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Lend Lease Tarkov Guide




If you’ve started playing Escape from Tarkov, you may be looking for walkthroughs and guides to help you get through some of the more challenging quests and emerge on top. In our Lend Lease Tarkov Quest Guide, we will be giving you a step-by-step walkthrough so you can eliminate the problem-solving and get straight to the action.

Last Updated: February 2022

Lend Lease Tarkov quest is a two-part quest that you can only start upon reaching level 25. This mission tasks you to obtain several controllers and hand them over to Alexander Fyodorovich Kiselyov, aka “Skier”, a dealer located in the Tarkov Customs District. Finishing this quest will raise your Loyalty Level with him, giving you more access to his merchandise and other questlines and net you some dollars and other items as loot.


For the first part of the Lend Lease Tarkov questline, you will be contacted by the Skier upon reaching a certain set of requirements based on level and items in your inventory. This quest will take place in two known locations, the Woods and the Shoreline.


  • Player must be Level 25 or above
  • Must have Shoreline Health Resort East Wing Room 306 or 308 key
  • Must have Shoreline Health Resort West Wing Room 216 key


  • $3,000+ (depending on Intelligence Center levels)
  • +0.12 Skier Rep
  • 20,000 EXP
  • 1x Armasight N-15 Night Vision
  • Unlocks Orsis T-5000 .308 sniper rifle for purchase at Skier LL3


First Gyroscope and Motor Controller

1. Find the first Gyroscope and the first Motor Controller by going for a raid in the Woods. You have to reach the Lumber Mill, as shown on the map below:

Lend Lease Tarkov

2. Upon reaching the area, you will see two pickups in front of the main grey building. Go to the cyan pickup and check out the back. You will see an opened box with the Gyroscope inside.

3. The next item you need will be at the Checkpoint just Northwest of the Lumber Mill. It is marked on the map below:

Lend Lease Tarkov

4. Find a black SUV upon reaching the location. Unlock the door, open the SUV, and check the center console for the first Motor Controller.

5. Upon obtaining your items, secure yourself, avoid any other looters/players, and extract from the location—hand over the items to the Skier.

Second and Third Motor Controller, Second Gyroscope

1. You will need to head to the Shoreline to find these last three items and complete Part 1 of the quest.

2. Marked on the map below, the Radio Tower is your first area to visit in this location.

3. Follow a small path going east. When you find a small trolley, take off from its far right corner and follow a bearing of 170° until you reach a patch of dried grass between two trees. On this patch will be an open wood box, which contains your second Motor Controller.

4. From here, you need to head on to the Shoreline Health Resort. This is where the required keys come into play.

5. Starting from the helipad, go to the east wing building. Use the left entrance to enter, and the left stairwell to go up to the third floor. Find rooms 306 and 308. Whichever room key you have, use it on its respective door number. Head to the shared balcony, find a generator, and beside it will be a cardboard box with the third Motor Controller inside.

6. From here, you can now head on to the West Wing to get our last item. Go through the right entrance of the building from the helipad, and use the right stairwell to go to the second floor. Find room 216.

7. Unlock it using your required room key. Find a blue cabinet as soon as you get in, and you will see that it has the second Gyroscope inside.

8. After you’ve acquired all the items, all you need to do is to survive, extract from the location, and head over to the dealer’s location to hand over your quest items. This will end the quest and give you your rewards, and now all that’s left is to level up to 30 in order to start the second part.


The Peacekeeper gives part 2 of the Lend Lease Tarkov questline once the player reaches Level 30. This mission requires you to acquire 2 Virtex programmable processors and 1 Military COFDM Wireless Signal Transmitter in The Lab and Reserve locations. It’s important to note that these items will spawn randomly throughout these maps, but we have sourced some of the areas most likely to have the quest items for an easier, faster run.


  • Level 30 or above


  • $2000+ (depending on Intelligence Center levels)
  • +0.04 Peacekeeper Rep
  • 21,000 EXP
  • 2x HK 416A5 5.56×45 Assault Rifle
  • 300x 5.56x45mm M995
  • 2x Magpul PMAG D-60 5.56×45 60-round magazine
  • 2x 60 Round MAG5-60 5.56 x45 STANAG magazine
  • Will unlock Crye Precision Airframe Tan for purchase at Peacekeeper LL4


First Spawn Location

Head to the Lab’s main reception. From there, go up the stairs on the left, take a left as soon as you get on top, and find the door to the Security Office. If you have a Violet Keycard, use it and enter into the back room where you will find an orange cage with a server rack inside. You can then check the server rack for the quest items.

Second Spawn Location

After checking the security office, you can head to the staircase and go down one floor. Keep going left until you find the Meeting Room door. You won’t need to go inside, but you have to check out the consoles direct opposite of it.

Third Spawn Location

Once you’re done checking out the consoles, you can head over to the main office and walk straight ahead until you find a clean table with a laptop and two phones. You can then check this desk for the required items.

Fourth Spawn Location

After checking the table, you will find three enclosures with orange machinery just straight ahead. The middle enclosure will be a spawn area for the items. Check the small pedestal on the left for any.

Fifth Spawn Location

From the enclosures, head right and find the Terraground display. Find the dome on your right. Head right from it, go up, and find some stacked boxes next to some thick white ducts. This is another spawn area.

First Spawn Location

Check out the area map and find a building marked with a White King chess piece. This is the Airspace Control Center, where you can go inside and check out the shelves on the left wall for the items you need.

Second Spawn Location

Once done, you should find a hole at the south wall of the room. Go through it and through the doorway afterwards, take a right, and go up to a distinguishably marked door with a Russian sign. You will find the gym area through here, and you’ll need to go through another door on the right. From there, go right through the hallway, and find a room filled with servers. This is another spawn location for the items.

Third Spawn Location

After checking out this room, you can head to the door on the right and open it to find another room with servers. This is another spawn point.

Fourth Spawn Location

Leave the building through the south entrance after you’re done checking out the area. Turn right, and make your way to the North Barracks. In the map, you will find this area marked with a helicopter in the middle. Find the building facing the nose of the helicopter, go inside and up to the top floor. All the rooms in the left hallway are spawn points for the quest items.

Fifth Spawn Location

Our final location will be through one of the rooms in this hallway. Find the first room on your right, go through the window, and jump down onto the platform. You will see a room to your right, and inside will be shelves that can spawn the quest items you need.

Once you’ve found all of the quest items (you don’t need to keep checking all the locations we’ve mentioned once you’ve gathered the items required), survive the raid, extract from the area, and head over to the Peacekeeper to hand over the items you found. You will then receive all your quest rewards, and the Lend Lease questline will end for good.


Escape from Tarkov has quests that can be quite difficult to solve and survive, and we hope that our Lend Lease Tarkov Quest Guide has helped make it easier for you to get through these missions and level up. If you’re interested in other quest guides, this Warframe guide may be something you might want to read!

Check out the Escape from Tarkov official website for more information and updates on this highly-popular survival FPS game. We’ll see you on the next article, folks!


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