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The Best Saints Row 3 Cheats

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The Best Saints Row 3 Cheats

What are the best Saints Row 3 cheats?

Saints Row The Third is a game that’s perpetually over the top, and it allows players to make use of cheat codes easily.

In fact, it basically encourages the use of cheats by coming with tons of them that allow you to change many different aspects of the game.

If you’re not using cheats in Saints Row 3, you’re really missing out on a ton of fantastic abilities!


The Best Saints Row 3 Cheats

Cheats in Saints Row 3 allow you to do everything from spawning vehicles and weapons to changing the weather and your notoriety levels.

There are a ton of cheat codes to use, so to make finding the ones you want easy, we’ve rounded them all up for our list.

Don’t worry if you’re new to using cheats because we’re going to walk you through how they work, so you can start using them easily!


How To Use Cheats In Saints Row 3

Like the best GTA 5 cheats, the codes you can use in Saints Row 3 can completely shake up the game.

Using cheats in Saints Row 3 is incredibly easy as the game is set up to allow players to input cheat codes whenever they want.

To find the cheat menu, open your in-game phone and select the Extras menu, where you will find two options, Stats and Cheats.

Select the Cheats option and type in one of the cheat codes you want to use, and then hit the Accept button.

And that’s it! The cheat you’ve entered will automatically take effect, so you can start having fun with it.

While the Saints Row reboot was a bit of a disappointment, we’re glad we can still enjoy messing around in Saints Row the Third!

Now, let’s take a look at our list of the best Saints Row 3 cheats:


Saints Row 3 Cheats – General Cheats

These cheats make general changes to your character, such as turning on infinite sprint or one-hit kills.

  • cheese – Gives you $100,000
  • letsrock – Gives you all weapons
  • goldengun – Enables one-hit kills
  • runfast – Gives you infinite sprint
  • repaircar – Fixes your car
  • vroom – Makes you vehicle invulnerable
  • isquishyou – Makes your vehicle crush others


Saints Row 3 Cheats – World Cheats

Using these cheats changes the larger world and impacts pedestrians, the police, or your standing with gangs.

  • brains – Turns peds into zombies
  • dui – Makes peds drunk
  • hohoho – Turns peds into pimps and prostitutes
  • mascot – Turns peds into mascots
  • lolz – Gives you gang notoriety +1
  • oops – Remove your gang notoriety
  • pissoffpigs – Gives you police notoriety +1
  • goodygoody – Removes your police notoriety
  • whatitmeanstome – Gives you respect
  • notrated – Everyone killed explodes into a bloody mess
  • fryhole – Dead bodies float into the air


Saints Row 3 Cheats – Weapon Cheats

As the name suggests, these cheats allow you to spawn specific weapons, so you can use them whenever you want!

  • givesheperd – 45 Shepherd
  • giveapoca – Apocafists
  • givear55 – AR 55
  • giveultimax – AS3 Ultimax
  • givebaseball – Baseball bat
  • givechainsaw – Chainsaw
  • givecyber – Cyber Buster
  • givecybersmg – Cyber Blaster
  • giveblossom – D4TH Blossom
  • giveelectric – Electric grenade
  • giveflamethrower – Flamethrower
  • giveflashbang – Flashbang
  • givelauncher – GL G20 Grenade Launcher
  • givedigger – Grave Digger
  • givegrenade – Grenade
  • givekrukov – K-8 Krukov
  • givekobra – KA-1 Kobra
  • givesniper – McManus 2015
  • giveminigun – Minigun
  • givemolotov – Molotov
  • givesword – Nocturne
  • givercgun – RC Possessor
  • givedrone – Reaper Drone
  • giverpg – RPG
  • givehammer – S3X Hammer
  • giveairstrike – SA-3 Airstrike
  • givesatchel – Satchel charge
  • giverocket – Shock Hammer
  • givesonic – Sonic Boom
  • givestungun – Stun gun
  • givetek – TEK Z-10
  • givedildo – The Perpetrator
  • giveslm8 – Viper Laser Rifle


Saints Row 3 Cheats – Weather Cheats

If you want to change the weather, you can use these cheats to play god and make the world bend to your will.

  • clearskies – Makes weather Sunny
  • overcast – Makes weather cloudy
  • lightrain – Makes weather rainy
  • heavyrain – Makes weather stormy


Saints Row 3 Cheats – Vehicle Cheats

Like some of the best GTA 4 cheats, if you have your eye on a specific vehicle, these cheat codes will allow you to spawn it whenever you want.

  • giveambulance – Spawn ambulance
  • giveanchor – Spawn Anchor
  • giveattrazione – Spawn Attrazione
  • givebootlegger – Spawn Bootlegger
  • givechallenger – Spawn Challenger
  • givecommander – Spawn Commander
  • givecondor – Spawn Condor
  • giveeagle – Spawn Eagle
  • giveestrada – Spawn Estrada
  • givevtol – Spawn F69 Vtol
  • givegatmobile – Spawn Gatmobile
  • givekaneda – Spawn Kaneda
  • givekenshin – Spawn Kenshin
  • giveknoxville – Spawn Knoxville
  • givekrukov – Spawn Krukov
  • givemiami – Spawn Miami
  • givemunicipal – Spawn Municipal
  • givenforcer – Spawn Nforcer
  • givepeacemaker – Spawn Peacemaker
  • givephoenix – Spawn Phoenix
  • givequasar – Spawn Quasar
  • givereaper – Spawn Reaper
  • givesandstorm – Spawn Sandstorm
  • giveshark – Spawn Shark
  • givespecter – Spawn Specter
  • givesquasar – Spawn Squasar
  • givestatusquo – Spawn Status Quo
  • givetaxi – Spawn Taxi
  • givetitan – Spawn Titan
  • givetoad – Spawn Toad
  • givetornado – Spawn Tornado
  • givevortex – Spawn Vortex
  • givevtol – Spawn VTOL
  • givevulture – Spawn Vulture
  • givewidowmaker – Spawn Widowmaker
  • givewoodpecker – Spawn Woodpecker



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best Saints Row 3 cheats and found some that you can’t wait to use.

Saints Row is a hilarious game, but being able to spawn in whatever you want and play god really takes it to a whole other level.

This game is made to be used with cheats, so we highly recommend going crazy with them and enjoying the hilarity that ensues!  

What Saints Row 3 cheat are you most excited about using? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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