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The 10 Best Dying Light 2 Mods

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The Best Dying Light 2 Mods to Download

What are the best Dying Light 2 mods:

Dying Light 2 is a fantastic sequel, and it builds on the foundation of the previous game with new mechanics and engaging gameplay.

However, Dying Light 2 does struggle in a few respects, namely its rather forgettable campaign and long runtime.

Fortunately, the modding community has helped flesh things out with a variety of mods that completely overhaul the game!


The 10 Best Dying Light 2 Mods

There are a ton of mods for Dying Light 2, but not all of them are worth rushing to download for your next playthrough.

To create this list, we’ve selected only the highest-rated mods that provide the most significant gameplay changes.

So, before you jump back into the zombie apocalypse, here’s our list of the 10 best Dying Light 2 mods:


10. Skip All Intros

Best Dying Light 2 Mods Skip All Intros

Kicking off our list, we have a very simple mod that aims to make getting into the game as easy as possible.

What this mod does is make it so that all of the developer logos are skipped when you load up the game.

So, instead of having to sit through them every time you open the game, you can skip straight to the main menu.

While we understand why the logos are there, they do get a bit annoying, and we usually end up hammering the spacebar to try and skip them anyway.

This mod may not be game-changing, but it has earned a permanent place in our load order as it makes jumping into the game a lot easier.


9. Physics Are Back

Best Dying Light 2 Mods Physics Are Back

While Dying Light 2 is a fantastic game, one of the biggest complaints from players is that the physics often feel like they’re a bit wonky.

Fortunately, modder DocOnHoliday has created Physics Are Back to help make things feel a bit more realistic.

This mod reintroduces actual physics into the game, which makes sense, and it also adds weapon hit detection.

With this mod, combat feels and looks so much better, as bodies will actually respond in a realistic way to impacts.

However, if you’re in the mood for a more dramatic overhaul, these improvements are also part of I Am Legion – Reborn, by the same creator.

Along with improving physics, I Am Legion – Reborn adds thousands of new enemies and weapons, as well as new factions, new NPCs, and AI behavior.

Both of these mods help Dying Light 2 feel much more immersive, and we highly recommend at least giving Physics Are Back a try!


8. More Loot

Best Dying Light 2 Mods More Loot

To stay alive in any of the best PS5 zombie games, you’re going to need a lot of loot to keep you going.

Unfortunately, the vanilla version of Dying Light 2 can often be a little stingy with its loot system, leaving you scrambling to stay alive.

As the name suggests, this mod changes things so that you will be much more likely to receive more loot from containers and zombies.

It does this by increasing the odds of more loot appearing, though there is still a chance that you’ll only receive one item.

Given that looting is such an important part of Dying Light 2, we love that this mod actually rewards us for taking the time to loot everything.

Nothing is worse than taking the time to go on a dangerous scavenging run only to come out with less than you’ve gained.

If you feel the same way, you absolutely can’t afford to pass up this incredible mod that gives you a ton of incentive to loot everything!


7. Unlimited Weapon Durability

Best Dying Light 2 Mods Unlimited Weapon Durability

Weapon durability is a big part of Dying Light 2, and it adds to the horror survival aspect as you’ll have to keep a close eye on the condition of your weapons.

However, this mechanic isn’t always fun for everyone, which is why we recommend using the Unlimited Weapon Durability mod.

When this mod is installed, you will no longer have to worry about your favorite weapons breaking on you in the middle of combat.

While this does reduce the challenge of the game, some players may find it a worthwhile tradeoff that can save a lot of time and frustration.

Now, this mod definitely isn’t for everyone, but it has over 50k downloads on the Nexus, and we did enjoy using it ourselves!

If you’re someone who would rather focus on other aspects of the game instead of worrying about your weapons, Unlimited Weapon Durability is certainly worth downloading!


6. Increased Survivor Sense

Best Dying Light 2 Mods Increased Survivor Sense

Like many of the best PS5 horror games, Dying Light 2 gives players the ability to highlight interactive objects in the environment with the Survivor Sense mechanic.

Because there isn’t a lot of visual distinction in the game, Survivor Sense is incredibly important for locating things you can loot or pick up.

However, in the base game, this ability doesn’t last very long, and it only covers a small radius around the player.

This means, more often than not, you’ll be running around hammering the Survivor Sense button just to be able to see what’s around you.

Fortunately, this mod changes this mechanic to make it a lot less frustrating and a lot more useful!

When this mod is installed, the duration and distance of the Survivor Sense ability are greatly increased, so you’ll have a chance to see what’s around you.

What we love about this mod is that, while it makes interactive items appear from further away, it doesn’t impact enemy detection.

So, while you may be able to see items from a few rooms away, you won’t know until you get closer if enemies are around.

We feel this is a great compromise that prevents this mod from making things too easy while still making Survivor Sense much more helpful!


5. Proper Dynamic Weather

Best Dying Light 2 Mods Proper Dynamic Weather

Dying Light 2 may be one of the best open-world PS4 games, but in its vanilla form, it only has 3 weather conditions to experience.

Without this mod, the only types of weather that exist are fog, rain, and clear, which each have a percentage chance of occurring at certain times.

What this mod does is add 9 new random weather conditions and 25 new predefined weather scenarios that last for a preset time duration.

Now, the world feels much more dynamic and realistic, as you’ll never know what could be coming around the corner next.

Like the weather in the real world, conditions in Dying Light 2 with this mod can be unpredictable, causing you to have to think fast if you get caught in a storm.

We really love the changes that Proper Dynamic Weather makes, and if you want to make this game feel more realistic, you can’t pass this mod up!


4. Fair Prices

Buying and selling is a central part of Dying Light 2, and vendors can carry some essential supplies and weapons you need to stay alive.

Unfortunately, the economy in this game leaves a lot to be desired, because it seems like vendors make up things as they go.

Sure, they’ll pay you 50 bucks for a pair of level 9 boots you’ve found, but if you want to buy a pair of the same level gloves, be prepared to fork over thousands!

Thankfully, this mod fixes this issue by allowing you to be able to sell items for between 20-30% of their total value.

However, the prices altered by this mod also change depending on what difficulty you’re playing on, so the challenge isn’t lost.

We really like that this mod doesn’t just throw a ton of money at you but rather makes selling your scavenged goods a bit more rewarding.

Hopefully, the developers will take note of this mod for Dying Light 3 so that the economy will make sense when it’s released! 


3. The Golden Vendor

Best Dying Light 2 Mods The Golden Vendor

In Dying Light 2, there are 5 rarity tiers of gear, with gold — also known as an artifact — being the best you can find.

Gold gear has up to six stat bonuses, making it incredibly desirable but extremely difficult to come across.

However, The Golden Vendor mod changes things so that all of the gear sold in the game will be gold grade only.

This mod also increased the number of crafting parts that are sold while adding purple-tier crafting parts to merchants.

If that wasn’t enough, it also adds consumable crafting ingredients to craft masters, such as honey and chamomile.

Plus, if you check out the Windmill traders, they will now sell Twitch drops and unique Easter egg items!

With this mod, you’ll have a much easier time finding the best items in the game, and they’ll be cheaper than they would be in the vanilla game.

Moreover, the same mod creator also made the Missing Artifact Weapons mod, which adds cut tier 7-9 melee weapons to vendors.

Why these weren’t included in the base game, we’re not sure, but thankfully this mod adds them back and pairs perfectly with The Golden Vendor!


2. Easy Lock Picking

If you’ve played any of the best games like Skyrim, you’re probably very familiar with lockpicking minigames.  

However, this isn’t necessarily a good thing, as these minigames can be incredibly frustrating after a while.

Moreover, the lockpicking mechanic in Dying Light 2 is irritatingly difficult, and the picks break like they’re made of cracked glass!

Fortunately, the modding community has been able to fix things, particularly mod creator Jeremyrem who’s given us Easy Lock Picking.

When this mod is installed, the lockpicking minigame is much less frustrating, and it is harder to break picks.

Better yet, the number of picks you need to force open a lock has been reduced, which can save players a ton of time.

While this mod certainly isn’t for everyone, as it does make looting slightly easier, we certainly love the changes it makes.

Honestly, we feel that the lessened challenge is a worthy trade-off for not having to be frustrated by every locked container in the game!

This mod has definitely earned a permanent place in our load order, and if you’re aggravated with this minigame, you should definitely check it out!


1. Infinite Stamina

Taking our number one spot is Infinite Stamina, a mod that we can no longer play the game without!

Stamina is a core mechanic in Dying Light 2, and it controls how many actions Aiden can perform before he needs to take a break.

However, while this mechanic is a big part of the game, it can also be limiting, especially if you’ve already beaten the game and want to have fun.

That’s where this mod comes in, as it basically overwrites the stamina limits of the vanilla game so that you never run out!

This mod makes parkour a lot more fun, as you never have to worry about taking a break or failing to move when you’re climbing for your life.

Now, we certainly wouldn’t recommend this mod for first-time players unless you don’t mind missing out on a fairly important mechanic.

However, if you’re replaying the game and want to make Aiden into the parkour god of Villedor, this mod is amazing.

Sure, it may be a simple mod, but when it comes to making Dying Light 2 more fun, Infinite Stamina is an absolute must-have!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best Dying Light 2 mods and found some that you haven’t tried out yet.

While the vanilla game is filled with great content, these mods definitely add some much-needed features that make it even better.

Infinite Stamina, especially, is a mod that we highly recommend trying out, as being able to perform unlimited actions is incredibly fun!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best Dying Light 2 mods:

  1. Infinite Stamina
  2. Easy Lock Picking
  3. The Golden Vendor
  4. Fair Prices
  5. Proper Dynamic Weather
  6. Increased Survivor Sense
  7. Unlimited Weapon Durability
  8. More Loot
  9. Physics Are Back
  10. Skip All Intros

Did we miss any great Dying Light 2 mods? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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