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The 20 Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods

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The Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods to Download

What are the best Fallout 4 gun mods?

The world of Fallout 4 would be incredibly difficult to navigate without the proper firearms, but thankfully, the wasteland provides.

That said, vanilla Fallout 4 has a limited number of guns, which can get boring after your 10th or so playthrough. This is where weapon mods come in to rescue you from the monotony.


The Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods

To save you the trouble of having to find the most well-developed mods yourself, we’ve done the hard work so you can spend more time gaming.

Here’s our list of the 10 best Fallout 4 gun mods:


20. Alien Assault Rifle

Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods - Alien Assault Rifle

Most Fallout 4 fans are familiar with the Alien Blaster gun, but this mod transforms it into a fully moddable rifle that can be turned into an AR, SMG, shotgun, sniper rifle, or beam rifle.

This gun’s design and variations are just gorgeous, and its glowing blue energy makes it immediately stand out from all the other guns in the game.

While the Alien Blaster in Fallout 4 is alright, for those of us who prefer rifles, this mod adds the variety we need, and you totally feel like a complete badass when you whip it out during a gunfight.


19. The Widow Shotgun

Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods - The Widow Shotgun

The Widow is an old-school sawn-off double-barrel shotgun that looks like something you would expect a legendary wild-west outlaw to wield.

Not only is the gun completely upgradable, but the engraved design on the barrel is simply stunning to look at. It definitely feels right at home in one of the best post-apocalyptic games of all time.

If your character specializes in shotguns, you’re not going to want to start another playthrough before downloading this mod.


18. AK74M Assault Rifle

Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods - AK74M Assault Rifle

The AK74 is a videogame classic, and this mod gives Fallout fans the ability to grab it for themselves in-game. Let us tell you; it can definitely come in handy during some of the game’s toughest firefights.

This assault rifle is incredibly sleek and so well designed it’s easy to mistake it for something out of one of the best Call of Duty games of all time.

With custom animations and fully customizable modifications, this mod is a must for any Sole Survivor in Fallout 4 who wants to outfit themselves with the best guns they can find.


17. Modular Simonov PTRS-41 Anti-Tank Rifle

Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods - Modular Simonov PTRS

There’s nothing worse than facing down an enemy in power armor with only a low-powered gun. Yeah, your 10mm isn’t going to cut it here.

This mod switches the power dynamic by giving players the perfect gun to easily take out these powerful enemies without needing to get dangerously close.

It even comes with a can opener you can use as a melee weapon! You know, if you feel like trying to open up those suits manually. (Not recommended, but we won’t stop you.)

So before you head off to clear out Outpost Zimonja, consider picking up the PTRS-41 so that you’ll stand a better chance against Boomer and his devastating Fat Man.


16. Mosin Nagant

Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods - Mosin Nagant

If you’re roleplaying as a character specializing in stealth and sniping, this classic rifle is for you.

Originally used in the late Russian Empire and throughout the early Soviet Union, the Mosin Nagant specializes in taking enemies out before they can ever get a bead on you.

Now, it’s finally made its way to the Commonwealth, where it can quickly become one of your go-to weapons.

Even if you’re not playing as a sniper, this rifle can still be worth downloading just to give to a companion like MacCready so that he can finally pull his weight during a firefight!


15. FN FAL – SA58

Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods - FN Fal

If you want your Sole Survivor to become the ultimate soldier worthy of even the best first-person shooter PS4 games, this is a mod that you’ll definitely want to get your hands on.

This mod adds the devastating FN FAL SA58, Kukri machete knife, and a couple of military uniforms to make you feel like an actual one-person army taking on the Commonwealth.

We suppose this is especially fitting if you’re playing as the male Sole Survivor.

If that wasn’t enough, there is also a new end game dungeon called the Bone Zone that comes along with this mod that promises one hell of a tough fight.


14. Wattz Laser Gun

Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods - Wattz Laser Gun

Although there are a lot of futuristic weapons in Fallout 4, there is always room for more! T

The Wattz Laser Rifle weapon mod offers a brand new, lore-friendly gun with custom animations and textures inspired by the Wattz 2000 found in Fallout 1 and 2.

This laser musket can be painted with various color schemes, and you can customize it at your weapons workbenches to better suit your playstyle and make it even more hard-hitting in combat.

The Wattz Laser gun is perfect for Fallout fans who want to bring back some of the charm of older Fallout weapons, and if your character relies heavily on energy weapons, it is something that you will definitely want to grab.


13. M9 Standalone Pistol

Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods - M9 Standalone Pistol

A good sidearm can keep you alive in even the toughest situations, and the Beretta M9 is undoubtedly one of the best.

Capable of both semi-automatic and full automatic firing, this pistol is fully modifiable and lighter than the vanilla 10mm. It also uses .38 ammo, which is much more common and readily available.

Even if you give this weapon to a follower that will require ammo, it will still be more affordable and more powerful than their vanilla weapons.

If you’ve grown tired of always using the base 10mm pistol or whatever pipe weapons you find lying around, this standalone mod is something to consider.


12. HK G3 Family

Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods - HK G3 Family Fallout

As one of the best open-world PS4 games, there is a lot to see and explore, but often you end up running into the same types of guns with increasing frequency.

This mod gives you four new guns to look forward to, all balanced around the vanilla assault rifles.

Not only are they all incredibly well designed and modeled, but they each have their own customization options.

Although most are available from vendors starting at level 20, there is a special unique gun variant that this mod adds, but you’ll have to hunt for it yourself.

With motivation like that, you definitely have a good reason to get out and explore!


11. SCAR-H

Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods - Scar-H

The SCAR-H is another assault rifle that looks like it could have come straight out of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and it can be a beast under the right circumstances.

With custom animations that cover all functions and a fully fleshed-out modification system, this rifle is capable of being a mainstay from the early game into the end.

Simply put, this gun is a gorgeous addition to the game, and the developer is even working on an updated version with all-new animations and features.

Judging by how good this mod is, we can only imagine how epic its successor will be!


10. Gatling Rifle

Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods - Gatling Rifle

If the vanilla miniguns are just too bulky for your tastes, but you still want a gun with an insane rate of fire, the Gatling Rifle is right up your alley.

This rifle features a fully animated spinning barrel and an incredibly high fire rate that can even take out a deathclaw with relative ease. The barrel even glows red like the vanilla miniguns as it heats up!

While the downside is that it will go through ammo really quickly, the upside is that it’s fun to use and can save your life in some really tough battles.


9. Fusion Gun

Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods - Fusion Gun

If modern warfare weapon mods aren’t quite your style and you’d rather stick more to the sci-fi aesthetic of Fallout 4, modder FalloutSuite has got your back.

The Fusion Gun is a brand new energy weapon with its own unique ammo type and over a dozen attachments to customize it with.

Not only is this gun devastating in a fight, but it is also incredibly lore-friendly and looks like it could have come right out of the base game.


8. M14 Standalone Rifle

Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods - M14 Standalone Rifle

Another of the weapons mods on our list for sneaky sniper characters, the M14 is one of the most powerful rifles you can add to Fallout 4, and it comes with its own huge selection of in-game modifications.

Available in four different variations, the M14 is the perfect survival rifle to have on hand when trekking across one of the biggest open-world maps in gaming history.

Did we mention that the design is also to die for? Which is fitting because you’ll definitely be racking up the kills with this baby.


7. MTS-255 Revolver Shotgun

Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods - MTS-255 Revolver

Is there anything better to have on hand when facing down ferals in Fallout 4 than a revolver shotgun? We don’t think so.

This is one of the more unique weapon mods for Fallout 4, and it definitely packs a punch that can save you from getting overpowered by large groups of enemies.

With custom sounds, all-new attachments, and exclusive legendary modifications, the MTS-255 is a real force to be reckoned with.

Imported to be a favorite of the Gunners, you’re definitely going to have to fight hard to get your hands on this powerful gun.


6. X12 Plasmacaster

Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods - X12 Plasmacaster

If you’re an energy weapon fan and are looking to get your hands on some new toys, the X12 is something you’ll definitely want to add to your Fallout 4 mods wishlist.

This rifle can be modified into a carbine, sniper rifle, and a smart rifle, each with alternative firing modes that you can customize.

If you use the Mod Configuration Menu mod alongside this, you can even set hotkeys for this weapon.

The Plasmacaster is a must for Brotherhood players or those who just like having the biggest and baddest gun on the block.


5. Glock 86 – Plasma Pistol

Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods - Glock 86 Plasma Pistol

Like the Wattz Laser Rifle, this mod takes its inspiration from the first and second Fallout games and brings an old classic into Fallout 4.

The plasma gun was a staple weapon in early Fallout, and it was one of the most iconic weapon types in the Fallout universe.

As with many weapons mods, this one comes with brand new modifications, and unique variants can be found in special locations across the Commonwealth.

If you want to bring back a touch of the old games, this is one of the best weapon mods to download for Fallout 4.


4. Weapon Balance Overhaul

Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods - Weapon Balance Overhaul

If you’re looking to play through Fallout 4, especially on higher difficulties, you may find yourself running into the problem of enemy weapon sponges.

Although some weapons are decently balanced, some remain too underpowered to be helpful, especially in the late game.

Weapon Balance Overhaul changes this, giving weapons varying strengths to ensure they remain functional throughout the game.

These changes in weapon balance apply to both player and enemy weapons, so you won’t have to worry about your character becoming too overpowered.

Keep in mind that this mod now requires the Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource (AWKCR) mod to work, so be sure to download it first before installing it.


3. Weaponsmith Extended

Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods - Weaponsmith Extended

If you want one of the most popular weapons mods for your next playthrough of Fallout 4, Weaponsmith Extended is a must.

Featuring one of the largest collections of new weapons in any weapons mods, this mod gives users a plethora of new toys to play with, along with a lot of new features.

Like the Weapon Balance Overhaul, AWKCR is required, along with a few other framework mods that can be found on the mod page.

There you can also see the absurd amount of new weapons that this mod provides, and we guarantee you’ll be amazed.


2. See Through Scopes

Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods - See Through Scopes

See Through Scopes is one of the best Fallout 4 mods to download, and everyone using ranged weapons should have it.

While it doesn’t add any new weapons, it does remove the immersion-breaking fade to black that the vanilla game uses when you aim through a scope.

This mod can also be combined with many of the other weapon mods on this list so that you can really make the most out of every new scoped weapon you add to your arsenal.

See Through Scopes also allows you to change the range of your scopes, the crosshair detail, and their colors.

There are even recon scopes you can attach to give you more of an edge when dealing with larger groups of enemies.


1. Doombased Weapons Merged

Best Fallout 4 Gun Mods - Doombased Weapons Merged

Taking first place on our list, we have an incredible weapon mod that introduces 16 new weapons and unique variants to Fallout 4. All come with brand new models and textures, as well as custom animations and sounds.

This all-in-one weapons pack also comes with new attachments such as flashlights and lasers, and it is even compatible with the See Through Scopes framework, which it is recommended to be used alongside.

There is a reason this mod is the most downloaded weapons mod pack for Fallout 4, and once you try it for yourself, you’ll understand why so many people can’t play without it.



Fallout 4 is a brilliant game, and it features a lot of fun weapons that you can find to help give you an edge against the most formidable enemies.

However, variety is the spice of life, and these ten weapon mods definitely can help take your game to the next level.

All of these mods come highly recommended as the best weapon mods currently available for Fallout 4, and if you haven’t checked them out for yourself, you definitely need to stop missing out!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best Fallout 4 gun mods:

  1. Doombased Weapons Merged
  2. See Through Scopes
  3. Weaponsmith Extended
  4. Weapon Balance Overhaul
  5. Glock 86 – Plasma Pistol
  6. X12 Plasmacaster
  7. MTS-255 Revolver Shotgun
  8. M14 Standalone Rifle
  9. Fusion Gun
  10. Gatling Rifle
  11. SCAR-H
  12. HK G3 Family
  13. M9 Standalone Pistol
  14. Wattz Laser Gun
  15. FN FAL – SA58
  16. Mosin Nagant
  17. Modular Simonov PTRS-41 Anti-Tank Rifle
  18. AK74M Assault Rifle
  19. The Widow Shotgun
  20. Alien Assault Rifle

What’s the best Fallout 4 gun mod, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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