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The 25 Best Roblox Horror Games

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The Best Roblox Horror Games

What are the best Roblox horror games?

Though Roblox is mainly aimed at younger children, the best Roblox horror games are, at the least, deeply unsettling. At their best, each is a frightening experience for people of any age. 

Scary experiences and games of all kinds are available for single-player and multi-player. With thousands of options in the horror genre alone, there is no shortage of suspenseful and even survival-based horror games to keep you up at night.

Not sure what to play next? Check out our list of the top 25 horror games on Roblox to decide your next adventure.


The Best Roblox Horror Games

Our ranked lists are created by researching and rounding up information from the most reputable web sources.

Here’s our list of the 25 best Roblox horror games:


25. Light Bulb

Best Roblox Horror Games - Best Roblox Horror Games - Light Bulb

Light Bulb’s popularity has inspired several remakes and millions of plays. Its top-down perspective gives the player a narrow perspective of their position in a maze.

“Stay out of the dark, stay quiet, and don’t get lost,” the game’s creators write in the instructions. Inside the maze, something follows you, and your only choice is to hide and use the lights to survive long enough to find the exit.

The plain walls, messy rooms, and the limitations of the top-down dynamic not only make the maze difficult to navigate but add to the tension as you wonder what lies in wait outside of your frame of view.


24. It Lurks

Best Roblox Horror Games - It Lurks

Your dad goes to the grocery store and tells you to be in bed by ten.

The only other person in the house with you is your brother. After an hour, you wake up to find there’s still no sign of your dad, your brother is missing, and there are new, strange noises coming from the basement.

To find out what, exactly, is lurking in your family’s basement and what happened to your family, you’ll have to venture into the secret passageway and try to stay alive.

It Lurks now has a sequel, “They Lurk,” which is still being built but already has over 1 million visits, making it one of the most trusted horror games on the platform.


23. The Apartment

Best Roblox Horror Games - The Apartment

Your friend wants you to visit him in his room, number 705. Getting to their room through long, dark hallways doesn’t seem so bad until you reach about the fourth floor.

By that point, the lighting is uncertain, and you’re not sure if what you’re seeing is really there. Was that shadow your imagination? Is it worth walking up the stairway in complete darkness to find out?


22. The Rake: Classic Edition

Best Roblox Horror Games - The Rake Classic Edition

Another survival horror edition, this scary Roblox horror game has players wandering a dark, outdoor course and getting extra points if they survive the night.

With nothing but a flashlight, your only hope is to be able to run faster than the long-clawed, glowing-eyed Rake as it pursues you across an open field.

Similar to Predator Hunting Grounds on PC, this classic monster hunting game leaves you wondering who is really hunting who, and the terrain is another enemy that is a beast to do battle with.

The foggy, desaturated terrain, blocky assets, and limited field of view give a claustrophobic feeling in which escape feels hopeless, especially if you can’t see your enemy until it’s already too late.


21. The Haunted Imperial Hotel

Best Roblox Horror Games - The Haunted Imperial Hotel

This structurally unstable hotel has been closed since Halloween of 2009, when whole rooms and hallways were swallowed up with guests still inside.

Its blinking neon sign leads you to believe you may just be entering into Hell instead.

The abandoned building has built a reputation with many as the site of demonic rituals.

As you wander the hallways, avoiding holes that fall all the way to the bottom of the map, you may find the remnants of some of these rituals, a demonic entity…or perhaps the entrance to the underworld.


20. The Horror Mansion

Best Roblox Horror Games - The Horror Mansion

The Mansion is a sprawling building shrouded in almost complete darkness. The player starts in one of its many rooms with a timer at the top of the screen that states, “The killer will leave in 119 seconds.”

Your task is to survive a random monster and accumulate “survivals” as the rounds progress. An impressively creepy soundtrack accompanies each new monster, making each round unique.


19. School History

Best Roblox Horror Games - School History

Rust-red floors, hallways, and deteriorating metal furniture are warmly but barely lit by your one candle as you explore an abandoned school, supposedly the site of some horrible incidents that need investigation.

As you wander the hallways, it isn’t long before you find that something else is locked in this building with you and isn’t happy about it at all.

Whoever follows you and knocks at locked doors doesn’t seem to want to hurt you for now, but don’t let go of the weapons you find along the way.


18. 3008

Best Roblox Horror Games - 3008

For those with a fear of liminal spaces, SCP-3008 will unsettle you in the indescribable way of a nightmare where you’re alone with the infinite. 

In this setting of a gigantic IKEA store in which you might not even come across another player, the very real threat of robotic-sounding employees trying to kill you forces you to seek out teammates, build a fort, and defend yourself.

Alone or with a team, this survival horror game combines level design, music, and increasing urgency to create a tense, inescapable feeling of danger.

Those who like survival games with fort-building aspects and huge maps may also want to check out some of the most popular video games featuring Fortnite.


17. Identity Fraud

Best Roblox Horror Games - Identity Fraud

A series of mazes with resident enemies that may or may not kill you on sight, Identity Fraud is an atmospheric puzzle game.

The enemy for which the game is named, Identity, was initially a rare spawn that players hardly ever encountered. As of now, he has been removed from the game.

Quiet levels with fantastical, melancholy music allow for the sound of other players dying and enemies hunting you to travel the narrow passageways.

Players are hesitant to turn their backs as they navigate the puzzles and try to survive in the near silence of the mazes.


16. The Asylum

Best Roblox Horror Games - The Asylum

Abandoned asylums are a common theme on Roblox and in horror as a whole, so to stand out, the scares have to be unique.

As an explorer, you navigate the rusted, dirty interior of a 1910s asylum and are immediately informed of a missing person presumed dead.

With limited light, you traverse dungeon-like floors encountering jump scares and some ghostly lights that do not bode well.

Dungeon-crawlers are their own brand of horror, so for players who liked the dingy aesthetic of The Asylum, Dungeon Pack, one of the best Minecraft mods, might offer a similar experience.

The Asylum has mastered mood with its warm but meager lighting, dirty brick and concrete walls, and greenish hue.

The attention to detail feels professionally produced to create an atmospheric single-player game worth experiencing. 


15. Roses

Best Roblox Horror Games - Roses

Similar to Days Gone, a survival horror game in which the main character is looking for his wife, Roses is a search for Max, your character’s best friend.

Max went into a haunted asylum to film for a horror movie contest and didn’t come out, and your character feels guilty because he didn’t believe that it was haunted, to begin with.

To make up for letting his friend go in alone, he has to go into the asylum, find Max, and make it out alive.

As the player, you wander through the abandoned mental hospital, picking up clues and finding things that Max left behind. Is Max the one leaving the roses to guide your way?

Venture deep into the building and its underground caverns to have hope of saving your friend from whatever holds him there.


14. Stop It, Slender!

Best Roblox Horror Games - Stop It Slender

As one of a group of citizens, you have to collect all eight hidden pages (the drawings and writings of a madman) before seven minutes are up.

While you search, Slender, one of your original group members, follows you through the course to pick you off one at a time.

Don’t panic when you find a trail of your team member’s bodies, and definitely don’t look at Slender, or it’s game over.


13. Murder Mystery 2

Best Roblox Horror Games - Murder Mystery 2

Similar to several other games on the platform, at the beginning of each round, players are assigned a role, and players are slowly killed off by another player who is acting as the murderer.

Murder Mystery 2 has a special take on this genre of games, as there are three categories of players.

There are innocents who hide from the murderer, the murderer whose goal is to get rid of everyone, and the sheriff whose job it is to find out who is killing off innocents and get to the killer before everyone’s dead.

In a classic game style with an investigative twist, Murder Mystery 2 is a fresh and popular take on this genre of Roblox horror games with a 92 percent approval rating and billions of plays.


12. Zombie Attack

Best Roblox Horror Games - Zombie Attack

Perhaps taking a hint from Call of Duty, Zombie Attack pits its players against waves of increasingly strong zombies using its variety of in-game weapons.

Those who enjoy enemy waves that get more intense with each round should check out the complete Call of Duty games list, as many of their installments have a zombie mode.

As you progress in Zombie Attack, you can earn rewards, encounter rare zombies, and earn new weapons.

This classic arcade-like survival game may not make you jump, but it is a fun game that will put you and your friends to the test to see who will win in the survival of the fittest.

If you like Zombie Attack, you might also like these first-person shooter PS4 games.


11. Piggy

Best Roblox Horror Games - Piggy

In Piggy, the player is thrust into a world in which a person named George Piggy is missing.

Upon entering the home, his last known location, the player is given a short amount of time before Piggy is unleashed. A timer for nine minutes starts.

Throughout the house, the player can pick up items, but stopping is not an option because the red-eyed piggy never stops coming for you.

Piggy has two books and many, many chapters for the player to unravel the mysteries around the beast and the missing person. Your primary objective, though, is simply to get out alive.


10. Breaking Point

Best Roblox Horror Games - Breaking Point

Originally banned from the website, possibly because of gun violence and the game’s initial “Russian Roulette” mode, Breaking Point is now one of the most popular games on the platform.

While Roblox executives have been struggling to contend with a growing young adult audience while protecting its younger user base, the New York Times reports, games like Breaking Point have passed the test as kid-safe and appealing to young adults. 

There are several game modes in Breaking Point, one of which is the classic “mafia” style. To start, a group of players is seated around a table. One by one, players are killed off by someone in the group.

They must figure out who the killer is, convincing other players, defending themselves, or threatening as they see fit before too many rounds pass and there’s no one left to solve the mystery.

While not traditional Roblox horror, games of this type make a killing on the website and are fun to play with friends and strangers alike.


9. Insane Elevator

Best Roblox Horror Games - Insane Elevator

The Insane Elevator is one sub-type of the popular horror elevator genre. In a horror elevator, you never know which floor and which monster you’ll encounter next.

The entrance to the Insane Elevator is through the open mouth of a murderous-looking clown.

Some floors are more frightening than others, but when you find a truly terrifying floor, no time is short enough to get you back into the scary elevator and onto the next challenge.

Players who enjoy an onslaught of enemies might also want to check out the best fighting games, especially if you’re looking for something to play with friends.


8. Finders Keepers

Best Roblox Horror Games - Finders Keppers

Another haunted house addition, but with an interesting twist, Finders Keepers poses the player as a paranormal investigator, trapped inside a house by the entity who haunts it.

In order to solve the mystery and end the torment, they must find all of the disks and endure increasingly alarming ghost activity and strange events inside the house.

After the monster reveals itself, you’ve got limited time to outsmart the creature and exorcize the house before the creature gets to you first.


7. The Maze

Best Roblox Horror Games - The Maze

At the beginning of the game, the players start off on an open field with an RV parked nearby to the maze.

Inside this cavernous darkness, the player is only given a camera (which provides short flashes of light) and a flashlight (which is limited by its battery life). 

As you navigate the maze, you may hear blood splattering or see your fellow players disappear before your eyes.

You may be able to hear a monster closing in on you from a side passage or see an otherworldly red glow that indicates it is nearby.

A variety of strange enemies and never-ending rocky passages make The Maze one of the best scary Roblox games on the platform. 


6. Survive The Killer

Best Roblox Horror Games - Survive the Killers

The final addition of the genre for this list, Survive the Killer is another group game in which one of the players is tasked with killing everyone.

Interestingly, in this version, players already know who the killer is at the start of the game.

Rather than trying to find them out, the players who must survive are forced to navigate interesting levels over a certain time period before the next zone opens, and you can hide again. This game adds a fresh take on color and lighting.

While dark and a little spooky, colors like purple and green as well as neon lights give the levels a feeling of being inside an arcade.

If you can make it through each level, you have the opportunity to escape the killer and win the game.


5. The Mirror

Best Roblox Horror Games - The Mirror

The Mirror is based on the premise that you, the player, are a test subject in an experiment.

On the wall of the experiment room is a list of instructions. The player is asked to dim the lights and stare into the mirror, taking note of anything abnormal.

The longer you stare into the mirror, the more unsettling changes occur to you and the room around you.

The music grows louder and more intense as the world behind the glass becomes unrecognizable from the one where you still stand.

To learn the fate of the player in this psychological experiment, give The Mirror a try.


4. Alone In A Dark House

Best Roblox Horror Games - Alone In a Dark House

For fans of monsters, dark scenery, and a sense of impending doom like in The Last of Us, one of the best-selling PS4 games, Alone In A Dark House is exactly what it sounds like.

This 2020 Bloxy-nominated horror game takes place in a dark house as you, a private investigator, look into a brutal murder and discover dark secrets about a small-town family, alone in a dark house.

The poorly-lit home and dripping lower floor conceal clues about what happened to the murdered couple and the location of their child who hasn’t yet been told about their deaths. 

Despite what you’ve been led to believe, there is still someone left in the family house, though they may not be human anymore. 

Alone In A Dark House even has multiple endings for those who stick around after the boss fight to solve one more puzzle. 


3. Geisha

Best Roblox Horror Games - Geisha

To the sound of ringing atmospheric music, in the Geisha, the player character must search for keys and explore their abandoned childhood home.

Throughout the property, paintings of a Geisha follow you from building to building. If you happen to run into a woman with a slitted mouth or another oni, don’t let your fear keep you from escaping.

Confronted at every turn with traditional Japanese monsters, you must use the tools you find along the way to stay alive.


2. Dead Silence

Best Roblox Horror Games - Dead Silence

Across the internet, Roblox players agree, Dead Silence is one of the best of the best among scary games on the platform and definitely a leader in the murder mystery sub-genre.

The sound design is one of the most unsettling aspects of the game in which you are an investigator looking into the death of a ventriloquist named Mary Shaw.

Roaring dead silence, echoing footsteps, and the sound of flies buzzing nearby create an atmosphere of death and isolation. 

As the player navigates a maze of locked cells, they come across evidence of many more murders, but they know they’re not alone.

The feeling of being watched, followed, and toyed with by an unknown psycho makes the player question whether this is really happening, or if they’re going insane.


1. The Mimic

Best Roblox Horror Games - The Mimic

The Mimic is based on Japanese history and places the character inside four different stories where your exploration of abandoned, maze-like buildings is spurred on by sightings of humanoid monsters, ghostly music, imprisoned women screaming for help, and blood-red messages from an unknown enemy.

In book one, the game’s butterfly spirits not only guide your way but open passages deeper into the world where dark hills, shadowy lakes, and paper lanterns take you from building to building until you must finally face and outsmart a very dangerous enemy.

Book two of the mimic is coming soon, and the developers are updating the game for survival mode.

Not only is The Mimic an excellent option on our list of best scary Roblox games, but it’s an impressive addition to the horror genre in general.



Out of the thousands of horror games on Roblox, the best scary games use lighting, music, level design, and close quarters to make those jump scares worthwhile.

As a new or returning player, we hope you’ve found some new Roblox games to enjoy that you can come back to again and again.

Here’s a quick recap of the 25 best Roblox horror games:

  1. The Mimic
  2. Dead Silence
  3. Geisha
  4. Alone In A Dark House
  5. The Mirror
  6. Survive The Killer
  7. The Maze
  8. Finders Keepers
  9. Insane Elevator
  10. Breaking Point
  11. Piggy
  12. Zombie Attack
  13. Murder Mystery 2
  14. Stop It, Slender!
  15. Roses
  16. The Asylum
  17. Identity Fraud
  18. 3008
  19. School History
  20. The Horror Mansion
  21. The Haunted Imperial Hotel
  22. The Rake: Classic Edition
  23. The Apartment
  24. It Lurks
  25. Light Bulb

What’s the best Roblox horror game, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

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