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The 15 Best Minecraft Gun Mods

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The Best Minecraft Gun Mods

What are the best Minecraft gun mods?

For players who can’t get enough of highly customizable weapons, custom effects, or even brand new guns altogether, finding the best Minecraft gun mods is a must.

The right gun mod can provide new weapons, armor, and ammo options that are otherwise unavailable in the base game itself.

The best weapons mod can elevate any Minecraft experience, from classic gameplay with animal mobs to LARPING on your very own roleplay server.


The Best Minecraft Gun Mods

We’ve searched online communities, forums, and ranking sites to find the best in-game weapon mods for handling enemies and zombies or just for having fun with friends in your own world.

Here’s our list of the 15 best Minecraft gun mods:


15. Airsoft Guns

Best Minecraft Gun Mods - Airsoft Guns

If you want to spice up your solo play, Airsoft Guns is one of the best weapons mods that provide just that. This mod allows users to spawn their very own battle royale with both red and blue teams.

Using the mod gives immediate access to new weapons such as a dart gun and goggles and additional PvE elements that can be used while playing solo or when battling head-on against your friends in real-time.

With new animations and the ability to collect supplies during battle, Airsoft Guns is a highly entertaining mod you can’t miss.

This mod is bullet-free and only uses virtual darts, making it a more family-friendly weapon mod that still allows players the ability to aim, shoot, and pretend to use bullets.

Additionally, this mod also comes with the famed SlimJim, which has since become a Minecraft sensation.


14. Halo

Best Minecraft Gun Mods - Halo

If you miss playing Halo with friends, you have to get the Halo mod for Minecraft! Halo was once considered one of the most popular video games of all time, especially with the initial release of the XBOX 360. 

Not only does this mod offer brand new guns, but there is an entirely new gameplay system included.

With this one, enjoy a brand new Halo dimension separate from your traditional Minecraft realm. Enjoy a brand new ATV (the Mongoose), which can actually be driven (and/or used as a weapon if you so please).

You can also shoot rockets to totally recreate your experience of playing Halo on your Xbox.


13. Gravity Gun

Best Minecraft Gun Mods - Gravity Gun

If you love playing games with realistic physics and controls, Gravity Gun is a mod worth installing.

This mod makes grabbing and moving blocks in your Minecraft world more accessible than ever. The mod includes a singular gun, aptly titled “Gravity Gun,” which can easily pick up, move, and transport blocks.

Not only is the gun helpful in picking up traditional Minecraft blocks, but it can also be used to pick up and move mobs, especially when they are hot on your tail.

Currently, this mod is compatible with Minecraft 1.10, 1.12, and 1.8.


12. Wild West Guns

Best Minecraft Gun Mods - Wild West

Do you love the idea of roleplaying as a cowboy and living out your favorite western? Maybe you just enjoy the best fighting games of all time. Either way, The Wild West Guns mod is a great addition to Minecraft for any gun lover.

If you are determined to improve your sharpshooting skills and love the gunslinging era, you should absolutely give this one a chance. 


11. Decimation

Best Minecraft Gun Mods - Decimation

If you have ever thought that Minecraft needed more zombies, do not scroll past Decimation: Zombie Apocalypse.

This massive mod not only adds more than 100+ props for your various maps but also includes a complete and robust zombie survival system.

For fans of the best post-apocalyptic games, Decimation is a must-have mod.

Installing this mod is a way to gain access to brand-new items such as fences, blocks, weapons, and armor. It also features new gameplay, adding guns, blood, and plenty of gore.

Playing with the mod’s gameplay also includes safe zones, where players can hide out and trade items without being attacked. If you are interested in using the Decimation mod in Minecraft, it is currently only available for Minecraft 1.7.


10. Age of Weapons

Best Minecraft Gun Mods - Age of Weapons

The Age of Weapons mod is known as one of the largest weapons mods available for Minecraft yet. The mod alone offers more than 290 brand-new items and weapons that can be used and explored in-game.

The weapons that come with this mod range from medieval weapons to those developed and used during the colonial era.

If you are looking for a rocket launcher or if you want to shoot lasers with tanks and turrets, this mod may not be for you. Age of Weapons is optimal for those who prefer classical and low-tech weapons.


9. Fortnite

Best Minecraft Gun Mods - Fortnite

Like it or not, Fortnite is one of the most popular video games right now and is not likely going anywhere anytime soon.

If you can’t get enough of games with crossovers, or if you just happen to love playing Fortnite too, check out the Fortnite mod for Minecraft.

This mod introduces a brand new style of gameplay that allows you to mirror the same playing style as Fortnite’s solo match. The mod itself introduces 99 other mobs of players to hunt and takedown with your weapons of choice.

It is also possible to use the Fortnite mod with friends, making it one of the most enjoyable multiplayer mods that includes combat.

A few of the features that stand out with the Fortnite mod include the ability to launch both standard Solo and Team Rumble-style matches in Minecraft, as well as an immersive pre-made Fortnite build that comes with the pack.

The mod also includes a digital bush to help players hide from bots and other spawned players while battling. 


8. Combat Plus

Best Minecraft Gun Mods - Combat Plus

Combat Plus is a bit of an advanced weaponry mod for those who enjoy the art of the craft and being creative with the types of weapons they use and create.

The mod comes with five brand new blocks to be used in-game and four new items. The new blocks included are the hack interceptor, the wireless turret charger, the turret hacking station, the Redstone heater, and the creative wireless current charger.

In addition to the five new blocks, this mod also includes a brand new hacking card for use at the hacking stations, and a hack interpreter disable upgrade feature.

An explosive upgrade feature is also available for the hack interceptor and station, along with a creative hacking card that can be used when two or more teams are playing.

If you’re a fan of games with the toughest video game bosses in history and enjoy strategizing when it comes to your weapons loadout, Combat Plus may be for you.


7. Guns Without Roses

Best Minecraft Gun Mods - Guns Without Roses

Guns Without Roses provides brand new types of ammo and new guns based on various weapons that can be found in Terraria.

The mod focuses on updates and enhancements. Currently, it adds five new guns, including an iron, gold, and diamond gun alongside a diamond sniper and a diamond Gatling gun.

Additionally, Guns Without Roses also includes four brand new enchantments, including impact, bullseye, preserving, and sleight of hand.

Bullets included in this mod are flint, iron, and blaze bullets, in addition to Cherrounds, which are only available to play with Minecraft version 1.16.1.

If you’re looking for simple enhancements and enjoy new gun and bullet types, give this one a shot. 


6. Crackshot

Best Minecraft Gun Mods - Crackshot

If you’re searching for a multiplayer mod that allows you access to an entire arsenal of brand new weapons and guns, Crackshot is simple enough and delivers everything you need to get started.

This mod provides simple mechanics for guns to begin shooting without fretting over additional mods and requirements to get going.

If you want the guns included in the pack to actually look similar to guns themselves, you will need additional resource and/or texture packs.

However, this is a great Minecraft Bukkit server plugin that can come in handy whenever you feel the need to hop into multiplayer mode.

In addition to new guns and weapons, Crackshot also includes a brand new shop utility, providing players with the ability to set up their very own shops.

And yes, it is possible to rob your own shops if you choose to do so, for whatever reason.


5. Techguns

Best Minecraft Gun Mods - Techguns

If you can’t get enough guns in your Minecraft game and want other mods that offer custom guns, consider downloading and installing Techguns.

With this mod, you will gain access to a bunch of brand new guns (such as shotguns and assault weapons) along with items from the game which can help you create the battlefield of your dreams.

Not only does Techguns offer an entirely new catalog of guns to spruce up your vanilla Minecraft, but it also includes plenty of new armor, jetpacks, and night vision goggles.

Customization is also possible with the mod, adding to the mod’s appeal. If you are interested in effects, this one won’t let you down. New machines, effects, and even chainsaws are also available in the latest version.

If you are playing with friends, it is also possible to do so as long as both players have the same compatible versions of the mod installed using a synchronized multiplayer mode.


4. MrCrayfish’s Gun

Best Minecraft Gun Mods - Mr Crayfish Gun

MrCrayfish is back at it again. Known for his epic weapons mod for Minecraft, MrCrayfish delivers again with his official MrCrayfish’s Gun Mod.

This gun mod is a popular and highly customizable mod with plenty of options to choose from when it comes to shooting in-game.

Rather than providing players with multiple weapons, this one instead focuses on adding a single weapon to the game with plenty of customization options to boot.

Adjusting your current weapons’ scope, barrel, and various attachments is all possible with this mod.

You can adjust attachments for the current weapons available in vanilla Minecraft, including the pistol, grenade launcher, shotgun, rifle, minigun, as well as a bazooka.


3. SpectralGuns

Best Minecraft Gun Mods - Spectral Guns

Okay, so we always love to cover mods that are not only for strict Minecraft players but also for creative players. When thinking about getting creative with weapons in Minecraft, SpectralGuns is the first mod that comes to mod.

This creative mod is quintessential Minecraft, as it allows players the ability to create their very own custom guns in-game. With the use of Spectral Guns, players can begin building their guns to suit any shape they have in mind.

In addition to picking out the shape of your gun, the mod also allows players the ability to fully customize the size and shape of the barrel and magazine they choose to add to their gun.

If you’ve ever had a dream of building a crazy colorful shotgun or a wacky launcher that is built using random shapes, look no further. This mod takes gun customization to an entirely new level.


2. Portal Gun

Best Minecraft Gun Mods - Portal Gun

If you enjoy games like Portal that allow the spawning of portals in-game, look no further than the Portal Gun mod for Minecraft.

The mod is simple yet highly effective. Even if you aren’t as interested in fighting and using guns for battle purposes, using the mod is a must for fast traveling options and, well, a brand new portal gun.

With this mod, create portals anywhere using the gun provided in your inventory. Use portals to cross rivers, hike mountains, or explore treacherous builds your friends have completed.

Some of the features of Portal Gun that help it to stand out include a brand new trampoline that allows players the ability to seamlessly jump and move across the map in addition to 5 portal guns, allowing for up to 10 simultaneously spawned portals. 


1. Modern Warfare

Best Minecraft Gun Mods - Modern Warfare

Vic’s Modern Warfare mod is one of the most robust weapon mods with modern weapons available for Minecraft today.

Not only does this mod come with new additions such as brand new 3D gun models, but there is an entire customization system complete with brand new animations.

The mod itself is excellent for those who want to expand their world with tanks, sounds, fire, and realistic vehicles.

If you enjoy spawning enemies to battle on your own or if you’re going to immerse yourself with realistic scopes in multiplayer, you can do so with this mod.

Whether you want to customize pistols or use shotguns, grenades, and other accessories with realistic textures (such as scopes and gun attachments), Vic’s Modern Warfare mod helps players take Minecraft to a whole new level.



We hope you enjoyed our list of the 15 best Minecraft gun mods.

From realistic textures included with the Modern Warfare mod to battle royale game modes in Airsoft Guns, there is an array of gun mods for everyone from the newbie looking for some fun to the pro gamer looking for some intense competition. 

Here’s a quick recap of the 15 best Minecraft gun mods:

  1. Vic’s Modern Warfare Mod
  2. Portal Gun
  3. SpectralGuns
  4. MrCrayfish’s Gun
  5. Techguns
  6. Crackshot
  7. Guns Without Roses
  8. Combat Plus
  9. Fortnite
  10. Age of Weapons
  11. Decimation
  12. Wild West Guns
  13. Gravity Gun
  14. Halo
  15. Airsoft Guns

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What’s the best Minecraft gun mod, in your opinion? Leave a comment below. 

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