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The 10 Best Bat Pokémon

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The Best Bat Pokemon of All Time

What are the best bat Pokémon of all time?

Bat Pokémon have long been a staple of the franchise, and while many people immediately think of the annoying bat Pokémon that attack you on your adventures, there are many different bat type Pokémon that fans should be familiar with.

Whether you’re new to the Pokémon universe or have been here since the beginning, you should know all of the different types that this kind of Pokémon can be found in.


The Best Bat Pokémon of All Time

Our ranked lists are created by researching and rounding up information from the most reputable web sources.

Here’s our list of the 10 best bat Pokémon of all time:


10. Golbat

Best Bat Pokemon - Golbat

Golbat is a dual Poison/Flying-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation I, sometimes known to older fans as the First Generation or Color Generation as it began with Pokémon Red and Green, and later Pokémon Blue.

Probably a Pokémon that most Pokémon fans know by appearance, even if they don’t know its name, Golbat is a large blue bat, with a big mouth, tiny thin legs, very long feet, and purple wings.

The fangs in its mouth are hollow to allow them to be able to suck the blood of opponents, and they are strong enough to break through even thick hides.

That said, some can be found with missing fangs, a result of trying to feed on Steel-type Pokémon, which their fangs cannot pierce.

A true vampire bat Pokémon, Golbat is highly gluttonous, and will sometimes drink so much blood that it can no longer fly, leaving it vulnerable.

In the same vein, if enough blood is consumed, the Golbat’s blood type will actually change to that of its victim.

These Pokémon can be found quite easily in dark caves, rarely alongside its fully evolved variation, the Crobat.


Golbats have impressive speed, decent defense, and a fairly strong attack. It’s a solid Pokémon all around, and even better once it evolves!


9. Crobat

Best Bat Pokemon - Crobat

This bat Pokémon is the final evolved form of the Golbat and it was introduced in Generation II of the Pokémon games series, also called the Metallic Generation, due to the Gold and Silver series.

Similar to its starting form, Crobat is a purple bat Pokémon, but it features a small mouth, two pairs of wings, a larger upper pair, with two fingers near the middle, and a smaller lower pair, which developed from its legs.

This Pokémon can fly long distances by alternating which pair of wings it uses, and the extra set allows it to have increased flight speed without sacrificing its ability to fly silently.

Its sharp fangs remain, and if it is unable to drink blood, it can become sluggish and unable to fly.

This can be problematic, as, without legs, it can only crawl around on its wings, leaving it highly vulnerable.

Although they are rarely found in the wild, there is still a chance that they can show up in caves or can be found hanging from tree branches by their lower wings.

Crobat’s design is much more aerodynamic and practical when compared to the Golbat, and in many games, he can actually take you between towns on your journey.


Crobat has increased stats when compared to its base form and all stats get a boost between 5-10 points.

However, speed is the exception, which gets boosted from 90 to 130.


8. Gligar

Best Bat Pokemon - Gligar

Gligar is a bat-like Pokémon is a dual Ground/Flying-type that can get you through many battles if you choose to stick with them.

Introduced alongside Crobat in Generation II, these Pokémon aren’t technically bats, but more like flying scorpions, which is seriously much more terrifying.

The purple bat-like Pokémon has a round head and body, with blue wings that connect under its arms, similar to what is seen in a flying squirrel.

Its arms are tipped with large claws, and it has a long tail tipped with a dangerous-looking stinger.

In the anime, it can be seen feeding on berries and using echolocation to detect objects while flying to avoid them.

When it attacks, it glides silently through the air, straight at a target, and clamps its pincers into its opponent’s face before jabbing its poisonous stinger.

This type of Pokémon lives in mountain regions and often nests along cliffs.


Gligar has some impressive defensive stats, which go well with the uniqueness of its type. This is especially given that it is a non-evolved Pokémon.


7. Woobat

Best Bat Pokemon - Woobat

Introduced in Generation V of the Pokémon games series, this Psychic/Flying-type bat Pokémon is so adorable, and its fluffy blue body and large heart-shaped nose really make it stand out from the other bat-like Pokémon.

It’s actually based on the baby Honduran White Bat, which is by far the cutest bat species to ever exist.

A small Pokémon, it has two small tufts of fur that cover its eyes, and small black wings that sprout from the sides of its body.

Its large nose produces ultrasonic waves which it uses for echolocation, and it can also grasp walls when the Woobat sleeps, which leaves heart-shaped marks on the surface.

Known to live in caves and forests, it often preys on bug Pokémon.


Woobats have a good amount of speed and special attack.

While the rest of their stats aren’t necessarily something to write home about, they’re just so cute you can’t be mad at them.


6. Swoobat

Best Bat Pokemon -  Swoobat

If you start out with a Woobat and make it happy enough, it will evolve into the joyful, happy, marshmallow that is a Swoobat.

While they keep the adorable heart-shaped snout of their previous forms, their round body enlarges and they gain small pointy ears which gives them a much more bat-like appearance. 

This blue bat Pokémon is capable of producing many different types of ultrasonic waves, and when it shakes its tail the sound waves are strong enough to even crumble concrete.


When a Woobat evolves into a Swoobat, it gains a good increase in speed, jumping from 72 to 114.

Although not as fast as the Crobat, it does also see an increase in special attack of 20 points, bringing it up from 55 to 77.


5. Gliscor

Best Bat Pokemon - Gliscor

If you level up a Gligar at night while holding a Razor Fang, it will evolve into a Gliscor.

A Razor Fang is a held item introduced in Generation IV, and it also allows the moves of the holder to cause Pokémon to flinch.

When evolved, Gliscor is a large, purple-blue bat-like Pokémon that possesses a tail with two barbs.

It has yellow eyes, sharp teeth, and large claws. Like many other bat Pokémon, Gliscor is silent while flying and it is primarily nocturnal.

While exceedingly rare to find in the wild, it can occasionally be found in areas like swamps and pine forests.


Once your Gligar has carried you as far as it could, evolving it to a Gliscor can help keep it as one of your most useful Pokémon.

Like its original form, it retains an impressive defense stat boosted even further, and it also sees an exceptional increase to speed and attack.

What’s more is that if it is attacked with poison, it will actually be healed, as opposed to having its defense worn down.


4. Noivern

Best Bat Pokemon - Noivern

If you want the best bat Pokémon that also can also moonlight as a dragon, Noivern is a pseudo-legendary Pokémon to keep in mind.

An evolved form of Noibat, Noivern was introduced in Generation VI and is a dual Dragon/Flying-type Pokémon.

Large and with a draconic appearance, it is mostly black, save for a purple belly, red snout, and massive wings with turquoise membranes. A white fur mane encircles its neck, and its long tail ends with two spines.

This Pokémon is known for its violent temper, only becoming tame if given its favorite fruit.

Noivern can produce sound waves strong enough to shatter boulders and navigate extremely dark spaces.

When faced with other creatures who can’t create ultrasonic waves to navigate, this Pokémon is known to be fairly cruel, sometimes tormenting enemies who are blind in the darkness.


This Pokémon is kind of a beast, and it has good enough combat abilities to consume most smaller Pokémon due to its speed and offensive stats.

All-in-all, Noivern is a solid Pokémon to invest in if you’re playing a game Generation VI and above.

Not to mention it has one of the coolest designs in the franchise.


3. Noibat

Best Bat Pokemon - Noibat

This sound wave Pokémon is a Dragon/Flying type, and it was introduced in Generation VI.

The original form of Noivern, this little guy is someone you would never suspect of being able to turn into a fierce dragon-like beast!

This cute bat-like Pokémon has small feet, purple wings, large yellow eyes, and big ears that sit atop its head, which it uses to create ultrasonic waves.

It uses these waves to communicate with other Noibats, immobilize prey, and determine the ripeness of fruit.


In terms of stats, Noibat is decently speedy, but overall not something to bet your game on.

That said, given that it evolves into a Noivern, it is worth investing time in, which makes it one of the best bat Pokémon you can pick up.


2. Zubat

Best Bat Pokemon - Zubat

The first bat Pokémon from the original 151 and one that almost everyone hates, it has been the subject of many Pokémon memes throughout the years.

These Poison/Flying-type Pokémon were EVERYWHERE and you couldn’t go an inch into a cave without finding a flock of them.

Before evolving into Golbat, this little guy is as bat-like as they come, with a small blue body, wings with purple membranes, and pointy bat ears and teeth.

Lacking eyes, this legless bat relies solely on echolocation to navigate and does its best to avoid sunlight as much as possible, only venturing from its cave during the night.

If a Zubat is exposed to sunlight for too long it can become unhealthy, with the sun even causing burns over time.

It literally is a vampire bat. That said, when captured and trained, Zubats can grow more accustomed to the daylight, with the risk of burning being mitigated greatly.


Like its final form, the Zubat is speedy with a decent attack. While it isn’t a Pokémon to boast about or rely heavily upon, nurturing it so that it evolves into a Crobat can be worthwhile for trainers.


1. Lunala

Best Bat Pokemon - Lunala

Introduced in Generation VII, Lunala is the final form of Cosmog when leveled up in Pokémon Moon, Shield, or Ultra Moon.

Necrozma can also fuse with Lunala, using the N-Lunarizer to transform into Dawn Wings Necrozma.

This large Pokémon looks like a legless, skeletal bat. A deep blue patch on Lunala’s head changes to different starscapes, and it has a short snout, dark pink eyes with white centers, and a crescent-shaped hood that frames its face. Seriously, this Pokémon is simply gorgeous.

Its Lunala’s wings are a crescent shape with skeletal finger bones exposed.

When it enters its Full Moon Phase, the light red symbol of an eye appears on its forehead while the starscape transforms into streaks of light.

This bat Pokémon can absorb light and turn it into energy, along with obscuring daylight with darkness. It can also create Ultra Wormholes, which it uses to travel to Ultra Space.

It is the only Pokémon capable of learning Moongeist Beam, a Ghost-type move that inflicts damage while ignoring abilities that could lessen it.

Lunala can also use its exclusive Z-Move Menacing Moonraze Maelstrom, the upgraded version of Moongeist Beam.


Lunala has impressive stats, including a lot of health, attack, special attack, and special defense. This makes it one of the most flexible and powerful Pokémon in terms of offense and defense.

This Legendary Pokémon is definitely one that you want to have on your side if you can catch it or evolve it.



We hope you enjoyed our list of the best bat Pokémon of all time. 

The Pokémon franchise is filled with incredible creatures and it’s hard to pick favorites when looking at all 898 of them!

However, splitting them into categories does make nailing down the best a little simpler, and these bat Pokémon are definitely some that all fans should know about.

Although we may have some less than fond memories of some of these bat-like Pokémon — namely Zubat — we can’t deny that they are all incredibly memorable and can help out in battles in their own unique ways.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best bat Pokémon of all time:

  1. Golbat
  2. Crobat
  3. Gligar
  4. Woobat
  5. Swoobat
  6. Gliscor
  7. Noivern
  8. Noibat
  9. Zubat
  10. Lunala

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What’s the best bat Pokémon, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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