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The 10 Best Dying Light Mods

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The Best Dying Light Mods to Download

What are the best Dying Light mods?

Dying Light is one of the best modern zombie games, and it stands out even today for its survival horror elements. 

However, since this game was released in 2015, it has fallen a bit behind modern releases, in particular, its sequel, Dying Light 2.

Fortunately, the modding community has made it a priority to keep this game relevant by creating numerous mods that improve Dying Light’s gameplay!


The 10 Best Dying Light Mods

To create this list, we tested out many of the most popular Dying Light mods on the Nexus to see which ones were really worth downloading.

The mods that we’ve selected have been chosen based on their ratings, stability, and how they impact the overall game.

So, before testing your zombie apocalypse survival skills, check out our list of the 10 best Dying Light Mods:


10. Carry More Ammo

Best Dying Light Mods Carry More Ammo

In the vanilla version of Dying Light, you can carry around a lot of stuff, but unfortunately, ammo capacity was limited.

Now, in one of the best PS4 zombie games, the last thing you want to have a limited supply of is ammo, which is why we love this mod!

The Carry More Ammo mod, as the name suggests, is all about allowing players to carry much more ammo for all of their guns.

With this mod, you can now carry up to 999 bullets for every type of gun, so as long as you can find the rounds, you can take them with you.

This mod definitely makes the game a little less frustrating, but overall, it doesn’t make things too easy, which we like.

It’s certainly nice to be able to carry more than enough ammo so that you never have to worry about running out!

If you’re someone who hates the ammo carry limits in Dying Light, this is a must-have mod for your next playthrough.


9. Grappling Hook Modifications

Best Dying Light Mods Grappling Hook Modifications

One thing that we really love about Dying Light is its parkour and grappling hook system that allows you to quickly traverse the rooftops of Harran.

However, in the base game, you aren’t allowed to use your grappling hook as much as you want because it does have a recharge time.

Fortunately, this mod removes the recharge time, so if you want to zip around the city with wild abandon, you absolutely can!

This mod is incredibly fun, and it’s surprisingly helpful for getting out of tough situations that otherwise could be deadly.

Furthermore, this mod also doubles the distance the grappling hook can cover, which makes it all the more fun to use!


8. Auto-Learn All Blueprints

There are a ton of blueprints to learn in Dying Light that allows you to craft numerous items and weapon upgrades.

However, once you’ve played through the game and found all of these blueprints on your own, you probably won’t want to do it all over again.

That’s where this mod comes in, as it allows you to automatically learn all the blueprints upon opening a save or starting a new game.

If you don’t want to start off with everything all at once, you can also choose to auto-learn only specific categories of blueprints instead.

For example, you could choose to learn only the melee weapons blueprints and nothing else if you want, or mix and match a unique variety.

With this mod, you can spend more time enjoying one of the best open-world PS4 games instead of looking around every corner for blueprints!


7. Dying Light SweetFX

Best Dying Light Mods Dying Light SweetFX

 If you want this game to look as impressive as its sequel, Dying Light 2, then you’ll want to add Dying Light SweetFX to your load order.

What this mod does is remove the greenish-yellow filter from the vanilla game to make the world look more realistic.

It also improves all of the visuals by tweaking the contrast and coloration so that everything pops just a little bit more.

Dying Light SweetFX is by far the most popular visual overhaul for the game on Nexus Mods, and 73,000 players have already downloaded it!

While some people may like the original visuals for how they make the world seem bleak, we can’t go back to playing without SweetFX.

We would definitely recommend giving this a try for yourself if you want to make Dying Light look as realistic as possible!


6. Skyfall

Best Dying Light Mods Skyfall

If you’ve been playing Dying Light since 2015, replaying may not seem as exciting, especially if you’ve experienced everything it has to offer.

Thankfully, there are many story mods that introduce new content to play through, and Skyfall is the best of them!

Skyfall is a nice break from the vanilla gameplay as it revolves around Kyle Crane grappling with his dark past.

It even won the Dying Light Mod Contest held by its developer, Techland, so you know it’s worth playing!

This story-driven mod is all about Crane having to face his inner demons and come to terms with his life as it is to try and find some semblance of redemption.

What we really love about Skyfall is that it is filled with puzzles and parkour challenges that are unlike anything in the vanilla game.

It is easily equitable to the best PS5 horror games in its own right, and it’s certainly one of the best mods out there.

If you haven’t had a chance to experience this amazing story mod for yourself, you are really missing out on an absolute gem!


5. Harran Unleased Plus Advanced Moves

Best Dying Light Mods Harran Unleashed Plus Advanced Moves

This mod is an absolute beast, and it completely overhauls Dying Light in a number of ways that improve its gameplay.

Harran Unleased Plus Advanced Moves adds 19 new skills and many quality-of-life changes, as well as rebalances, loot changes, and FOV tweaks.

With this mod, you can now use the grappling hook to pull weaker enemies toward you, find a more diverse variety of loot, and unlock a wall-running ability!

Spare ammo counts have also been altered, arrows fly faster, broken weapons deal 40% damage, as opposed to 10%, and audio occlusion has been improved.

This all-encompassing rebalance is absolutely amazing, and it even reintroduces cut and unfinished content so that it fits into the game seamlessly.

The harder difficulties have even been rebalanced to make them more challenging but in a rewarding way that doesn’t make gameplay frustrating.

We love all of the changes this mod makes to the vanilla game, and it has easily become one of our favorite overhauls for Dying Light.

If you want to feel like you’re playing this game for the first time all over again, you need to download this incredible overhaul mod!


4. Easier Lockpicking

Best Dying Light Mods Ceanos Easier Lockpicking

Dying Light, like the best games like Skyrim, has a lockpicking mechanic that can be quite frustrating, especially when you’re running low on lockpicks.

In fact, for many players, the lockpicking minigame is one of their biggest complaints, mainly because it can be ridiculously hard!

Thankfully, mod creator Ceano has fixed this gameplay mechanic to make lockpicking just a little bit easier and a lot less anger-inducing.

However, what we like most about this mod is that it doesn’t outright take the challenge out of lockpicking; it only makes it less frustrating.

Now, this mechanic no longer feels out of place with its insane level of difficulty that many players felt was too much.

It also makes lockpicks more durable so that they don’t immediately break as if they were made out of paper mache.

This is the type of quality-of-life improvement that we love in mods, and it definitely has earned a permanent place in our mod list!


3. Bear Arms

Best Dying Light Mods Bear Arms

This mod gives you the right to bear arms against the hordes of zombies plaguing Harran, and it adds 22 brand-new weapons to the game.

Bear Arms introduces 22 new weapons in total, including two new shotguns, a light machine gun, and a wide variety of melee weapons and throwables.

These weapons all fit into the game seamlessly, and they don’t feel out of place when you use them, either.

They are also incredibly fun to use, especially the crafted khopesh, Mossberg 930, and Medieval hatchet!

What we really love about this mod is that it doesn’t automatically add all of the options to your inventory like some others do.

Instead, new additions can be found in shops, and you’ll have to keep your eyes out for them whenever you come across a vendor.

Likewise, the melee weapon levels are all staggered, meaning they won’t immediately be OP when you find them!

This mod is a great and lore-friendly addition to the game, and if you’ve gotten bored of the vanilla weapons, it is an absolute must-have!


2. All Items In Shop

Best Dying Light Mods All Items in Shop

One of our biggest frustrations with Dying Light is that the progression system can often mean that you’re left with few good weapons.

This can be especially irritating on hard mode when you keep checking shops only to find that literally nothing good has been added.

Fortunately, this mod changes things and makes it so that every item and weapon is available to buy right at the start of the game.

While we wouldn’t recommend this mod for your first playthrough, it definitely helps make replaying the game a little less frustrating.

With this mod installed, not only will all items be available immediately, but they can all be used in hard mode, and the weapons no longer cycle.

However, none of the prices have been altered, so you will still need a decent amount of cash to buy all of these items.

What we really love about this mod is that it gives you the opportunity to access weapons and items that you may otherwise have missed.

It also makes replaying the game a lot less frustrating since, so long as you have the money, you can outfit yourself with some very good weapons!

If you’re on the fence between replaying this game or picking up Dying Light 2, we strongly recommend downloading this mod and giving it a try.


1. I Am Legion

Best Dying Light Mods I Am Legion

Taking our number one spot is an incredible mod that turns Dying Light into a game to rival the best PS5 zombie games by overhauling basically everything!

I Am Legion aims to make Dying Light much more like it appeared in its trailers before its initial release by adding a ton of new features.

With this mod, the AI is much more unforgiving, and the zombies all have new variant models and behaviors to make them more diverse.

If that wasn’t enough, custom AI and realistic gameplay features have been added, along with custom weather that makes the world feel more alive.

This mod also comes with three difficulties to choose from; Survivor, Ultimate Survivor, and Insanity.

The Survivor version is designed to make the world more dangerous and reactive, while INsanity is designed for players who know the game well and want to suffer.

In this mode, zombies will hunt you, so you have to constantly keep moving outside of safe zones if you want to stay alive.

Likewise, Ultimate Survivor is a nice middle ground between these two, and it offers a serious challenge even for veteran players.

This is the mode we enjoy the most, and we would highly suggest giving it a try yourself if you’re looking to transform your gameplay experience!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best Dying Light mods and found some that you can’t wait to try out!

Dying Light is easily one of the best modern zombie games, but these mods have added a ton of replayability. 

I Am Legion, in particular, is a fantastic overhaul, and it adds so much more depth to the vanilla game, so it feels brand new!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best Dying Light mods:

  1. I Am Legion
  2. All Items In Shop
  3. Bear Arms
  4. Easier Lockpicking
  5. Harran Unleashed Plus Advanced Moves
  6. Skyfall
  7. Dying Light SweetFX
  8. Auto-Learn All Blueprints
  9. Grappling Hook Modifications
  10. Carry More Ammo

Have you used any Dying Light mods before? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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