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OSRS: The Best F2P Weapons (Ranked)

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The Best OSRS F2P Weapons

What are the best F2P weapons in OSRS?

There are a lot of weapons in Old School Runescape, but many are only available to players who are members.

However, if you don’t pay to play, there are still a ton of great weapons in the game for you to grab.

To make finding them easier, we’ve rounded up the best free-to-play weapons that currently exist in OSRS.


The 10 Best F2P Weapons in OSRS

Each of the F2P weapons on this list has been chosen based on their stats and usefulness in combat.

We’ve made sure to include something for all combat styles so that you can find the best option for your character.

With that said, let’s jump into our list of the 10 best F2P weapons in OSRS:


10. Hill Giant Club

OSRS Best F2P Weapons Hill Giant Club

Kicking off our list, we have the hill giant club, a two-handed melee weapon that requires 40 attack to wield.

This is currently the best-in-slot weapon for crush bonuses available to free F2P players in Old School Runescape.

As one of the best crush weapons in OSRS, the hill giant club has stats similar to the rune 2h sword.

Many F2P players use this weapon in PvP combat as a knockout weapon, though it is also often used in Clan Wars and Castle Wars.

As for stats, this club offers +50 slash and +65 crush, along with a +70 strength bonus, which is very high.

This club can be obtained as a drop from Obor the Hill Titan, but getting to his lair can be tough.

You will need to continue killing hill giants until one of them drops the key to Obor’s lair.

The giants in the Wilderness have an increased chance of dropping the giant key, though player-killers will be a problem there as well.

Alternatively, the hill giant club is available on the Grand Exchange, though it will cost you around 400k.


9. Silverlight

OSRS Best F2P Weapons Silverlight

Up next, we have Silverlight, a demonbane swod that is highly effective against demonic creatures.

When used to fight demons, this sword will increase a player’s maximum hit by 60% without a drop in accuracy.

However, if you aren’t fighting demons, this sword is comparable to the steel longsword but with a lower strength bonus.

This sword is first obtained during the Demon Slayer quest, where it will be used to defeat Delrith.

It can then be dyed black during the Shadow of the Storm quest, becoming known as Darklight after being stained with the blood of Agrith-Naar.

Once this quest is complete, members will only be able to purchase copies of Darklight, while F2P players can reclaim Silverlight from Sir Prysin.

In terms of stats, this sword offers +9 stab and +14 slash, as well as a +12 strength bonus.

These stats remain the same regardless of whether or not the sword has been changed to Darklight.

If you want to get this sword for yourself, you will have to start the Demon Slayer quest, as it is not available on the Grand Exchange.


8. Rune Battleaxe

OSRS Best F2P Weapons Rune Battleaxe

The rune battleaxe is the third strongest battleaxe in Old School Runescape, and it is available to all F2P players.

This battleaxe requires a 40 attack skill to wield, making it available to most mid-level players.

Its stats include +48 slash and +43 crush attack bonuses, as well as a +64 strength bonus.

Players also won’t have to complete a quest to get this weapon and can instead smith it if they have the skills and resources.

To make the rune battleaxe, you will need a 95 smithing skill and three rune bars, which you can use at any anvil.

However, some monsters also have the potential to drop this battleaxe if you don’t meet these crafting requirements.

Essentially, any monster that has access to the rare drop table will have a chance to drop this battleaxe.

Of course, the rune battleaxe can also be purchased on the Grand Exchange if you have 24k to spare.

If you’re looking for a quality weapon that can do a lot of damage in the midgame, you won’t want to pass up the rune battleaxe!


7. Swift Blade

OSRS Best F2P Weapons Swift Blade

This one-handed weapon is known for its incredible speed and also for the fact that it doesn’t have an attack level requirement.

Because of this, it is the best-in-slot weapon for defence pures who rely on high defence skills and low combat levels.

While it doesn’t have any attack bonus, the swift blade does have an attack speed of 3, making it incredibly fast.

Players in the Theatre of Blood commonly use this weapon in the Nylocas room because of its aggressive combat style.

The swift blade can be purchased from Justine’s Stuff for the Last Shopper Standing using 350 Last Man Standing points.

To earn these, you will have to take place in the Last Man Standing PvP battle royale minigame.

This game pits up to 23 players against each other, and to earn points, you have to outlast everyone else.

However, if battle royale-style combat isn’t for you, you can also purchase this blade on the Grand Exchange.

Unfortunately, because it can be so difficult to get, it is very expensive, usually costing upwards of 12 million on the GE.

That said, since this is one of the best melee weapons in OSRS for F2P players, the price is definitely be worth paying.


6. Phoenix Crossbow

OSRS Best F2P Weapons Phoenix Crossbow

Next, we have a fantastic weapon for players who favor using ranged above other combat styles.

The Phoenix crossbow comes with many of the same stats as standard crossbows but weighs much less.

It also has no ranged skill requirements to wield, though it can only fire bronze bolts.

While members tend not to use the Phoenix crossbow, as it is so similar to the bronze crossbow, it is the best one available to F2P players.

Although it lacks many bonuses, it does provide a +6 to ranged attack, making it fairly hard-hitting.

However, because it is a quest item, you will have to complete the quest Shield of Arrav in order to obtain it.

To start this short quest, speak with Reldo the librarian at the northern end of the Varrock Castle.


5. Adamant Arrow

OSRS Best F2P Weapons Adamant Arrows

Adamant arrows are up next, and they are the best arrows available to F2P players in OSRS.

Stronger than mithril, these arrows can be used with any bow that is maple or stronger.

While they can be purchased from many shops around Gielinor, they can also be created with a level 60 fletching skill.

If you need help advancing your fletching skill, you can check out our OSRS fletching 1-99 guide to learn how to level up quickly.

To make these arrows yourself, you will need to use 15 adamant arrow tips on 15 headless arrows.

These can either be crafted or purchased on the Grand Exchange for 86 coins per arrow tip and 8 coins per headless arrow.

Alternatively, you can save money by purchasing adamant arrows on the GE for about 11 coins each.

Adamant arrows can also be turned into adamant fire arrows if you use an oily cloth on them.

If you’re someone who prefers ranged combat in OSRS and aren’t a member, you definitely need to consider stocking up on these arrows!


4. Rune 2h Sword

OSRS Best F2P Weapons Rune 2H Sword

This two-handed sword is made of rune, and it is stronger than the adamant 2h sword, though weaker than the dragon variant.

The rune 2h sword is most commonly used in F2P worlds in player killing because it offers a strength bonus equal to the hill giant club.

Along with its strength boost, this sword also has the highest slash bonus of any free player equipment.

In terms of stats, this sword provides a +69 slash attack bonus and a +50 crush attack bonus, along with a +70 to strength.

If you want to get the rune 2h sword for yourself, there are a few ways you can go about obtaining it.

This sword has the potential to be dropped by any monster with access to the rare drop table.

It can also be made using a smithing skill of 99 and 3 runite bars, though only high-level players will have access to this option.

Alternatively, it can be found on the Grand Exchange for around 37k, which is very affordable considering all of this sword’s benefits.


3. Maple Shortbow

OSRS Best F2P Weapons Maple Shortbow

The maple shortbow requires a ranged level of 30 to wield, and it can use arrows up to adamant as ammunition.

This bow is notable for being the best option for F2P ranged players, and it comes with some pretty good bonuses.

Most notably, this shortbow boasts a +29 to ranged attack, making it extremely powerful.

When combined with the best ranged armor sets in OSRS, players can deal a lot of damage using this weapon.

While you can purchase the maple shortbow on the GE for 195 coins, you can also craft it for yourself.

This will require a fletching level of 50, which will allow you to use a bowstring on an unfinished maple shortbow.

Unfinished bows can either be bought for 75 gold or created using maple logs and a knife.

Alternatively, some shops in the game, such as the Quality Weapons Shop and Brian’s Archery Supplies, will sell this bow for around 400 gold.

Regardless of how you go about getting this bow, if you’re a F2P ranger, you can’t afford to pass it up!


2. Rune Scimitar

OSRS Best F2P Weapons Rune Scimitar

The rune scimitar requires an attack level of 40 to wield, and it is the second-strongest scimitar available in OSRS.

While it isn’t as strong as the dragon scimitar, it is considered the strongest melee weapon in F2P due to its high attack speed.

In terms of stats, the rune scimitar provides a +7 stab and +45 slash attack, as well as a +44 strength bonus.

It can also be affixed with a Githix, Saradomin, or Zamorak ornament kit that changes its appearance.

Additionally, the Samorak and Saradomin variants will provide additional protection from their respective factions in the God Wars Dungeon.

While it is possible for the rune scimitar to be dropped by monsters such as fire giants or Zamorak warriors, you can also smith or purchase it.

In order to smith this weapon, you will need 2 runite bars and a smithing level of at least 90.

However, it can also be purchased on the Grand Exchange for about 15k coins, making it relatively affordable.


1. Staff of Fire

OSRS Best F2P Weapons Staff of Fire

Taking our number one spot is the staff of fire, an elemental staff that provides an unlimited number of fire runes.

This staff also comes with an autocast feature when it is equipped, allowing players to cast spells when entering combat automatically.

Taking a look at its stats, this staff provides a +3 stab, +9 crush, and +10 magic attack bonus.

It also boasts +6 to strength and +10 magic, +1 crush, +3 slash, and +2 stab defence, which pairs well with many sets of armor.

The staff of fire can be dropped by many enemies, including pyrelords, fire elementals, infernal mages, and the Necromancer.

However, Adventurer Jon, found outside the pub in Lumbridge, will also always have one on him.

Players can also purchase this staff through many shops, including Zaff’s Superior Staffs in Varrock.

Of course, it is also available on the Grand Exchange for around 1.6k coins, and it is definitely worth the price!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best F2P weapons in OSRS and found which ones you should add to your arsenal!

While you really can’t go wrong with any of these weapons, the one you choose will depend on your preferred combat style.

Of course, always make sure to double-check the attack requirements so you don’t accidentally pick up a weapon you can’t use yet!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best F2P weapons in OSRS:

  1. Staff of Fire
  2. Rune Scimitar
  3. Maple Shortbow
  4. Rune 2h Sword
  5. Adamant Arrow
  6. Phoenix Crossbow
  7. Swift Blade
  8. Rune Battleaxe
  9. Silverlight
  10. Hill Giant Club

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Which F2P weapon are you going to use first? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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