tech Support Express helpdesk.