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OSRS: The Best Fishing Locations (Ranked)

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The Best Fishing Locations in OSRS

What are the best fishing locations in OSRS?

If you are looking to increase your fishing skills, you’ll want to head to some specific locations.

While there are many great fishing spots in Old School Runescape, some are undoubtedly better than others.

To make finding the best fishing locations as easy as possible, we’ve created this comprehensive list!


The 10 Best Fishing Locations in OSRS

Fishing is an incredibly useful skill in Old School Runescape, and these locations are the best for honing your skills.

Each of these fishing spots offers its own unique benefits and can be useful to characters from fishing levels 1 to 100.

Get ready to grab your fishing pole as we dive into our list of the 10 best fishing locations in OSRS:


10. Lumbridge

Best OSRS Fishing Locations Lumbridge

Kicking off our list, we have the city of Lumbridge, where every player begins their journey.

In this location, you can start fishing shrimp as soon as level 1, so long as you have a small fishing net.

It can also be used for bait fishing and fly fishing at levels 20, 25, and 30 to catch trout, pikes, and salmon.

For the highest-level fish, you’ll want to head to the fishing spot near the goblin house, though goblins and spiders have overrun the area.

If you want to cook your catch, you can either light your own fire using our OSRS 1-99 firemaking guide or use the Lumbridge cooking range.

The Lumbridge cooking range is unique in that it decreases your risk of burning, making it great for cooking what you catch.


9. Miscellania

This island kingdom is located in the Lunar Sea, and it boasts a very unique fishing dynamic.

Here, the fish you can catch count towards the Managing Miscellania minigame that is unlocked after Throne of Miscellania.

With every fish you catch during this minigame, you have a 50% chance to add +1 to your approval rating.

Boosting this can help you gain some of the best loot, and harpoon fishing is one of the best methods to use here.

After starting this minigame, you’ll want to head to the docks where the fishing spot will be nearby to where you arrive by ship.


8. Karamja

Best OSRS Fishing Locations Karamja

The largest island in Gielinor, Karamja is one of the best fishing locations in OSRS.

Musa Point in Northern Karamja is one of only three fishing spots where you can catch lobster, tuna, and swordfish without being a member.

Because of this, the docks here are incredibly popular, and many players set up shop to cook what they catch on the spot.

Unfortunately, the nearest bank is in Draynor, so storing the fish you catch is often impractical.

However, that doesn’t stop a lot of players from leveling up their fishing skill here, as well as their cooking skill.

If you want to do both at once, you can check out our OSRS 1-99 cooking guide to learn more about cooking your food on the go!


7. Isafdar

Best OSRS Fishing Locations Isafdar

This elven forest location can only be reached after completing the quest Regicide, the fourth in the Elf Quest series.

Once completed, you will have access to a few fishing spots where you can break out your fly fishing rod.

However, like Karamja, there is no bank within easy walking distance, so you can’t store what you catch very easily.

That said, if you’re looking to level up your fishing skill and aren’t worried about profit, this can be a great fly fishing spot.

What’s more, there is even an eternal fire nearby where you can cook what you catch to increase your cooking skill simultaneously.


6. Tree Gnome Stronghold

Best OSRS Fishing Locations Gnome Stronghold

The Tree Gnome Stronghold is one of the largest cities in Old School Runescape, and it is populated entirely by gnomes.

Inside the town and next to Brimstal’s Cave, there is a popular fly fishing spot that is worth checking out if you’re in the area.

There is a nearby bank, so you can store what you catch to sell on the Grand Exchange or cook at another location.

This location is good for low-level players who plan to stick around this spot for a while, as it can be difficult to reach without a teleport.

However, it can offer a solid amount of fishing XP, with options to train in cooking, farming, and agility as well.

That said, once you have the teleport unlocked, it can be worth coming back to for a nice change of pace.


5. Catherby

Best OSRS Fishing Locations Catherby

This small fishing town is one of the most popular fishing spots in Old School Runescape, and you can catch almost anything here.

However, Catherby is a members-only town, making it inaccessible for free-to-play players.

That aside, if you are a member, this should be your go-to spot if you are under level 68 and can’t access the Fishing Guild.

Not only is this one of the few places where you can catch sharks but there is a nearby bank and cooking range.

This allows both low-level players and ironmen to easily cook what they catch and bank it for later use or profit.

You can even find some of the best foods for healing in OSRS here, such as anchovies, tuna, and lobster.

There is even a nearby farming allotment and fruit tree patch, so you can train your farming alongside fishing.

Catherby has a little bit of everything, making it the perfect place for training fishing and many other skills!


4. Barbarian Village

Best OSRS Fishing Locations Barbarian Village

Located in the south of Edgeville is the Barbarian Village, where you can find one of the best power fishing spots in OSRS.

This spot is incredibly popular, in large part because of the eternal fire right next to the fishing spot.

Some players even use this spot from fishing level 20 all the way to 99 because of how great it is!

At early levels, you can earn around 20k XP per hour here, while at higher levels, you can get around 50k per hour!

The only downside is that the nearest bank is over in Edgeville, so you can’t easily bank what you catch.

However, if you’re not concerned with profit and just want to catch, cook, and drop your fish, this spot is highly recommended!


3. Port Piscarillius

Best OSRS Fishing Locations Port Piscarillius

Port Piscarillus is one of the best fishing locations in OSRS for the two-tick harpooning exploit.

This is one of the fastest ways to gain fishing experience and reach level 99, but it does require a lot of patience.

To use this method, you will want to head to the fishing location, where two rats will start attacking you.

You will then want to position yourself so you have a rat on your right and left side, with your character standing in front of the fishing spot.

At this point, click on the fishing spot and then immediately click on the spot above it.

By doing this, you will continuously gain fishing XP without taking damage from the rats.

If you’re using the crystal harpoon, you can easily earn upwards of 135k XP per hour at this fishing spot in Piscarillius!

You can even catch monkfish here, though you will need to have a fishing level of 62 and a small fishing net.


2. The Fishing Guild

Best OSRS Fishing Locations Fishing Guild

If you really want to increase your fishing skill, you’ll want to join the Fishing Guild as soon as you are able.

You can join the Fishing Guild as soon as you hit level 68, and once you’re in, you’ll get an automatic +7 boost to your fishing level.

This means you will be able to catch fish a lot faster, making it even easier to increase your level further.

At the Guild, there are 11 spots where you can catch swordfish and tuna, along with 9 additional spots to catch sharks.

However, you will need to have a fishing level of 76 to catch sharks, so keep that in mind.

That said, you will never run out of fishing spots at the Guild, and there is even a bank nearby!

Moreover, if you’re short on fishing equipment, this Guild even has its own shop where you can purchase everything you need.


1. Shilo Village

Best OSRS fishing Locations Shilo Village

Shilo Village is located on the island of Karamja, and it is only accessible after completing the Shilo Village quest.

While this quest won’t provide you with any of the rarest drops in OSRS, it will allow you access to the best fishing spot!

There are four fishing spots in the village where fly fishing rods can be used to catch trout and salmon.

Power fishing here is considered to be one of the fastest ways to advance your level, which makes it incredibly popular.

This village also has its own fishing shop, Fernahei’s Fishing Hut, where you can buy all of the fishing equipment you need.

Even without using tick manipulation, players can earn up to 50k XP per hour here, depending on their level.

However, with tick manipulation, you can earn as much as 65k per hour, making it worth considering if you’re in a hurry.

Making this spot even better is the nearby bank, where you can store what you catch, though this will slow down XP gains.



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the best fishing locations in OSRS and learned which one is best for your character.

While each of these spots boasts its own benefits, they can each provide a solid amount of fishing experience.

If you really want to have some fun, we would recommend giving each of these fishing spots a try!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best fishing locations in OSRS:

  1. Shilo Village
  2. The Fishing Guild
  3. Piscarillius
  4. Barbarian Village
  5. Catherby
  6. Tree Gnome Stronghold
  7. Isafdar
  8. Karamja
  9. Miscellania
  10. Lumbridge

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Which fishing hole will you go to first? Leave a comment below. 

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