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OSRS: The 10 Best Boots (Ranked)

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The Best OSRS Boots

What are the best boots in OSRS?

When building a strong armor set, many players often forget to consider investing in a high-quality pair of boots.

However, there are many pairs of boots in Old School Runescape that come with significant benefits!

You definitely don’t want to miss out on them, which is why we’ve created this list!


The 10 Best Boots In OSRS

These boots have been chosen based on the benefits they provide that make them worth picking up.

Each of them comes with some unique bonuses which can seriously take your build to the next level.

Get ready to go shoe shopping because here’s our list of the 10 best boots in OSRS:


10. God Hide Boots

OSRS Best Boots God Hide Boots

Kicking off our list, we have god hide boots, which can be found in six different types for the 6 OSRS gods.

These are often found as part of the best ranged armor sets in OSRS, because they offer ranged bonuses.

Every variety of the god hide boots requires a 70 ranged skill and 40 defense skill in order to equip.

Similarly, each set comes with the same bonuses, including +7 ranged and +1 prayer.

It also boasts +4 stab, slash, crush, magic, and ranged defensive bonuses, which pair well with the full armor sets.

The six varieties of these boots are Guthix, Zamorak, Saradomin, Armadyl, Bandos, and Ancient.

However, to get any of these variants for yourself, you’ll have to find them by completing hard Treasure Trails.

Alternatively, they can be purchased on the Grand Exchange for between 550k and 850k, depending on the variant.


9. Fremennik Sea Boots 4

OSRS Best Boots Fremennik Sea Boots 4

The Fremennik sea boots 4 are a reward for completing the elite-tier Fremennik Diary tasks.

These tasks are given to players by Thorodin in Rellekka, who will also provide these boots.

He will also give players a new set if they are ever lost, saving you from having to buy them.

While these boots have bonuses similar to the adamant boots, they have higher ranged and magic attack.

Their main bonuses include +1 to magic and ranged attack, as well as +10 stab, +11 slash, and +12 crush defense.

However, these boots also come with additional benefits, such as unlimited teleports to Rellekka and access to the return orb.

If you want to get these boots for yourself, you will have to complete the Fremennik Diary tasks, as they can’t be traded or bought.


8. Infinity Boots

OSRS Best Boots Infinity Boots

The infinity boots are often paired with the best mage armor sets in OSRS, and they definitely are worth grabbing.

These boots have the second-highest magic attack bonus in Old School Runescape, and they require 50 magic and 25 defense to equip.

If you combine the infinity boots with an eternal crystal, you can create the eternal boots, which we will cover further down.

On their own, these boots offer +5 to both magic attack and magic defense, making them good for magic users.

In order to get them for yourself, you will have to play the Mage Training Arena minigame and earn various points.

In total, you will need 120 telekinetic, 120 alchemist, 120 graveyard, and 1,200 enchantment pizazz points.

Alternatively, they can be purchased on the Grand Exchange if you have 332k to spend.


7. Ranger Boots

OSRS Best Boots Ranger Boots

Next up, we have boots you’ll want to grab if you use the best ranged weapons in OSRS during combat.

These boots are part of the ranger kit, and they require a ranged skill of 40 to equip.

The ranger boots are the second-best ranged footwear in the OSRS in terms of ranged attack.

They offer a +8 to ranged attack, as well as a +2 stab, +3 slash, +4 crush, and +2 magic defense.

If these boots are combined with a pegasian crystal, they can be turned into a pair of pegasian boots, which we’ll cover below.

To get the ranger boots, you will need to complete medium-tier Treasure Trails, during which they can appear as a drop.

As the most valuable drop from medium clues, these can be difficult to get, though they are worth the effort.

That said, they are also available on the Grand Exchange, though you will need 35 million coins to afford them!

If you don’t have millions to spend, you’ll have to keep working through different clues and cross your fingers!


6. Guardian Boots

OSRS Best Boots Guardian Boots

These are the upgraded version of the Bandos boots, and they require a level 75 defense in order to wear them.

A defensive counterpart to the primordial boots, these have the best melee and ranged defense bonuses of any footwear.

Thanks to their high defense bonus, they are often more desirable than the Bandos boots for players looking to max out defensive stats.

Furthermore, when combined with the Bandos armor set, players can achieve an extremely high ranged defense bonus of +250.

They will also make Bandos followers unaggressive if they are worn in the God Wars Dungeon!

The guardian boots can be created by using a black tourmaline core on a pair of Bandos boots.

Alternatively, they can be purchased outright on the Grand Exchange for 447 million gold.

However, this can be made slightly more affordable if you buy the Bandos boots for 192k and a tourmaline core for 1.9 million.

While this will still cost a good amount of money, it is much more attainable for many players.


5. Boots of Brimstone

OSRS Best Boots Boots of Brimstone

The boots of brimstone are a piece of slayer equipment, and they require a slayer level of 44 and a 70 defense, magic, and ranged to wear.

These boots stand out because they have the highest stab attack bonus in the game, with a +3.

They also gave the second-highest magic defense of any footwear with +5, tying them with the infinity and pegasian boots.

In terms of other stats, these boots come with s +10 to stab, slash, and crush defense.

Furthermore, because these boots have no negative bonuses, they are often favored when taking on magic or ranged-style enemies.

That said, because they lack a strength bonus, they aren’t the best choice for melee, so keep that in mind.

The boots of brimstone can be created by using a drake’s claw on boots of stone, which can be bought from any slayer master.

Alternatively, they can be purchased from the Grand Exchange for 490k, which is a bargain for the benefits these boots provide!


4. Dragon Boots

OSRS Best Boots Dragon Boots

These boots are usually found as part of the best melee armor sets in OSRS due to their impressive strength bonus.

You will typically find players training in the slayer skill using these boots or players who are interested in player killing.

They are some of the best overall in terms of defense, boasting +16 stab, +17 slash, and +18 crush.

If they are combined with a primordial crystal, they can be turned into primordial boots, which we will cover below.

However, it is the +4 strength bonus that these boots provide that makes them such a favorite with players.

If you want to get the dragon boots for yourself, you should know that they can’t be created using the smithing skill.

Instead, you will need to head to the God Wars Dungeon and seek out spiritual mages.

These monsters will require a slayer level of 83 to kill, and they have a 1/128 drop rate for these boots.

Of course, you can also buy them on the Grand Exchange for around 122k, though this does take some of the thrill out of finding them!


3. Eternal Boots

OSRS Best Boots Eternal Boots

At number three, we have the eternal boots, which will require you to have a level 75 magic skill to equip.

These boots boast the highest magic attack bonus and highest magic defense bonus in OSRS currently.

While they have a +5 defense for all other stats, they provide a +8 to magic defense and attack.

If you’re someone who relies on magic a lot during combat, that makes them incredibly useful!

The eternal boots can be created by using an eternal crystal on a pair of infinity boots, which will transform them.

Eternal crystals can be dropped by Cerberus or purchased on the GE for around 2 million coins.

However, you will need a level 60 in both magic and runecraft to complete this process.

Of course, you can also buy them on the Grand Exchange, already transformed for 2.4 million.

That said, if you’re trying to advance your magic or runecrafting skills, this transformation does provide 200 XP in both.

This can make it worth doing, as that amount of experience can provide a nice boost to those skills.


2. Pegasian Boots

OSRS Best Boots Pegasian Boots

The pegasian boots are by far one of the best boots in OSRS, and they require a level 75 ranged and defense to wear.

These boots currently boast the highest ranged attack bonus of any footwear in the entire game, at +12.

They also offer +5 to all defensive stats, which is solid for a piece in the footwear slot.

If you want to get the pegasian boots for yourself, you’ll need a level 60 in both runecraft and magic.

These skills cannot be boosted either, so they will naturally have to be at that level or above.

If you meet that requirement, you can use a pegasian crystal on a pair of ranger boots which will transform them.

Pegasian crystals are another item dropped by Cerberus, though they can also be purchased for around 100k.

Alternatively, they are available on the Grand Exchange, though they are extremely expensive.

In order to buy them on the GE, you will need to shell out 35.3 million coins, which goes to show how valuable they really are.

Regardless of how you choose to obtain the pegasian boots, they are not something to pass up if you rely on your ranged skill during combat!


1. Primordial Boots

OSRS Best Boots Primordial Boots

Taking our number one spot are the primordial boots, a pair that any melee user cannot afford to pass up!

These boots currently have the highest strength bonus of any pair in Old School Runescape.

This makes them incredibly valuable to players using the best melee weapons in OSRS to deal damage.

Along with that, they also offer +22 to stab, slash, and crush defense, which is fairly high.

They also come with +2 stab, slash, and crush attack, though -4 magic and -1 ranged attack.

If you’re a melee user and want these boots for yourself, you’ll first need a level 60 magic and runecraft skill.

Once you meet this requirement, you’ll need to use a primordial crystal on a pair of dragon boots.

A primordial crystal can be obtained as a drop from Cerberus, or it can be bought for 25 million on the GE.

We would recommend trying to get it as a drop if you can, seeing how expensive they are otherwise!

Of course, like many of the other boots on our list, these can also be purchased on the Grand Exchange if you’d rather buy them.

However, they will cost you 25.8 million in coins, making them something only the wealthiest players can afford!

That said, you won’t want to miss out on the primordial boots if you are primarily a melee user in OSRS!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best boots in OSRS and learned which ones you should pick up for your character!

Although each of these boots offers amazing benefits, some are better suited for certain playstyles.

Make sure to read through this list carefully to make sure the one you pick is the one that will complement your combat style best!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best boots in OSRS:

  1. Primordial boots
  2. Pegasian boots
  3. Eternal Boots
  4. Dragon Boots
  5. Boots of Brimstone
  6. Guardian Boots
  7. Ranger Boots
  8. Infinity Boots
  9. Fremennik sea boots 4
  10. God Hide Boots

Which pair of boots are you going to use first? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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