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OSRS: The Most Useful Skilling Outfits

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The Best OSRS Skilling Outfits

What are the most useful skilling outfits in OSRS?

Skills are an essential part of Old School Runescape, and to make progress, you’ll need to do a lot of skilling.

Fortunately, there are a number of outfits that can help boost your skills to make them easier or more profitable.

If you’re currently lacking skill-boosting outfit pieces, don’t worry because we’ve rounded up all the best ones you can find!


The 10 Most Useful Skilling Outfits In OSRS

Each of the skill-boosting outfits on this list has been chosen based on their benefits and usefulness.

While there are many outfit pieces in the game, for skilling, these are the ones you can’t pass up!

That said, let’s take a look at our list of the 10 most useful skilling outfits in OSRS:


10. Angler’s Outfit

OSRS Most Useful Skilling Outfits Angler's Outfit

Kicking off our list, we have the Angler’s outfit, which is a must-have for anyone prioritizing the fishing skill.

The skill-boosting benefits of this outfit revolve around extra experience, allowing players to level up more quickly when wearing it.

When this outfit is equipped, players will receive 2.5% more fishing XP, though this doesn’t count during random events or XP lamps.

To wear this skilling outfit, you will need a level 34 in fishing, and if worn from that level until 99, it can save you 337k XP.

The Angler’s outfit is also needed to gain access to the minnows in the Fishing Guild, as well as a master clue.

To get it, you will need to complete the Fishing Trawler game, after which outfit pieces can be found in the net to the west of the boat.

Players will have a 1/12 chance of receiving a new piece of this outfit, so long as their contribution is over 50% by the time the game ends.

It can also be obtained from aerial fishing by purchasing it from Alry the ANgler for 100 Molch pearls.

Each catch in aerial fishing will have a 1/100 to 1/75 chance of providing these pearls, with drop rates being based on hunter and fishing skills.


9. Smiths’ Uniform

OSRS Most Useful Skilling Outfits Smith's Uniform

Up next, we have the Smiths’ uniform, a skilling outfit that can make the smithing process much easier.

Each piece of this outfit provides a 20% chance of speeding up smithing actions performed at an anvil.

With the full set, actions can be sped up 100%, and a 20% chance of increased progress on preforms in the Giants’ Foundry is unlocked.

Additionally, the smiths’ gloves can be used on a pair of ice gloves to create smiths’ gloves (i), which has the benefits of both combined.

To get this outfit, you will need 15k Foundry Reputation at the Giants’ Foundry Reward Shop.

In order to earn points, you will need to smith blades at the Foundry, with the awarded reputation being equal to the sword quality.

If you are someone who frequents the best smithing locations in OSRS, this is one outfit you shouldn’t pass up!


8. Farmer’s Outfit

OSRS Most Useful Skilling Outfits Farmer's Outfit

If farming is the skill you are focusing on, this next outfit is definitely worth grabbing if you can!

This experience-boosting set grants players additional farming experience when worn, but you’ll need a farming level of 34 to equip it.

The Farmer’s outfit can be purchased from the Tithe Farm Shop for 400 points, which can be earned from the minigame.

This game revolves around planting special seeds, tending the growing plants, and harvesting and depositing them at the end.

If you are efficient, you can earn roughly 76 points per hour playing, meaning it should take you around five and a half hours to afford this outfit.

Like the Angler’s outfit, if worn from level 34 to 99, this skilling outfit can save you around 326k XP overall.

While this may seem insignificant, it adds up, seeing as farming is often a very slow skill to level.

Since this skill often has longer waiting periods than others, having this boost in XP can definitely make a difference!


7. Zealot’s Robes

OSRS Most Useful Skilling Outfits Zealots Robes

These robes are a must-have for players training their prayer skills, and it comes with a 5% chance of saving bones and ensouled heads.

This bonus also stacks with the bone-saving effect that can be gained from the Chaos Temple altar, though it does have limitations.

It won’t work when offering bones at the Sacred Bone Burner, the Sinister Offering, and at the Ectofuntus.

However, because this set can save a single bone numerous times, it can definitely come in handy for prayer training.

The Zealot’s robes can be obtained by looting gold chests inside the Shade Catacombs, located under Mort’ton.

These catacombs are part of the Shades of Mort’ton minigame, and the entrance can be found north of the general store.

Keep in mind you will need to have a bronze shade key or better from the minigame in order to enter this area.

Bronze keys can be harvested by killing and burning Loar Shades, but sometimes they will produce coins instead of keys.

While it may take a few tries, once you have the key, you can enter the catacombs and start looting the chests for these robes!

Just make sure to bring along some of the best foods for healing, as the shades can sometimes be dangerous.


6. Lumberjack Outfit

OSRS Most Useful Skilling Outfits Lumberjack Outfit

The Lumberjack outfit is perfect for players who head to the best woodcutting locations in OSRS regularly.

This outfit offers an experience boost if it is worn while woodcutting, and equipping it requires a level 44 in the skill.

Each piece boosts XP gains by 0.2-0.8%, while the whole set will provide 2.5% more experience overall.

Best of all, this boost also stacks with the 10% XP bonus when cutting maples from the medium Kandarin Diary reward.

The Lumberjack outfit can be tricky to find, as it can’t be purchased on the Grand Exchange and instead only drops from Undead Lumberjacks.

Undead Lumberjacks can only be found during a random event during the Temple Trekking minigame.

This random event occurs when players cross a bridge that needs repair, but there are no trees available to cut.

When this happens, Undead Lumberjacks will begin spawning from the swamp, and you will have to kill them for the planks.

However, so long as you don’t rebuild the bridge, these lumberjacks will keep spawning, allowing you to keep killing them for outfit pieces.

That said, only one outfit piece can be gained per event, so you will have to repeat the process four times.


5. Pyromancer Outfit

OSRS Most Useful Skilling Outfits Pyromancer Outfit

If you’re following our OSRS Firemaking 1-99 guide, having the Pyromancer outfit will certainly help you out!

This experience-boosting set provides a bit of increased experience from firemaking activities, up to 2.5% with the full set.

However, it currently doesn’t offer an experience boost when training at the Shades of Mort’ton minigame.

It also won’t boost the experience gained when making funeral pyres in the town of Mort’ton.

That said, if you use the popular method of making fires at the Grand Exchange, this outfit can come in handy.

Pieces of the Pyromancer outfit can be found by searching the supply crates after subduing the Windertodt.

The Windertodt is a minigame-style boss that players must fight using skills instead of melee, magic, or ranged combat.

It can be found in the Northern Tundras in Great Kourend, and a 50-level firemaking skill is needed to join the fight.

That said, because Windertodt is considered a boss and not a minigame, dying is unsafe in this location.

You will lose items and your hardcore status if you are an Ironman, so make sure to take the proper precautions!


4. Rogue Equipment

OSRS Most Useful Skilling Outfits Rogue Equipment

For players training their thieving skills, Rogue equipment is worth grabbing as it comes with some neat benefits.

If you’re wearing a full set of Rogue equipment, there will be a 100% chance to pickpocket twice the loot from any NPC.

However, coin pouches won’t be doubled; instead, there will be a chance to gain an amount of coins equal to the value of the original pouch.

This effect also only works on pickpocketing and won’t impact stalls, chests, or any other activities.

To get Rogue equipment, you will have to obtain pieces from a Rogue’s Equipment Crate.

These crates are earned by opening the safes at the end of the Rogues’ Den minigame, after which a crate will appear as an award.

When interacted with, a crate will give you the option of receiving an equipment piece or a rouge kit.

If you don’t have the full set, we definitely recommend going for this armor every time until you have everything you need!


3. Raiments Of The Eye

OSRS Most Useful Skilling Outfits Raiments of the Eye

The Raiments of the Eye is a set of robes that anyone training in runecrafting needs to have on hand.

Each piece of this outfit grants a 10% chance to gain more runes when runecrafting, with a total of 60% with a full set.

The hat, which resembles some of the best mage helms in OSRS, can also be changed to an imbued tiara.

These robes can be purchased from the Guardians of the Rift reward shop for 1,350 abyssal pearls.

To earn these, you will have to complete many rounds of Guardians of the Rift, a minigame centered on assisting with closing a rift.

In order to gain all of the pearls needed, you will have to play roughly 180 rounds of this game, which can seem a bit daunting.

However, if you’re training in runecrafting or rely a lot on runes, this skilling outfit is definitely worth the effort!


2. Graceful Outfit

OSRS Most Useful Skilling Outfits Graceful Outfit

The Graceful outfit is one of the most useful skilling outfits in OSRS, particularly for players who do a lot of traveling.

We also recommend grabbing this outfit if you are following our OSRS agility 1-99 guide, as it can be extremely helpful!

Each piece of this outfit will increase a player’s run energy restoration rate with a max boost of 30%.

While other items, such as the Boots of Lightness, reduce weight more than the Graceful outfit, nothing else provides the same energy gain boost.

This outfit can only be gained by completing rooftop agility courses and earning Marks of Grace.

These can then be handed over to Grace at the Rouge’s Den in exchange for pieces of the Graceful outfit.

A full set will cost 260 Marks of Grace, which many players choose to mean at the Canifis Rooftop Course, since it has a high Mark spawn rate.

However, the Ardougne Rooftop Course and Seers’ Village Rooftop Course are also popular options for quickly earning Marks.


1. Prospector Kit

OSRS Most Useful Skilling Outfits Prospector Outfit

Taking our number one spot is the Prospector Kit, which provides an experience boost of 2.5% when worn in full.

This set can be invaluable when leveling your mining skill, and the boost can save you a lot of time, despite seeming low.

Additionally, wearing the full set while entering the Mining Guild is part of the hard Falador Diary.

The Prospector Kit can be purchased from Prospector Percy’s Nuggest Shop inside the Motherlode Mine.

To buy the whole set, you will need 180 gold nuggets, which can be found randomly while mining pay-dirt.

It is a bit more efficient to buy the most expensive items first, as these will offer a greater XP boost up front.

This will allow you to start earning more XP overall as you work your way toward affording the whole outfit!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 most useful skilling outfits in OSRS and learned which one you should pick up first!

Although all of these skilling outfits are great to have, the one you rush towards will depend on the skills you’re currently working on.

We would definitely recommend the Prospector’s Kit for everyone, though, as mining can have a big impact on a lot of other skills!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 most useful skilling outfits in OSRS:

  1. Prospector Kit
  2. Graceful Outfit
  3. Raiments Of The Eye
  4. Rouge Equipment
  5. Pyromancer Outfit
  6. Lumberjack Outfit
  7. Zealot’s Robes
  8. Farmer’s Outfit
  9. Smiths’ Uniform
  10. Angler’s Outfit

Which skilling outfit are you going to get first? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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