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OSRS: The Best F2P Ranger Gear (Ranked)

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The Best OSRS F2P Ranger Gear

What is the best F2P ranger gear in OSRS?

F2P players often have much fewer choices of armor than paid members in Old School Runescape.

However, there are still a number of great ranged gear options that can help you become more powerful.

To make it easy for you to find what you need, we’ve rounded up the best F2P ranged gear in the game!


The 10 Best F2P Ranger Gear In OSRS

Each piece of gear on this list has been chosen based on its ranged attack bonuses.

We have also ranked them based on how powerful they are for F2P players.

If you’re ready to upgrade your gear, here’s our list of the 10 best F2P ranger gear in OSRS:


10. Leather Chaps

OSRS Best F2P Ranger Gear Leather Chaps

Kicking off our list, we have leather chaps, which are commonly worn by low-level rangers.

Although leather chaps are often abandoned as soon as studded leather becomes available, these can provide a nice starting ranged bonus.

In terms of stats, these provide a +4 to ranged attack, and a +2 slash, +2 slash, and +1 crush defense.

While not spectacular, when paired with the leather body, cowl, vambraces, and boots, they can be a solid option.

Leather chaps can be crafted using a crafting skill of 18, along with some leather and thread.

Alternatively, they can also be purchased for cheap on the Grand Exchange for only 4 coins.

If you’re just starting off and are a low-level character, these are going to be your best-in-slot option for ranged leg armor.


9. Leather Body

OSRS Best F2P Ranger Gear Leather Body

Following the chaps, we have the leather body, which requires a 1 ranged to equip.

While it is the weakest ranged armor in the game, it is what every ranged F2P character should start out with.

The leather body provides a +2 to ranged attack, as well as +8 stab, +9 slash, +10 crush, +4 magic, and +9 ranged defense bonuses.

However, if combined with the leather cowl, chaps, vambraces, and boots, the total ranged attack bonus can be boosted to +11.

To get this armor, you have a few options. You can either craft it or buy it on the Grand Exchange or an in-game shop.

In order to craft the leather body, you will need a crafting level of 14 and some leather and thread.

If you need to boost your crafting level, you can check out our OSRS crafting 1-99 guide to learn how to earn XP fast.

Alternatively, you can find this armor at Thessalia’s Fine Clothes and on the GE for 18 coins.


8. Studded Leather Body

OSRS Best F2P Ranger Gear Studded Leather Body

Next up, we have the studded leather body, which requires ranged and defense levels of 20 to equip.

The studded leather body provides a solid +8 ranged attack bonus, which is perfect for low-level characters.

It also provides a +18 stab, +25 slash, +22 crush, +25 ranged, and +8 magic defense bonuses.

This armor is better quality than standard leather armor and the second best in slot for F2P players.

If combined with the student chaps and coif, you can get a ranged attack bonus of 16 in total.

Unfortunately, while this armor can be worn by F2P players, it can only be crafted by members using the crafting skill.

However, it can still be purchased from Horvik’s Armour Shop in Varrock for around 510 gold.

Alternatively, it can be purchased on the Grand Exchange for around 364 coins or 718 for the full studded leather armor set.

This is easily one of the best ranged armor sets in OSRS for F2P players just starting out!


7. Green D’Hide Vambraces

OSRS Best F2P Ranger Gear Green D'Hide Vambraces

These green dragonhide vambraces require a ranged level of 40 to be worn, but they are some of the strongest for F2P players.

Along with having a considerable ranged attack bonus of +8, these vambraces are also favored for melee as they have high defense bonuses.

Green d’hide vambraces offer the highest ranged accuracy bonus of any F2P hand slot items.

However, they are surpassed in defense bonuses by the gilded vambraces, which we will cover below.

These vambraces are commonly used by defense pures, as they stand out for having no defense requirements to equip.

In terms of overall stats, they offer +1 stab, +2 slash, +2 crush, and +2 magic defense, but a -10 to magic attack.

You can find green dragonhide vambraces at Scavvo’s Rune Store at the Champions’ Guild or on the Grand Exchange for 1.3k coins.

It can be crafted, but only by members, meaning you will have to purchase these if you are F2P.


6. Green D’Hide Chaps

OSRS Best F2P Ranger Gear Green D'Hide Chaps

Green dragonhide chaps are up next, and they require a ranged level of 40 to equip.

While the gilded d’hide chaps boast higher defense bonuses, these offer the best ranged accuracy bonus of leg armors in F2P.

Additionally, because they have no defense requirement to wear, they are often favored by combat pures.

As for their stats, these provide a +8 ranged attack bonus and +12 stab, +15 slash, +18 crush, +17 ranged, and +8 magic defense bonuses.

Like the green dragonhide vambraces, these can be crafted, but only by members, meaning you will have to buy these chaps.

They can be found at Scavvo’s at the Champions’ Guild for 2.3k or on the Grand Exchange for 2.1k coins.

As these are the best in slot for ranged leg armors, we would definitely recommend getting them as soon as you are able.

Similarly, these offer another reason why the Champions’ Guild remains one of the best guilds to unlock first since these can be bought there.


5. Green D’Hide Body

OSRS Best F2P Ranger Gear Green D'Hide Body

Another part of the green dragonhide set, this body slot piece requires a 40 in ranged and defense to equip.

As with other pieces in this set, its defensive stats are surpassed by the gilded body, but its ranged accuracy is superior.

However, even if you have the ranged and defense levels needed to equip the green d’hide body, there is one more stipulation.

In order to wear this ranged armor piece, you will first have to complete the Dragon Slayer II quest.

Dragon Slayer II is one of the hardest but most rewarding F2P quests, and you can start it by speaking with the Guildmaster at the Champions’ Guild.

This quest requires you to be able to defeat a level 83 dragon, so a combat level of 45 is recommended.

Once you have this quest completed, you can purchase the green dragonhide body from Oziach in Edgeville for 3.1k coins.

Alternatively, you can purchase it on the Grand Exchange for 4.2k if you don’t want to make the journey to Edgeville.


4. Amulet of Power

OSRS Best F2P Ranger Gear Amulet of Power

This is one of the best amulets in OSRS, and it offers a good balance of attack and defense bonuses.

While it lacks the teleportation abilities of the amulet of glory, it has higher defense bonuses and is equal in strength.

Best of all, the amulet of power has no requirements to be worn, though you will need a magic skill of 57 to make it yourself.

In terms of stats, the amulet of power offers +6 to all attack and defense bonuses, as well as +1 prayer and +6 strength.

This amulet is created by casting level-4 enchant on a diamond amulet, which can be purchased or looted from the H.A.M. storeroom.

Alternatively, you can craft a diamond necklace yourself using a gold bar and a diamond if you have a crafting level of 70.

Of course, you can also buy an already enchanted amulet of power on the Grand Exchange for 1.9k.

Regardless of how you get it, this is the best overall amulet for F2P players, and it is definitely not something you should pass up!


3. Gilded D’Hide Chaps

OSRS Best F2P Ranger Gear Gilded D'Hide Chaps

Gilded dragonhide armor is up next, specifically, the gilded d’hide chaps, which are a must-have for F2P rangers.

This leg armor is currently the best F2P item for ranged combat, offering a +8 ranged attack bonus.

As for defense, these chaps provide +22 stab, +16 slash, +24 crush, +22 ranged, and +8 magic.

Unfortunately, the gilded d’hide chaps can be quite difficult to get, as they are a rare reward from elite Treasure Trails.

From the elite reward casket, they have a 1/14.6k chance of spawning, which means you will need to get extremely lucky.

However, they can also be purchased on the Grand Exchange, though due to their rarity, they are extremely expensive.

If you don’t want to grind Treasure Trails, you can spend 9.1 million to buy them outright on the GE.

Although they aren’t one of the rarest drops in OSRS, it will still take a while for you to get them the old-fashioned way.


2. Gilded D’Hide Vambraces

OSRS Best F2P Ranger Gear Gilded D'Hide Vambraces

Sticking to the same armor set, we have the gilded d’hide vambraces, which require a ranged skill of 40 to equip.

These are currently the best F2P gloves for both ranged and melee combat users, and they are definitely not something to pass up.

Gilded d’hide vambraces provide a +8 to ranged attack, along with a +3 stab, +3 slash, +4 crush, and +2 magic defense.

However, like the gilded d’hide chaps mentioned above, these are extremely hard to come by in OSRS.

Instead of being available at an archery shop, these vambraces are obtained as a rare reward from elite Treasure Trails.

From the elite reward casket, they only have a 1/14.6k chance of spawning and a 1/13.6 chance of spawning in a master reward casket.

Obviously, this means you will potentially need to complete a lot of treasure trails in order to find these vambraces.

While it is possible, it will take a lot of time, patience, luck, and dedication, though it is arguably worth it!

That said, these vambraces can also be found on the Grand Exchange, but you will need a fortune to afford them.

On average, the gilded d’hide vambraces cost 4.1 million coins on the GE, making them one of the most expensive options.

If you have the money, we would highly recommend investing in these vambraces as a F2P player.


1. Gilded D’Hide Body

OSRS Best F2P Ranger Gear Gilded D'Hide Body

Taking our number one spot is the gilded d’hide body which requires a 40 defense and ranged to equip.

Additionally, like the green d’hide body, you will also need to complete the Dragon Slayer II quest to be able to wear this.

This armor piece offers considerably higher defense bonuses than the green d’hide body, which makes it good for protection.

However, it also boasts a +15 to ranged attack, which, when paired with the best bolts in OSRS, can be devastating!

In terms of defensive stats, the gilded d’hide body offers +40 stab, +32 slash, +45 crush, +20 magic, and +40 ranged.

Although it doesn’t have any strength bonuses, its impressive stats more than makeup for this.

That being said, as with the rest of this armor set, this body piece is a rare reward from elite Treasure Trails.

As such, it shares the same drop rate as the chaps and vambraces, making it a very rare reward that will require a lot of luck to get.

That said, the gilded d’hide body is also available on the GE, with a price tag of 2.1 million coins.

While it is expensive, if you’re a ranged F2P user who needs more defense, this is the best item you can find!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best F2P ranger gear in OSRS and found the right pieces for your character.

Although F2P players don’t have as much variety as members, these armor pieces can still help boost your ranged power significantly.

This is especially true for the gilded armor, which is by far the best that free players can use for ranged combat!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best F2P ranger gear in OSRS:

  1. Gilded D’Hide Body
  2. Gilded D’Hide Vambraces
  3. Gilded D’Hide Chaps
  4. Amulet of Power
  5. Green D’Hide Body
  6. Green D’Hide Chaps
  7. Green D’Hide Vambraces
  8. Studded Leather Body
  9. Leather Body
  10. Leather Chaps

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Which bit of F2P ranged gear are you going to use first? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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