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The 10 Best Minecraft Dragon Mods of All Time

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The Best Minecraft Dragon Mods

What are the best Minecraft dragon mods?

Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox game, and if you think it, you can create it. So, naturally, fans want to add dragons to the game because dragons are awesome.

If you’re interested in adding giant flying lizards into your Minecraft experience, but don’t quite know where to start when it comes to mods, then you’ve come to the right place.


The Best Minecraft Dragon Mods of All Time

There are a lot of dragon mods, but only a few can be called the best. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up these mods, so you can spend more time gaming and less time searching.

Here’s our list of the 10 best Minecraft dragon mods of all time:


10. DragonTravel

Best Minecraft Dragon Mods of All Time - Dragon Travel

DragonTravel kicks off our list as one of the top Minecraft dragon mods, and it gives users a lot of great benefits that we absolutely love.

In-game, server admins can set specific destinations for dragons and give players permission to summon and use them for travel.

This allows dragons to function almost like a fast travel system, allowing players to go to preset destinations.

Admins can also set prices for travel if they want and make signs that allow players to automatically mount dragons, who can then bring them to the destination written on the sign.

While there is no current ability to control a dragon personally in flight, there is a possibility that this feature will become available in future updates.

Along with this, there is also a possibility to obtain a special egg from these dragons that you can’t find anywhere else.

Best of all, this mod is continuously being maintained today, and if you have any trouble with installation, there is a full FAQ available on this mod’s website.

Seeing as many Minecraft mods have been either abandoned or are no longer being supported, it’s good to find one that is still being worked on.

If you want a mod that will allow for seamless travel between locations in one of the most popular video games of all time, this is one of the best dragon mods to download.


9. Realm of The Dragons

Best Minecraft Dragon Mods of All Time - Realm of the Dragons

Realm of the Dragons adds 10 new types of dragons to the world of Minecraft, including a nether dragon which looks amazing and blends in perfectly with the world of Minecraft.

Each of the 10 dragons added by this mod comes with their own special abilities, and all of them can be tamed, allowing you to ride them through the skies.

If you’ve always wanted to live your Dragonborn fantasies in Minecraft, this is definitely one way to do it!

Users can also find hatchable dragon eggs with this mod, along with eight new armors for both players and dragons, giving you the ability to make your loyal dragons even more intimidating and awesome.

If Minecraft wasn’t already one of the most popular video games right now, this mod would certainly earn it a place.


8. Dragon World RPG

Best Minecraft Dragon Mods of All Time - Dragon World RPG

This is one of the best dragon mods for players looking for a total game overhaul that will change the way you approach and play the game.

Dragon World RPG is almost like a whole new game, and it implements a lot of new changes that bring a bit more of reality into the world of Minecraft.

For example, day and night cycles now correspond to real-time, as do seasons, and server locations can impact this.

So, if it’s daytime where you are, but you join a server located across the world, the time will change to reflect this.

The world is also shared with dragons, which can help you, but others will try to end you. However, you also have the chance to find a dragon egg, which you can hatch to gain a lifelong companion.

If you want a dragon mod that completely changes the way you play the game, this is one of the best, and it even allows you to play with friends!


7. Dragon Tech Mod

Best Minecraft Dragon Mods of All Time - Dragon Tech Minecraft

Once you slay the Ender dragon, largely regarded to be one of the toughest video game bosses to beat, the fun doesn’t end if you have this mod installed. In fact, it can just be the beginning of something even more fun.

As a magitech expansion that keeps the game interesting long after the Ender dragon is dead and gone, this dragon mod introduces a plethora of new ores, armor, and dragon-themed tools.

If that wasn’t enough to get you interested, there is also a brand new biome infected with the Dracony Virus, which will slowly spread throughout the world, giving you a whole new threat to worry about.

If you’ve beaten the Ender dragon and are now wondering what comes next, you’ll want to check out this mod. It definitely adds even more playability to an already addicting game.


6. Dawn of Fire

Best Minecraft Dragon Mods of All Time - Dawn of Fire

When you think of dragon-themed mods, you probably picture giant flying lizards that breathe fire.

However, despite the name, this mod switches things up with dragons that can breathe ice and lightning, and there may be more added in the future.

This mod also adds all-new biomes and new mechanics that impact health scaling, damage, and difficulty.

It will definitely make you rethink the way you’ve been playing the game and challenge you to develop new strategies to survive.

This is one of the best Minecraft mods for players looking for a brand new challenge, whether you’ve defeated the Ender dragon or not, and it can be installed at any point to give you a real gameplay challenge.


5. RideThaDragon

Best Minecraft Dragon Mods of All Time - RidethaDragon

RideThaDragon is one of the most straightforward Minecraft mods, and it essentially allows users to own their own Ender dragon to ride around the map in style.

Although this mod is no longer being officially supported, it is one of the best mods for dragon mounts, and it comes with a load of commands that allow users to customize their gaming experience.

For example, you can use commands to tweak the dragon’s speed height or prevent it from flying into towns. You can also spawn wild dragons, summon your own dragon, or buy one.

If you’ve always wanted to make the Ender dragon your personal Minecraft taxi service, this is one mod that you should definitely install.


4. Wyrmroost

Best Minecraft Dragon Mods of All Time - Wyrmroost

This is one of the best Minecraft mods to download for those who want to completely reimagine the worlds they play in and live out their dreams of being a dragon-taming legend.

Wyrmroost adds several diverse and interesting dragons to the world of Minecraft, and they can benefit players in numerous ways that you won’t find in many other mods.

The dragons added in this mod can help with farming, transportation, combat, and more, giving you the whole Daenerys experience. After all, who doesn’t want to tame their own dragons and use them to feel like a complete badass?

Best of all is that this mod is still being maintained and updated today, and there are plans to add even more features in the future, such as a whole new dragon dimension that you can explore. 

If you’re after Minecraft mods that specifically add tamed dragons without altering the way you play the rest of the game, this is one that you’ll want to check out.


3. Dragon Mounts: Legacy

Best Minecraft Dragon Mods of All Time - Dragon Mounts

This dragon mount mod finally gives the previously useless dragon eggs a purpose that a lot of fans can get behind.

With this mod, you can now hatch dragon eggs and foster them to turn your new scaly lizards into fully tamed dragons.

These dragons will be utterly loyal to you, in the same way, that many of the other animals in the game are, only they’re dragons, so they are 10x cooler.

However, unlike many other animals, these dragons can serve as your mounts, allowing you to fly across the map to whatever destination you set your eyes on.

While this isn’t very different from a couple of other mods on this list, it is one of the best developed if you just want to raise and ride your own dragons.

While the latest version of Forge is required for this mod to work, once you have that and this mod downloaded, you can get started raising your own loyal draconic brood.


2. Ice and Fire: Dragons

Best Minecraft Dragon Mods - Ice and Fire- Dragons 

While the Ice and Fire: Dragons mod doesn’t necessarily introduce anything different compared to the other Minecraft mods on our list, the mechanics of this mod enable it to land our number two spot.

The dragon mechanics in this Minecraft mod are incredible, and it really takes this mod to a whole new level.

Ice and Fire: Dragons was created by two dedicated modders who sought to incorporate dragons into the base game in a way that made sense.

As a result, this is one of the most well-developed Minecraft mods that comes complete with its own lore.

It introduces users to Ice dragons, which can be found in the coldest biomes on the map, while the fire dragons roam across the rest of the world freely, like the classical dragons of legend.

However, there are also lighting dragons to keep an eye out for, and these only come out at night and are much more devastating than Creepers.

If all of that piques your interest, you’ll be happy to learn that the developers are officially supporting this mod over at CurseForge, and it is expected that even more features will become available in the future.

Things like dragon skeletons, eggs, and special equipment are all things to look forward to in future updates.

Needless to say, this mod is so well-developed that it could even give some of the best-selling PS4 games a run for their money.


1. World of Dragons

Best Minecraft Dragon Mods of All Time - World of Dragons

While Ice and Fire: Dragons is one of the best Minecraft mods for dragons, the World of Dragons mod takes our top spot for a couple of significant reasons.

This is one of the best dragon-themed mods for Minecraft, and it is built using the mechanics that make the Ice and Fire mod so great.

With this mod, the world is transformed into one of technology and magic, and it will be up to you to subdue the dragons by using a combination of these new tools.

You can craft new, special armors from the corpses of dragons and gain special rewards from helping village lords and shopkeepers with unique quests.

This mod also forces you to change the way you would usually play the game, as things can get increasingly dangerous the further into the wilderness that you venture.

So, before running away from your spawn point to build a house, keep in mind that the further you go, the more aggressive and tougher the mobs you will encounter. 

If that wasn’t enough, skills and leveling are also overhauled with this mod, helping to make it even more distinct from the Ice and Fire mod.

Grinding will now grant less and less experience the more you do it, and the only real way to level up significantly is by adventuring.

That said, it’s recommended to play with a friend because enemies can now be extremely tough, meaning that even a pig has the potential to one-shot you.

World of Dragons makes some of the hardest video game levels look like child’s play, and it is definitely one of the most challenging and fun Minecraft mods that you can download.



Minecraft is a titan of a game, and it boasts over 141 million active players across the world.

However, it’s been around since 2011, and it’s nice to be able to add new challenges and new content to this incredible sandbox world.

If you’ve seen and done everything Minecraft has to offer, beaten the Ender dragon, and built your own impregnable fortress home, it’s good to shake things up, and what better way to do it than with dragons.

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best Minecraft dragon mods of all time:

  1. World of Dragons
  2. Ice and Fire: Dragons
  3. Dragon Mounts: Legacy
  4. Wyrmroost
  5. RideThaDragon
  6. Dawn of Fire
  7. Dragon Tech Mod
  8. Dragon World RPG
  9. Realm of The Dragons
  10. DragonTravel

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What’s the best Minecraft dragon mod, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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