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The 10 Cutest Pokémon of All Time (Ranked)

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The Cutest Pokemon

What are the cutest Pokémon of all time?

Many Pokémon are designed to be cute, especially before they evolve, but some are undoubtedly cuter than others.

While there are a lot of precious Pokémon to choose from, we’ve managed to hunt down those who really stand out. 

Today, we’re taking a look at the most adorable Pokémon to ever appear in the franchise and steal our hearts.


The 10 Cutest Pokémon of All Time

These adorable Pokémon have been selected based on their overall adorableness and how much we’d love to cuddle them.

While cuteness may be subjective, there is no denying that these Pokémon are the best in the bunch.

If you’re ready to go “awwww,” here’s our list of the 10 cutest Pokémon:


10. Litleo

Cutest Pokemon Litleo

Starting off our list, we have Litleo, a dual fire/normal type Pokémon which was introduced in Generation VI.

This little guy is 100% certifiably adorable, and his cute little face makes even the fiercest Pokémon melt.

Litleo looks like a small lion cub with dark brown fur and tan ears and paws. He also has a small red tuft of hair on his head.

Despite being quick to start fights, this Pokémon almost always looks like it is smiling, which is just precious.

In the lore, when a Litleo is able to hunt on its own, it is kicked out of its pride to live on its own.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of trainers to catch these little guys and give them loving homes!

This Pokémon is capable of evolving into Pyroar at level 35, which, while not as adorable, is still pretty awesome.

 Most recently, Litleo can be found in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, where it can be captured and trained!


9. Teddiursa

Cutest Pokemon Teddiursa

Up next, we have one of the best bear Pokémon, and this cute Pokémon looks exactly like a teddy bear.

This normal type Pokémon is bipedal and covered in short orange fur with a light crescent moon shape on its forehead.

It also has tiny black eyes and a short, round, very fluffy tail that compliments its cute rounded ears.

Teddiursa is almost always depicted licking its paws, which are covered in honey, an action that helps keep it calm.

While the Pokémon are known to steal honey from Combee nests, they can make their own by blending pollen with fruit.

This type of Pokémon first debuted in Generation II and can now be caught in Scarlet and Violet, having appeared in many games.

Once you have Teddiursa, you can level it up to Ursaring at level 30 or into Ursaluna in Hisui using a peat block during the full moon!


8. Togepi

Cutest Pokemon Togepi

Introduced in Generation II, Togepi started out as a normal type Pokémon but has since become a fairy type.

Togepi has a small rounded body that remains half encased in the egg which it hatched from, giving it a very cute appearance.

Sticking out of the remnants of its shell are stubby arms and legs, as well as its spiky head that sports two beady black eyes.

The anime showed how this Pokémon retracts back into its shell, usually to sleep, which is as adorable as it sounds.

Despite its usually joyful nature, the anime also showed that Togepi can be downright malicious at times, causing bad luck for those it doesn’t like.

That said, so long as you build a friendship with this Pokémon, it can bring good luck and be a very joyous companion.

Togepi can also be evolved into Togetic when it has a high friendship and almost equally adorable Pokémon.


7. Mew

Cutest Pokemon Mew

Not known to evolve into any other Pokémon, Mew is a psychic type Pokémon that has been around since Generation I.

This pink bipedal Pokémon has a small body, stubby arms, and a long tail, as well as large blue eyes.

Mew is said to contain DNA from every species of Pokémon, which is what allows it to be able to learn any attack.

Along with its adaptability, Mew is a member of the Mew Duo, along with the legendary Pokémon Mewtwo.

Using Mew in battle requires you to know the psychic-type Pokémon weakness and resistances so it can be most effective.

However, because it can learn almost every move that isn’t exclusive to a particular Pokémon, Mew also gives trainers a lot of freedom.

Along with appearing in many Pokémon games, Mew has also appeared in the anime series and the movie Mewtwo Strikes Back.

Although Mew doesn’t appear in Generation IX, it can be caught in Pokémon Sword and Shield, as well as Brilliant Diamon and Shining Pearl.


6. Amaura

Cutest Pokemon Amaura

This rock/ice Fossil Pokémon was introduced in Generation VI and immediately stole the hearts of every player.

Resurrected from a Sail Fossil, Amaura is a dinosaur-like Pokémon that sort of resembles an adorable, small sauropod.

It has a light blue body and white underbelly, along with pink and yellow frills on the top of its head.

Amaura has huge blue eyes and a tiny mouth, as well as a brilliant blue crystal on both sides of its body.

In terms of personality, this precious Pokémon is very calm, and it has the ability to create auroras.

This Pokémon last appeared in Pokémon Sword and Shield, though it is stated not to be able to live very long in the current warmer climates.

However, these resurrected Pokémon can sometimes be found in icy places, with some specimens showing up frozen in ice.


5. Jigglypuff

Cutest Pokemon Jigglypuff

 Jigglypuff is an incredibly adorable Pokémon, and it is one that can be found often outside of the main Pokémon franchise.

In particular, this Pokémon has appeared in some of the best Super Mario games of all time, most notably the Super Smash Bros. series.

This Pokémon evolves from Igglybuff, who is almost as cute as its most iconic form, though Jiggly is just slightly more adorable.

Jigglypuff has a very round pink body with stubby arms and legs, as well as two cat-like pointed ears.

Its eyes are large and take up most of its face, while a curled tuft of pink fur flops down in between them.

Along with being cute, Jigglypuff can use its giant eyes to hypnotize opponents while inflating itself and singing a soothing lullaby.

Anyone who listens to the soothing song produced by a Jigglypuff will become incredibly sleepy, though some can resist the effect.

If an opponent resists the lullaby, a Jigglypuff will put itself in danger by continuing to sing until it deflates and is out of air.

Additionally, the songs this Pokémon sings vary by region, and in some places, it even sounds a bit like shouting.

You can even catch Jigglypuff’s paradox form in Pokémon Scarlet, which we highly recommend doing!


4. Pikachu

Cutest Pokemon Pikachu

Pikachu is the most recognizable Pokémon in the world, and you’ll have a hard time finding anyone who doesn’t know this cutie.

Evolving from the equally adorable Pichu, Pikachu has been around since Generation I, and he was also the signature Pokémon of the anime series.

This small chubby rodent-like Pokémon is covered in soft yellow fur with two red circles on its cheeks.

A powerful electric type Pokémon, there are many Pikachu clones, including the Cosplay Pikachu that appeared in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

However, the Pikachu owned by Ash Ketchum is by far the most well-known, having been introduced in the first episode of the anime.

That said, Pikachu is also one of the best starter Pokémon of all time, and was available as a starter in Pokémon Yellow.

Pikachu has also been seen in numerous manga series and was the star of the 2019 film Pokémon Detective Pikachu, voiced by Ryan Reynolds.

Most recently, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet in a few different forms; Original Cap Pikachu, Partner Cap Pikachu, and World Cap Pikachu.

No matter what game you play, catching this cute Pokémon is a must, if only because it is so iconic!


3. Tepig

Cutest Pokemon Tepig

Tepig is up next, and this adorable Pokémon was introduced in Generation V as a powerful fire type.

While it is capable of evolving into Pignite at level 17 and eventually Emboar, this base form is by far the cutest.

 This Pokémon has an orange body with dark brown markings and a little curly tail topped with a red ball.

It also has an adorable red snoot with a yellow stripe, large black eyes, and two pointed ears that are very close together.

Despite being small, Tepig is very nimble, and it can shoot fire from its snout while fighting opponents.

In the anime, Ash was shown to own a Tepig who ended up evolving during a battle against its former owner.

Tepig has also appeared in Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U, where he appeared as a stage Pokémon for the Kalos League.

Capable of taking on even the strongest grass-type Pokémon, Tepig is as strong as he is cute, and he makes a great starter in Unova.

Although he hasn’t appeared in a game since Generation VI, this Pokémon is still worth catching in X and Y, as well as Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.


2. Cubchoo

Cutest Pokemon Cubchoo

Cubchoo is a Pokémon that you just want to wrap in a blanket and keep safe. It is so just so precious!

This ice-type Pokémon was introduced in Generation V, and ever since, fans have adored it and wanted more.

A bipedal Pokémon, Cubchoo, looks like a small polar bear with a perpetually runny nose and big black eyes.

The mucus dripping from its nose is how it attacks, and it is capable of causing frostbite to anything it comes in contact with.

Additionally, Cubchoo can inhale this mucus to use for other attacks, and it can even be used to indicate its health.

If a Cubchoo is unhealthy, its drippy nose will become watery or even stop altogether, weakening its ice-type attacks.

What makes this Pokémon so cute is that it almost always looks upset, so you can’t help but want to give it a hug.

It’s like a fuzzy sad teddy bear that you just can’t help but want to catch and take care of.

However, once it evolves into Beartic, it definitely becomes more ferocious than cute, so enjoy this baby Pokémon while you can before it grows up!


1. Eevee

Cutest Pokemon Eevee

Taking our number one spot is none other than Eevee, the absolute cutest Pokémon to ever debut in the series.

Not only is Eevee one of the best dog Pokémon, but it is so fluffy we think we just might die from cuteness overload.

This tiny Pokémon has light brown fur and a very bushy tail, as well as a fluffy collar of cream-colored collar of fur around its neck.

It boasts big brown eyes and large, slender pointed ears that just add to its overall adorable appearance.

Eevee even has a gigantamax form where its neck poof gets even fluffier, making it literally look like a cloud of fur.

This Pokémon served as the mascot for Let’s Go, Eevee! and it was also the rival’s starter in Pokémon Yellow.

It has also appeared extensively in the anime series, the manga, and as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

Most recently, Eevee can be found in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, though this Pokémon appears in every single game since Gen I.

Not only is Eevee one of the most recognizable Pokémon, but it is also the cutest by far, and you can’t help but go “aww” every time it shows up on screen!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 cutest Pokémon as much as we did rounding up all of these adorable critters.

There are a lot of cute Pokémon in the franchise, but these are by far the ones that have stood out the most to fans.

Eevee especially takes the cake when it comes to cuteness, because she definitely looks super soft and really, really cuddly.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 cutest Pokémon:

  1. Eevee
  2. Cubchoo
  3. Tepig
  4. Pikachu
  5. Jigglypuff
  6. Amaura
  7. Mew
  8. Togepi
  9. Teddiursa
  10. Litleo

Which of these Pokémon do you think is the cutest? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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