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OSRS: The Best Quest Rewards (Ranked)

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The Best OSRS Quest Rewards

What are the best quest rewards in OSRS?

When starting a quest, most players are hoping to receive a great reward for all their hard work.

However, not all quests can provide epic rewards that are worth bragging about.

Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the best quest rewards in Old School Runescape, so you can learn how to earn them all!


The 10 Best Quest Rewards In OSRS

Each of these quest rewards has been selected based on their usefulness, rarity, and unique benefits.

This way, you can easily learn which quest rewards are worth going after for your particular character.

If you’re ready to start questing, let’s dive into our list of the 10 best quest rewards in OSRS:


10. Iban’s Staff

OSRS Best Quest Rewards Iban's Staff

Up first, we have Iban’s Staff, which is obtained after defeating the Lord Iban, an evil mage, at the end of the Underground Pass quest.

This staff requires 50 attack and 50 magic to use, and each cast uses up one charge if cast on a monster and two if cast on a player.

While this staff will only hold 120 charges at first, it can be upgraded by the Dark Mage in West Ardougne to hold 2,500 charges.

However, doing this will cost you 200k coins, making it a rather expensive but worthwhile upgrade.

Along with its ability to cast an Iban blast, this staff also boasts +10 stab, +40 crush, and +10 magic attack bonuses.

As a melee weapon, it is roughly equal to the mystic staff, as it also provides a +50 strength bonus.

To recharge Iban’s staff, you can use it on the well where the paladin’s badges are dropped, located in the Underground Pass.

Alternatively, you can pay the Dark Mage 100k to charge an un-upgraded staff or 250k for an upgraded staff.

To get this staff for yourself, you’ll need to start Underground Pass, the third quest in the Elf quest series.

This will require you to have a 25 ranged skill, along with the prior completion of the quests Biohazard and Plague City.


9. Ectophial

OSRS Best Quest Rewards Ectophial

The ectophial is a reward you can receive from the Ghosts Ahoy quest that takes place in Port Phasmatys.

This phial, when emptied, will teleport the player to the Ectofuntus, just outside of the port, after which it will automatically refill.

If the ectophial is ever lost, a replacement can be bought from Velorina or Perdu in the Port for 4.6k coins.

Many players use this item to escape from fights, as it provides a quick and easy way to teleport from your inventory.

It also comes in handy during the late game for getting to the Morytania farming patch quickly.

The quest required to get this reward is also fairly easy, though you do need to complete Priest in Peril and part of The Restless Ghost first.

You will also need an agility skill of 25 and a cooking skill of 20 to complete the quest in full.

We would also recommend bringing along some of the best potions in OSRS, particularly stamina potions, to make it a bit easier.


8. Anti-Dragon Shield

OSRS Best Quest Rewards Anti Dragon Shield

Up next, we have one of the best shields in OSRS, the anti-dragon shield that is obtained during the Dragon Slayer I quest.

While this shield is tradable and can be purchased on the Grand Exchange, it can only be equipped if a player has started the required quest.

What this shield does is mitigate the effects of dragonfire, reducing the amount of damage it can do.

The effects of the anti-dragon shield also stack with the antifire potions, allowing players to obtain full protection from basic dragonfire attacks.

In terms of other defensive stats, this shield provides +7 stab, +9 slash, +8 crush, +2 magic, and +8 ranged defense.

It can also be upgraded using a smithing level of 90 and a draconic visage to become a dragonfire shield.

Alternatively, this upgrade can be obtained by bringing the components to Oziach and paying him 1.2 million coins.

To start the Dragon Slayer quest, you will have to speak with the guildmaster in the Champions’ Guild.

You will need 32 quest points and the ability to defeat a level 83 dragon in order to begin and complete this quest.

Once the quest is completed, you can get the anti-dragon shield for free from Duke Horacio.


7. Magic Secateurs

OSRS Best Quest Rewards Magic Secateurs

This is one of the best quest rewards for players leveling their herblore or farming skills, and it is obtained through the quest Fairytale I.

Along with being the only weapon capable of damaging Tanglefoot, the magic Secateurs also provide fantastic bonuses to herblore and farming.

While our OSRS 1-99 herblore guide covers how to advance your skill quickly, having these in your inventory can make the process even faster.

This is because they increase the chance of additional crop yield for herbs, allotment, grape vines, bushes, celastrus trees, hops, and limpwurt plants by 10%.

The magic secateurs can also be used to cure trees of disease, which is beneficial to woodcutting players using tree patches.

In order to get the magic secateurs, you will need to start the Fairytale I quest by speaking with Martin the Master Gardener in Draynor Village.

However, you will first have to complete the Lost City, Nature Spirt, The Restless Ghost, and Priest in Peril in order to begin.

That said, this quest is fairly straightforward and worth completing if you’re looking to improve your farming or herblore skills.


6. Mythical Cape

OSRS Best Quest Rewards Mythical Cape

Another of the best quest rewards in OSRS, this unique cape can be worn by players who have completed the Dragon Slayer II quest.

The mythical cape provides unlimited teleports to the Myths’ Guild, and it has the highest crush attack bonus of any cape slot item.

Speaking of stats, this cape provides a +6 crush attack bonus and +8 to all defensive styles, as well as a +1 to strength and prayer.

Once you have completed the Dragon Slayer II quest, it can be purchased from the Mythical Cape Store on the top floor of the Myths’ Guild.

However, it will cost you 10k coins, making it one of the few quest rewards that you will have to pay to receive.

To start the Dragon Slayer II quest, speak with Alec Kincade, who can be found outside of the Myths’ Guild.

Keep in mind, though, that this is a grandmaster-level quest that requires some high-level skills.

To complete this quest, you will need 75 magic, 70 smithing, 68 mining, 62 crafting, 60 agility, 60 thieving, and 50 construction.

You’ll also need to complete a number of other quests, including Legends’ Quest, Dream Mentor, Animal Magnetism, Bone Voyage, and Client of Kourend.

Although it isn’t as renewed as one of the best skill capes in OSRS, the mythical cape is certainly a useful status symbol!


5. Crystal Shield

OSRS Best Quest Rewards Crystal Shield

This degradable shield is incredibly powerful, and it is a possible reward from the Roving Elves quest.

To wield the crystal shield, you will need to have completed the quest and have 50 agility and 70 defense.

As for stats, this shield boasts +51 stab, +54 slash, +53 crush, and +80 ranged defense bonuses.

It also starts off with 2,500 charges, and once it runs out, it will revert to a crystal weapon seed until it is recharged.

To recharge this shield, you can either have Ilfeen recharge it for 750k, with each subsequent charge costing 150k less.

Alternatively, if you have completed Song of the Elves and have a 78 in smithing and crafting, you can use 40 crystal shards to recharge it at a singing bowl.

Additionally, while this quest reward isn’t available for purchase, if you didn’t choose it at the end of Roving Elves, you can still obtain it.

However, you will need to complete Song of the Elves first to gain access to Prifddinas, where you can find singing bowls.

There, you can combine 40 crystal shards with a crystal weapon seed to make it for yourself.

It can also be purchased from Islwyn in Isafdar for 750k after you have completed the quest.


4. Helm of Neitiznot

OSRS Best Quest Rewards Helm of Neitiznot

The helm of Neitiznot is one of the best melee helms in OSRS, and it is awarded after completing the Fremennik Isles quest.

This helm requires a level 55 to wear, and while it is tradeable, players can only equip it if they have completed the Fremennik Isles.

While it has stats similar to the berserker helm, the helm of Neitiznot comes with an additional +3 to prayer and magic defense.

It also doesn’t have any of the negative stats that the berserker helm has, making it a bit superior.

Defensively, it provides +31 stab, +29 slash, +34 crush, +30 ranged, and +3 magic, along with a +3 strength bonus.

These bonuses, coupled with the fact that the helm of Neitiznot is non-degradable, have made it one of the most popular helmets in OSRS.

Furthermore, after completing the Fremennik Exiles quest, it can be upgraded to the Neitiznot faceguard using a basilisk jaw.

The Fremennik Isles quest is geared toward experienced players, and it requires a level 20 in construction to complete.

If you ever lose this helm after completing the quest, you can always buy it again for 49k on the Grand Exchange.


3. Royal Seed Pod

OSRS Best Quest Rewards Royal Seed Pod

This quest reward is given to players by King Narnode Shareen after the completion of the Monkey Madness II quest.

Similar to the grand seed pod, the royal seed pod allows players to teleport to the Grand Tree, but it never runs out of charges.

This allows you to be able to teleport to the Grand Tree whenever you want up to level 30 in the Wilderness.

If you ever need another royal seed pod, they can be purchased from King Narnode Shareen for 2 coins each.

The royal seed pod is most commonly used in the Wilderness because it will work up to level 30, and it only takes one click.

For comparison, the ectophial only works up to level 20 Wilderness, making this seed pod slightly superior.

That said, Monkey Madness II is a grandmaster-level quest, meaning you’ll need some high-level skills.

To complete this quest, you will need 69 slayer, 70 crafting, 60 hunter, 55 agility, 55 thieving, and 60 firemaking.

Additionally, you will need to complete the quests Enlightened Journey, Recipe for Disaster, Troll Stronghold, and Watchtower.

While this is a lot of work, for the benefit of unlimited teleports, the effort is definitely worth it!


2. Ava’s Accumulator

OSRS Best Quest Rewards Ava's Accumulator

This quest reward is given to players who have completed the quest Animal Magnetism with a ranged skill above 50.

If you complete Animal Magnetism with a lower-ranged skill, you will receive Ava’s Attractor instead.

Ava’s Accumulator is equipped in the cape slot, and it is used to pick up ranged ammunition after it is fired.

It will also attract an assortment of metal ammo every three and a half minutes while providing the second-best ranged attack bonus for a cape.

Ava’s Attractor, in comparison, only attracts metal ammunition and doesn’t pick up what the player uses.

Once you have this item, Ava will upgrade it to Ava’s Assembler when you complete Dragon Slayer II and bring her 75 Mithril arrows and Vorkarth’s head.

When upgraded, its ranged attack will be boosted from +4 to +8, and it will receive a ranged strength bonus of +2.

Additionally, it will then randomly gather mithril ranged equipment and provide an 80% chance to save ammunition.

To start the Animal Magnetism quest, speak with Ava in Draynor Manor, but make sure your ranged level is higher than 50.

You will also need 18 slayer, 19 crafting, and 35 woodcutting to complete the quest, as well as the prior completion of a few other quests.

This includes The Restless Ghost, Ernest the Chick, and Priest in Peril, which are all fairly low-level and easy.

If you’re using the best bolts in OSRS and don’t want to waste them, this is the best quest reward for you!


1. Barrows gloves

OSRS Best Quest Rewards Barrows Gloves

Taking our number one spot is a pair of the best gloves in OSRS, the Barrows gloves!

These gloves provide the second-highest offensive ranged and magic offensive bonuses, as well as the second-highest strength bonus in the glove slot.

Their full attack and defense bonuses include +12 to slash, stab, crush, and ranged, along with a +6 to magic.

Many players make obtaining these gloves a long-term goal, since they are such a powerful quest reward.

To get them, you will need to complete the entirety of Recipe for Disaster, after which they can be purchased for 130k from the Culinaromancer’s Chest.

If you’ve completed the elite Lumbridge & Daynor diary tasks, this price is lowered to 104k, making them slightly more affordable.

However, Recipe for Disaster is a very long special quest that includes 10 subquests you will need to complete.

This includes a load of pre-requisite quests and high-level skills such as 70 cooking and 59 magic.

While this quest is geared towards high-level players, it is something to work towards since the Barrows gloves are so useful!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of the 10 best quest rewards in OSRS and learned which ones you should make a priority.

While some of these quests are only completable at high levels, they are worth keeping in mind as you advance through the game.

Make sure to double-check the requirements for each of the quests mentioned here, so you can plot out which ones you can do first!

Here’s a quick recap of the 10 best quest rewards in OSRS:

  1. Barrows gloves
  2. Ava’s Accumulator
  3. Royal Seed Pod
  4. Helm of Neitiznot
  5. Crystal Shield
  6. Mythical Cape
  7. Magic Secateurs
  8. Anti-Dragon Shield
  9. Ectophial
  10. Iban’s Staff

Which of these quest rewards will you go after first? Leave a comment below.

Shawna Schofield is a professional freelance writer and part-time YouTuber. When not writing or recording she spends her time playing Fallout, Elder Scrolls, and Dragon Age.

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