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The 25 Best Minecraft House Ideas

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The Best Minecraft House Ideas

What are the best Minecraft house ideas?

Yeah, defeating the Enderdragon is nice and all, but we all know one of the best things about playing Minecraft is building outlandish houses.

Minecraft is a gigantic sandbox, and there is really no limit to how crazy or large you can go. Really, the hardest part is coming up with house ideas that you want to build!

Fortunately, there is no shortage of cool Minecraft house ideas from which you can draw inspiration, and we’ve tracked down only the best.


The Best Minecraft House Ideas

If you’re struggling to come up with epic Minecraft house ideas, we got you.

We’ve rounded up the most impressive Minecraft houses ever created so that you try building them for yourself!

Here’s our list of the 25 best Minecraft House ideas:


25. Simple Wooden House

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Simple Wooden House

Contrary to its name, this house is anything but simple, and it looks absolutely stunning.

Created using stripped logs, this home features several external lamps to help keep the darkness at bay, while large glass pane windows illuminate the interior with natural light during the day.

There is even a touch of green created by decorative hanging vines that help create a fantastic natural yet contemporary look.

This is the perfect house for those looking to set up shop in a forested area, and it complements the surrounding environment beautifully.

You could even potentially add some potted plants to the roof to give yourself a little rooftop garden!


24. Woodland Mansion

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Woodland Mansion

If a simple wooden house in Minecraft isn’t quite as extravagant as you would like, you may want to take a look at this incredible build.

This home resembles a mix between a medieval and a rustic mansion with its stone and log exterior.

While it is an insanely cool Minecraft house idea, it will put your building skills to the test. That said, being able to call this place home is definitely well worth the hard work.

We could definitely see adding a moat to this build or a large stable outside where you can board your horses.

There are a lot of ways that you could add to this mansion to make it even more uniquely your own.


23. Fairytale Cottage

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Fairytale Cottage

For those of you who want your Minecraft house ideas to channel more of a storybook feeling, this fairytale-inspired cottage is something to think about.

Although the house is relatively simple compared to the Woodland Mansion, it is still impressive to look at.

Decorated with pink hues, overgrown plants, and its own watchtower, this home is reminiscent of something you could find Princess Peach hanging out in. (You know, when she’s not being kidnapped. Again.)

Depending on where you choose to build this home, you could even add a large flower garden around it to make it feel even more magical.


22. Medieval Mansion

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Medieval Mansion

If the Woodland Mansion wasn’t Medieval enough for your discerning tastes, this next Minecraft house definitely will.

This sprawling mansion, created from wood and stone, is truly something fit for royalty, and no details were spared, even on the interior.

While the outside is towering and imposing with its central watchtower, the inside is decked out with armor stands, workstations, hanging lanterns, and flower pots that really make it feel like King Henry VIII could live there.

Although the original build doesn’t have one, we could totally see adding a moat, just to make it a little bit more intimidating.


21. Snowy Tundra Cabin

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Snowy Tundra Cabin

If living in a snowy biome is more your style, this is one of the best tiny house ideas to check out.

This build utilizes a pyramid shape that really makes it stand out from the surrounding landscape. Built with wood and stone bricks, this house is beautiful and cozy.

Inside there is a warm central fireplace, and every inch of the interior has been crafted to be useful, with spaces for storage and crafting lining the walls.

It even has tiny windows on each side that allow you to peek out and make sure no Creepers are coming to ruin your night.

Truly, this home is one of the coziest you can find if you’re planning on living out in the freezing tundra.


20. Leatherworker Desert House

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Leatherworker Desert House

Moving from the ice into the desert, we have a simple but incredibly impressive home that makes use of a natural color scheme that blends in perfectly with the sandy landscape.

Created with sandstone and acacia plants, it is surprisingly sophisticated considering how much smaller it is than some of the other homes we’ve covered so far.

Granted, this small size can be beneficial, as it gives you a lot of room to expand and upgrade the home based on what you need.

This Minecraft house is the perfect oasis to have if you’re planning on setting up shop in the sprawling desert of one of the biggest open-world maps in video game history.


19. Spruce House

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Spruce House

If you want more modern Minecraft houses, the Spruce House is one that you’ll definitely want to draw inspiration from.

This house was created originally for a two-player survival run, and it is made from materials that are easy to replace should they be damaged.

This can be incredibly important if you’re planning on creating a survival house, as you won’t have to worry about being stuck with a hole in your defenses while you try to scramble and find rare materials to rebuild with.

Created with spruce slabs and cobblestone, this home is fairly massive, and it features lots of large glass panes to let in natural light during the daytime.

If you don’t like the look of spruce slabs, you can also replace them with other common materials, such as oak, to give this home a more personalized touch.


18. Japanese House

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Japanese House

This house is really something special, and it utilizes design ideas that mimic iconic Japanese architecture.

As one of the most unique Minecraft house ideas, this home is created with oak, stone, and prismarine slabs, and it features the traditional curved roofing that we’ve come to associate with Japan.

There is also a lot of open space to ensure that as much natural light can come inside as possible.

Outside, bamboo and a makeshift cherry blossom tree really help capture the traditional Japanese aesthetic, making this home one of the most beautiful and distinctive builds on our list.

If you do plan on creating this home for yourself, keep in mind that it is very technical, and completing it in its entirety — especially outside of creative mode — is likely to take days of work.

However, once you complete it, you can feel incredibly proud of the amazing house you created!


17. Mountain House

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Mountain House

Heading into the mountains, we find our next Minecraft house and one that is sure to be a showstopper if you build it yourself.

This house features large circular windows that offer a great view of the outdoors from the inside, and they show off the awesome interior if you look in from the outside.

Because this house is literally built into the side of a mountain and it only has the two circular design windows as a source of light, the inside is lit with a handful of lanterns that really help give it a cozy atmosphere.

The Mountain House is one of the coolest Minecraft house ideas we’ve seen, and when paired with some of the best Minecraft mods, such as one of the best Minecraft house mods, Decocraft, you can really make this house something truly spectacular.


16. Smallest Modern House

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Smallest Modern House

Although the Tundra Cabin was small, this house is truly tiny, and it is perfect if you want a small home that doesn’t require a lot of materials to build.

Built using only quartz blocks and glass panes, this house has a very modern style. However, what it lacks in space above ground, it makes up for down below.

Around the back of the home is an entry to an underground base where all of your crafting and storage is kept.

This helps keep it safe from Creepers, and it allows you to minimize the overall amount of building you need to do.

If you want to go small without sacrificing style and functionality, we couldn’t recommend this build more.


15. Underground Survival House

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Underground Survival House

As the name suggests, this house is designed to help you stay safe when playing in survival mode.

This underground house is built into the earth with a glass window roof to allow you to see the sky.

To enter, you use a ladder to descend into the main room, which you can either store everything in or expand outwards to create a tunnel network beneath the ground.

This survival house is really clever, and despite having almost nothing above ground, it still keeps a relatively modern feeling.

It can definitely help keep you alive during the night, and in the event that a Creeper does cause damage, the materials are common enough to be easy to fix.


14. Large Modern House

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Large Modern House

Building a modern Minecraft house of this size is quite a feat, and at first glance, you may not even realize that it was made with blocks!

This gigantic home has two floors, each with large glass pane windows that let plenty of natural light in. There is a dedicated pool area, a deck, walkways, and multiple indoor lounges.

You can even add a car — or five — from one of the best Minecraft car mods to make this home feel even more fit for a celebrity. 

Creating modern houses is always a bit of a challenge, but this one will definitely require a lot of dedication if you attempt to build it yourself.

While it may not be easy, being able to show it off to your friends will certainly earn you loads of bragging rights.


13. Luxury Modern House

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Luxury Modern

When it comes to building modern houses in Minecraft, the Luxury Modern house goes above and beyond.

Seriously, this build looks like something you would see a real-life celebrity living in on an episode of Cribs.

Between the bright open floor plan, indoor aquarium, private pool, and rooftop garden, there is so much to love in this house. It is by far one of the most realistic homes we have found.

While it’s tempting to try and recreate this home for yourself, we definitely don’t recommend trying it in survival mode, as it uses a lot of quartz blocks in its construction.

However, it is a great project to try and build in creative mode!


12. Beach House

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Beach House

Beachfront properties are as popular in Minecraft as they are in the real world, and this Minecraft house idea makes it possible to create your own.

This Minecraft house takes inspiration from classic beach huts and combines that aesthetic with the comforts of a woodland manor.

It has an elevated upper porch, lush vegetation on its roof, and is constructed out of wood and a small bit of stone.

If you happen to spawn near the beach or decide to move later in the game and want a home that can provide as much safety as it can comfort, this beach house build is something to consider drawing inspiration from.


11. Oak Survival House

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Oak Survival House

If you are playing in survival mode and want to create the ultimate fortress that is both secure and stylish, this Oak house is one of the best Minecraft house ideas to keep in mind.

Not only does its design make it look like the ultimate vacation home, but it doesn’t require a lot of resources to build, despite its sprawling size.

Comprised almost entirely of wood planks, this home isn’t the easiest to build, but if you are surrounded by wilderness, it won’t be hard to gather what you need to make it.

While it will certainly be easier to build in creative mode, it is by no means as difficult as some of the hardest video game levels of all time to construct in survival mode.

Plus, it can definitely help keep you safe when the Creepers come out.


10. Modern City House

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Modern City House

In terms of modern Minecraft house ideas, this design is so next level it looks like it could have come out of Sims 4 and not Minecraft.

This house has an incredibly modern aesthetic, with large open windows and a floating top floor that serves as a roof to the outdoor fireplace.

It kind of looks like it could have taken inspiration from Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s Farnsworth house, only taken a step further.

If you’re after a home that is definitely going to turn heads and stand out from the surrounding environment, this is one modern home design that you may want to consider.


9. Pirate Base House

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Pirate Base House

This home definitely isn’t for landlubbers, and it’s easy to mistake it for a large pirate ship from a distance.

Built with spruce and oak wood logs and planks, this is one of the cool Minecraft houses that you’re going to have to dedicate hours — if not days — to replicate correctly.

To say that it is gigantic is an understatement. This pirate base towers over the seascape and even sports an imposing black flag atop its crow’s nest.

If you’re also a fan of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, one of the best Assassin’s Creed games, and want to bring a little bit of piracy into your Minecraft experience, this is definitely a home that you should consider building.


8. Underwater Modern House

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Underwater Modern House

This house looks like it could have come straight out of one of the best open-world PS4 games, it is literally so beautiful.

While most Minecraft players spend time building houses on land, this home was created in the middle of the ocean.

The first level of this house floats on the surface of the water, and when you descend to the lower levels you are treated with a spectrally designed set of rooms with large glass windows into the ocean.

It is seriously like something you would find in Subnautic, and the views are to die for.

Although it might be impractical to try and build in survival mode, it is definitely jaw-dropping and worth trying to build just for the bragging rights.


7. Treehouse House

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Treehouse

Who doesn’t want to live in a treehouse? They’re just awesome!

Building a Minecraft house that looks like a luxury treehouse takes a lot of skill and hard work, but the effort is totally worth it.

This house provides a 360-degree view of the world around you, and you can change the height of your home depending on your location to make the view even more spectacular.

Constructed entirely from wood with a leafy roof, this Minecraft house is incredibly unique, and being able to call it your own is definitely worth the hours it will take to construct it.

Being so high also helps keep you safe from Creepers, which is always a great benefit if you’re playing in a Minecraft survival world.


6. Modern Villa

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Modern Villa

There are a lot of modern homes on our list, and that is because they all look absolutely unbelievable. This Modern Villa is no exception, and it even has a jacuzzi!

Created primarily out of quartz, it has towering glass windows, numerous hanging chandeliers, indoor planters, a huge dining room, and an upstairs rooftop patio complete with a firepit.

When it comes to Minecraft house ideas, this is one that looks like it could be a set piece from one of the most popular video games right now, and we could totally see the gang from GTA V hitting it up in a heist.


5. Underground House

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Underground House

Similar to the Underground Survival House, this home proves that you don’t have to have a towering mansion to make a strong impression in Minecraft.

This home has stairs leading to the lower level, which is divided into four corner spaces that contain crafting benches, a bed, a library, and a nether portal.

When seen from above, you can see straight into the home from the circular glass roof, and being able to look up at the night sky without worrying about Creepers is definitely a big bonus that this house provides.

Underground Minecraft house ideas are often some of the coolest, and this one shows just how impressive they can really be.


4. Modern Treehouse

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Modern Treehouse

The Modern Treehouse looks like someone took the Modern City House and plopped it down in a tree, and we seriously couldn’t be happier with the result.

This is one of those Minecraft house ideas that just makes you want to jump in and try to build it yourself because it is honestly so cool.

Created in a jungle biome, this home is created from wood and quartz, and it merges natural beauty with modern architecture in a way we never knew was possible.

There is even a working elevator to take you to the top, which is beyond awesome.

Although we could probably play through the complete Pokémon game list in order in less time than it would take us to build this house, if you’re in creative mode and have time to kill, this house makes for one hell of a great project to work on.


3. House With Swimming Pool

Best Minecraft House Ideas - House With Swimmingpool

While some other houses on this list have had swimming pools, this house has the largest, and the modern makes it a seriously cool Minecraft house.

Best of all, this house idea isn’t that ambitious, and its modest size is just extravagant enough without requiring too many materials.

The main house looks like a set of three raised squares, accented with large open windows.

Around the base, the large swimming pool curves around the left side, while a garden of flowers sits on the right side.

This is another home that looks like it could have come out of a magazine, and we’re definitely glad that it’s not overly complicated to create!


2. Wooden Survival House

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Wooden Survival House

This Minecraft survival house idea is one of the more modest ones, and it is definitely more traditional than it is modern.

It has the appearance of a quaint woodland cabin, and it totally gives off welcoming vibes that make you want to call it your home.

Although it is constructed with wood, it has stone brick accents that make it feel a bit more secure.

The land around the home is left relatively unaltered, so you can definitely feel free to add your own touches, such as a garden, stable, or sheep pen.


1. Aquarium House

Best Minecraft House Ideas - Aquarium House

With so many great house ideas, it was difficult to pick our number one, but we couldn’t help but give it to this incredible aquarium home.

While a majority of this home is created from quartz, the entire left wall is a towering two-story aquarium complete with fish and plants.

Needless to say, this house is incredibly impressive to behold, and it immediately stands out from the environment around it.

Although the Luxury Modern House featured a small indoor aquarium, this home really goes above and beyond. It’s really the perfect place to relax after a long day of exploring.



Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox, and there really is no limit to what you can build.

These houses are by far the most impressive and creative that have ever been created in Minecraft, and they definitely give us some great ideas for our builds!

Here’s a quick recap of the 25 best Minecraft house ideas:

  1. Aquarium House
  2. Wooden Survival House
  3. House With Swimming Pool
  4. Modern Treehouse
  5. Underground House
  6. Modern Villa
  7. Treehouse House
  8. Underwater Modern House
  9. Pirate Base House
  10. Modern City House
  11. Oak Survival House
  12. Beach House
  13. Luxury Modern House
  14. Large Modern House
  15. Underground Survival House
  16. Smallest Modern House
  17. Mountain House
  18. Japanese House
  19. Spruce House
  20. Leatherworker Desert House
  21. Snowy Tundra Cabin
  22. Medieval Mansion
  23. Fairytale Cottage
  24. Woodland Mansion
  25. Simple Wooden House

What are the best Minecraft house ideas, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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