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The 20 Best Skyrim Wives To Marry

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The Best Skyrim Wives to Marry

Who are the best Skyrim wives to marry?

Traveling through the rugged terrain of Skyrim battling dragons and draugr is great and all, but sometimes it’s nice to be able to head home to your wife and a hot home-cooked meal.

If you don’t yet have a wife in Skyrim, we understand; it’s a tough choice to make in a world without divorce!

However, getting married can come with a load of perks that you definitely shouldn’t put off getting for too long.


The Best Skyrim Wives To Marry

There are a lot of eligible ladies to put the moves on in Skyrim, and at the end of the day, it can be hard to choose which one is best!

Fortunately, we’ve tracked down the finest eligible bachelorettes for you to help make your choice a little easier.

Here’s our list of the 20 best Skyrim wives to marry:


20. Gilfre

Best Skyrim Wives to Marry - Gilfre

Kicking off our list, we have Gilfre, an Imperial lumberjack found at the Mixwater Mill in Eastmarch.

As the owner and operator of her own mill, you know that she has both brains and brawn, making her a strong candidate for marriage.

Winning over this strong lady’s heart doesn’t take much work either. All you need to do is sell her firewood, and she’ll be willing to say, “I do.”

While you might think that she takes things a little fast, we like to think that she’s simply a woman who knows what she wants.


19. Ghorza Gra-Bagol

Best Skyrim Wives to Marry - Ghorza Bra-Bagol

Ghorza is another lady who owns her own business, and she serves as the blacksmith in Markarth.

While you may think it strange to find an Orc so far from an Orc Stronghold, Ghorza explains that she didn’t want to be stuck being the third wife to a lowly chieftain, and so she and her brother left their tribe to join the Legion.

After ten years of service and mastering her craft, she set up shop in Markarth, where she tries in vain to teach her apprentice Tacitus.

If you feel sparks flying that aren’t coming from her forge, know that winning her hand is as easy as retrieving a book for Tacitus and wearing an Amulet of Mara.


18. Sylgja

Best Skyrim Wives to Marry - Sylgja

Sylgja is a young Nord miner who lives in Shor’s Stone and can be found working during the day in Redbelly Mine.

If you speak with her, she will explain that she exchanges letters with her parents in Darkwater Crossing regularly, but she hasn’t been able to since injuring herself.

If you agree to deliver her satchel to her father, she will become a candidate for marriage.

One perk that comes with Sylgja is the fact that she owns her own house, which you can move into yourself after you marry her!

As a funny aside, Farkas also has a chance to ask the Dragonborn to intimidate her during the quest Hired Muscle, and to do so, you need to brawl her even if she is your wife.

Fortunately, she won’t hold a grudge!


17. Ysolda

Best Skyrim Wives to Marry - Ysolda

Skyrim is still one of the most popular video games right now, and no matter how many times you play, Ysolda is probably one of the first marriage partners you’ll meet in the game as you arrive in Whiterun with Camilla being.

As a Nord woman looking to become a working merchant, she will task the Dragonborn with fetching her a mammoth tusk so that she can impress the traveling Kahjiit caravaneer.

Giving her this tusk will make her a candidate for marriage, and if you’re in a hurry, you can steal one easily from Jorrvaskr.

Although she may not be the most helpful spouse in the game, while marrying her, you will get to see the whole Khajiit caravan in attendance, which is pretty neat.


16. Avrusa Sarethi

Best Skyrim Wives to Marry - Avrusa Sarethi

Avrusa is a Dunmer alchemist who lives with her sister at Sarethi Farm in the Rift. Although she once owned her own apothecary in Morrowind, after the eruption of Red Mountain devastated the province, her family moved to Skyrim.

In order to stir up a relationship with this alchemist, you will first need to bring her 20 Jazbay Grapes to help her grow her Nirnroot.

Thankfully she will become marriageable after this and not the dreaded quest, A Return to Your Roots, because honestly, finding 30 Crimson Nirnroot is too much work just to get a wife.


15. Senna

Best Skyrim Wives to Marry - Senna

Senna is the Breton priestess of Dibella, who you can find in the Temple of Dibella in Markarth.

In order to turn Senna into a marriage partner and get that sweet lover’s comfort bonus, you will first need to complete the Heart of Dibella quest, which can be started by talking to Degaine or picking the locked door in the temple.

Keep in mind that before you marry her, you should take care not to get caught stealing anything from the temple of Dibella, as she will hold a grudge and send hired thugs after you, wife or not.

While she may not have the most exciting story in the game, she definitely is a great wife in her own right.


14. Iona

Best Skyrim Wives to Marry - Iona

As one of the best open-world PS4 games, Skyrim gives you a lot of ground to cover and a lot of holds that can grant you loyal Housecarls.

Iona is the definition of a strong Nord woman, and she will function as your personal housecarl if you become Thane of the Rift.

Aside from being one of the best wives in Skyrim, she is also a great follower who can hold her own in battle as a skilled one-handed combat specialist.

However, to marry Iona, you must first gain enough favor with the Jarl to be named Thane in Riften, after which she will be waiting for you in Honeyside Manor.

You should keep in mind that, as the Housecarl of Honeyside Manor, she is very adamant about protecting it, especially the chickens in the garden.

In some cases, if you kill a chicken near the house, Iona will leave your service and turn hostile.

But hey, someone’s got to stand up for the chickens of Skyrim, right?


13. Rayya

Best Skyrim Wives to Marry - Rayya

Rayya is another of the best wives in Skyrim who also functions as a Housecarl, and she will be appointed to you once you become Thane of Falkreath.

She is also a capable Redguard combatant who dual-wields scimitars as a default, which is pretty badass. She is also specialized in heavy armor, making her a great follower to use as a tank.

Ironically enough, she shares the same voice actor as Iona, which can be pretty hilarious if you marry one and keep the other around as a steward.


12. Taarie

Best Skyrim Wives to Marry - Taarie

Skyrim is one of the best RPG PS4 games for a reason, and it gives you a lot of room to roleplay various characters.

However, if you’re playing as an Altmer and are after an Altmer wife in Skyrim, the pickings are very slim.

In fact, Taarie is the only Altmer in the game who can become your wife.

Although she may come across as rude and arrogant when you first meet her, don’t let that deter you.

Truthfully, she doesn’t mean to be rude and instead considers herself honest and forthright about her options, as most Altmer are.

However, her dialogue becomes much more pleasant and friendly once you complete the Fit for a Jarl quest and win her affections.

The best thing about marrying Taarie is that she will open a shop that brings in 100 septims each day, and you will be able to pick up anything in Radiant Rainment without it being considered stealing.

Overall, if you’re adamant about taking an Altmer as your wife, you’ll find no better option than Taarie because she’s literally the only one in the game!


11. Shahvee

Best Skyrim Wives to Marry - Shahvee

Shahvee may be just a civilian, but if you’re after reading the Lusty Argonian Maid one too many times, she could be the woman of your dreams.

As the only marriageable Argonian female in Skyrim, Shahvee can be found on the Windhelm Docks working at the tanning rack.

Despite having a hard life and living in a fairly xenophobic city, Shahvee maintains a cheerful personality and has learned to value the things that she has.

After her personal quest, which is also her prerequisite for marriage, she will even reveal that she is a former thief and teach you some of her skills.

If you do end up marrying her, like Taarie, she will open a shop and give the Dragonborn 100 septims each day.


10. Brelyna Maryon

Best Skyrim Wives to Marry - Brelyna Maryon

Brelyna is one of the best wives you can find in Skyrim if you want a powerful Dunmer mage to come home to or take along on travels.

As a follower, she is an essential character that enemies cannot kill, and she can dish out a significant amount of damage.

After joining the College of Winterhold, Brelyna can usually be found in her quarters in the Hall of Attainment.

To gain her as a life partner or a traveling companion, all you need to do is finish her quick personal quest, Brelyna’s Practice.

Once that’s done, just slip on an Amulet of Mara, and she’ll grant you her affection!


9. Njada Stonearm

Best Skyrim Wives to Marry - Njada Stonearm

Njada Stonearm would fit perfectly in some of the best fighting games of all time, given how much she loves to brawl.

As one of the few Companions that can be married, this Nord warrior is a great wife for those looking to improve their skills in battle or have someone skilled come along on adventures.

Njada can be found in Jorrvaskr at any time in the game but only becomes romanceable after completing the Companions questline.

As an expert-level trainer in blocking, she can be helpful if you want to train that skill more efficiently, and in combat, she functions really well as a tank since her blocking skill is so high.

If you want the best wife to take into battle with you, Njada is a strong choice, and she definitely isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.


8. Camilla Valerius

Best Skyrim Wives to Marry - Camila Valerius

Camilla Valerius is an imperial shopkeeper living with Lucan’s brother in Riverwood. She will undoubtedly be the first marriageable woman you come across if you play through the game in the usual order.

When you recover the golden claw from Bleak Falls Barrow for her brother, she will become a potential wife, provided you have an Amulet of Mara handy.

Like a few of the other Skyrim wives on this list, she will also open a shop and bring in some cash to help out the household.

However, keep in mind that you won’t be the only man vying for this woman’s affections, as speaking to either Sven or Faendal will start the quest A Lovely Letter, in which you can sway her favor towards either man.

Strangely enough, even if you marry Camilla, regardless of the outcome of A Lovely Letter, Faendal will still follow Camilla even if you move her to a home across the map. Stalker much?


7. Muiri

Best Skyrim Wives to Marry - Muiri

Muiri is a seemingly sweet Breton apothecary’s assistant who works at the Hag’s Cure in Markarth. Although she might look unassuming, this potential wife holds a bit of a dark secret.

You see, Muiri can only be married if you fully complete the quest Mourning Never Comes. In this Dark Brotherhood quest, she will ask you to kill Alain Dufont and Nilsine Shatter-Shield.

She explains that after the death of Friga Shatter-Shield, a girl she had grown up with, Alain took advantage of her grief and used her to rob the Shatter-Shields.

This resulted in the family shunning her, which has led to her feeling betrayed.

If you kill both Alain and the optional target, Nilsine, Muiri will become eligible for marriage, and if you really want to go one step further, killing the owner of the Hag’s Cure will cause her to take it over!


6. Jenassa

Best Skyrim Wives to Marry - Jenassa

Jenassa is a Dunmer mercenary found in the Drunken Huntsman in Whiterun.

What makes Jenassa one of the best wives in the game is that you don’t have to pass any prerequisites to get her to marry you. Just recruit her for 500 gold, and you’re good to go!

She is also a solid follower whose dark nature means that she will never interfere with any crimes the Dragonborn may commit.

As a combatant, she is a skilled archer and proficient with one-handed weapons.

She’s definitely more than capable of saving your hide in some tricky situations, and we’re pretty convinced she could take on some of the toughest video game bosses of all time and win.

If you do decide to leave her at home, she’ll open a shop and bring in some money while you’re away adventuring.

Overall, she’s one of the best wives you can find in Skyrim who can deal damage and bring in the dough.


5. Mjoll The Lioness

Best Skyrim Wives to Marry - Mjoll the Lioness

Who doesn’t want to marry Mjoll the Lioness? She’s strong, moral, and not afraid to take a stand against the Thieves Guild.

This Nord warrior can be found in the Bee and Barb Inn, usually with her, er, ‘friend’ Aerin at her side.

According to Mjoll, Aerin saved her after being wounded while exploring a Dwemer ruin. Ever since she has lived in Riften with him, doing what she can to help stop corruption.

To get her as your wife, you’ll need to find her sword and return it to her, completing the quest Grimsever’s Return, which becomes available at level 14.

However, after marrying this sword maiden, no matter where you move her to, Aerin will follow.

It’s a bit strange, we’ll admit, especially when you come home to find him walking around like he owns the place, but we suppose it’s a small price to pay for getting one of the best wives in the game.


4. Lydia

Best Skyrim Wives to Marry - Lydia

Oh Lydia, how we love to make you carry our burdens.

Although Skyrim is one of the most popular video games of all time, and there are 100s of NPCs populating it, none are quite as memorable as Lydia.

As the Nord Housecarl you receive after finishing the quest Dragon Rising, Lydia is often the first follower that players acquire, and she’s definitely earned quite a reputation.

However, there is more to Lydia than just being an efficient pack mule, and if you leave her at home after marrying her, she will open her own shop and even make you a home-cooked meal once a day.

That said, she won’t just marry you once she’s your Housecarl, first you actually have to have a house. Once you’ve purchased Breezehome, slap on an Amulet of Mara, and then she will be ready to confess her affections.

Truth be told, despite the jokes, Lydia is honestly one of the best wives in the game, and you know that, no matter what, she’ll stand by you all the way through your Skyrim journey.


3. Borgakh The Steel Heart

Best Skyrim Wives to Marry - Borgakh The Steel Heart

Borgakh is an Orc warrior you can find in the Orc Stronghold of Mor Khazgur, just west of Solitude.

The daughter of the chief, Borgakh, is a tough woman, but due to tradition, she is slated to marry the chief of another Stronghold.

Speaking with her about this will get her to admit that she feels trapped and wishes she could see new places and meet new people.

While at first, she will decline the offer to become a follower, after pursuing her or paying off her dowry, she will choose to come with you, after which she can confess her feelings if you have an Amulet of Mara equipped.

Borgakh is one of the best Skyrim wives and, depending on your level, when you first meet her, she can come equipped with either steel, steel plate, or Orcish armor.

If you want a strong wife in Skyrim, this Orc warrior is one of the best.


2. Uthgerd The Unbroken

Best Skyrim Wives to Marry - Uthgerd The Unbroken

Uthgerd the Unbroken is a strong Nord warrior found inside the Bannered Mare in Whiterun or her own house across from Carlotta’s. If you want her to become your follower and potential wife, you have to brawl her first.

As a follower, she can be married, and she can also more than hold her own in battle.

Equipped with heavy armor and equipped with a two-handed sword, Uthgerd can take some punishment while also dishing out the pain.

Uthgerd also has a storied history with the Companions that you can learn about if you speak to her.

While you may want to leave her at home while completing the Companions questline, she can be one of the best Skyrim wives to have on your side when the going gets tough.


1. Aela The Huntress

Best Skyrim Wives to Marry - Aela The Huntress

Aela the Huntress is by far the most popular wife in Skyrim and the best wife to have if you want a woman to howl at the moon with. (Literally.)

Found in Jorrvaskr, Aela is a Nord werewolf and a member of the Companions.

She is also the one who will offer you Lycanthropy and will share her rare gifts with you once more if you cure yourself at any point and then decide that you miss the werewolf life.

Aela is also a skilled expert-level archery trainer, who is as deadly with a sword as her bow, and as a follower, she’s cool with the Dragonborn murdering innocents, stealing, and trespassing.

If you want to make Aela the Huntress your one and only, you’ll have to finish the entire Companions questline, after which she’ll let you put a ring on it.



If you want a wife in Skyrim, you have a lot of eligible women to choose from. However, these 20 are by far the best Skyrim wives that you’ll find in the entire game.

There’s a little bit of something for everyone on this list, and all of these women are worth getting to know. You may be surprised at which one ends up being the best wife for you!

Here’s a quick recap of the 20 best Skyrim wives to marry:

  1. Aela The Huntress
  2. Uthgerd The Unbroken
  3. Borgakh The Steel Heart
  4. Lydia
  5. Mjoll The Lioness
  6. Jenassa
  7. Muiri
  8. Camilla Valerius
  9. Njada Stonearm
  10. Brelyna Maryon
  11. Shahvee
  12. Taarie
  13. Rayya
  14. Iona
  15. Senna
  16. Avrusa Sarethi
  17. Ysolda
  18. Sylgja
  19. Ghorza Gra-Bagol
  20. Gilfre

Who’s the best Skyrim wife, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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