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OSRS: The 10 Best Melee Helms (Ranked)

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The Best OSRS Melee Helms

What is the best Melee helm in OSRS?

Melee characters are common in Old School Runescape, and they can be incredibly effective if set up correctly.

However, unlike rangers and mages, warriors often need more defence bonuses due to fighting at close range.

While there are many helms to choose from in the game, some provide better benefits than others.


OSRS: The 10 Best Melee Helms

In order to find the best melee helms in Old School Runescape, we compared the stats and bonuses of each type available.

We then ranked these helms based on their effectiveness and noted how you can get them for yourself.

So, if you’re ready to find your next favorite piece of headgear, here’s our list of the 10 best Melee helms in OSRS:


10. Mithril Helm

Best OSRS Melee Helms Mithril Full Helm

Mithril gear includes not only a pair of the best gloves in OSRS but also a solid helm.

The Mithril full helm is the fourth-best full helmet, and it only requires 20 defence to equip.

It also offers better defensive stats than the medium helm variant, though it does lower magic and ranged attacks.



The Mithril full helm lowers magic attack by -6 and ranged attack by -3, though this won’t affect melee users much at all.

As for defence bonuses, it offers +13 stab, +14 slash, +11 crush, and +13 ranged at the cost of -1 magic defence.

While the medium helm boasts similar stats, the full helm still offers the most protection overall.


How To Get It

Mithril armour can be smithed by a player who has a level 57 in smithing and to make the helm, you’ll only need two mithril bars.

If you don’t want to mine Mithril ore yourself, you can buy two bars for around 1,000 gold.

However, the helm itself is often available on the OSRS Grand Exchange for 600 gold, so it would be less expensive to buy it pre-made.


9. Adamant Helm

Best OSRS Melee Helms Adamant Full Helm

The Adamant helm is up next, and it is stronger than the Mithral full helm but weaker than its Rune armour variant.

This OSRS melee helm can be equipped with a level 30 defence, and it provides solid defence bonuses.

Like the Mithril helm, there is a medium helm version of this helmet, but it has slightly lower defensive stats.



While it doesn’t add anything to attack bonuses, the full Adamant helm has a solid amount of defence.

Offering +19 stab, +21 slash, +16 crush, and +19 ranged defensive bonuses, this helm can do a good job protecting most characters.

Despite not coming with any other benefits, it is a quality helm for most mid-level melee characters.


How To Get It

The Adamant helm can be created with a level 77 smithing skill and two adamantite bars.

It is also available on the Grand Exchange for around 1,800 coins, which is affordable for most players.

This helm, along with the platebody and legs, can also be earned while completing medium-tier Treasure Trails using emotes.


8. Rune Helm

OSRS Best Melee Helm Rune Full Helm

Rune armor is the best in free-to-play OSRS, and its full helm is very impressive.

The full Rune helm requires a level 40 defence, but its bonuses are far superior to most others in its class.

When paired with something like the Berserker Ring, one of the best rings in OSRS, this helmet can get you through most dungeons.



The full Rune helm offers +30 stab, +32 slash, +27 crush, and +30 ranged defensive bonuses, which is the best in free-to-play.

Like other melee armour helms, it does lower magic and ranged attacks, though this is usually not an issue.

In terms of overall protection, this helm is going to be one of the best you can find.


How To Get It

In order to get this helm for yourself, you will need a level 92 smithing skill and two runite bars.

However, it can also be purchased on the Grand Exchange for 20,000 coins, which is usually affordable for players at its equipment requirements.

That said, if you don’t want to spend the money, this helm can also be found as a reward for completing hard-tier Treasure Trails.


7. Fremennik Helm

OSRS Best Melee Helm Fremennik Helm

Fremennik is some of the best melee armor in OSRS, and it is definitely worth considering if you need a quality helm.

Requiring only a level 30 defence to equip, this helm is a good mid-tier option that can hold up very well.

Although it isn’t the best in the Fremennik set, it is still worth grabbing if you can.



The Fremennik helm provides +19 slash, +21 stab, +16 crush, and +19 ranged defensive bonuses.

Although not spectacular, these stats do provide a good level of defence against most types of attacks.

Despite not having any additional bonuses, this helm can still get most players through some tough dungeons.


How To Get It

In order to get this helm, you will first have to complete the Fremmenik Trials quest, after which Fremmenik Guards and Dagannoths can drop it.

It can also be bought for around 5,000 coins, though since it isn’t a rare drop, it is pretty easy to find in the wild.

As the most basic of the Fremmenik helms, it can be worth investing in until you are able to grab one of the others.


6. Warrior Helm

OSRS Best Melee Helm Warrior Helm

The warrior helm is another Fremmenik armor piece, and it requires a level 45 defence in order to equip.

Although it isn’t as strong as the Berserker helm mentioned below, it is a step up from the standard Fremmenik helm.

A good middle ground between the two, this helm is something you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for.



Unlike the options we’ve mentioned so far, the Warrior helm provides a slash attack bonus of +5.

In terms of defensive bonuses, it offers +31 stab, +33 slash, +29 crush, and +30 ranged defense.

While not exceptional, these benefits are definitely a step in the right direction for any melee character.


How To Get It

Like the helm above, in order to get the Warriors helm, you will first have to complete the Fremmenik Trials quest.

Once the quest is complete, this helm can be purchased from Skulgrimen’s Battle Gear shop for 78,000 coins.

However, it is also possible to get this helm as a reward from the Barbarian Assault High Gambles.


5. Berserker Helm

Best OSRS Melee Helms Berserker Helm

This mid-level helm is a favorite among combat pures because it is the lowest-level piece to offer a strength bonus.

While it is roughly on par with the Rune helm in terms of defensive bonuses, it does have slightly higher stab and crush defence stats.

However, because it boosts strength and only requires a level 45 defence to equip, it is one of the best for mid-game players.



This helmet provides +31 stab, +29 slash, +33 crush, and +30 ranged defence bonuses.

It also boosts strength by +3, which makes it incredibly useful for melee characters.

Although its defence stats overall may not be remarkable, this strength bonus certainly is!

When paired with one of the best shields in OSRS, this helm can be incredibly useful.


How To Get It

After completing the Fremmenik Trials, the Berserker helm can be purchased from Skulgrimen’s Battle Gear shop in Rellekka for 78,000 coins.

It can also be found as a reward from the Barbarian Assault High Gambles, though you will have to get lucky.

Alternatively, it can also be purchased from the Grand Exchange for 51,000 coins, which is really a solid bargain.


4. Guthan’s Helm

OSRS Best Melee Helm Guthans Helm

Guthan’s helm is part of Guthan the Infested’s set of Barrows armour equipment, and it requires a 70 defence to wear.

What makes this helm special is that, when worn with the full armor set, it offers a 25% chance to restore health on a successful melee hit.

Due to this healing effect, this helm can be incredibly useful in a variety of tough combat situations.



While it doesn’t come with attack bonuses, it does offer +55 stab, +58 slash, +54 crush, and +62 ranged defence bonuses.

Furthermore, if worn with the Amulet of the Damned, one of the best amulets in OSRS, players have the ability to heal 10 HP above their base level.

While you do need to wear the whole set to achieve this effect, it is certainly incredibly useful against tough opponents. 


How To Get It

Guthan’s helm is obtainable from the Barrows minigame, though you may have to complete the game several times in order to get it.

Alternatively, it can be bought on the Grand Exchange for 222,000 coins if you want to purchase it outright.

That said, getting it through the minigame is recommended since you’ll want to pair it with the whole set.


3. 3rd Age Helm

Best OSRS Melee Helms 3rd Age Full Helm

The 3rd Age full helmet requires a level 65 defence to wear, but it offers the third highest defence bonuses of all non-degradable helms.

However, because of its rarity, this helm is not often used for combat, so if you’re able to grab it, consider yourself lucky.

While it doesn’t have any unique bonuses, the 3rd Age helm can be very useful in dangerous dungeons.



This helm provides +47, +49, +43, and +48 defence bonuses, though it does lower magical defence by -3.

While the stats aren’t as high as Guthan’s helm, it is well-rounded for most combat situations.

Plus, when combined with the full armor set, these defence stats can be boosted well over +200 each, making it very strong overall.


How To Get It

The only way to get this helm, and the full armor set, is by completing hard, elite, and master-tier Treasure Trails.

While it can be purchased through the Grand Exchange, it is very expensive, costing, on average, 19 million coins.

If you’re dead set on getting this helm for yourself, you’ll need to get very lucky and grind through a lot of Treasure Trails quests.


2. Neitiznot Faceguard

Best OSRS Melee Helms Neitiznot Faceguard

The Neitiznot faceguard is an upgraded version of the Neitiznot helm, and it requires a 70 defence skill to equip.

This is one of the most popular helms in OSRS and one of the best in slot gear for melee users.

Along with having increased defensive bonuses against melee weapons, this helm has the second-highest strength bonus in the game.



The Neitiznot faceguard offers +36 stab, +34 slash, +38 crush, +3 magic, and +34 ranged defense.

However, it also comes with a +6 strength bonus and a +3 prayer bonus, which can be invaluable in melee combat.

These bonuses are what really make this helm valuable for any player specializing in melee.


How To Get It

To get this helm, you will have to first complete the Fremmenik Trails and obtain a Helm of Neitiznot.

You can then upgrade that helm using a basilisk jaw after talking to Olaf the Bard.

Keep in mind that if this helm is lost in PvP, it will revert back to a normal Helm of Neitiznot, so you’ll want to be careful.


1. Torva Helm

OSRS Best Melee Helm Torva Full Helm

Taking our top spot is the Torva Helm, which requires a level 80 defence to equip.

This helm has the highest strength bonus of any helmet in the game, making it the best melee gear you can find.

Despite not coming with any attack bonuses, the Torva helm has some serious melee defence.



As part of the Torva armour set, this helm is known for providing excellent defensive bonuses.

It offers +59 stab, +60 slash, +62 crush, and +57 ranged defence, which can be boosted even higher if wearing the full armor set.

However, it is the +8 strength bonus and +1 prayer bonus that really make this the best melee helmet in OSRS.


How To Get It

This helm, along with all pieces of the armor set, are available from Nex as a reward for defeating her.

However, because they are fairly rare drops, it may take a few tries to acquire them.

That said, if you have 188 million coins lying around, you can also buy this helm from the Grand exchange!



The best melee armour is a must-have for any warrior-style character in OSRS, and these are the best helms you can find.

While the right helm for you will vary depending on your character’s level, if you find any of these, you’ll want to hang onto them.

If you want to learn more about other items to keep an eye out for, make sure to check out our other Old School Runescape lists! 

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best Melee helms in OSRS:

  1. Torva Helm
  2. Neitiznot Faceguard
  3. 3rd Age Helm
  4. Guthan’s Helm
  5. Berserker Helm
  6. Warrior Helm
  7. Fremennik Helm
  8. Rune Helm
  9. Adamant Helm
  10. Mithril Helm

What are your favorite OSRS melee helms? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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