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The 10 Best Ready or Not Mods

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The Best Ready or Not Mods to Download

What are the best Ready or Not mods?

Ready or Not is a fantastic tactical FPS, and it serves as a great spiritual successor to Rainbow Six and the SWAT series.

While it is still in early access, this hasn’t stopped the modding community from creating tons of content to improve the game.

Today, we’re taking a look at the best mods for Ready or Not so that you can flesh out the game while waiting for the full release!


The 10 Best Ready or Not Mods

There are over 2000 mods on the Nexus geared toward improving this already great game, but only a few could make our list.

The mods we’ve selected have been chosen based on how they impact gameplay, their stability, and their number of endorsements.

So, before you go on your next raid, check out our list of the 10 best Ready or Not mods:


10. Better Enemy Behavior

Best Ready or Not Mods Better Enemy Behavior

Ready or Not may rival the best PS5 FPS games, but its enemy behavior does need a little bit of work.

Now, this can be forgiven since it is still in early access, and we assume that the developers will be tweaking it for the full release.

However, the modding community has already taken things into their own hands, and we’re incredibly thankful.

As the name suggests, Better Enemy Behavior improves combat by making your opponents a little less like walking aim bots.

When this mod is installed, the reflexes and accuracy of enemies are slightly reduced so that you’ll have a better shot at surviving.

While we appreciate that the enemies are difficult in this game, it can sometimes waver on being unfair, which is what this mod fixes.

These improvements may not be completely game-changing, but they still make tense situations a little more manageable.


9. SWAT 4 Voice Overhaul Mod

Best Ready or Not Mods SWAT 4 Voice Overhaul Mod

In its current state, Ready or Not uses early access voice lines for its characters, some of which leave a lot to be desired.

To make things more audibly pleasing, mod creator s1nk0 has created this mod that replaces these voice lines with ones from SWAT 4.

Overall, this mod replaces lines for Judge, AI teammates, the radio operator, civilians, and male suspects.

There is also an optional file that replaces the radio operator’s mission start voice lines with ones from the dispatcher in SWAT 4.

Although mods that change voices can be hit or miss, this one really hits its mark, and it doesn’t feel out of place at all.

In fact, if you have never played SWAT 4 to recognize the lines, you could easily mistake this for being real Ready or Not dialogue.

While Ready or Not’s latest update lets you SWAT a streamer, we hope that in a future update, they’ll add voice acting as good as this!


8. Neptune Spear

Best Ready or Not Mods Neptune Spear

This mod is really fascinating as it’s based on the Neptune Spear operation, which resulted in the death of Osama Bin Laden.

Kind of a mix between Ready or Not as the best Call of Duty games; this mod sets up the foreboding atmosphere perfectly.

While this map doesn’t have you literally tracking down Bin Laden, it is still incredibly cool to play through, and it’s a nice break from the vanilla maps.

The compound itself is extremely well created, and as a map, it stands out as one of the best ever added to the game.

It definitely adds a new layer of challenge to the game, and it’s nice to play through if you’ve grown bored with the vanilla maps.

However, as with all custom maps, Neptune Spear is currently only available for Barricaded Suspects mode, so keep that in mind!

When combined with SWAT 4 Voice Overhaul Mod and Better Enemy Behavior, this map really shines as one of the best available on Nexus.


7. Not So Convenient

Best Ready or Not Mods Not So Convenient

Not So Convenient is a map mod that revolves around a convenience store with horrible customer service.

This mod really goes above and beyond when it comes to level design, and its creator, TheLoafLord, has put a lot of effort into environmental storytelling.

There are three different levels that come with this mod, one that takes place during the day, another at night, and one that takes place on Christmas.

Each of these levels comes with different layouts, so if you play them all, you won’t have to worry about doing the same over again.

Other things these levels boast include a destructible environment and various spawns for both civilians and suspects.

While all of these levels are fun to play, the Christmas one is what the mod creator considers to be “canon.”

When you’re playing this level, you can learn a lot about the story behind the store and its extremely shady dealings.

If you’re running out of levels and want some that have a surprising amount of depth, Not So Convenient is an absolute must-have!


6. House Arrest

Best Ready or Not Mods House Arrest

Okay, so up next, we have another map mod, but since this game thrives on interesting maps, you’ll need all you can get!

This map is incredibly well-made, so much so that it rivals environments from some of the best first-person shooter PS4 games, which is impressive.

House Arrest adds a highly realistic suburban map that comes with two variants to choose from, and they’re each pretty interesting.

The two scenarios you can choose from are House Arrest and Suburban Decay, both of which have selectable difficulties.

In House Arrest, you’re called into a burglary in process where the homeowner is hidden in the home, and an unknown number of suspects await.

Meanwhile, in Urban Decay, you are responding to a bank robbery where the suspects have fled and barricaded themselves inside a suburban home.

Like Not So Convenient, these maps and situations are really well thought-out, and they are surprisingly challenging.

This has quickly become one of our favorite maps to play through, and we highly recommend giving it a try!


5. Ready Or Not Here I Come

Best Ready or Not Mods Ready Or Not Here I Come

Ready or Not Here I Come is a reconfiguration of AI that really helps make situations much more unpredictable.

In real life, criminals are unpredictable, especially when cornered, which gives good meaning to the term “armed and dangerous.”

Well, this mod increases the danger you and your squad are in by making enemy suspects behave much more erratically.

Now, you’ll have a hard time predicting their next moves, meaning you will have to think strategically to make it out alive.

This mod is so intricate that it even puts some of the best turn-based PS5 games to shame, and there are a number of new game modes to choose from.

In total, this mod adds 11 different game modes that include tactical team and terrorist hunt missions with varying difficulties.

Moreover, this mod tweaks a few gameplay mechanics, such as gun range effectiveness, scoring, and collision reduction.

The creator of this mod, ASadFigTree, also recommends pairing Ready or Not Here I Come with the More Slots mod by QuantumNuke75.

More Slots allows you to bring along more magazines, devices, and grenades, which will be invaluable on some of the most difficult levels in this mod!


4. DE_Nuke

Best Ready or Not Mods DE Nuke

This mod brings a touch of the best Fallout games to Ready or Not with a remake of the Counter-Strike map DE_Nuke.

While nuclear power plants are inherently foreboding with their massive cooling towers and the potential threat of meltdown.

However, in this mod, you will have to take the Cedar Creek Power Plant back at any cost after a silent alarm is triggered by a guard.

If you’ve played the original map in Counter-Strike, you will see a lot of familiar sights, though changes have been made for gameplay purposes.

On the flip side, if you’ve never played the original map, expect to have a lot of fun experiencing this one for the first time!

There is a lot of ground to cover and tons of potential suspects floating around that can put your team in danger.

You will definitely have to think very strategically if you want to retake the plant and get out alive!


3. Everything Unlocked

Best Ready or Not Mods Everything Unlocked

In the vanilla game, there are a lot of weapons, but most of them need to be unlocked before you can use them.

Well, this mod knows that many players don’t have the time — or patience — for that, so it makes things a lot simpler!

The Everything Unlocked mod does what its name suggests: unlocking every weapon in the game so you can have access to the entire Ready or Not arsenal.

If you really think about it, an actual SWAT team should have access to the best weapons, so really, this mod is super immersive and realistic!

Now, the only thing that can hold you back from successfully completing a mission is your own tactical abilities and not your lackluster gear.

That said, this mod does have some problems, namely that not all attachments work properly on every gun, though this is a relatively minor issue.

Aside from that, Everything Unlocked works like a dream, provided that dream is filled with the most badass weapons you could hope for!


2. Old Wenderley Psych Hospital

Best Ready or Not Mods Old Wenderley Psych Hospital

This map mod takes players to a level straight out of one of the best horror games of all time, and it’s really eerie.

The setup for this mod revolves around a call coming in from a person who’s escaped from drug dealers at the Old Wenderley Psych Hospital.

While there are no ghosts or paranormal entities to find here, the environment itself immediately puts you on edge.

Inside this decrepit psych hospital, an unknown number of heavily armed dealers are waiting, and every moment you’re there, the tension is palpable.

Your goal is to take out the suspects while protecting the innocent homeless inhabitants who are caught in the crossfire.

There’s really something deeply unsettling about this map, but it’s enthralling to play through as it keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Abandoned hospitals have long been one of the best places for staging tense encounters, and this mod uses the environment perfectly.


1. Gunfighter Gameplay Improvement

Best Ready or Not Mods Gunfighter Gameplay Improvement

Taking our number one spot is a mod that improves Ready or Not’s gunplay so that it rivals Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 with its realism.

The goal of this mod is to make gunfights feel much more realistic, and it makes a ton of changes that impact gameplay.

In terms of gunplay, this mod changes how guns behave during and after firing, and aiming and kickback have been modified to feel more real.

Armor has also been overhauled so that now if a bullet has insufficient power, it won’t be able to penetrate and cause damage.

Different materials also have been overhauled depending on how they stand up to shots of various calibers.

For example, Kevlar can stop 9x19mm or below, while ceramic and steel plates can stop 7.62 and below.

Likewise, ceramic and steel have been modified to have the same top-level protection, though steel can withstand more shots overall.

Ceramic plates, on the other hand, can shatter and buffer some damage, but not all, which you’ll have to keep in mind.

We’re honestly astonished by how much thought was put into this mod, and it really stands out as one of the most fleshed-out realism mods on Nexus.

Ready or Not is already a fairly realistic game, but Gunfighter Gameplay Improvement takes it to a whole other level!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best Ready or Not mods and found a few that you’re interested in trying yourself!

While there is still no word on when Ready or Not will leave early access, these mods certainly give us a glimpse of what the finished product could be.

Gunfighter Gameplay Improvement, especially, is an incredible addition, and we hope the developers at VOID Interactive are taking notes!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best Ready or Not mods:

  1. Gunfighter Gameplay Improvement
  2. Old Wenderley Psych Hospital
  3. Everything Unlocked
  4. DE_Nuke
  5. Ready Or Not Here I Come
  6. House Arrest
  7. Not So Convenient
  8. Neptune Spear
  9. SWAT 4 Voice Overhaul Mod
  10. Better Enemy Behavior

What’s your favorite Ready or Not game mode? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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