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OSRS 1-99 Smithing Guide

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OSRS 1 99 Smithing Guide

Smithing is one of the most profitable skills in Old School Runescape, and it has a lot of practical uses in combat as well.

This skill also works well when paired with mining, and it is even possible to level them alongside each other at the same time.

However, if you want to max out this skill, you’re going to need to know some important tips and tricks!


OSRS Smithing Guide: Level 1-99

In this guide, we will be covering absolutely everything you need to know about smithing in Old School Runescape.

This includes the quests that provide smithing XP and the different grinding methods you can use to reach level 99.

We will also be covering specific tips you can use to make smithing easier, as well as how you can make a ton of money during the leveling process.

Get ready to fire up your nearest smelting furnace because, by the end of this guide, you’ll be a master smith!


Why Train Smithing In OSRS?

There are many benefits that come with leveling up smithing in OSRS, the biggest of which is profit.

Smithing can allow players to earn a lot of money at the Grand Exchange pretty quickly by making and selling items.

This money can then be used to purchase expensive items, like the best melee armor in OSRS, though you can also use this skill to gear up.

With smithing, you can make armor, weapons, and ammunition for yourself without needing to buy it or find it in the wild.

You can also level smithing alongside mining to make additional profits or just double up on the experience earned doing both of these activities.


Things To know

Before you can get started on smithing, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind, including the locations of furnaces and anvils across the map.

Icons can identify furnaces on the world map, but the closest one to a bank is in Shilo Village, which requires 20 coins per use unless you’ve completed the Karamja Elite Diary.

However, players with a level 43 magic skill can use the Superheat Item spell to smelt ore right next to a bank to cut down on travel time.

If you’re a new player, though, we recommend using the furnace in Lumbridge since it is just slightly north of the teleport area.

You should also keep the location of anvils in mind, with the most convenient one being located in western Varrock.

This anvil is located directly across from the bank, making it easy for players to store items after making them.

If you have completed Song of the Elves, you can also use the anvil and furnace in Prifddinas, near the southeastern bank.


Tips & Tricks

Now let’s take a look at some important tips and tricks you should keep in mind before you start grinding.

For instance, stamina potions, while not required, can be incredibly helpful when you need to travel, and their cheap price makes them easy to stock up on.

There are also the Goldsmith Gauntlets, some of the best gloves in OSRS, that provide an increase in XP when smelting gold ore.

The Goldsmith Gauntlets can be obtained by giving magical steel gauntlets and 25,000 gold to Avan at the Kharid Mine.

You can also consider the Ice Gloves, which allow you to collect bars from the Blast Furnace without needing a bucket of water.

These can be obtained from the Ice Queen inside the White Wolf Mountain, and they work well when used alongside the Goldsmith Gauntlets.

The Graceful Outfit is something else to consider picking up if you have a high agility skill, as it will provide a weight reduction allowing you to carry more ore.


Quests For Smithing Experience

While there are many quests that require smithing experience to start, there are also some that provide experience as a reward to help you level up.

We’re going to be looking specifically at the best quests that most low-level smiths can take on to boost their skill in the early stages.

Our 1-99 guide actually includes two quests as part of the fastest method to 99, however, we’ve included 4 more useful quests below for smithing XP

The other smithing experience quests that we recommend are:


1. Recipe For Disaster

OSRS Smithing Guide Recipe for Disaster

This quest is the sequel to Cook’s Assistant, and it is made up of 10 segments culminating in a grand finale faceoff.

The Recipe for Disaster is very long, and to complete each segment, you will need:

  • 70 cooking
  • 48 agility
  • 50 mining
  • 53 fishing
  • 53 thieving
  • 25 herblore
  • 59 magic
  • 40 smithing
  • 50 firemaking
  • 40 ranged
  • 40 crafting
  • 10 fletching
  • 36 woodcutting

However, once you complete each part, you can receive 20,000 smithing XP, which is extremely significant.

That said, even completing just the third segment, Freeing Pirate Pete, which only requires a cooking level 31, will grant you 1,000 smithing XP.

While we would recommend doing the entire quest if you can, simply doing the third part can get you a decent boost of experience.


2. Heroes’ Quest

OSRS Smithing Quest XP Heroes Quest

The Heroes’ Quest is a medium-length quest that requires 55 quest points, 53 cooking, 53 fishing, 25 herblore, and 50 mining to finish.

You will also have to have completed the Shield of Arrav, Lost City, Merlin’s Crystal, and Dragon Slayer I.

However, if you meet these requirements, you can earn 2,257 smithing XP upon completing Heroes’ Quest.

This quest also provides access to the Heroes’ Guild and access to the Fountain of Heroes, where players can recharge one of the best amulets in OSRS, the amulet of glory.


3. The Giant Dwarf

OSRS Smithing Quest XP The Giant Dwarf

The Giant Dwarf quest is the first in the Rise of the Red Axe series, and it is a medium-length quest that kicks off in the Keldagrim Mines.

To start The Giant Dwarf, you will need 12 crafting, 16 firemaking, 33 magic, and 14 thieving, which makes it fairly accessible to most players.

Once it is complete, players will receive 2,500 smithing XP, as well as additional XP in mining, crafting, magic, thieving, and firemaking.

We would definitely recommend this quest if you’re just starting out and want to boost your smithing via questing instead of grinding.


4. Elemental Workshop II

OSRS Smithing Quest XP Elemental Workshop II

The second in the Elemental Workshop series, this quest is short, but it comes with some significant rewards.

To begin, you will need 20 magic and 30 smithing, as well as a pickaxe, hammer, elemental ore, coal, and the battered key from the Elemental Workshop I.

It is also recommended that you have at least 15 combat and fast travel unlocked for the Seers’ Village and Exam Centre.

When this quest is complete, it provides 7,500 smithing and crafting experience, along with the ability to make and use elemental mind equipment.


Fastest Method

If you want to get your smithing skill up as quickly as possible, you’re in luck because there is a tried and true method for getting to level 99 fast.

While it will still require a good amount of grinding, this method is much faster than others, and it doesn’t require a ton of monotony.

This is what you need to do in order to reach level 99 smithing as fast as possible.


Levels 1-29: Knight’s Sword Quest

OSRS Smithing Guide The Knights Sword Quest

If you’re starting off at level 1, the best thing you can do to reach level 29 is complete the Knight’s Sword Quest.

To complete this quest, you will need a redberry pie, a pickaxe, and two iron bars, though a combat level of at least 20 is also recommended.

This quest can be started by speaking to the squire in the courtyard of the White Knights’ castle located in Falador.

Despite being a short quest, players will receive 12,725 smithing XP for completing it, enough to increase the smithing skill from 1 to 29.


Levels 29-33: Sleeping Giants Quest

OSRS Smithing Guide Sleeping Giants Quest

Once you’ve reached level 29 by finishing the Knight’s Sword quest, you can move on to the Sleeping Giants quest.

This is another short quest, and it requires three oak logs, 10 nails, a hammer, a chisel, one piece of wool, and a bucket of water.

There are no enemies to defeat in this quest, so you don’t have to worry about having a high combat level, and overall, it is very straightforward.

To start, speak with Kovac at the Giants’ Plateau east of Al Kharid, and when you’ve finished, you will receive 6,000 smithing experience.

This should push your smithing skill to level 33, and it will also give you access to the Giants’ Foundry, a smithing minigame.


Levels 33-40: Iron Platebodies

OSRS Smithing Guide Iron Platebodies

At level 33, you can start smithing iron items to boost your experience, particularly Iron Platebodies.

This will take a lot of iron bars, which you can either gain by mining and smelting or buying them outright if you have the money.

It will take five iron bars to make a single platebody, but you can also smith iron war hammers, which only cost three bars.

You should continue smithing iron items until you reach level 40, after which you can move on to the Blast Furnace!


Levels 40-99: Blast Furnace (Gold Bar Method)

At level 40, you’ll want to ditch the iron and start smelting gold bars at the Blast Furnace, which will require a bucket of water and tons of gold ore.

We also recommend having the Goldsmith Gauntlets for this, as they will massively increase the XP per hour you are able to earn.

With the Goldsmith Gauntlets, the experience gained from smelting a gold ore increases from 22.5 to 56.2, making them well worth having.

We would also recommend having the ice gloves handy as well, which the Ice Queen drops, since they remove the need to use buckets of water.

Once you have these lined up, you can start grinding toward level 99, which will still take time, but much less than if you were using other methods.

Best of all, when you do finally hit level 99, you can get one of the best skillcapes in OSRS and flaunt your achievement to all the other players!


Alternative Methods

If you want some alternatives to the quickest method, there are tons to choose from, though they won’t get you to level 99 as quickly.

However, they do offer different ways to increase your level if some of the methods above aren’t available to you.

Some of the best alternative leveling methods are:


Levels 1-34: Bronze Items

OSRS Smithing Guide Bronze Items

If you can’t or don’t want to complete the Knight’s Sword and Giant Dwarf quests, you can instead start smithing bronze items.

Bronze bars are created by smelting tin and copper ore in a furnace and can be mined if you want to level your mining skills.

However, you can also buy bronze bars or the ore needed to smelt if you don’t want to spend extra time mining.

When using this method, you should constantly work on the highest-level items you can. For instance, axes at level 1 and unfinished bolts at level 3.


Levels 34-99: Dart Tips

OSRS Smithing Guide Steel Dart Tips

Once you are at level 34, you can start smithing dart tips, which are in high demand at the Grand Exchange.

Smithing steel dart tips is a slow process, but it is a slightly less costly and profitable alternative to smelting gold bars at the Blast Furnace.

You should start off by smithing steel dart tips at level 34, for which you will need 3,900 steel bars.

At level 54, you can switch to smithing mithril dart tips, which requires 257,700 mithril bars that can be purchased or mined.

When you hit level 74, you can start smithing adamant dart tips, which will require 191,000 adamantite bars to get you to level 99.


Levels 85-99: Runite Bars

OSRS Smithing Guide Runite Bars

Alternatively, once you hit level 85, you can start smelting Runite bars at the Blast Furnace for around 80,000 smithing XP per hour.

You can also make quite a profit using this method, around 650,000 gold per hour, which makes it one of the best money-making methods for leveling smithing.

While this is much slower than smelting gold bars, it is a profitable alternative that you can continue to use once you’ve reached level 99.



We hope you’ve enjoyed our OSRS smithing guide and learned everything you need to in order to max out your character’s smithing skill.

Although it will take a lot of grinding, smithing is a great skill to have at level 99 because it allows you to make some pretty great armor and weapons.

It can also make you a solid profit long after you’ve maxed out your skill, allowing you to earn millions fairly quickly.

What method for leveling smithing are you planning to use? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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