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OSRS: The 10 Best Ranged Helms (Ranked)

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The Best OSRS Ranged Helms

What are the best ranged helms in OSRS?

Playing as a ranger can be incredibly effective, especially with a character set up to do a lot of damage.

However, in order to do a lot of damage, you need armor that provides high ranged attack bonuses.

Fortunately for you, we’ve ranked the best in slot headgear for rangers in OSRS, so you can easily find the best one for your character.


OSRS: The 10 Best Ranged Helms

We compared every helm geared towards rangers in Old School Runescape in order to create this list.

This way, you can easily find the best ranged headgear without having to dig through all of the stats yourself.

If you’re ready to find your next favorite piece of headwear, let’s dive into our list of the 10 best ranged helms in OSRS:


10. Spined Helm

Best OSRS Ranged Helms Spined Helm

The Spined Helm is a members-only ranged helm, and it requires a level 40 defence and ranged skill to equip.

This helm is a solid option for mid-tier rangers who need attack and defense bonuses to make them more effective in combat.

While it provides minimal boosts overall, when paired with the full Spined armour set, it can be a solid option for ranged attackers.



The spined helm lowers all attack stats by -6, except for ranged, which it raises by +6.

It also offers a +6 to all defence bonuses, though it doesn’t boost ranged defence at all.

However, if you wear this helm as part of the Spined armour set, ranged attack is boosted to +29 and ranged defence to +62.


How To Get It

The spined helm is a Fremennik armour piece, meaning you will have to complete the Fremennik Trials quest before you can get it.

Parts can then be dropped by Dagannoth Supreme or made by Sigli the Huntsman in Rellekka with raw materials.

Alternatively, this helm is available on the Grand Exchange for around 63k coins if you want to buy it outright.


9. Blessed Coif

Best OSRS Ranged Helms Blessed Coif

There are six types of this hat, each representing a different god in the game, though they all have the same stats.

The only difference is they will provide specific types of protection within the God Wars Dungeon if they are worn.

Each of these helms requires 40 defence and 70 ranged to equip, and aside from their godly alignments, they have some other decent bonuses.



Each type of blessed coif provides a +7 ranged attack bonus, which is fairly high for a helm.

In terms of defence, it also offers +4 stab, +7 slash, +10 crush, +4 magic, and +8 ranged protection.

These pieces of headgear also offer a +1 prayer bonus, something that is always good to have when you can.


How To Get It

Each version of this hat can be earned as a reward for completing hard-tier Treasure Trails, though finding them will require a bit of luck.

That said, they can also be bought on the Grand Exchange, but they do cost, on average, about 95k.

The Zamorak coif is the least expensive version, costing 83k on the Exchange, while the Armadyl coif costs the most, 106k.

While getting this helm can be tricky when paired with one of the best rings in OSRS, it can be extremely powerful.


8. Void Ranger Helm

Best OSRS Ranged Helms Void Ranger Helm

A piece of Void Knight equipment, this helmet requires 42 attack, strength, defence, HP, ranged, and magic, as well as 22 prayer, to equip.

If worn alongside three other Void Knight pieces, this helm can grant a 10% boost to ranged damage.

This makes it incredibly useful, especially if used alongside one of the best ranged weapons in OSRS for increased effectiveness.



While it doesn’t boast any attack bonuses on its own, when combined with the top, robe, and gloves, all ranged damage and accuracy are boosted by 10%.

This helm also offers +6 to all defence bonuses, which are boosted to +87 when wearing the full set.

The void ranger helm has a lot of potential for the right character, and if you get the chance, you shouldn’t pass it up.


How To Get It

This helm can be earned as a reward from the Pest Control minigame or bought from a Void Knight.

However, it will take 200 commendation points to buy it or 850 points if you want the full set.

That said, if you’re willing to put in the work, the void knight helm can get you through some pretty tough battles.


7. Archer Helm

Best OSRS Ranged Helms Archer Helm

 The archer helm requires level 45 defence to wear, and it can only be equipped after finishing the Fremennik Trials.

This helm is an overall solid option for anyone specializing in ranged combat, since it comes with some decent bonuses.

It may not be the best ranged helm in OSRS, but it isn’t something you’ll want to pass up if you find it.



The archer helm provides a ranged attack bonus of +6 but lowers all other attack types by -5.

It also offers defence bonuses of +6 stab, +8 slash, +10 crush, +6 magic, and +6 ranged.

When used alongside the right set of ranged armour, this helm can be extremely valuable for rangers of any level.


How To Get It

If you want to get the archer helm for yourself, it can be purchased from Skulgrimen’s Battle Gear in Rellekka for 78k coins.

It is also a possible reward from the High Gambles in the Barbarian Assault minigame, though you will need to get lucky.

Of course, it can also be purchased outright on the Grand Exchange for roughly 54k, though you will still need to have completed the Fremennik Trails to equip it.


6. Crystal Helm

Best OSRS Ranged Helms Crystal Helm

This piece of crystal armor requires 70 defence to wear, but it can be incredibly useful to have.

When equipped, this helm provides a 2.5% bonus to ranged damage and a 5% bonus to accuracy to the crystal bow or Bow of Faerdhinen.

What’s more, is that this stacks with bonuses from the crystal body and leg armor pieces for a potential total of 15% damage and a 30% accuracy bonus.



The crystal helm comes with a ranged attack bonus of +9, but it lowers magic attack by -10.

In terms of protection, it offers +12 stab, +8 slash, +14 crush, +10 magic, and +18 ranged defence bonuses.

This helm also comes with a +2 prayer bonus, which can be incredibly useful for many players using ranger characters.


How To Get It

A crystal helm can be created at a singing bowl using 50 crystal shards and a crystal armour seed.

This requires level 70 smithing and crafting to do, but if you don’t meet these requirements, there is another method.

For 60 extra crystal shards, you can have Conwenna or Reese create this helm for you so you won’t have to miss out on it.


5. Karil’s Coif

Best OSRS Ranged Helms Karils Coif

This ranged armour piece is a set of barrows equipment, and it comes with some pretty fun benefits.

When used with the rest of this armour set, players can gain a 25% chance to lower the agility of other players when using Karil’s crossbow.

Additionally, if used with the amulet of the damned, one of the best amulets in OSRS, there is a 25% chance for an attack to deal a second hit for half damage.



This helm provides a +7 ranged attack bonus, a -1 to magic attack, and nothing to any form of melee boost.

For protection, it offers a +6 stab, +9 slash, +12 crush, +6 magic, and +10 ranged defence bonus.

While it doesn’t have any other bonuses, the ones you get from wearing the full set or using this helm with the amulet of the damned make it very powerful.


How To Get It

This high-level ranged helm is obtainable as a reward from the Barrows minigame, but it isn’t guaranteed.

Because it is difficult to get and degrades over time, it is rare to see players wearing a full set of this armor.

However, the helmet alone is one of the most popular pieces that many rangers choose to use.


4. Robin Hood Hat

Best OSRS Ranged Helms Robin Hood Hat

The Robin Hood hat requires level 40 ranged to equip and is a part of the ranger kit set.

This piece of headgear provides the fourth-best-in-slot ranged attack bonus for any helm in the game.

It is also popular among 1 defence pures since it has no requirement for a defence level in order to equip it.



When wearing the Robin Hood hat, players gain a +8 to ranged attack and a -10 to magical attack.

As for protection, it offers +4 stab, +6 slash, +8 crush, +4 magic, and +4 ranged.

When used with a solid set of ranged armour, this hat can be great for boosting combat effectiveness.


How To Get It

If you want to grab this hat for yourself, you’re going to have to have a bit of luck on your side.

The Robin Hood hat can only be obtained as a reward for completing hard clue scrolls in the Treasure Trails quest, and it has a 1/1,625 chance of spawning.

However, it can be purchased on the Grand Exchange, but you’re going to need a lot of money since it costs around 1.6 million coins!


3. 3rd Age Ranged Coif

Best OSRS Ranged Helms 3rd Age Ranger Coif

The 3rd age ranged coif has the third-highest ranged attack bonus of any head slot item, but you’ll need a level 65 ranged and 45 defence to equip it.

This helm provides some fantastic benefits to ranger characters, especially when worn with the full 3rd age ranged armour set.

It also pairs well with any of the best skillcapes in OSRS, as it is a high-level piece of ranged gear.



This helm provides an impressive +9 ranged attack bonus, which can be incredibly useful in dangerous dungeons.

It also comes with a +4 stab, +7 slash, +10 crush, +5 magic, and +8 ranged defence bonus that is solidly high for a piece of headgear.

Although it doesn’t have any additional damage boosts, this helm is still one of the best ranged helms in Old School Runescape.


How To Get It

Like a few OSRS ranged helms on our list, the 3rd age ranged coif can only be found as a reward for completing hard, elite, and master Treasure Trails.

However, even from hard treasure trail clues, it only has a 1/211,250 chance of spawning, so you will have to get lucky in order to find this helm.

That said, if you have 6.2 million coins lying around, you can simply purchase the 3rd age ranged coif from the Grand Exchange!


2. Armadyl Helmet

Best OSRS Ranged Helms Armadyl Helmet

The Armadyl helmet has the second-highest ranged attack bonus of any piece of headgear in Old School Runescape.  

Requiring a level 70 defence and ranged to equip, this helm is incredibly powerful, though it is something geared towards late-game players.

While this helm can be difficult to find, it is definitely one you will want to keep an eye out for.



This helm provides a fantastic +10 ranged attack bonus, though it does drop every other type of attack by -5.

In terms of defence, it offers +6 stab, +8 slash, +10 crush, +10 magic, and +8 ranged, which can help keep players safe in dangerous areas.

The armadyl helm also comes with a +1 prayer bonus, which is fairly rare to see on a piece of headgear.


How To Get It

This helm can be obtained from Kree-arra in the God Wars Dungeon, though this is a very difficult location that will take skill to get through.

Alternatively, there is a 1 in 1 million chance that it can be dropped by Armadylean while doing elite coordinate clues.

Of course, you can buy this helm from the Grand Exchange, but it will cost you 6.9 million coins, making it one of the most expensive helms in the game.


1. Masori Mask

Best OSRS Ranged Helms Masori Mask

The masori mask is a very rare reward, but it also offers the best ranged attack bonus of any headgear in the game.

This helm requires a level 80 ranged and 30 defence to equip, and it can even be upgraded to a fortified variant.

As the best OSRS ranged helm, the masori mask is definitely something you’ll want to work towards.



This helm offers a stunning +12 ranged attack, the highest of any headgear in Old School Runescape, as well as a +2 ranged strength bonus.

For protection, it boasts +3 stab, +4 slash, +3 crush, +6 magic, and +4 ranged; however, this can be boosted further when fortified.

Furthermore, fortification will also add a +1 prayer bonus, which makes upgrading this mask even more worthwhile.


How To Get It

This ranged mask can be found in the Tombs of Amascut and upgraded using an Armadylean plate.

However, you will need a level 90 in crafting to upgrade it, and the fortification will boost its defence requirement from 30 to 80 .

While you can buy this helm on the Grand Exchange, it costs, on average, 27 million coins, with the fortified variant costing up to 34 million.



Each of the pieces of headgear mentioned here are the absolute best you can find in Old School Runescape.

Not only can they increase ranged attack, but some even come with unique benefits to make your character more effective in battle.

Although it does require a lot of luck to grab a few of these helmets, they are well worth the grind — or the cost — to have them for yourself.

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Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best ranged helms on OSRS:

  1. Masori Mask
  2. Armadyl Helmet
  3. 3rd Age Ranged Coif
  4. Robin Hood Hat
  5. Karil’s Coif
  6. Crystal Helm
  7. Archer Helm
  8. Void Ranger Helm
  9. Blessed Coif
  10. Spined Helm

What’s your favorite OSRS ranged helm? Leave a comment below.

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