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The 25 Best Fish Pokémon

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The Best Fish Pokemon of All Time

What are the best fish Pokémon of all time?

There is no shortage of fish Pokémon in the oceans, rivers, and lakes of the Pokémon universe. However, some are better and more iconic than others, and those are the ones you’ll want to keep an eye out for. 

If you’re looking to catch some fish friends to add to your team, you’re not going to want to settle for just any Pokémon that you reel in.

Thankfully, we’ve narrowed down the best fish Pokémon spanning every generation so that you can collect the most useful fish to use in battle.


The Best Fish Pokémon of All Time

Our ranked lists are created by researching and rounding up information from the most reputable web sources.

Here’s our list of the 25 best fish Pokémon of all time:


25. Eelektrik

Best Fish Pokemon of All Time - Eelekrik

Introduced in Generation V, this Electric-type eel-like Pokémon evolves from Tynamo and eventually into Eeletross, if exposed to a Thunder Stone.

Eelektrik has three yellow spots on its long thin body that generate electricity.

As a carnivore, it uses these organs to stun and paralyze its prey, coiling around it and shocking it into submission before eating it.


Under normal battle conditions, this fishy Pokémon is weak to no specific types, and while it doesn’t necessarily have spectacular stats, it can be very effective against Flying and Steel types.


24. Skrelp

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Skrelp

This dual Poison/Water-type Pokémon evolves into Dragalge and was introduced in Generation VI. This small fry Pokémon looks like a cross between a sea dragon and a sea horse.

While it is a poor swimmer, it is adept at camouflage and uses this ability to hide from predators.


In terms of stats, Skrelp seems like a fairly pathetic Pokémon with poor speed, 50 Hp, and 60 across the board in every other stat.

However, because it gets a lot better in its evolved form, it’s worth investing in this fish Pokémon in the long term.


23. Goldeen

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Goldeen

Goldeen is a Water-type Pokémon that has been around since Generation I in the games Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue.

Far from the fancy pink fish of latter generations, this large goldfish-like Pokémon has thick, prominent lips, flowing tail fins, white and orange markings, and a horn in the center of its head.

It has a tumultuous temperament and it competes with others of its species to see who has the strongest horns.


Although Goldeen’s stats leave a bit to be desired, with an attack of 67 being its highest, this is another fish-like Pokémon that is worth investing in due to its ability to evolve.

Once evolved into Seaking at level 33, it gets a decent boost to attack that makes it good to have on your team.


22. Stunfisk

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Stunfisk

Introduced in Generation V, this Ground/Electric-type Pokémon doesn’t have an evolved form, but it does have a regional Ground/Steel-type form in Galar.

This flat, broad fish Pokémon, looks a bit like a real-life ocean sunfish and has markings on its body that allow it to generate electricity.

Its natural habitat is in mudflats and along coastal areas where it buries itself in sediment to catch oblivious prey that swim overhead.


Stunfisk has a decent HP stat of 109 and a fairly high special defense of 99.

Although it is weak to Grass, Ice, Ground, and other Water-type Pokémon, it is able to hold its own thanks to its health and defense.


21. Basculin

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Basculin

Basculin is an angry-looking Water-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation V. While it doesn’t usually evolve into anything else, in the Hisui region it does evolve into Basculegion.

This hardy fish is extremely hostile, and it resembles a piranha in the way that it uses its sharp teeth and strong jaws to devour anything in its way.

It is so territorial that even putting two of these Pokémon in adjacent fish tanks will cause them to try to fight for its living space.


Basculin is a very fast fish Pokémon, with a speed stat of 98 and an attack of 92. It can be a fierce fighter, and a good creature to invest in.

Weak to only Electric-type and Grass-type Pokémon, Basculin is worth catching if you have the chance.


20. Feebas

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Feebas

Feebas is another Water-type Pokémon that was introduced to players in Generation III, and it can evolve into Milotic if it’s leveled up with a high enough Beautiful Condition or traded when holding a Prism Scale from Gen V onward.

This shabby fish Pokémon looks like it’s perpetually surprised, and it is often ignored by almost everyone.

However, it is a hardy fish and it can eat anything and live almost anywhere, including oceans and weed-filled ponds.


Feebas is a feeble fish, but it does have an 80 speed stat, which isn’t too bad.

Unfortunately, it’s more than lackluster in almost every other area, which is why many people avoid this little guy.

However, like some other fish on this list, it is smart to invest in this Pokémon due to its ability to evolve into Milotic, which is a very useful Pokémon to have and one of the most beautiful Pokémon in the entire underwater world.


19. Seaking

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Seaking

The evolved form of Goldeen, this Pokémon is a very powerful swimmer that can be commonly found in rivers and streams.

This koi fish-like Pokémon uses its horn to bore into underwater boulders and lay eggs that can be protected from strong currents.

The Pokémon Crystal Pokedex also explains that the males of this species patrol the area around their nests in the autumn in order to protect their offspring.


Seaking has a solid attack stat of 92 and good special defense and HP stats of 80. Only weak to Electric and Grass-types, this Pokémon is worth catching and evolving if you get the opportunity.


18. Remoraid

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Remoraid

Introduced in Generation II, this Water-type Pokémon evolves into Octillery at level 25 and if it is in a party when Mantyke levels up, the Mantyke will turn into a Mantine.

This light blue fish Pokémon has large eyes and a thin mouth with four pointed teeth.

It is known for its ability to project jets of water with incredible accuracy at a distance of up to 300 feet, an ability that has earned it the title of Jet Pokémon.

Although it is a sea-dwelling Pokémon, when it gets ready to evolve, it will travel downstream to rivers.


Remoraid’s highest stats are attack and speed at 65, and it is on;y weak to Grass and Electric-types. While not the strongest Pokémon outright, it is worth keeping to evolve.


17. Chinchou

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Chinchou

Chinchou is an adorable Water/Electric-type Pokémon that was introduced in Pokémon Generation II when the franchise really began to expand with the introduction of 100 new Pokémon.

It has a small spherical body and two long antennae with teardrop-shaped orbs on the ends.

Sort of like a real-life anglerfish, Chinchou uses these orbs to lure in prey and generate electricity.

It lives in the dark depths of the ocean and rarely ever ventures to the surface.


This Pokémon is decently speedy with a speed stat of 67, but its HP of 75 is its highest stat overall. While not spectacular, it is only weak to Ground and Grass-types and can gain many benefits after evolving.


16. Finneon

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Finneon

Finneon is a Water-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IV, and at level 31 it can evolve into Lumineon.

It has black, pink, and light blue scales, along with two tail fins that resemble the wings of a butterfly.

This Pokémon often travels in large schools, and Wingull is its natural predator.


Finneon has average stats, with its highest being speed at 66.

While this may not seem worthy of rushing out to get, once it evolves, the stat boost makes it well worth adding to your team.


15. Tynamo

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Tynamo

Debuting in Generation V, this Electric-type Pokémon is the base form of Eeletrik and Eelektross.

A white, eel-like Pokémon, it has a sleek body and a large square-shaped mouth.

While it isn’t capable of generating a lot of electricity on its own, a group of Tynamo can generate a shock equitable to a bolt of lighting.


As a starting form, this Pokémon doesn’t have the greatest stats, with a speed of 60 being its highest.

However, like other watery ocean Pokémon on this list, the biggest reason for catching Tynamo is what it can evolve into.


14. Whiscash

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Whiscash

This Water/Ground-type Pokémon was introduced in Generation III and it evolves from Barboach.

While by no means a menacing sea creature, this happy-looking catfish-like Pokémon with dark blue scales can cause large earthquakes and predict when natural ones will occur.

It can usually be found at the bottom of swamps and ponds, and it can be incredibly territorial towards other Pokémon.


Whiscash has a high HP stat of 110 and a solid attack of 78. It is only weak to Grass-types and completely immune to Electric-types.

Although this may not be a Pokémon that you rush out to catch, if you do happen to stumble upon one in the Hoenn region, it is worth nabbing to train.


13. Relicanth

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Relicanth

Relicanth is a dual Water/Rock-type Pokémon that was introduced to Pokémon fans in Gen III, and it is one that doesn’t have any evolutions.

Known as the Longevity Pokémon, it is covered in hard, rocky scales that allow it to survive in the ocean depths, and it has two sturdy fins that it uses to propel itself along the seafloor.

This prehistoric fish has a pretty cool history and its Pokémon Emerald Pokedex entry explains that it was thought to be extinct at one point. However, it has actually existed unchanged for 100 million years.


Relicanth has great attack value with an attack stat of 90 and a defense stat of 130.

It can hit fairly hard, but tank attacks from enemies more readily than some other Pokémon.

While it isn’t without its weaknesses, it is resistant to Flying, Normal, Poison, Fire, and Ice-types, which makes it fairly strong overall.


12. Qwilfish

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Qwilfish

Looking a bit like a pufferfish, this Water/Poison-type Pokémon was introduced in Generation II and, like Relicanth, isn’t known to evolve into anything else.

Qwilfish’s body is covered in sharp spikes and when it attacks it sucks in over 2.6 gallons of water to inflate itself, an ability that earned it the title of Balloon Pokémon.

This water is then used to shoot its poisonous quills at opponents.


This balloon Pokémon has a strong attack skill of 95 and a good speed skill of 85.

In Gen VII and onwards, Qwilfish gets a 10 point boost to defense, taking it from 75 to 85, which helps make this creature a little bit better.


11. Lumineon

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Lumineon

Evolving from Finneon, this Water-type Pokémon has dark and light blue scales, along with flowing pectoral fins that resemble butterfly wings.

It is possibly the most beautiful neon Pokémon to come from the Sinnoh region.

In one of the best Pokémon games, Black & White, the Pokedex entry explains that it crawls along the seafloor, using its front fins to pull itself along.


Lumineon’s strongest stat is speed at 91, followed by special defense of 86. It is only weak to Grass and Electric-types, but resistant to Steel, Fire, Ice, and other Water-types.

While not the strongest or most powerful, it can definitely hold its own in battle.


10. Carvanha

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Carvanha

This large Water/Dark-type fish Pokémon evolves into Sharpedo and was introduced in Gen III.

Looking extremely tough and mean, this fish is covered with sharp denticles and has razor-sharp teeth and incredibly powerful jaws that can even rip solid steel apart.

While it only attacks in a school form of five or more, it is extremely vicious and drawn to the smell of blood and causes many problems for swimmers in the Hoenn region.


This Pokémon isn’t one that you want to mess with and it has a good 90 attack stat and a 65 speed and special attack.

Although it has a good number of weaknesses, it makes up for this by having more resistances, which allows it to be a flexible fighter in many battles.


9. Lanturn

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Lanturn

Lanturn evolves from Chinchou at level 27 and it retains its head antenna that it uses to lure in prey.

These orbs produce light by absorbing bodily fluids which interact with special bacteria to produce a glow.

The flash these orbs create can sometimes be seen on the surface of the water, which has earned this Pokémon the nickname “The Deep-Sea Star”.


Lanturn has a high HP stat of 125 and solid special attack and defense stats of 76.

Only vulnerable to Grass and Ground-types, this fishy Pokémon has a great number of resistances, as well as the Water and Volt Absorb abilities, that make it an all-around good fighter.


8. Horsea

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Horsea

Horsea is an endearing Pokémon that has been around since Generation I. It evolves into Seafra at level 32 and eventually Kingdra if Seafra is traded when holding a Dragon Scale.

This seahorse-looking Pokémon has a siphon-like mouth and can use its dorsal fin to swim quite quickly through the water.

If Horsea senses danger, it can spray thick ink or water from its mouth and it can even shoot so precisely that it can target insects flying above the surface.


Horsea has a decent defense and special attack of 70, along with a speed stat of 60. Although it doesn’t have a high HP stat or attack stat, it can get a few hits that can devastate specific other Pokémon.


7. Eelektross

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Eelektross

The evolved version of an Eeletrik exposed to a Thunder Stone, Eelektross, is the final form of Tynamo.

Resembling a lamprey with long tentacle-like appendages, this nightmarish creature spends its time in the ocean and uses its circular sucker mouth to latch onto prey and drag them into the deep sea, shocking them before consuming them.

Although Eelektross hasn’t been in the Pokémon games series, since Generation V, it has been one of the best fish Pokémon that you can catch.


This Pokémon has a great attack stat of 115 and a special attack stat of 105. It can get more than a few hits in during battle and dish out a lot of damage.

In addition to this, it isn’t known to be weak to any specific type, but it does have resistance to Steel, Electric, and Flying-types.


6. Seadra

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Seadra

Evolving from Horsea at level 32 and evolving into Kingdra when traded with a Dragon Scale, this seahorse-like Pokémon can pack a punch.

Able to create whirlpools to trap prey, it will wait until its prey has exhausted itself trying to escape before swallowing it whole with its long snout.


Seadra has a good defense and special attack of 95, and its poison point ability turns it into a pseudo-poison type, despite only being a Water-type Pokémon.

This ability makes Seadra a good investment for trainers who want a poison ability, without sacrificing Water-type strengths.


5. Dragalge

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Dragalge

Dragalge evolves from Skrelp at level 48 and it has an appearance reminiscent of a common sea dragon.  

It is highly territorial and will shoot poison at anything that gets too close to it.

This poison is even strong enough to melt through the metal hulls of ships, and because of this, most sailing vessels that end up crossing its path never return.


Dragalge has a high special defense stat of 123, along with a solid special attack stat of 97. It also has a good number of resistances, including resistances to Fighting, Bug, Electric, and Fire-types.


4. Magikarp

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Magikarp

Magikarp is the OG fish Pokémon and it has been a fan favorite since Generation I.

This goldfish-like Pokémon evolves into Gyarados, and it is covered in red-orange scales and topped with a yellow, crown-like fin on its back.

Magikarp is a strong swimmer, and it can be found in many different bodies of water.


Now, Magikarp is fairly low on the food chain and its stats leave a lot to be desired, with a majority being 20 and below.

However, it is speedy, with a speed stat of 80.

The main reason to catch a Magikarp is that once it evolves into Gyarados, it gains all-around solid stats making it a great go-to fighter.


3. Mega Sharpedo

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Mega Sharpedo

Mega Sharpendo is a Sharpedo that has undergone a Mega Evolution by using the Sharpedonite.

In this form, Mega Sharpendo takes on the appearance of a blue shark with bright gold markings.

A terror of coral reefs and the Bully of the Sea, this Pokémon is feared by many, and its Mega Form benefits from explosive propulsion that gives it the ability to reach speeds of 125 miles per hour in an instant.


Mega Sharpendo has a fantastic attack stat of 140 a high special attack stat of 110, and a great speed stat of 105.

This Pokémon can tear through the competition and this giant beast is definitely one of the best pocket monsters to add to your team if you get the chance.


2. Kingdra

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Kingdra

Kingdra is the evolved version of Seadra, which happens if Seadra is traded while holding a Dragon Scale.

The final evolution of Horsea, this seahorse-like Pokémon, is all blue, save for its yellow belly scales.

Its thin snout can shoot a powerful jet of water, and when it yawns, the undercurrents created can be powerful enough to destroy small ships.


Kingdra is a very well-rounded Pokémon with 95 across the board except in HP and Speed which are 75 and 85 respectively.

Although weak to Dragon and Fairy-type Pokémon, Kingdra is solid in battles and can get players through a lot of tricky challenges.


1. Sharpedo

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time - Sharpedo

Sharpedo is by far the best fish Pokémon and it has been around since Gen III.

Evolving from Carvanha at level 30, this Pokémon is not someone you want to meet on the high seas.

This torpedo-shaped shark has a mouth full of terrifying teeth that its Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Pokedex entry states can even cut through iron.

It can also expel seawater to boost itself through the ocean at over 75 miles per hour.


With an impressive attack stat of 120 and special attack and speed stats of 95, this Pokémon is a heavy hitter who can strike terror in anything that opposes it.

Although it has a fair share of vulnerabilities, it is one of the strongest fish Pokémon that you can ever get on your team.



We hope you enjoyed our list of the best fish Pokémon of all time. 

There are a lot of great fish Pokémon across all generations, but these 25 are by far the coolest examples of great aquatic Pokémon that can be worthwhile to catch and invest in.

If you’re interested in adding more fishy friends to your team, keep an eye out for these Pokémon, especially those that evolve into some of the most powerful in the franchise.

Here’s a quick recap of the 25 best fish Pokémon of all time:

  1. Sharpedo
  2. Kingdra
  3. Mega Sharpedo
  4. Magikarp
  5. Dragalge
  6. Seadra
  7. Eelektross
  8. Horsea
  9. Lanturn
  10. Carvanha
  11. Lumineon
  12. Qwilfish
  13. Relicanth
  14. Whiscash
  15. Tynamo
  16. Finneon
  17. Chinchou
  18. Remoraid
  19. Seaking
  20. Feebas
  21. Basculin
  22. Stunfisk
  23. Goldeen
  24. Skrelp
  25. Eelektrik

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What’s the best fish Pokémon, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

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