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The 25 Best Minecraft Texture Mods

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The Best Minecraft Texture Mods

What are the best Minecraft texture mods?

With the ability to transform the traditional Minecraft visuals into something completely different, the best Minecraft texture packs are hugely popular among fans of the game.

If you don’t fancy building your own texture packs, we’ve compiled a list of the best Minecraft resource packs you can download and add to the game.

Continue reading to discover the vibrant color schemes, video game crossovers, and other great Minecraft texture packs you can download now.


The Best Minecraft Texture Mods

Our ranked lists are created by researching and rounding up information from the most reputable web sources.

Here’s our list of the 25 best Minecraft texture packs and mods:


25. JoliCraft

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - JoliCraft

Our first Minecraft texture pack is JoliCraft, a wonderfully laid-back pack that creates a whimsical atmosphere, deserving a place among the best Minecraft mods you can download.

This texture pack has been around for a while and was first created by Jolicoeur in 2011, with plenty of updates in the meantime to keep it fresh.

Line your skies with custom clouds and a swirling sun, and watch as your menus turn into shreds of paper, floating on the wind.



24. Mythic

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - Mythic

Sometimes it’s nice to take your Minecraft world in a darker direction, bringing a touch of the macabre to disturb the otherwise chilled settings.

The Mythic texture pack helps you to do just that, giving the separate squares of each Minecraft building block a dark fantasy feel.

There are some freaky textures in here, including the witch with a long, drooping tongue, and a hint of steampunk’s influence in the armor and weapons, for good measure.


23. Chroma Hills

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - Chroma Hills

With the Chroma Hills texture pack, you can transform your Minecraft experience into one which resembles classic RPGs.

This popular texture pack delivers crisp and bright colors which gives everything the feel of a cartoon, reworking the vanilla textures with unique graphics.

The high-definition textures for these Minecraft blocks bring a hint of photorealism to the game.


22. Harkenburg City

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - Harkenburg City

Harkenburg City is one of the more realistic texture packs you can get for Minecraft, transforming the game’s blocks into modern-looking buildings and objects.

Some of the changes don’t make a great deal of sense for survival mode (for example, the anvil becomes a toilet and coral turns into traffic cones), but nevertheless, it’s great fun to build a modern city in the Minecraft universe.

While some fans pass the time by building their own computers in the game, others offer realistic Minecraft texture packs, and Harkenburg City is a good place to start.


21. Soartex Fanver

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - Soartex Fanver

With its vivid and bright color palette, the Soartex Fanver Minecraft texture pack transforms the game into a truly happy place.

This texture pack eschews the realism of other texture packs and delivers vibrant, clean textures that make worlds feel warm and welcoming.

Modded and vanilla textures are included in the 64x texture pack, which was started by Soar49.


20. Silent Hill

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - Silent Hill

Silent Hill has proven to be a hugely successful video game franchise, with rumors about a new movie adaptation swirling in celebrity circles.

You can bring a touch of spookiness to your own Minecraft landscapes with the Silent Hill texture pack, which makes everything look eerie and creates an uneasy atmosphere.

This is an excellent mod for those who want to play Minecraft in the dark, adjusting the game’s visuals to deliver a horror movie vibe.


19. John Smith Legacy

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - John Smith Legacy

Minecraft texture packs with a fantasy and RPG theme are incredibly popular, and the John Smith Legacy texture pack is no exception.

There are lots of YouTube videos showing just how versatile this texture pack is, and you can use it to build everything from medieval castles to theme parks with deadly robots.

Best of all, it delivers a consistent Middle Ages feel, giving you the building materials to populate your world with a variety of fantasy structures.


18. Mine Wars

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - Mine Wars

Star Wars is the franchise that keeps on giving, where even secondary characters can find themselves in the spotlight with their own TV series.

Mine Wars is a great texture pack for fans of Star Wars, offering a range of character models as well as spaceships and lightsabers, transforming Minecraft into a science fiction lovers’ paradise.

The texture pack was created by modder yokoolio, building on a compilation of the best Star Wars texture packs that came before.

With Minecraft sitting among the most popular video games of all time, it’s great to see it taking on the visuals from the Star Wars franchise.


17. Faithful

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - Faithful

While some Minecraft texture packs aim to radically transform the world, the Faithful pack stays true to its name and aims for a faithful rendition of the game.

While a mod that offers the original version might sound a little pointless, what you get here is a set of blocks that offer 64×64 textures, compared to the 16×16 resolution of the default blocks.

This means that Faithful textures really pop, giving a familiar theme a refreshing new lick of virtual paint.


16. Improved Default

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - Improved Default

Improved Default is another self-explanatory Minecraft texture pack that aims to retain the traditional look and feel of the original while adding a new shine.

This faithful texture pack improves how seamlessly the blocks fit together with its better resolution, so everything appears smoother than before.

It’s not attempting to revolutionize the world of Minecraft mods, but if you just want to upgrade the original theme, this resource pack does the job nicely.


15. SpongeBob SquareCraft

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - Spongebob SquareCraft

If you’re an admirer of SpongeBob SquarePants, chances are you’ve considered what it would be like to transform Minecraft into your very own Bikini Bottom.

If that’s the case, you’re in luck, since the SpongeBob SquareCraft resource pack allows you to do just that, modifying the original textures to replicate a Bikini Bottom home.

You can fill your SpongeBob SquareCraft world with SquarePants-themed furniture, and characters, including Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Crabs, who are all included in the texture set.


14. Dokucraft

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - Dokucraft

Dokucraft is another great pack for Minecraft fans looking for new textures with an RPG fantasy feel, created by Doku in 32x textures.

You can choose from Dark, Light, or High Dokucraft resource packs, which range from gritty and brooding to bright colors and saturation to ones that balance the elements of the others.

With regular updates, Dokucraft is one of the best Minecraft texture packs with a medieval theme, further improved by the addition of custom sounds.


13. Super Mario Craft

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - Super Mario Craft

The Super Mario games offer fertile ground for modification, the subject of fan art, and game mods, which include the Super Mario Craft texture pack for Minecraft.

As with the Dokucraft pack, this is another Minecraft texture pack that also comes with custom sounds, bringing the familiar Mario theme tune to your Mario-themed world.

Yoshi makes an appearance, along with a host of other Mario monsters including piranha plants and goombas, making it a great pack for Super Mario Minecraft environments.


12. Wolfhound

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - Wolfhound

One of the most comprehensive Minecraft texture resource packs is the Wolfhound pack, which comes in not just one but an impressive seven variants.

This medieval-themed texture pack is less dark and ominous than other fantasy packs, taking the theme in a lighter direction.

The different versions available include Asian, seasons, heavenly, fairy, dungeon, fantasy, and classic, giving players plenty of scope to turn Minecraft into an entirely different game.


11. Pastel Craft

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - Pastel Craft

Pastel Craft takes the traditional wood blocks and stone blocks and gives them a colorful makeover, splashing everything with gorgeous pastel colors.

It’s a great texture pack to make Minecraft feel a little more magical, giving the trees, buildings, and landscapes a painted quality.

While the resolution for this Minecraft texture pack is only 16×16, the key to its success is in its simplicity, making it a great mod to watch along with the millions of other YouTube Minecraft fans.


10. Modern HD

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - Modern HD

One of the best HD texture packs for Minecraft is Modern HD, which gives the resolution a big boost and makes everything look bright and fresh.

There’s a lot of options here for constructing vast cities with the Modern HD mod, and you can use it to build modern-looking homes or even reconstruct sets from TV shows.

If you’re tired of the rustic atmosphere of traditional texture packs, the Modern HD pack offers the visual facelift you’re looking for.


9. Realistic Sky

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - Realistic Sky

Another pack that features clean, high-definition textures is the Realistic Sky pack, created by Fire Eagle. It allows Minecraft players to bring incredible skies to the game.

This Minecraft texture pack also includes synchronized effects based on weather and time, allowing you to appreciate gorgeous sunrises and sunsets while exploring the world.

The Realistic Sky pack works great when combined with other realistic Minecraft texture packs to deliver an experience that closely replicates the real world.


8. oCd

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - oCd

If you haven’t already figured it out, the oCd texture pack is geared toward players who experience a touch of “obsessive-compulsive disorder” and want to bring some regimentation to their Minecraft worlds.

By making everything simplified and symmetrical, the oCd texture pack pares everything back to deliver an all-around smoother experience.

It’s also one of the best resource packs for players with low-end gaming PCs who don’t want to worry about the game lagging.


7. MS Painted

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - Ms Painted

If you’re looking for a set of textures to bring a smile to your face, you can’t go wrong with the MS Painted pack.

As the name suggests, this texture pack was put together using Microsoft’s Paint program, which means everything looks crudely drawn.

The creators drew the characters using a mouse, with a resolution of 128×128, so you can be sure the silliness of it all looks pretty good in the game.


6. BladeCraft

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - BladeCraft

With fantasy and Medieval themes dominating many of the best Minecraft texture packs, it’s refreshing to head back into the world of science fiction with the BladeCraft texture pack.

Based around the popular cult movie, Blade Runner, this mod introduces futuristic textures, turning Minecraft into a completely new game.

Use these updated textures to craft your very own dystopian Los Angeles; who knew Minecraft could look so downbeat?


5. Glimmar’s Steampunk

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - Glimmar's Steampunk

With its steam-powered trains, robot factory workers, and mechanical horses, Glimmar’s Steampunk mod delivers an immersive steampunk-inspired Minecraft experience.

Glimmar’s Steampunk mod offers users an extensive texture pack menu, with lots of great textures to help make your worlds resemble classic Victorian-era science fiction.

It’s an immersive mod with a unique aesthetic, replacing the original textures with something a little more otherworldly.


4. Retro NES

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - Retro NES

Since Minecraft traditionally exploits our feelings of nostalgia for the era of 8-bit video games, it makes sense that the Retro NES pack works so well.

The creator of the Nintendo Entertainment System sadly passed away, but the worlds his console allowed people to explore live on to this day.

If you want to install Minecraft texture packs that replicate the classic era of Mega Man and Metroid, the Retro NES pack delivers old-school gaming visuals by the bucket load.

It’s the best Minecraft texture packs like this one that helps make Minecraft one of the most popular video games right now.


3. LB Photo Realism

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - LB Photot Realism

The textures available in the LB Photo Realism Minecraft mod pack come in a whopping 512×512 resolution, making this perhaps the best of the HD texture packs available for the game.

Everything you can think of, from trees and landscapes to animals and characters, are all rendered in crisp high definition, and LB Photo Realism aims to render Minecraft as you’ve never seen before.

There’s also an LB Photo Realism Reloaded texture pack, radically changing the aesthetics with even more high-definition realism.


2. Default 3D

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - Default 3D

Minecraft purists will no doubt be very pleased with the results they get from Default 3D, another of the texture packs available for the game which sticks close to the original vibe.

Open up the Default 3D zip file, and you get up-to-date textures with an enhanced 3D appearance, with grooves showing the textures more clearly.

The overall effect is to bring texture to life with additional detail and greater depth, making this the best Minecraft texture pack for those after more subtle changes.


1. Sphax PureBDCraft

Best Minecraft Texture Mods - Sphax PureBDcraft

Rounding up this overview of the best Minecraft texture packs, it’s the Sphax PureBDCraft pack, which has existed since the early days of the game and is one of the most downloaded texture packs in its history.

Sometimes you can’t be sure what to expect when you install texture packs, and the Sphax PureBDCraft texture pack is no exception, making major changes to the Minecraft visuals and giving everything a comic book feel.

Widely regarded as one of the best Minecraft texture packs you can install with its own character and vibe, its cartoon style is even preferred over the traditional look by some diehard Minecraft fans.



The best Minecraft texture packs give players endless opportunities to overhaul the game into something wildly different than the traditional aesthetic.

We’ve explored a broad selection of texture packs that meet everyone’s needs, from texture packs that subtly modify the original look with better resolution to packs that make your Minecraft universe look virtually unrecognizable.

With more Minecraft texture packs destined for release, it remains to be seen what other future brands will get the mod treatment.

Here’s a quick recap of the 25 best Minecraft texture packs and mods:

  1. Sphax PureBDCraft
  2. Default 3D
  3. LB Photo Realism
  4. Retro NES
  5. Glimmar’s Steampunk
  6. BladeCraft
  7. Soartex Fanver
  8. oCd
  9. Realistic Sky
  10. Modern HD
  11. Pastel Craft
  12. Wolfhound
  13. Super Mario Craft
  14. Dokucraft
  15. SpongeBob SquareCraft
  16. Improved Default
  17. Faithful
  18. Mine Wars
  19. John Smith Legacy
  20. Silent Hill
  21. Soartex Fanver
  22. Harkenburd City
  23. Chroma Hills
  24. Mythic
  25. JoliCraft

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What are your favorite Minecraft texture packs and mods? Leave a comment below.

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